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27 Mouthwatering Gift Baskets for the Cookie Lover In Your Life

Think outside of the box when it comes to buying gifts this year and go with cookie gift baskets. Perfect as an after dinner treat or to share with friends over coffee, the basket will be so well received, and, if you’re lucky, they might even share the delectable baked goods with you as a thankyou.

Cookie Gift Baskets

Mrs. Fields Brownie & Cookie Gift Basket

This would make an excellent gift for a colleague, new mum, family member or maybe a Friday treat for your whole office. Presented in a wicker basket with a red ribbon, you’ll find 24 cookies and 12 brownies, all in a range of popular flavors.

Prices Vary

Cookies From Home Basket

The good thing about this gift basket is that you can choose which type of cookies you’ll receive. You’ll get a wide variety of flavors but you can decide whether you want them to be sugar free, gluten free or even vegan…there’s no reason anyone has to miss out!

Prices Vary

Biscotti Cookie Gift Basket

Biscotti are delicious, crunchy biscuits which are usually eaten with coffee. But there’s nothing to say they can’t be eaten at other times and with this chocolate covered selection, you’ll be chowing down on them at any time of the day or night.


Get Well Cookie Bouquet

When you’re ill, flowers and grapes are nice but sometimes you just want something a bit different. Send a sick family member or friend this cookie gift basket and they’ll not only enjoy munching on them but they’ll love the cute designs on the front as well.


Cookie Cravings Duo

This impressive two tower gift box will be brimming with delicious, freshly baked cookies which will satisfy all of your cookie needs. Inside the boxes, you’ll find ten cookies, in a variety of tasty flavors. Open the box and get stuck in, there’s never a wrong time for them!


Barnett’s Mothers & Fathers Gift Basket

Being a parent is the hardest job in the world, nothing can prepare you for how difficult it’s actually going to be. Make their parenthood journey a tiny bit easier by sending them this gift box, filled with chocolate covered sandwich cookies…perfect for those night feeds.

Prices Vary

Gourmet Chocolate Dipped Oreo® Cookies

Just when you think Oreo cookies can’t get any better, they can. If you order this, you’ll receive a box filled with chocolate covered ones, which have been decorated with various candies or nuts. They’d make a perfect gift for someone you know, they’d love them.

Price varies

Get Well Cookie Gift

Send this gift box to someone who isn’t feeling 100% and bring them a bit of sunshine and happiness. Big yellow happy faces and pink flower decorated cookies will not only taste amazing but they look so lovely too. They’ll be feeling better as soon as they open the box.

Price varies

Bakery Basket Gourmet

Inside this wicker basket, there’s a delicious variety of gourmet cookies and brownies which are just waiting to be tucked into. Butterscotch chip, fudge walnut and peanut butter chip are just some of the delectable flavors which you’ll soon be feasting on.


Cookie Care Package Basket

Made from the freshest ingredients, 18 individually wrapped cookies are included in this gift box, ready and waiting for you to enjoy them. You’ll get an assortment of flavors inside and there’s an option to send a gift tag with it if you’re sending it as a gift to someone.


Barnett’s Holiday Gift Basket

Send this box of 20 chocolate covered sandwich cookies to a family member or friend on their birthday this year – they’ll love receiving something different. They’re all covered in a different type of chocolate and have candy toppings. Every cookie they eat will be different from the last.

Prices Vary

Chocolate Dipped Fortune Cookies

We all love ordering a Chinese takeaway and the best part of it is the fortune cookie. Now you can send someone a box of them, with themed messages inside. Whether they’ve just has a new baby or you simply want to send them some good fortune, this is the gift for you.

Price varies

Simply Scrumptous Dozens of Delights Gift Baskets

Is there anything better than tucking into some freshly baked treats and goodies? Muffins, brownies and cookies are all included inside this cute picnic basket. Eat them at home, in the office or maybe on the move. They’ll taste good wherever you choose.

Prices Vary

Premium Chocolate-Covered Sandwich Cookies

Dipped in deep brown premium chocolate and decorated with pink and orange drizzle, this gift wrapped box of 12 chocolate covered sandwich cookies are guaranteed to bring some deliciousness to someone’s life. It would make a great gift for any occasion, any age and anyone.

Prices Vary

Baked Goods Premium Gift Basket

This adorable picnic basket is sure to get your mouth watering. There’s 11 different flavors included inside, with flavors like pecan sandy, lemon sugar and fudge walnut. It’s an ideal gift for your friend with a sweet tooth and if you’re lucky, she might share it with you.


From The Bakery Gift Tower

What’s better than a gift basket filled with brownies and cookies? A huge tower of boxes filled with delicious treats of course. Inside these brightly colored boxes, there’s an assortment of gourmet baked goods which we guarantee you’ll love and will get your taste buds tingling.


Holiday Cookies from The Swiss Colony

Hand decorated in a bakery, these gorgeous little cookies look like edible works of art. Crispy and buttery, they’ll crumble in your mouth and be super rich and delicious. They’ll be so beautifully presented in a little tin, you almost won’t want to eat them.

Prices Vary

Definitive Cookie Classics Tower

Inside these little pink and peach boxes are gourmet cookies in an assortment of tasty flavors, all of which we know you’ll love. The exclusively designed boxes all stack up to make a gorgeously presented gift and the baked goods inside are amazing. Add a gift tag to make it truly personal.


Mrs. Fields Classic Cookie Tin

Give someone the gift of nostalgia for their special day this year with this Mrs Fields cookie tin. Featuring a dozen of their world famous Original Size cookies, you’ll be reminded of days gone by, munching on these delicious treats and simply enjoying life.

Prices Vary

Celebrate! Cookie Gift Box

Nicely presented in this very colorful box, celebrate someone’s birthday with a different type of gift. Finished with a blue ribbon, inside there’s freshly baked goods which all have the home baked taste of Mom’s cookies that she lovingly made for you when you were a child.


Got Cookies? Gift Basket

This has to be the cutest cookie gift basket there ever was. Not only does it come in a white milk pail with black lettering, it also comes with a fluffy plush cow. Inside the pail, there’s five dozen freshly baked cookies in all kinds of classic flavors, like chocolate chip and snickerdoodle.


Thanks A Bunch Cookie Bouquet

We all like receiving a bunch of flowers, they brighten up a room. But when they die, we have the task of clearing them away, including all the dead petals. This bunch is made up of hand decorated sugar cookies made to look like flowers and the only way they’ll disappear is when you’ve eaten them!


Thinking Of You Sugar Cookie Gift Basket

Show someone you’re thinking of them with this bunch of cookies. No, that’s not a typo…this is an actual bunch of handmade and decorated sugar cookies. Pink flowers, hand iced messages of love and white blossoms make up this bunch and they look good enough to eat.


Baked Goods Deluxe Gift Basket

This is a gift basket worthy of the biggest life celebrations like milestone birthdays or weddings. Presented in a brown wicker basket, you’ll find a huge selection of freshly baked brownies and cookies in 13 different flavors and tastes we know you’ll love.


Happy Birthday Cookie Bouquet

Balloons are great fun at a party, but not quite so much fun when clearing up. Save your party host the hassle and get them this bunch of cookie balloons instead. In vibrant colors and presented in a red pot with a yellow bow, these crisp cookies are so delicious and tasty.

Price varies

Mega Delectable Artisan Crafted Gift Basket

Towering with individual boxes, this gift basked is packed full of tasty gourmet treats. Chocolate covered sandwich biscuits, truffles, and caramel bark are just some of the goodies included inside. You also have the option of adding a gift tag so you can personalize it to whoever you’re sending it to.

Prices Vary

Thank You Cookie Bouquet

Sometimes it’s difficult to truly express how grateful you are to someone. Instead of using words, try sending them this thankyou cookie bouquet. Hand iced messages and tulip shaped cookies make up this beautiful little bunch and it’ll mean just as much as the actual words.

Price varies

3 Creative Diy Cookie Gift Ideas

Easy Diy Cookie Basket Made From A Paper Plate

Fresh home baked cookies are one of life’s little pleasures. But when giving them as a gift to someone, how do you present them without spending a load of money on a store-bought hamper? Follow this tutorial and you’ll be able to make a basket from a paper plate.

Diy Simple Cookie Decorating Gift

When buying gifts for kids, you don’t always want to buy them yet more toys. So why not use this blog tutorial and make them a cute cookie decorating kit? Adapt it to whichever occasion you’re buying for and the kids will love you forever.

Homemade Sugar Cookie Gift Basket

Sugar cookies are so easy to make and super delicious to eat. Instead of buying someone some ready made cookies as gift, why not make them a homemade cookie kit? Include the cookie mix, icing, sprinkles and some cutters and there’ll be loads of fun to be had baking them.

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