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57 Buzzworthy Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Going gaga for coffee is understandable, as caffeine is a drug and something that can be very addictive. For the gift-giver a coffee-related gift is sure to be well-received, and there are plenty of thoughtful gifts that will support them in their habit. We’ve assembled some of the best around that are sure to help them get their next fix.

57 Buzzworthy Gifts for Coffee Lovers- love these ideas!

World’s Largest Coffee Cup

While this may be just a gag gift, they may actually end up using it. This oversized coffee mug claims to be the world’s largest. We’ll have to check with the folks at Guinness, but in the meantime it doesn’t look there are too many other contenders vying for the title.

Prices Vary

SpillNot No-Spill Mug Holder

This mug holder is so scientifically designed that you can actually do tricks with it if you feel so inclined. If you don’t feel so inclined, check out the video of a guy spinning and whirling a full cup of coffee around without spilling a drop. Surely you can make it from the coffee maker to your desk without a spill.


Cookie Monster Mug

This adorable mug is sure to play to their nostalgic side and is a great pairing of cookies and coffee. It has a space to hold the cookies, which double’s as Cookie Monster’s mouth. Usually cookies that end up in his mouth don’t make it out, but here’s the one exception.


Maple Bacon Coffee

Two unique tastes end up in this coffee, making it great for a pancake breakfast which includes bacon as a side item. It also makes it a great morning coffee even if there isn’t any pancakes or bacon, since you still end up with the flavor but don’t have to suffer the fat and calories.


Breathable Caffeine

If you’re in need of a caffeine boost but there’s no coffee to be had, or you don’t have time to brew up a cup, this could be the way to go. It’s like an energy drink you don’t have to drink, and can be helpful in certain times. It’s not always practical to drink a cup of coffee, but you still need that kick you’ve grown to rely on.

Prices Vary

Add a Cup Holder Anywhere

This ingenious invention allows you to put a cup holder wherever you may need it. They give some good examples like on your bike handles, or attached to the side of your work desk. Use your imagination, as pretty much anywhere becomes a potential cup holder.


Caffeinated Candy

These candies are useful for those times when you want to get a caffeine jolt and feel like having candy at the same time. They point out that just four pieces of candy equals an entire cup of coffee in regards to the caffeine content, so you are in control of your dose and can strategize as needed.


Monogrammed Mug

This mug has a very classic and sophisticated look to it, and there’s perhaps no more thoughtful gift than getting someone something that’s personalized. This mug emblazons their initials on it so there’s no more wondering whose mug is whose.


Coffee Trivia Deck

Is it possible to know too much about coffee? Find out with this deck of coffee facts and tidbits that’s sure to intrigue coffee lovers. They’re actual playing cards as well, so they serve more than one function, and you can learn about coffee while playing your favorite card game.


Handmade French Press Cozy

While they’re enjoying that first cup of coffee from their French press, the rest of the coffee needs to keep warm. What better way than to adorn it with a woven cozy, and there are several different designs to choose from, so you can pick out the one that you think suits them best.


Secret Squirrel Cold Brew Coffee

The secret to this coffee is that it is made using a cold brewing process, so unlike conventional coffee-making methods this uses no heat, and relies on time to make it all work out, with the process taking up to 24 hours. The cool part is they brew when you order, so there isn’t a bunch of pre-brewed coffee waiting around.


Espresso Sampler

If they’re a lover of espressos, you can’t go wrong with this sampler package of fine espresso coffee beans. Each of the three types of espresso has its own unique qualities, which makes it great for tasting and savoring which ones they like best.


Filter-Drip Coffeemaker

This is a specially designed coffee maker that slowly brews the coffee, so it might not be best for those that need their coffee in a hurry. But it’s great for those slow weekend mornings when you have time to let the coffee slow drip, and even more time to appreciate the drinking process.


Italian Astoria Dual Espresso Machine

There’s no messing around when it comes to this espresso machine, and it may be an over-the-top way of letting the coffee lover in your love know how much you care. This is a professional-grade machine and will have them brewing up espressos and more just like a barista pulled from Italy.


Coffee Bean Roaster

This coffee bean roaster lets them roast green coffee beans until they’re just the right color. It gives new meaning to the term “fresh roasted” and allows them to create the perfect cup of coffee, right down to the roasting process. With coffee grinder they can control the process entire from raw bean to cup.


USB Heated Mug

All that’s required for this heated mug is to plug it into any computer’s USB port and the contents stay hot all day long. This makes it a great mug for the office, and will ensure there’s always piping hot coffee an arm’s length away for those times when they need a pick-me-up throughout the day.


French Press Coffee Maker

If they don’t already have a French press coffee maker, it’s high time you get them one. This is a time-tested way to make a nice batch of coffee and is as easy as adding the water to the coffee beans and giving it time to steep.


Gold Plated Coffee Filter

The gold plating on this coffee filter makes it last and last, so you won’t have to worry about buying paper coffee filters anymore. Due to its chemical make up, the gold is supposed to help filter out impurities from the coffee and the water as well.


2-Cup Stovetop Percolator

If you’re not ready to invest in a full-on espresso machine, this may be able to get you by in the meantime. It produces pretty good cups of espresso, two at a time, and doesn’t take up a bunch of counter space. It works by going on top of the burner on your stove.

Prices Vary

Wrecking Ball Coffee Subscription

Since coffee is a consumable item, you can’t go wrong with a gift that keeps on giving because they’ll always need a fresh supply of java. This subscription service by Wrecking Ball makes it so they receive a new batch of coffee at an interval that you select. The coffees are always changing based on what the Wrecking Ball crew is currently into.


One Minute Coffee Maker

Usually a slower brewing time is boasted as provided the best cup of coffee, but this little guy promises to whip not only fast coffee, but great tasting coffee as well. The trick is that it uses a special filter and just the right amount of air pressure to get the job done quickly and correctly.


Crazy Cups Flavored Coffee Sampler

If they already have a single-cup coffee maker that uses pods like a Keurig you can load them up properly with this sampler package that is all over the board. It has fun offerings like Jamaica Me Crazy, Cinnamon Roll, and Kahlua flavored coffees so it never gets boring.

Prices Vary

Death Wish Coffee

This is billed as the world’s strongest coffee, and it’s pretty easy to see why they might be right. They’re using highly caffeinated coffee beans, and giving this a dark, rich color so it’s not your average Folgers. The best part of waking up is actually waking up thanks to a strong dose of caffeine.


Ctrl-Alt-Delete Cup Set

This cup set is ideal for an office that hasn’t quite upgraded their computers fast enough. It showcases the popular keyboard combination of Ctrl, Alt, and Delete, pressed together to bring up the Task Manager that can sometimes help when the computer isn’t behaving itself.


Vacuum Coffee Saver

Taking the air out of the container goes a long way to preserving the freshness of your beans. True coffee lovers know that keeping your beans fresh is an important element of having your coffee turn out just the way you like it. It’s a proven way of keeping things fresh, and now gives you the ability at home.


Tetris Heat Changing Mug

Before they pour their coffee the Tetris screen will be blank. As it heats up the game appears, complete with shifting pieces. This is a no brainer for the coffee lover in your life that is also a Tetris fan. They’ll get a real kick out of it, and it’s fun to watch it appear and then disappear when the coffee has been finished.


Coffee Tasting Aroma Kit

Help them on their way to becoming a coffee snob if they aren’t one already. This kit helps them distinguish between different types of beans and popular aromas found in the world of coffee. The included guide walks them through the entire process so they can fake it until they make it as a coffee aficionado.


Grow Your Own Coffee

Take charge of your cup of coffee at the source. Growing your own coffee is the next logical step if you’ve already started roasting and grinding your own beans. At the very least this gives a better idea of what goes into a cup of coffee, watching the plant grow and eventually produce beans that end up in your cup.


Cool Beans Ice Cube Tray

It’s a smart idea to make your iced coffee out of coffee ice cubes. This means that as the ice melts it won’t dilute your iced coffee, and the taste will remain the same throughout the entire experience. It’s as easy as making ice cubes, you just use cooled-down coffee instead of water. The nice bonus is it make coffee bean shaped cubes.


Japanese Coffee Maker

Precision counts when making coffee, and often we look to Japan when it comes to getting things exactly right. With this coffee maker you’ll notice that it has a simple design, which means there isn’t too much that can go wrong. Ground beans and water go into the top, great-tasting coffee comes out the bottom.


Facebook Like Coffee Mug

We all have our morning ritual, and if that includes scanning for new Facebook posts while getting a boost from our morning cup of coffee, what better way to combine the two worlds. Everyone recognizes the Facebook Thumb, so the message is clear: you definitely “Like” your coffee.


Splat Tamping Mat

This is tamping mat that has a different flair than most. It’s function is to protect your countertops and tamper from damage while you’re tamping. Might as well make it fun and have it look like it’s running off the counter.


Caffeine Molecule T-Shirt

Sometimes one loses sight of why they’re drinking so much coffee in the first place. It’s the caffeine that gets us moving that’s to blame. This shirt brings it back to basics, and is speaking in code to the non-geeks among us. it’s the caffeine molecule getting big time recognition.


Java-Log Firelogs

These logs are constructed out of used up coffee grounds. But rather than brewing coffee just to get the coffee grounds, they’re helping tons of coffee grounds from ending up in landfills. At the same time they produce more heat than wood so everybody wins.


Grinds Coffee Pouches

Sometimes you just have to have a cup of coffee, but you’re not in a setting that works. These pouches are designed to be placed in the mouth, similar to chewing tobacco. The juices your mouth will produce will help the coffee seep out of them, providing the caffeine you’re craving and giving the classic coffee taste.


Battery Mug

Ever feel like you’re not fully charged until you have that first cup? This heat-changing battery mug displays that perfectly. It shows a depleted battery when your cup is empty, and a fully charge battery when it’s full of the good stuff.


Blast Off Espresso Cups

The design of these espresso cups is very cute, but also serves as an analogy for the way you feel after having an espresso. Time to blast off and get everything done that you need to get done for the day.

Prices Vary

Decaf Coffee Beans Gift Box

The taste of coffee often gets overlooked for the caffeine dose it provides, but these beans are all decaffeinated, allowing you to enjoy the flavor while cutting back on the caffeine, either for your own personal health reasons or doctor’s orders.


Java Express Shoulder Tote

This mini backpack provides you with everything you need to enjoy coffee for two just about anywhere. A wonderful addition to any picnic, or just to sip a nice coffee outdoors. The pack is insulated to help keep the coffee hot, and contains mugs, napkins, and teaspoons, as well as containers for cream and sugar.


Dark Chocolate Espresso Bark

Sometimes eating coffee-infused items is just as yummy, if not yummier than drinking coffee. With these handmade espresso-infused dark chocolate squares you’re pushed to the edge of flavor overload. It’s a very thoughtful and effective gift to win over that special coffee lover.


Self Stirring Mug

Stirring is so old fashioned. This mug stirs itself with the push of a button, and does a great job as well. Since the spinning blades are right at the bottom of the cup it makes sure that the entire contents are well-blended so all you have to do is enjoy.


All Nighter Coffee Gift Basket

Whoever assembled this gift basket is no stranger to pulling an all nighter. You of course need coffee to keep yourself awake, but you also get hungry so it’s vital that there are snacks and chocolates to munch on as fuel to get you through the cram session.


Coffee Candle

This candle is packed with coffee aroma so you can fill your room with the great scent of coffee, whether or not you’re enjoying a cup at the same time. Although it doesn’t contain any caffeine, the association of the smell of brewing coffee may just provide a placebo effect.


Automatic Coffee Center

This is the coffee maker for those that don’t really want to go through all of the motions of making a coffee, especially an espresso. It does it all at the push of a button, which leaves you responsible for just drinking it. Many of the coffees is makes are ready in just a minute. Awesome!

Prices Vary

Hot Fudge Ground Coffee

Coffee and chocolate go together so well that you’ll often see them combined in a caffe mocha. You can have the taste of fudge blended right into the coffee itself by using these hot fudge coffee grounds. No doctoring of the coffee needed, just pour and enjoy.



These marshmallows come with a coffee kick to them. That’s right, they’re caffeinated so you can get the same buzz from them as drinking a cup of coffee. Each one has 100 milligrams of caffeine, so it make take two or more to get a jolt from it, depending on how much coffee you drink each day.


Mustache Espresso Mugs

The mustache craze carries on with these mugs that make it look like you have a stache when you’re drinking from them. This set contains matching sauces and a nice holder for them so you won’t have to worry how to store them.


Automatic Sugar Dispenser

Take the guesswork out of how much sugar to put in your coffee using this automatic dispenser. It measures out a tablespoon of a half a tablespoon so you can have the same tasting coffee each day, and cut down on the number of messes and spills made by pouring it onto a spoon.

Prices Vary

Milk Frother and Warmer

Froth the milk and warm it up at the same time with this combination warmer and frother. This device is essential for making lattes and other beverages with a frothy top. It makes it so you don’t have to worry about the milk coming out just right.

Prices Vary

Keep Cup

The Keep Cup helps cut down on the amount of waste by reducing the number of disposable coffee cups that get used and thrown away each day. By using a reusable cup you are potentially saving the Earth from 365 cups a year if you drink coffee daily. What’s great about these are that you get to design it to your liking.


Hug a Mug

This coffee mug made out list because it’s is very well thought out. It has two layers so you can hold onto it without burning your hands, even if the contents are really hot. It also has finger grooves in it which make it really comfy to hold onto, almost like you’re giving it a hug.


Mypressi Twist

The mypressi system makes it so you can have an espresso without the need of a giant espresso machine cluttering things up. It uses gas cartridges to make it so you can whip up a batch of espresso using a handheld unit. The best part is it’s already been peer-proven to work, and work well.


Listening Coffee Maker

Many have called this a Talking Coffee Maker, but that’s not very accurate. This is a voice-activated unit that listens to your commands and jumps into action when you tell it to. It’s nice to have something listening to what you say first thing in the morning. A great gift for those that don’t have a lot of motor skills when they first wake up.

Prices Vary

Functional Espresso Serving Set

This serving set was originally submitted to a design contest, and they ended up producing it based on all of the positive feedback it received. The serving tray gets broken up into serving saucers, so it’s easy to move from place to place, and then deploy the individual cups.


Mood Mugs

These mugs can be used to indicate the sort of mood you’re in, and there are plenty of moods to choose from. The options read like the seven dwarfs, with sleepy and happy, but there are also some like cheeky and stressed to round things out. Grab your most popular moods, and choose the one that best suits you on any given morning.


Wooden Coffee Scoop

These coffee scoops are not just attractive, but they actually work great as coffee scoops. They’re handmade, and they each have different woods used in their creation, which gives them their unique look. Sure to add a bit of decor to a sophisticated kitchen.



The Brugo mug is designed to be the last travel coffee mug you’ll ever need. It helps you keep your beverage in what they call the Perfect Temperature Zone, and keeps things neat and tidy by being spillproof. You’d be hard pressed to find a coffee mug with more features.


10 DIY Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Mug Snuggie

These mug snuggies will help the coffee lover in your life enjoy their daily ritual even more. They won’t burn their fingers on a hot cup, and their cup won’t go cold quite as quickly. It provides extra comfort and a better experience all around.

Pour Over Coffee Stand

With this pour over coffee stand your favorite caffeine addict can make a cup of coffee by simply pouring hot water through the top, and watching it filter through the beans and down into the cup. It looks great on a countertop as well.

Coffee Lover’s Necklace

Help them show off their love of coffee with this coffee lover’s necklace. It is a locket filled with coffee beans, and is not just a declaration of coffee enjoyment, it actually looks nice with Earth toned outfits.

DIY Coffee Bar

Blow them away by making this coffee bar. It’s easier than it looks and you’ll absolutely knock their socks off when they see that you’ve made them an entire piece of furniture to help support their habit. It holds all of their coffee supplies and gives them a place to make a cup.

Stenciled Coffee Sign

Here’s a fun stencil sign that will resonate with any coffee lover. There may be a lot of stuff to do today, but first things first, it’s time for coffee. They know that they get a lot more done when they fuel up, and this sign will remind them to.

Coffee Coconut Sugar Scrub

Fans of coffee don’t just like drinking it, they love the aroma, and this sugar scrub is infused with coffee and coconut so it’s absolutely going to drive them wild. It will scrub away dead skin cells and help them feel great.

Moustache Coffee Sleeve

This is a fun coffee sleeve that makes it look like they’ve got a moustache when they drink from it. It’s a quirky gift for the coffee junkie that makes sure they have their morning cup of coffee no matter what else is going on that day.

French Vanilla Candle

This candle will fill the air with the delicious scent of a French vanilla coffee. It uses real coffee beans to help create this scent, so it has a lot of all natural smells to it. It’s easy to make and looks great as a gift.

French Press Cozy

If they have a French press you’ll be doing them a great service by making this cozy for them. It will keep the French press warm so they can enjoy a hot cup of coffee longer so that they can have a slower morning without rushing.

Got Coffee? Necklace

Milk aint got nothing on coffee! This fun necklace has two special features. It’s stamped so it looks like it is store bought, and it has a coffee bean on it to really drive home the message that they would like coffee right now.

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