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39 Christmas Presents for Cocktail Lovers (+ DIY Cocktail Gift Ideas)

No matter who you are shopping for, if they like to have a drink, this list is the perfect place to find them something that they will adore. From portable cocktail kits to DIY bitters, this collection of gift inspiration will make your Christmas shopping nice and easy.


Moscow Mule Cocktail Kit

If a Moscow mule is your tipple of choice, this kit will make the entire mixing process a million times easier. Ready to make 8 cocktails, this Moscow mule craft kit takes the traditional recipe and gives it a modern twist! Simply add the vodka and follow the instructions.


Molecular Mixology Kit – Gin & Tonic

The gin and tonic is one of the most classic cocktails you can find; with that in mind, check this out! Break the process down and discover the science behind this great drink thanks to this molecular mixology kit that will turn the kitchen into a chemistry lab. A definite conversation starter.


Homemade Gin Kit

DIY has never been so much fun…and tasty. If you’re a sucker for a delightful gin, this amazing kit is the perfect way to bring you closer to your favorite drink. With the information and ingredients included, you will be able to turn an ordinary bottle of vodka into a delicious, aromatic sloe gin.

Prices vary

Champagne Carry-On Cocktail Kit

Do they serve a wide array of cocktails on your preferred airline? If not, it is time to get inventive. With this carry on cocktail kit, all you need to do is grab some bubbly from the air steward and away you go mixing and making delicious elderflower infused drinks for the journey.


Margarita Rainbow Salts

Would you love to know the best way to rim a glass? Especially perfect for parties and get togethers, this collection of margarita rainbow salts will turn this already exotic drink into a colorful, bright and fun concoction. With 4 colors included, you will have enough stuff to rim up to 180 glasses!


OriGINal Remedy Gin Glasses

These cool little glasses will help you to justify enjoying every last drop of your favorite gin. Ideal for you and your friends, the Copa glasses tap in to the historical healing properties of gorgeous gin with funny phrases that everyone you know will love! Follow the link to have a read.


Margarita Carry-On Cocktail Kit

Would you like nothing more than to enjoy a refreshing margarita at 38,000 feet? Awesome, then get a load of this. This brilliantly exciting carry on cocktail kit provides you with everything that you could need to mix up a margarita on the plane, the airline need only provide the tequila.


Scotch-Infused Toothpicks Gift Set

No matter how badly you want to, it is just socially unacceptable to sip on single malt scotch all day long. If you want to savor the flavor without getting drunk, pick up a pack of these scotch infused toothpicks or give them as a gift to a friend this Christmas time.


Gin and Tonic Carry-On Cocktail Kit

Carry on cocktail kits cleverly do not contain any alcohol, allowing you to board the place with it on your person. Once seated, order a gin and use this awe inspiring kit to mix yourself (and maybe even a friend) a decadent gin and tonic to relax with as the miles and minutes go flying by.


Smoky Margarita Cocktail Kit

Making a craft cocktail is not as hard as it seems, you just need the correct ingredients, equipment and instructions. Luckily for you, this artisan kit will allow you the chance to whip up a batch of smoky margaritas – simply add the alcohol to the rest of the kit and the drinks will be on you.


Flask Book Box

Everybody should have a hiding/storage space for their hip flask. Ideal for bookworms everywhere, this brilliant flask fortress has been created from reclaimed library books and will look just like the rest of the adventures lining your bookshelf. Simply give it a ‘read’ every time you want a tipple.


Barrel Aged Dirty Martini Elixir

If you like your martinis dirty, this is the product for you. Made in California, this dirty martini juice has been created by aging brine in barrels alongside premium olives for that perfect salty taste! Simply add to vodka or gin and enjoy as your taste buds have a trip.


7 Deadly Sins Glasses

Bring a literal meaning to the term ‘pick your poison’ when you invest in these 7 deadly sins glasses. Perfect for housing your favorite drink, these glasses each come with a different sin from lust to gluttony and feature a cartoon depiction of each one! Funny, high quality and simply cool.


Personalized Moonshine Jug & Kit

Gone are the days when moonshine was being brewed, bought and sold illegally under the noses of the US government. This brilliant kit allows you to not only make your own ‘moonshine’, but also comes with a personalized mug that will be kept forever. A truly great gift idea.


Cocktail-Enhancing Mists

Do you want to take your mixology magic to the next level? If so, you need to be introduced to these cocktail enhancing mists. That’s right, these ingenious misters allow you to add an aromatic edge to your drinks that will complement the flavor notes already there by treating your nose to something new.


Spicy Cinnamon Whiskey Infusion Kit

Cinnamon whiskey may come with a bit of a burn, but boy is it warming on a cold winter’s night. If you would be interested in not only sipping it but making it too, this DIY kit will provide you with all that you need to make your own batch – just add the whiskey.

Prices vary

Stoneware and Crackled Glass Coaster Sets

Looking for a treat for your eyes whilst you treat your taste buds to a delightful cocktail? If so, you are in the right place, as these coasters are simply awesome. Designed to look like the inside of a geode, these coasters have been created using a crackled glass surface and are just stunning.


Luxe Cocktail Sugar & Salt Set

Rimming a glass is one of the perfect ways to complete a cocktail. Make your cocktails look and taste better than ever before by adding some of these brilliant sugars and salts to the rim! Colorful and sparkling, these incredible salts and sugars will add elegance to an already sophisticated drink.


Gin and Tonic Diagram Glassware

Whether you do not know how to make a gin and tonic, or you get so drunk that you often forget, these fun glasses will point you in the right direction. With a cool diagram illustrated on the front, the highball glasses feature the exact ingredients and amounts needed to make this delightful drink.


Single Malts of Scotland Tasting Map

Scotland, the fine home of Scotch whiskey of course. If you or someone you know is a fan of a single malt, this interactive map will take you on a ride around the different Scotch producing regions of this great country whilst you enjoy the drinks themselves in your own home.


Stainless Steel Martini Glass

How incredible is this? These amazing glasses are not only perfect for a martini, they are also self chilling! Made from stainless steel, the stemless glasses are double walled and have been made with a freezer gel, allowing your drink to stay colder for much, much longer.


Flavored Simple Syrup Set

Made using pure botanicals and extracts, these simple syrups will help to add a ton of flavor to your preferred cocktails. If you are a dab hand at mixology, the syrups will add flavor notes that you thought impossible to existing cocktails, making them taste better than ever before.


Essential Cocktail Mixers Set

Cocktails are full of flavor, that is why we love them so much! Well…that and the alcohol content. If you would love to find a way to increase the flavor notes of your favorite drinks, invest in these essential mixers and add them to your choice of liquor for a delicious tipple that you will love.


Hot Toddy Diagram Glassware

Need warming up this winter? Then you need to be drinking a hot toddy at every opportunity. With these whimsically illustrated glasses, you will be able to mix up the perfect drink as the ingredients and amounts have been drawn right onto the glasses themselves.


Founding Fathers Whiskey Glasses

Nod not only your head, but also your glass to the founding fathers of this great country with these exceptionally awesome glasses. With all of the founding fathers available, you can choose your favorite and receive a whiskey glass with not only their portrait, but also some of their famous quotes.

Prices vary

Bloody Mary Diagram Glassware

The Bloody Mary is not everyone’s cup of tea, but those that love it, truly enjoy it! Whether that person is you or a loved one, you should definitely consider picking a pair of these delightfully cool glasses that depict all of the ingredients and even the amount, allowing for a perfect beverage.


Spiced Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit

Bring the old fashioned into the modern era with this cocktail kit. If you would love to find a way to make this age old drink that is easy and convenient, this is it! With everything you need included (apart from the alcohol) you can mix up a batch in no time at all.


History of Scotch Monogram Drink Chillers

If you or someone you know absolutely adores whiskey, namely Scotch, then this is the product that you need to pick up. With 4 monogrammed drink chillers included, the set contains a ton of information all about the history of Scotch whiskey that enthusiasts will enjoy reading.


Classic Cocktail Nuts

There are so many delicious cocktails in existence, but why do we limit these exceptional flavors to drinks? Thanks to Neil Edley, you can now purchase your favorite classic cocktails in snack form! That’s right, these delicious nuts have been made with the same great tastes as some of the world’s most famous drinks.


Italian Spritz Carry-On Cocktail Kit

Do you ever get a real hankering for a cocktail only to find that you are thousands of feet in the air and are nowhere near a bar? Not to worry – with this carry on kit, you will have everything that you need to put together an Italian spritz; just ask the attendant for the alcohol itself!


Moscow Mule Carry-On Cocktail Kit

All contained in a flight themed tin, this carry on cocktail kit allows you to mix up some of the most popular drinks whilst in flight. This particular edition allows you to drink a fresh Moscow Mule, thanks to the inclusion of the important ingredients – all you need to add is the alcohol.


Whiskey Math Cocktail Recipe Screen Print

Are you a massive fan of all things cocktail? Or are you simply shopping for the drinks fan in your life? Either way, check this out! This awesome screen print lists some of the most popular, classic whiskey cocktails in a simple and stylish way.


Personal Minibar Travel Set

The minibar is the best part of any away stay, but if you do not find yourself in a hotel, it can be sadly missed. Be the soul of any and every trip with this personal minibar travel set. Constructed from vegan leather, the bag contains five 50ml bottles ready to be filled with those cocktail essentials.


Margarita Diagram Glassware

Feeling fancy? Then mix yourself a Margarita! If you do not know how, fear not as these glasses have been designed for people just like you. With 2 in a set, these brilliant pint glasses have been colorfully decorated with both the ingredients and their amounts needed to make this marvelous drink.


The Complete Absinthe Set

Looking for cocktail inspired gifts? Brilliant, then why not take it back to the 19th century? This absinthe set contains not only a stylish Carafe, but also a dripper, glasses and more. High quality and ready to be used, it is a great way to enjoy this classic beverage at home.


Cocktail Bitters Set

If you have been searching for a way for you to take your mixology to the next level, these bitters could be the way to do so. Made using natural ingredients, these five cocktail bitters contain immense flavors that will add a spark to your beverages – take a look!


Craft Cocktail Infusion Kit

Craft cocktails are delightful, who can argue? If you like to mix up some magic at home, use this craft cocktail infusion kit to make new and exciting drinks. Simply add the alcohol to the infusion and wait as the flavors mix together; either use the included suggestions, or have a go at creating your own.

Prices vary

Mimosa Diagram Glassware

Ahh, the mimosa. If you or someone that you know and love adores this great drink, invest in a pair of these brilliant diagram glasses. In bright colors you will find a diagram depicting both the ingredients and suggested amounts needed for this delightful drink.


3 Diy Cocktail Gift Ideas

Diy Homemade Cocktail Bitters

If you know anything about cocktails, you will know just how important bitters can be. With this awesome DIY article, you will find out how to make your very own cocktail bitters that can be used to make your drinks that little bit better. Read on to find out more.

Diy Mason Jar Cocktail Gifts

Say hello to mason jar cocktails. These brilliant DIY gift ideas are ideal for anyone that likes a drink and are extremely easy to put together. With the information you find on the following page, you will be able to create your own mason jar cocktail gifts that will be well received this Christmas.

Diy Jam Cocktail Kit

Ever heard of a jamhattan? With the following article, you will be able to make one! Simply grab a box, buy the following list of ingredients and you will be able to gift someone everything that they need to create this delightful drink during the holiday period.

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