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55 Easter Shirts, Bunny Costumes and Other Wearable Easter Gifts

The struggle to find decent Easter gifts is real. People don’t want traditional chocolate eggs anymore, they want something different or maybe slightly unusual. Check out our list and you’re sure to find something for them to wear this Easter season. Whether you’re looking for a cheesy costume or a cute t-shirt, we’ve got your covered.

Why not buy them Easter gifts they can wear and not eat this year?

T-Rex Bunny Easter Egg T-Shirt

Combine their love of dinosaurs and Easter with this cute t-shirt. Available in a range of colors, this t-shirt has a picture of a T-Rex wearing bunny ears and hatching from Easter eggs. It’s perfect for either boys or girls, just choose a color and they can wear it over the Easter season.


Cute Little Easter Bunny T-Shirt

If you’re looking for Easter gifts which are a little bit different, this cute bunny t-shirt could be what you’re looking for. In navy blue, the front of this shirt has a bunny’s face on complete with pink ears. They can wear it all year round, bunnies are for life, not just for Easter.


Rubie’s Costume Baby Bunting Bunny Costume

If you have a small baby who is too young for egg hunting, they don’t have to miss out on the Easter fun. Dress them up in this utterly adorable bunny costume. White and fluffy, this costume has a bow tie and a pretend carrot, completing the look.

Prices Vary

Rubie’s Baby Handsome Lil Wabbit Costume

Turn your child into the Easter bunny with this blue rabbit costume. It has a matching bow tie and a carrot to really make them look the part. If you’re doing an egg hunt for older children, your youngest doesn’t have to miss out – you can say they’re the ones who have hidden the eggs!


Bendable Sequins Bunny Ears Headbands

This pack of 6 bunny ear headbands would make great Easter gifts. Whether you’re going on organized egg hunts or doing mini ones at home, your child will love following the clues and finding the chocolate eggs while wearing these colorful sequinned ears.

Prices Vary

My Butt Hurts What Funny Chocolate Easter Bunny T-Shirt

The whole family can have matching t-shirts this Easter. Available in men’s, women’s and children’s sizes, you can get this funny gag t-shirt in different colors. On the front, there are two chocolate bunnies, both who have bites missing from them, talking to each other and making a hilarious joke.


Chillin With My Peeps Bodysuit

The perfect bodysuit for a gorgeous baby for the Easter season. Plain white but with gold glittery writing and bunnies, you’ll really be able to show your baby off at egg hunts and family gatherings. Pair it with trousers, tutus or bunny ears…it’s entirely up to you.

Price varies

Happy Easter Train Kids T-Shirt

Do you have a toddler who loves trains? If so, there’s no reason why they can’t pair this love with their Easter eggs. This cute navy t-shirt has a train on the front, carrying 3 colorful Easter eggs. “Happy Easter” is underneath, written in white.


Robot Easter Bunny Funny T-shirt

Available in a range of sizes and colors, this t-shirt has a rabbit robot carrying a basket of eggs. Your child will love it and there’s no reason why they have to only wear it at Easter. And you can have the whole family matching for that annual photo if you like.

Prices Vary

Easter Egg Hunt Champion Gamer Boys Tee

In the style of a video game, this t-shirt will be perfect for those who are egg-stra competitive when hunting for those eggs. 4 pixelated eggs in different colors are in the center while the words “Egg Hunt Champion” surround them in white video game style font.


Petitebella Headband Bowtie Tail Gloves Shirt Skirt

This outfit will make perfect Easter gifts for the little bunnies in your life. You’ll get a shirt which says “I’m Little Bunny” in pink writing, a white tutu and matching ear headband, gloves, bow tie and a cute fluffy bunny tail which will definitely complete the look.


Chillin With My Peeps Easter Raglan Shirt

You’ll be able to get this raglan t-shirt for your kids in a range of different colors this Easter. On the front, you’ll find 3 bunny outlines and the words “Chillin’ with my peeps”. And the best part is that they don’t have to only wear it at Easter!


Easter Egg Hunting Eggspert Japanese Shiba Inu T-Shirt

Are you an “eggspert” at finding Easter eggs? If so, you need this t-shirt. Perfect to wear when you’re going egg hunting, it’s available in a range of different colors. There’s a dog wearing bunny ears and surrounded by eggs on the front, guaranteed to make you smile.


PandoraTees Show Me The Bunny T-Shirt

In sizes 3-6 months right up to 6 years, you can have your kids in matching t-shirts this Easter season. Choose which color you want, either pink, light and dark blue, and black, and your kids will be the best dressed at your neighborhood annual egg hunt.


Children’s Bunny Costume

Get yourself your very own Easter bunny with this costume. White with pink accents, this furry costume will transform your children into the fluffy egg giving rabbit we all know and love. They could wear it all year round too; have you ever seen the Easter bunny go trick or treating?

Prices Vary

Hanging With My Peeps T-Shirt

In a gorgeous unisex gray, this t-shirt would be ideal for your son or daughter. Featuring three bunny outlines in blue, orange and green, there’s also the wording “hanging with my peeps”. It would be the perfect thing to wear at your family’s Easter lunch.

Price varies

Follow The Bunny He Has The Chocolate Easter T-Shirt

We all know the Easter bunny brings the chocolate but what about the Easter gifts which aren’t edible? This t-shirt would be the perfect present and the best thing is, you can get one for every member of the family. There’s even a picture of the Easter bunny on it.


Hunting Season Cute Bunny Funny Easter Shirt

Easter is the best time for hunting. No, not animals. We’re talking about those chocolate eggs. Whether you go to organized hunts in your town or you have mini ones at home, hunting season truly comes alive at Easter. Everyone wants a piece of the action.


Kitten In Easter Bunny Ears T-Shirt

If you’re looking for an Easter t-shirt for the woman in your life, you can’t go far wrong with this bunny kitten. The realistic cat’s face in the center of the shirt has some pink cartoon bunny ears on, making it hilarious and perfect for the egg giving season.


Bunny Rabbit Costume

Gorgeously white and fluffy, this bunny costume even comes with an accessory carrot to complete the look of the Easter bunny. It also has mittens, a furry bobtail and a hood with ears. Now the Easter bunny can look for some chocolate eggs, not just hide them.


Don’t Be Jelly Easter Unisex Child Shirt

While traditionally we think of chocolate eggs as the “food” of Easter, jelly beans are thought to have been linked to Easter in the US as early as the 1930’s, mainly because they’re egg shaped. Show off your history knowledge with this white “Don’t be Jelly” t-shirt.

Prices Vary

Too Hip to Hop T-Shirt

If you’re too cool for all this egg hunting, let everyone know with this “Too Hip to Hop” t-shirt. Available in loads of different colors, you’ll find a bunny wearing sunglasses with a rucksack on his back along with the wording on the front of the garment.


Noah’s Boytique Easter Egg Hunting Shirt With Bow Tie

We all know that our kids want to be the ones to find the most Easter eggs at the hunt. Help them do that by getting them this shirt as part of their Easter gifts. “This is my lucky hunting shirt” is printed on the front and there’s a cute bow tie print too.

Prices Vary

Forget the Eggs, I’m Hunting Chicks T-Shirt

Do you have a little ladies man? Whether you’re taking him to egg hunts or you’re just having a quiet family dinner, this t-shirt is sure to win the hearts of everyone who sees him. Although, you might want to have some eggs on standby just in case there’s a tantrum!


Hipster Easter Bunny Unisex Child Shirt

We’ve all heard of the term hipster. If you haven’t, quickly Google it! This adorable white unisex t-shirt has a picture of a bunny wearing glasses, with the word “Hopster” above it. It’ll definitely bring a smile to everyone’s faces, even the teenagers.

Prices Vary

Plush Bunny Rabbit Costume

You can’t have Easter without the Easter bunny. Dress up your kid in this cute rabbit costume and they’ll be the star of any egg hunt or your annual Easter dinner. It’s got gorgeous pink floppy ears and a pink chest, just like the really Easter bunny.

Prices Vary

Fifth Sun Big Boys’ All The Eggs Easter Tee

Printed with eco-friendly inks, this navy t-shirt is perfect to wear during an egg hunt. We all want to “Find ‘em all”, don’t we? Sharing chocolate with other people just doesn’t seem right! Get out there and do what the shirt says, find ‘em all!


I’m Digging Easter Gift For Tractor T-Shirt

All toddlers love tractors, it’s like it’s in their DNA. So let them keep on ‘trac’ with their egg hunting this spring, by mixing tractors with eggs. Get them this t-shirt as one of their Easter gifts, put them in it while they’re hunting those eggs, and they really will be digging Easter.


Kids Fleece Bunny Rabbit Costume

Invite the Easter bunny to your annual egg hunt party with this adorable rabbit costume. White and furry, it also comes with paws, and a hood with pink lined ears. Just draw a pink nose and whiskers on, arm them with a basket and see how many chocolate goodies they can find.


Kids Easter Egg Hunting Champion

Egg hunting is a key part of celebrating this season and it’s so much fun. Both adults and children love it, and this is an eggscellent t-shirt to get for your kids this Easter. Available in a range of different colors, you’ll be able to show everyone who’s the reigning champ.

Prices Vary

Mommy’s Hunny Bunny Easter Bunny T-Shirt

This cute unisex t-shirt will make an ideal Easter gift for either your son or daughter. Printed on the front are the words “Mommy’s Hunny Bunny” and a picture of a white bunny rabbit wearing sunglasses. It’s too cute not to buy really!

Prices Vary

Trade Sister For Easter Eggs Funny Siblings Easter T-Shirt

Do your kids have a bit of sibling rivalry? Turn it into a bit of fun by giving your child this t-shirt to wear as part of their Easter gifts. “Will Trade Sister for Easter Eggs” is written across the front, along with some white bunny ears. They can even have it in their favorite color too.


Oh For Peeps Sake! Easter Bunny Raglan Shirt

Gorgeously glittery and pretty in pink, this raglan shirt will be the perfect thing for your child to wear this Easter. It doesn’t matter what you’ve got planned; an egg hunt, family dinner or just staying in and eating all the chocolate you can, this shirt will rise to the occasion.

Price varies

Costume Ears Headband Bowtie Tail Tutu Paws Set

Transform your child into the Easter bunny with this adorable rabbit costume. You’ll get a headband with rabbit ears, a bowtie, fluffy bobtail, paw gloves and a matching white tutu which will really finish off this look and make the Easter bunny a little bit more girlie!


Easter Egg Emoji Shirt

Emoji’s are everywhere, they’re now a part of our everyday lives. Combine them with Easter and you get this funny emoji egg t-shirt. Available in a range of different colors, you’ll find 9 colored eggs on the front are sporting a different emotion, one which we’ll recognize from popular emoticons.

Prices Vary

Easter Bunny Rabbit Pink Glasses Funny Hipster T-Shirt

Hipsters are famous for wearing glasses, and usually fake ones at that. This shirt has a realistic picture of a bunny on the front, wearing a pair of bright pink glasses. This “hopster” bunny is sure to be a hit with whoever you gift it to – it’s available in men’s, women’s and kid’s sizes.

Prices Vary

Baby Girls One Cute Chick Easter Outfit

If you want an Easter outfit for your little girl but you want to move away from the traditional costumes and t-shirts, this might be perfect. A white shirt with ruffled sleeves reads “One Cute Chick” and the pants are bright yellow, ideal for bringing some spring cheer.

Prices Vary

Fifth Sun Girls’ Happy Adorable Easter Tee

Simple but still gorgeous, this t-shirt is plain white but has a circle of watercolor looking flowers on the front, and in the middle are the words “Happy Easter”. This would be perfect for your child if they want to celebrate but not draw a lot of attention to themselves.


Hip Hop Easter Bunny Shirt

If your child is too “cool” to dress up as a bunny or wear cheesy Easter slogans on their t-shirts, then this great grey one could be exactly what you need. With the words “I Said a Hip Hop The Hippity To the Hip Hip Hop” on the front, they’ll want to wear it all year round.


Personalized Crane Boys Easter Shirt

Perfect for vehicle mad children, this raglan shirt would make a great addition to their Easter gifts. The design on the front is a crane with bunny ears lifting up colorful eggs and the best part is that it can be personalized so their name will be printed on the side of the crane.

Price varies

Eggspert Egg Hunter Easter Shirt

Do you like cheesy puns? If so, this eggscellent t-shirt will be right up your street. Wear it when you’re out hunting those chocolate eggs and show everyone how much of an “eggspert egg hunter” you really are. Just come back with the most goodies.

Prices Vary

Plush Rabbit Ear Headband

Available in 6 different colors, these ear headbands are perfect for egg hunting season. Plush and furry, they’ll finish off any Easter themed outfit. Wear them while at your family’s party or when you’re at an egg hunt, or maybe just whenever you like!

Prices Vary

My 1st Easter Rabbit Tutu Romper Set

We want to remember and celebrate every one of our children’s first holidays, and Easter is no eggsception. Get your gorgeous girly this “My First Easter” outfit which includes a bodysuit, headband, tutu and adorable shoes with ribbon ties. Perfect for photos which you can look back on in years to come.


Easter Y’all Shirt

It’s Easter y’all! Celebrate this family holiday of new beginnings with this pink raglan t-shirt. It’s ideal for moms, aunties and maybe even Grandma. The word Easter is written in gold lettering, guaranteed to catch people’s attention at egg hunts or family celebrations.

Price varies

InCharacter Baby Lil’ Bunny Costume

Your littlest chick doesn’t have to miss out on the Easter fun if they’re still too little to join in with the egg hunts. Dress them up in this adorable grey bunny costume. With its long floppy ears and oversized paws, they’ll look even cuter than usual…if that’s possible!

Prices Vary

Child Classic Easter Bunny Costume

Some of us think of the Easter bunny as quite dapper and maybe a bit stylish. This costume will definitely turn your child into a dapper rabbit. The white furry costume has a tweed waistcoat and matching bow tie. He has to look his best when delivering all the eggs.

Prices Vary

This Bunny Gets All The Chicks T-Shirt

Perfect for matching your gorgeous ladies man, this t-shirt and bodysuit both have the same writing across the front. It’s super colorful too with blue, yellow and green featuring on there. And of course, there’s some cute bunny ears just to show it’s for Easter.


Trade Brother For Easter Eggs Siblings Easter T-Shirt

This is a cute way to turn a little sibling rivalry and arguments into some fun for the Easter season. Available in 10 different colors, your children could try and trade their brother for some more Easter eggs. Make sure you don’t go far though in case the deal actually goes through.


Rubie’s Costume Co Caped Cutie Lil’ Bunny Costume

If they’ve already got a lovely outfit for Easter but you’re looking for that finishing touch, this rabbit cape will be an eggscellent addition. It’s got a white hood with pink bunny ears and a cute carrot fastener at the neck, holding the sheer cape in place.


Funny Dinosaur Easter Shirt Gift

Available in men’s, women’s and children’s sizes as well as a multitude of colors, this shirt is ideal for those among us who don’t actually enjoy egg hunts (yep, those kinda people do exist!) The dino on the front is wearing bunny ears, making it seasonal and perfect for Easter.

Prices Vary

Carter’s Chicks Dig Me Tee

Because chicks come out of eggs, they’ve turned into a symbol for Easter alongside the rabbit and of course, the egg. If you’ve got a little ladies man, this t-shirt is not only good for the Easter season, but he can wear it throughout the year as well.

Prices Vary

Easter Pug Shirt Bunny Ears

Not only are pugs super cute and fashionable, they make adorable Easter bunnies…or should I say “Easter Puggies”. On the front of this t-shirt, you’ll find a sweet little pug who is wearing bunny ears along with the words “Easter Puggy”. It’s the perfect t-shirt for dog lovers this Easter.


I Believe in Easter and Chocolate T-Shirt

Aside from Christmas, when else is it acceptable to eat chocolate for breakfast? At Easter, of course. It’s the only holiday when you can reply “chocolatey” to the question “how do you like your eggs in the morning?” Why not take advantage of that and have chocolatey goodness to start the day?


3 Diy Easter Costume Items

Diy No Sew Felt Bunny Ears

If you can’t sew, there’s no reason why you can’t make crafts. These no sew bunny ears are perfect for Easter; you could make them in any color you like and your children will love them. They’re ideal to wear at egg hunts or maybe to finish off an outfit or costume.

Easy Diy Bunny Ear Chenille Headband

As parents, we’re always looking for quick hacks or easy crafts to help us with our kids. And these DIY bunny ears are no eggsception. You can put them together in less than two minutes and you only need 3 items to make them, plus a child to model it.

Diy Lovely Bunny Slippers

When all the eggs have been found, the delicious dinner has been eaten, and everything has been tidied away for another year, you’ll all need some comfy slippers to surround your weary feet. Stick with the Easter theme and make these adorably soft bunny slippers.

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