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60 Unique and Thoughtful Christmas Gifts Over $200

Get ready for the holidays with this list of amazing, statement-pieces that are sure to “wow” the recipient. Heavy on handmade and sustainably sourced, you’ll find everything from interpretive jewelry pieces to light-changing stained glass and one-of-a-kind barware to functional art. Every item on this list is guaranteed to impress, at Christmas time or anytime.


Film Reel Table

Give your movie buff this sculptural table that is truly a work of art. Made from an original 1930’s aluminum 35mm film reel sandwiched between two sheets of glass, it sits on a steel base made from salvaged gear parts. This unique table is sure to be a blockbuster!


Large Dog Blueprints

Show love and loyalty for your canine buddy with this dog-breed art designed in the style of mid-century blueprints. This detailed illustration of your chosen breed includes information on origins, temperament, and more. Each blueprint is given a distressed finish creating the appearance of a vintage document.


Artiphon Multi-Instrument

Now you can travel with an entire band’s worth of instruments in your backpack. This amazing machine lets you strum, tap, slide, and drum your way through an infinite array of sounds and possibilities. With sounds such as guitar, keyboard, and violin, you are guaranteed to make beautiful music.


Custom Painterly Pet Portraits

An original piece of art as special as the subject, you can have a custom, hand-painted portrait of your best friend that you will treasure a lifetime. The art is created from a photo and comes in two sizes. Acrylic on canvas, ready to hang and enjoy, this is the perfect Christmas gift for a pet-lover.

Prices vary

Yosemite Coat Rack

Make a statement in your front hall with this stylish, real wood coat rack. It is made in Thailand from mangosteen trees that no longer produce fruit. Rather than be destroyed, these gorgeous trunks are refashioned into a work of art that can hold coats, totes, umbrellas, and more.


Custom State Necklaces

No matter where you roam, you will always call one place home. Whether you left your heart in San Francisco or took a bite out of the Big Apple, these sterling silver state necklaces pay homage to your favorite place. You can even have the diamond placed in the zip code area of your choice.

Prices vary

Lunar Ring

This unique piece features a ring with a 24-facet, rose cut, rainbow moonstone surrounded by a halo of sapphires cast in 14-karat, recycled gold. This handmade work-of-art is reminiscent of a full moon glowing in the night sky and is sure to be cherished for years to come.


Personalized Whiskey Barrel

Age your own custom, house-whiskey with this miniature oak barrel that brings spirits to their peak flavor just like their full-sized cousins in a professional distillery. The personalized names and dates engraved on the end of the barrel make it a perfect special occasion gift. It’s definitely a fine-looking conversation starter on the kitchen counter.

Prices vary

Morgan Silver Dollar Money Clip

For the man who has everything, this money clip is fashioned from a Morgan silver dollar. Minted from 1878 – 1904, these coins are named after the man who designed them. The three-prong setting holds the coin securely to the sterling silver clip without damaging it, and the date is revealed when viewed from the back.



This beautiful print juxtaposes a child’s carefree nature as she swings from the safety of a sturdy tree with the unknown adult future represented by the birds as they fly away. Artist, Matthew Amey, uses a universal childhood experience as an opportunity for deep expression. Limited edition of 200 prints, contemporary black frame.

Prices vary

Sea Spray Serving Bowl

Inspired by the sea, the aptly named glass artist, Richard Glass, created a functional piece of art that represents the swirling, tumbling waves and mist of the deep, blue ocean. This handcrafted bowl is made from layers of crystal and colored dust that is transformed by the heat of the kiln.


Dear Daughter Necklace

“Dear Daughter, take my love with you now and into the time that I will never know. It’s as much a part of you as breath” is the loving sentiment hand-engraved on this sterling silver pendant. Whether off to college or across the world, this piece will always remind her that your love is near.


Tree Trunk Glassware

This unique set of barware is an impressive gift for the connoisseur of fine spirits. The decanter is molded by pressing molten glass into a specially prepared slice of carob tree. The glasses are made from stainless steel molds of the same tree. Handmade, each piece offers a beautiful, organic experience.

Prices vary

Shape-Shifting Ollie Chair

This shape-shifting chair is not only a work of art, but an engineering marvel. You have to watch the 15 second video and even then, you might not believe your eyes. This teak and aluminum beauty instantly retracts to a flat surface using a pull cord and mounts on the wall for the ultimate space-saver.


Revolving Walnut Wine Decanter

This clever decanter takes serving wine to the next level. The rotating bottle spins like a top on its solid walnut stand, aerating wine as as it goes round and round. A functional work of art, this sculptural piece makes an impressive statement on your sideboard or table.


Sink or Shoot Party Game

It’s like a grown-up game of Battleship. Whether you sink or shoot solely depends on your ability to track down your opponent’s wooden ships loaded down with shot glasses. Every time you guess a coordinate correctly, they have to drink. It comes with plastic shot glasses and 2 whiteboard markers.


Vintage Trailer Sculpture

This gorgeous sculpture of a vintage airstream trailer is handmade from aluminum and bronze by a metal artist in Michigan. These classic cylinder trailers invoke a time when even utilitarian things were created with style. Now, you can park this miniature model of high design on display in your home.


Game-Used Hockey Puck Bottle Opener

This bottle opener is the ultimate gift for a hockey fan. Made from an actual retired puck from their favorite NHL team, they come marked with the team’s name and date of play and include a unique number to verify game details online. These clever beauties are fully licensed by the National Hockey League.

Prices vary

Custom Pet Nose Print Necklaces

Unleash your love for your furry best friend with these unique, one-of-a-kind impressions of your dog’s nose. To create the piece, you will receive a non-toxic molding kit and instructions for getting the impression of his sweet snout. It will then be cast in sterling silver and engraved with his name on the back.

Prices vary

Baseball Stadium Art

One, two, three strikes you’re out, at the old ballgame! Baseball fans will love this three-dimensional wall art of their favorite stadium. Choose from dozens of famous parks all over the country and be amazed by the intricate details of the laser-cut wood. Each attractively framed piece also includes interesting facts, logo, and more.


Recycled Aluminum Moving Mosaic

Art comes to life in this moving mosaic made from recycled aluminum cans. Each piece moves freely so that speaker vibrations or the stirring of air create a fascinating pattern of whimsical flickers. This unique piece is a great conversation starter for any room in your home.

Prices vary

Goto Venetian Wine Glasses

These six Venetian wine glasses are hand-blown in whimsical shapes and patterns for an exquisitely dressed table. The undulating shape and confetti swirls bring whimsy and personality to any dinner party. Due to the handmade nature, each glass is one-of-a-kind. This is the perfect gift for anyone who loves to drink wine and entertain guests.


Custom Map Cufflinks

No matter how far you travel, you can keep a special place close at hand with these personalized map cufflinks. Whether you choose your hometown or a favorite vacation spot, these handsome pieces provide you with an inventive way to remember the past and keep your shirt sleeves buttoned all at the same time.

Prices vary

TPC Sawgrass Golf Ball Watch

The perfect gift for golfers! This high-quality timepiece features a faceplate made from a ball fished from the water at the 17th Island green at the famed TPC Sawgrass. Each PGA Tour-licensed ball is given a second chance – a mulligan if you will – to live a second life as a sporty watch.


Aquamarine Silver Lining Cuff

This stunning bangle is made from rough, aquamarine stones that remind you of raindrops. The circular design represents the full circle of life and encourages you to find the silver – or in this case, brass – lining in every situation. This beautiful one-of-a-kind bracelet will become a treasured favorite.


Under The Trees Umbrella

Turn every backyard meal into a picnic in the shade with this umbrella that resembles the leafy canopy of a tree. Light filters through the fabric and creates a realistic pattern of leafy shadows on the tabletop, and it is finished with a whimsical bird on top.


Birds and Blooms Art

This beautiful wall art is the perfect gift for any lover of the flora and fauna of these United States. With a vintage inspired map and original artwork, each state’s bird and flower is represented coast-to-coast. A key at the bottom lists the details of each pair. Framed in either black or a barnwood finish.

Prices vary

Infinite Mussels Wall Sculpture

This gorgeous piece is made from mussel shells collected along America’s coastlines. The flower-like composition is part collage, part mosaic, and part sculpture. Mounted in a floating metal frame which beautifully contrasts with the organic form of the shells, each piece is individually signed and numbered by the artist.


Diamond Fairy Dust Necklace

Two petite gold cylinders are sprinkled with diamond “fairy dust” and hang from a delicate gold chain. Designed to honor all the magic women perform, much of it behind the scenes, one charm hangs at the neck and the other is hidden at the nape near the clasp.


Infinite Seashell Wall Sculpture

This sculptural art is so beautiful, it is hard to believe that it is made from fragments of broken shells. Handpicked by the artist along the New York coastline, each piece is carefully mounted to create the image of an ethereal flower. Signed and numbered by the artist, it comes mounted in a metal frame.


Custom Pet Portrait Pendant

Now you never have to be without your beloved canine or feline friend. To create this personalized portrait, the artist first creates a rubber stamp from a photo, then engraves the image onto the pendant. Up to 12 characters can also be engraved on the other side and it comes with the stamp too!

Prices vary

AirSelfie Flying Camera

Take selfies to a whole new level with this camera-drone hybrid. This amazing little wonder uses super-charged turbo fans to hover up to 65 feet in the air. Use the app to turn your phone into a “remote control.” Fly high. Snap shots. Share. Photos are automatically downloaded to your phone.


Family Moon and Stars Necklace

If you feel like your mom hung the moon, celebrate her with this beautiful necklace in 24k gold and sterling silver. Surround the Mama Moon with up to four stars to represent her children. Each star contains the birthstone for that child. When it comes to a mother’s love, the sky’s the limit!

Prices vary

Copper Ginkgo Branch Wall Sculpture

This impressive piece turns any wall of your home into a focal point. At over three feet long, this striking sculpture of a ginko tree branch is crafted from copper and glass. The enameled leaves have a high sheen and dynamic color that looks beautiful from any angle.


Smokeless Portable Fire Pit and Grill

This portable, smokeless fire pit will change the way you enjoy campfires forever. Using standard logs, the solar power pack is always ready! You can control flame size manually or with your Bluetooth app – you don’t even have to stand up. Weighs less than 20 pounds and comes with a carrying case.

Prices vary

Lake Topography Art

Create a very special memento of your favorite lake spot with this laser-cut, hand-assembled, 3D sculptural piece. With over 4,000 lakes and coastal regions to choose from, you are bound to find a treasured keepsake that speaks to you. It comes framed in an oak shadowbox.

Prices vary

Personalized Family Member Signpost

No matter how far apart, they are always close to your heart. Recognize the physical distance in a charming way with this old-fashioned directional sign. Each arrow contains the name and distance-in-miles of the family member and is mounted slightly askew to create a vintage look. The steel finish develops a weathered patina over time.

Prices vary

Spring Tree Stained Glass Panel

Transform the natural sunlight in your home into an amazing work of art with this mosaic, stained glass landscape of a tree in spring. The artist uses traditional techniques to hand-cut the glass and create this beautiful piece. Hang or lean against a window to create a dynamic display of light and shadow.


Neon State Art

California, New York, and Florida fans can let their love shine for their favorite state with this neon wall art. The iconic silhouettes are rendered in radiant neon tubing and accented with an illuminated heart. Mounted on high quality transparent acrylic, it has mounting holes and a 6’ power cord.


Milestone Bar Necklace

This unique milestone necklace is a sterling silver bar that is not quite straight, just like the meandering path of life. There are 12 notches where you can place a conflict-free diamond to commemorate something special, with up to 3 diamonds per notch, and up to 6 total for the whole piece.

Prices vary


This print is one of a series by artist, Matthew Amey, that use a universal childhood experience – swinging under a tree – as an opportunity for deep expression. The tree represents stability and the all-encompassing love of family, while the birds represent challenges to come in life’s path. Limited edition of 200 prints, contemporary black frame.

Prices vary

Poppies Stained Glass Panel

Blending a bright mix of recycled safety and stained glass and second hand store finds, Chanda uses traditional techniques to hand cut the glass before she affixes the individual pieces to the frame. The result is a lustrous landscape of poppies that spring to life with just a little light.


Oversized Octagonal Sand Art

This shape-shifting work of art is always changing, presenting a new vista with each turn in its octagonal frame. Sparkling light and dark sands trickle down and land together to form deserts, mountains, clouds, oceans, smoke, and more, all ebbing and flowing into one another. This is an elegant, organic way to achieve inner peace.


A Story of Life Around Us- Jennifer Berlinger

This colorful print is called “A Story of the Life Around Us” and is filled with charming illustrations of animals from all over the world. This signed print is made from an original watercolor painting and is created from rich, 200-year archival inks. It is available unframed or mounted in a walnut-finished, sustainable wood.


Rossini Flutes

These fabulous and festive champagne flutes are as individual as you are. This no-two-alike, set of six is simply bubbling with creative inspiration. Hand-blown in Italy, you can watch your bubbly dance and whirl around the artistic patterns of these hand-held, colorful treasures. Simply pop the cork and enjoy your Christmas celebration champers.


Presidential Ballot Wall Art

This original copy of a 2008 presidential ballot was designed for old fashioned pull-lever voting machines used in New York City for 46 years and now retired. Handsomely framed, this impressive 37” X 45” piece evokes the nostalgia of those old machines and commemorates a piece of collective American history.


The Levitating Planter

This floating plant pot looks like a creation from the distant future. Using science to create magic, these containers literally float above their sustainably sourced oak base, twirling in mesmerizing suspension, giving plants access to 360 degrees of sunlight. Using electrical current and magnets, they can hold up to a half pound.


Sweetheart Area Rug

This sweet, heart-shaped area rug comes with a built-in pillow and is a pale pink that blends with any decor. The perfect addition to any child’s room, or even the family room, this is a luxurious place to nap, read, or daydream. The 100% cotton texture is super-soft and it is machine-washable.


Bamboo Chopstick Lamp

This may be the most unique upcycle idea that you have ever seen. The base of this stylish lamp is made from recycled bamboo chopsticks. The old-fashioned Edison bulb imbues it with an immediate wow factor and best of all, it’s dimmable. Just say “no” to harsh overhead lights and yes to super-cool, high design.


A History of Existing Life

This beautiful print is called “A History of Existing Life” and is filled with the broad spectrum of life on earth. Bacteria, fungi, insects, mammals, reptiles, and more are rendered in startling detail. This high-quality, signed print of an original watercolor is created using 200-year archival inks and custom mounted in a walnut scoop frame.

Prices vary

Personalized 3D Pet Face Pendant

Go beyond a traditional locket and exchange a photo for a 3D sculpture of your beloved pet. This sterling silver pendant is created from a photo with amazing, true-to-life details of your cuddly companion. Now you never have to leave the house without your best friend.


The Levitating Lightbulb

It’s like magic! You have to see this incredible floating light bulb lamp to believe it. The LED fixture levitates and rotates over its electromagnetic oak base. The bulb is actually powered through electrical induction and is rated to burn 50,000 hours. Turn it off and on with a gentle tap to the base.


Reclaimed License Plate Map

This huge statement piece will take you on a one-of-a-kind road trip across all fifty states. At over 5 feet in length, each state is represented by an authentic license plate and mounted on a painted cedar background. Alaska and Hawaii are mounted on separate boards. A great conversation piece!


Bird of Luck Speaker & Light

This Bluetooth speaker masquerades as a Bird of Luck resting serently in a gilded cage. Cutting edge technology provides state-of-the-art sound in what is essentially a work of art. Whether tucked into a living room corner or discreetly hanging over a garden party, the elegance of this sound system is impressive.


Emerald Crystal Earrings

It is hard to believe that these gorgeously green emerald earrings didn’t come from deep within the earth. Instead, they were created by being baked in a pressure cooker for 11 months. Once formed, they are set into recycled brass prongs that make them an ear-dangling work of art.


Custom Pet Portrait Cufflinks

Turn a photo of your hairy, fuzzy, furry, scaly, or feathered friend into a wearable work of art. These custom cufflinks are stamped and then engraved directly onto the silver pendant. Whether your precious pet is a cat, dog, bird or turtle, all you need is a great photo to make these precious keepsakes.


Coastal Quilts

If you love Martha’s Vineyard, Cape Cod or Penobscot Bay, then you will love these coastal quilts celebrating one of your three favorite coastal regions. Gold “land forms” are appliqued onto a light blue quilted ocean. Wrap one around you and you’ll almost feel like you are at your favorite beach on glorious windswept dunes.


Flower Power Peace Sign Necklace

Give peace a chance with this necklace featuring the iconic symbol all gussied up in flowers, leaves, and stars and finished off with a tourmaline stone.This 22k gold-plated over sterling silver necklace looks to the past to find strength for the future, with nature guiding the way.


Great Lakes Throw

Snuggle up under this Great Lakes throw and be reminded of all the great places you love – without all the cold! Bonfires and chilly Great Lakes nights are represented with more than a dozen embroidered city names including Milwaukee, Green Bay, Buffalo, and more. Hand-quilted with super-fine cotton, this makes a lovely gift.


Vintage Vinyl Bluetooth Speaker

Give your music a trip back in time with this vintage-inspired Bluetooth speaker made from a recycled vinyl record. You can’t drop the needle on this one, but it will play all your favorite music in style. Its shape is reminiscent of old gramophones, making it truly an homage to music’s past.

Prices vary

3 Thoughtful Diy Gifts

Diy Bottle Lamp

It doesn’t get much easier or low cost than this DIY project. In a few easy steps you can create transform a useless empty bottle into a cool custom lamp for the person who has everything on your list.

Diy Scrabble Letter Magnet Board

Check out this cute idea for making a DIY magnet board using Scrabble tiles. This vintage-inspired look – old tiles, yellowed books – is perfect for hanging in the mudroom or kitchen command center to post notes and schedules. You can also use the letter tiles to leave sweet notes to your family.

Diy Rustic Wood Chest

Put your DIY skills to the test making this large, rustic wooden box. Its attractive design makes it a clever piece of furniture to stash the kid’s toys or keep cozy blankets on hand. It could even double as a side table. Check out these step-by-step instructions for how to design your own.

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