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19 Christmas Gifts for Young Moms in Their 20’s

Young moms are trying to balance it all. They want to have a career and enjoy being in their 20’s while still taking on the role of being a wonderful Mom. Having children doesn’t mean having to lose your own identity! That’s why this list of Christmas gifts for moms in their 20s is packed full of ideas that the young and trendy mom is going to love! 

I am so glad I found this list of gift suggestions for Christmas gifts for moms in their twenties! It just made shopping for my mom friends so much easier.

Engraved Stainless Steel Bracelet

A stylish piece of jewelery is a great gift for the 20-something mom since fashion is something that is going to be very important to her. What is great about this cure stainless steel bracelet is that when she is wearing it, it looks just like a cool bracelet, but on the inside there is a heartfelt engraving that reads ‘remember I love you Mom’. It’s a great reminder of her kids when she is at work without making a public statement that she is a Mom!

Prices Vary

Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

The young and trendy moms are all about health and wellbeing. That is why this useful non-leak fruit infuser bottle is going to be a great gift. When you are trying to have it all it is important to stay well hydrated and healthy and this water bottle has a generous 32oz capacity to make doing so easy as pie.


LED Flameless Candles

It doesn’t matter how old your Mom is, she deserves some relaxation and one way she loves to do this is chilling out with her room lit with candles. However, if there are young kids around sometimes an open flame is not the best idea. That is why we think moms in their 20’s are going to love these LED flameless candles. Get the calming effect of flickering candlelight without the dangerous open flame or the messy dripping wax.


Mom’s Bathtime Caddy

There is not a mom around who doesn’t love to kick back and relax in the bathtub! Now with this bathtime caddy Mom can take all of those essentials into the bathroom to make her bath a truly relaxing experience, you know.. like a glass of wine, her iPad and maybe even a scented candle! Total bliss!

Prices Vary

Rose Gold Mama Make-Up Bag

Just because she is a mom now does not mean that she won’t still be taking pride in her appearance! This beautiful makeup bag is the ideal way for her to store her must have beauty items. We love the rose gold ‘Mama’ design which is bang on trend right now!


USB Beverage Warmer

Sometimes younger moms seem to be busier. This is because they are trying so hard to balance it all. That means that from time to time it can even be tough to finish a cup of coffee before it gets cold. That is why she is going to love this USB beverage warmer that will plug right into her computer allowing her to catch up on some work or email while keeping her coffee toasty warm!

Prices Vary

5 Second Memory Journal

Journal keeping is all the rage for 20-somethings right now, but sometimes when you are a mom you just do not have the time to spend on these sports of activities. This 5 second memory journal is the perfect solution. The journal contains a selection of prompts and questions allowing busy moms to just jot down a few things rather than having to write a long journal entry. The finished book will be a great memento to look back on.

Prices Vary

Mom’s Weekly Planner

There has been a huge resurgence in paper planers lately especially among the 20-somethings. This mom themed weekly planner is the ideal way to keep track of a busy schedule and could also be used to track the kids’ milestones at the same time.

Prices Vary

Jonathon Adler On The Go Charger

This on the go charger is ideal for the busy young mum on the go. It is suitable for iPhones 5/5S/5C and above as well as the newer iPod models. Perfect for when your phone needs a little extra juice on the go! It is also stylish thanks to the cute Jonathon Adler print on the device so it will be a big hit with young and trendy moms on the go!

Prices Vary

Yoga Set

This 6 piece yoga set is perfect for millenial moms who understand the importance of staying fit and healthy following the birth of a child. The set includes an exercise mat, two yoga blocks, a hand towel, a yoga mat towel and a yoga strap. It is available in a wide choice of colors as well, so there is one to suit every taste!

Prices Vary

Stylish Jewelry Box

This beautiful handcrafted, wall mountable jewelry box is the ideal gift for moms in their twenties. It is a stylish piece of wall art for the home showing a stunning print of Versailles, and doubles as a safe and organised place to store your jewellery away from little hands!


Kate Spade Diaper Bag

This stylish Kate Spade diaper bag is just perfect for moms in their twenties. It is a practical diaper bag that will hold all of the baby’s essentials, but it is fashionable and stylish so it doesn’t scream ‘Mom Bag’ just from looking at it. It really could be any other designer tote! However, it comes with all of the compartments that you are going to need for diapers, clothes, wipes and other baby items.

Prices Vary

Light As a Feather Necklace

These beautiful ‘light as a feather’ necklaces from Dogeared are one of the hottest trends right now and they make an ideal Christmas gift for moms in their 20’s. They can be worn alone or coupled with some of the other designs in the collection but the feather design in particular is ideal for mom since it symbolises harmony, love and abundance!

Prices Vary

SmashBook Baby Book

Move over scrapbooking! The cool new way to document our lives is in a smashbook. These clever journals are designed to stick in all of those little memories. Not just photographs, but also greetings cards, birth announcements, newspaper cuttings, tickets, brochures and more. It is a great way to keep a memory book and it is available in this cute Baby edition.

Prices Vary

Lily Pulitzer Charging Cord

This stylish Lily Pulitzer charging cord puts other charger cords in the shade! This will allow the mom on the go to charge her iPhone quickly from any usb port meaning that she never need be without her contacts and schedule no matter where she is. The print is trendy and stylish making it much more fun than a plain white cord!

Prices Vary

Stylish Mama Gift Set

When you are a mom, you suddenly have this huge pile of extra items that have to be carried on a daily basis. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t look great while doing so! This stylish gift set is perfect for young and trendy new moms. It includes a diaper clutch, travel changing pad, a wet bag and a small reusable snack bag or storage pouch all in a stylish black and white striped fabric.


Stylish Diaper Bag

Just because you are a mom that doesn’t mean that you have to forget about fashion. This is something that those young 20-something moms are particularly aware of. That is why this stylish diaper bag willl be a big hit. It is the perfect combination of function and fashion.


Personalized Stamped Jewelry

This gorgeous hand stamped pendant consists of 3 differently sized discs each stamped with a name of your choosing. One for each if the kids perhaps? Or maybe one for mom, one for dad and one for baby. Each letter is hand stamped individually making the item totally unique as no two discs will come out the exact same – even using the same names.


Ice Dyed Infinity Scarf

This stunning ice dyed infinity scarf in a rainbow galaxy style print is the ideal trendy accessory for busy moms. Instantly add a dash of style to your outfit no matter what you are wearing. We all know that lots of moms seem to live in the standard uniform of yoga pants and tanks, but add this scarf before you head out on the school run and you will look that little bit more pulled together and with it! It really is a great gift!


6 DIY Christmas Gifts for Young Moms

DIY Trendy Spiral Notepads

Moms can always make good use of stationery. They are always having to make note of various things, so notepads are especially useful. However, the pretty ones can be fairly expensive, so this great tutorial will be really helpful as it shows you how to make some trendy notepads using plain ones and pretty scrapbook paper.

Homemade Trendy Faux Fur Pom Pom

Faux fur pom poms are totally fashionable at the moment. They can be used as bag charms or planner charms or even keychains and they are super cute, but they can be pretty expensive. This DIY tutorial is going to walk you through making your own homemade version which works great as a Christmas gift.

Inspiring Canvas Art

This cute style of bohemian inspirational print is all the rage right now, and with most fashionable décor it has become fairly pricey to buy. However, you can make your own version at home using some very basic supplies as demonstrated by this tutorial. Any young and hip mom is going to love these.

Hand Stamped Metal Pendant

Hand stamped jewelry is a big trend at the moment we are seeing it everywhere right now as keychains, pendants and bracelets. It is a great way to give mom a personalized gift, but if you want it to be even more meaningful, then why not try your hand at making your own?

Hand Sanitizer Holder

Being a mom can be a messy business! That’s why most of them have either baby wipes or hand sanitizer – or both on hand to take care of sticky situations. This tutorial will demonstrate how to make a really cute and stylish hand sanitizer holder that clips onto your bag for ease of use.

Turning Kids Art Into Wall Art

Moms tend to accumulate a massive amount of artwork from their kids and it is tough to know what to do with it! This tutorial demonstrates a really clever idea for turning some of that artwork into some stylish work art than can be used as stylish home décor. All you really need is a frame and a circle punch!

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