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39 Good Gifts Teachers Actually Want This Christmas

Teaching is one of the most rewarding careers in the world – helping to mold new generations and watching them grow must fill teachers with a wonderful feeling! Reward them for their dedication with something from this awesome list of gifts that are all perfect for educators. Follow the link and see what inspires you.

christmas gifts for teachers

Rory’s Story Cubes

It’s not easy to conjure up ideas and imagination from nowhere at all. If you know someone that could benefit from some story inspiration, invest in Rory’s Story Cubes and watch as their creativity blossoms. Perfect in a classroom setting or even as an icebreaking activity, these cubes are awesome.


Educational Insights No Yell Bell Classroom Attention Getter

Teachers must suffer from sore throats a lot, right? It must be difficult to be heard over the voices of excited children. If there is a teacher in your life, help them impart wisdom without straining their voice thanks to this cool no yell bell from Educational Insights. It’s high quality and comes with 7 sound effects.


Teachers Are The Root Of Our Knowledge Necklace

Is there a tutor or role model in your life that has helped you to learn something new? Show them how much you appreciate their patience and dedication by gifting them one of these beautiful pendants. Stunning to look at, it reads ‘Teachers are the roots of our tree of knowledge’.


The Original Carpet Markers

Whether you are designating an area for sitting, standing or forming a queue, Carpet Markers are the simplest and most convenient way to do so. With 30 in a pack, these colorful hook and loop circles attach to most types of carpet, are easily cleaned, and are an awesome teaching aid.

Prices Vary

Clipboard Dry Erase Surface

With a clip attached to each one, these brilliantly inventive dry erase white boards are perfectly suited to the classroom. Pick up this bulk collection of 30 boards – boasting rounded corners and a retractable hanging loop – for the education-giver in your life and watch how valuable they become.


Learning Resources Magnetic Notebook Paper

Not only is this brilliant notebook paper magnetic, but it also benefits from the characteristics of a dry wipe board, allowing it be reused over and over again! Ideal in a classroom setting, this larger than life lined paper looks just like the paper used in school books, helping children to relate.


Personalized Teacher Coffee Mug

Education is a great gift. If there is a teacher in your life that does everything they can to teach and help, they may be deserving of a gift of their own. Design a lookalike of said teacher and have it printed onto this brilliant and fully personalized mug to make them happier than ever.

Prices Vary

Teachers Inspire Necklace

Those that use their lives to improve the skills and knowledge of others are special. If there is a tutor in your life that deserves to feel appreciated, consider picking them up one of these simple, yet special necklaces. With the words ‘Teachers Inspire’, they will keep it forever.


Solar System Mismatched Earrings

Wow, how amazing is this? If you are searching for something that you can get for your favorite educator, this could definitely be it! Extremely unique, these mismatched earrings showcase the beautiful planets and sun that make up our solar system in an exciting way; unlike anything else you have seen.


Dry Erase Lapboards

The value of dry erase whiteboards has been recognized by school workers all over the world. If you are searching for something that you can buy the academic mentor in your life, take a look at these. With 25 dry erase boards in their arsenal, they will be able to teach like never before.


Educational Insights Fluorescent Light Filters

Overhead lights can really change the tone of an educational setting. If there is someone in your life that works in a classroom, help them to bring a calming and relaxing touch to the environment by gifting them some of these useful classroom light filters that easily attach to fluorescent lights.


Wampumtuk Student Tears Mug

Does your teacher have a brilliant sense of humor? If they are easy to relate to and awesome at teaching, grab them one of these cool mugs that hold a whopping 11 ounces of coffee or tea. With the words ‘student tears (still warm)’ printed onto the ceramic, students and other teachers alike will find it funny.


Learning Resources Answer Buzzers

Want to make learning fun? Pick up a set of these. Developed by Learning Resources, these response buzzers make answering questions a whole lot more fun as they bring a game show element to the classroom. With different colors and different sounds, each one is easily recognizable from the others.


Teach Jumbo Tote

Is there someone that you know and love that is proud of their profession as a teacher? So they should be. If you are trying to find a gift to buy them, consider this delightful tote bag. Not only is the bag itself useful, it also features an inspiring quote surrounding the world of teaching.


Learning Resources Student Grouping Pencils

Sometimes, grouping is a useful concept in the world of teaching. If you are aware of a tutor that could do with an easy way of grouping their class, these ingenious pencils are the way. With different colors, shapes and even numbers, these pencils give them a variety of ways to assemble their students.


Soft Glow Silent Timer & Light

Timers have a lot of uses, but sometimes their volume can cause problems in a quiet and peaceful setting. The answer? This awe inspiring soft glow silent timer and light. Suitable as both a fully functioning night light (with multiple colors) and a stress free timer, it will make someone’s life a lot easier.


Punch Card Incentive Loyalty Reward Cards

Trying to find a way in which the teacher in your life can easily reward and encourage their students? Try these punch cards. Working on a point system, these brilliant cards operate just like store loyalty cards and will ensure that children are punctual, polite, and do all of their homework!


Schools Out! Mismatched Earrings

Does the tutor friend that you know and love absolutely adore their job? It’s a great profession. Help them accessorize with their place of education in mind thanks to this brilliant mismatched school themed earrings. With one featuring a notebook and one a pencil, they will definitely become a conversation starter.


I Put The Lit In Litterature Mug

Ceramic in construction and able to hold up to 11 ounces of tea or coffee, this exciting mug is ideal for the English language lover in your life. William Shakespeare is one of the legends of literature and that is why this hilarious mug with his face on will go down so well as a gift.


Westcott School Scissor Caddy with Pointed Kids Scissors

Scissors, what a great invention! In a school setting, scissors are brilliantly useful. Keep them organized and safe with this cool and colorful caddy. Designed with anti microbial protection, it can help stop the spread of germs and even comes supplied with 24 pairs of scissors.


How Teachers Swear! An Adult Coloring Book

Teachers are only human, and can get stressed and mad just the same as anyone else! This adult coloring book is the perfect companion for the teacher in your life that would love to have a laugh and de-stress. Alternative swear words have never been so funny!


Gaiam Kids Balance Ball Chair

Trying to think of a new way to help children to concentrate and remain focused? This balance ball chair has been shown to keep the mind itself focused whilst the body works hard to remain still and upright. A unique approach to education that any tutor should consider.


Felt Letter Board

Felt letter boards are so cool. If you have been on the lookout for something special to give to your favorite educator, this could be the perfect match. Ideal in classrooms, felt letter boards can be used to bring a new, fun and exciting way of learning into the environment.

Prices Vary

Learning Resources Reading Comprehension Cubes

Comprehension questions are a remarkable way to help children to pay attention to different forms of literature and begin to pick out key pieces of information. If you would like to make comprehension even more fun, pick up these brilliant dice that will randomize questions and spark conversation.


Woodstock Solo Silver Zenergy Chime

Tired of the old, institutional sounding school bell? You are not alone. If you would like to find a brand new way to announce the beginning and the end of classes and activities, this is it. This hand held chime is beautiful to look at and emits a wonderful, strong sound that will definitely get some attention.


Paper Mate Flair Felt Tip Pens

Writing is a great way to express oneself. If you would love to find a way to add a touch of personality to your handwriting, invest in a pack of these Paper Mate Flair felt tip pens. With a wide range of 12 bright and bold colors, these high quality pens are essential for educators everywhere.

Prices Vary

Vintage Composition Notebook Necktie

Does the teacher in your life like to wear ties to class? Send them into school with a new and exciting tie that they will love. Designed to look just like a vintage composition notebook, this fun tie is stain resistant in design and simply looks great!

Prices vary

Quan Jewelry Teacher’s Tree of Life Necklace

Are you appreciative of the instructor that takes the time to help you in life? Treat them to one of these wonderful tree of life necklaces that comes with a heart-warming thankyou card! The pendant has been handcrafted from pure pewter and will be enjoyed for years to come.


Teachers Save Lives Mug

The English language is not that easy to understand; the simple misplacing of a comma can entirely change the meaning of a sentence. If you are searching for a new and exciting gift for your English professor, this hilarious mug is a definite winner that they will love.


Time Timer Original Visual Timer

With an audible alert, this otherwise silent timer is ideal for a classroom setting. If gift shopping for tutors is on your to-do list, this 12 inch, 60 minute countdown clock would certainly make their day to day life a whole lot easier. A great way to ensure their students stay on task and on time.


Galileo Globe Thermometer

Thermometers are cool, and useful; however, if you are looking for the coolest thermometer around, this could be it. Galileo discovered many awesome things during his life, it was one of his findings that led to this thermometer being possible. Watch as the different weighted glass bulbs rise and drop with the change in temperature.


Teacher Life: A Snarky Chalkboard Coloring Book

Teaching is not an easy profession, not by a long shot! If you have a teacher in your life, then you must be aware of the pitfalls. Treat them to one of these funny adult coloring books that will make it a little easier to get up in the morning and go to work.


Apple Byte Desktop Sculpture

Since the unfortunate and sad ending of the life of Alan Turing, the apple has been a symbol associated with both computers and, of course, education in general. This brilliant sculpture would look awesome atop the desk of any educator, from teaching assistants to professors.


I’m a Teacher Superpower Mug

This enormous deep black mug is ready and able to hold up to 18oz of tea, coffee, or even soup! With the words ‘I’m a teacher. What’s your superpower?’ it will definitely be the envy of the staff room, and will keep them going through those long lessons during last period on a Friday afternoon.


Who Is The Lucky Duck? Student Management System

How simple yet ingenious is this? ‘Who is the lucky duck?’ is the brilliant way for tutors all around the world to cleverly ensure that all students are ready to answer questions, without them realizing they will only be called upon once. The sturdy sticks can be written on and look truly great.

Prices Vary

Teacher Created Resources Chalkboard Brights Privacy Screen

Whether students are being tested, or need a little bit of space to themselves, this privacy screen is the way to keep them isolated. Foldable and colorful, it will look great when it is up and will neatly and conveniently fold away when it is no longer needed.


Dry Erase Pockets

Schools, universities and colleges do a lot of printing. Worksheets are used, written on and then tossed in the trash. Save the environment and your resources by using these dry erase pockets that allow worksheets to be drawn all over, and then reused whenever! There are 30 included, and they don’t cost the earth!


Best Teacher Ever Makeup or Pencil Bag

Whether they use it as a makeup bag, travel bag or even pencil case, this 100% cotton canvas bag is an ideal gift for any and every educator. With the words ‘best teacher ever’ printed onto the bag alongside decorative flowers, it is both useful and looks great.


AmazonBasics Thermal Laminator

Want to find a way to make worksheets and documents last a lot longer? There is one way…a laminator. With this brilliant thermal machine, the tutor that you know and love will be able to keep their papers rigid, clean and tear free…brilliant!

Prices Vary

3 Adorable Diy Gifts for Teachers

Diy Gold Pencil Holder Anthro Knock Off

Making budget, DIY versions of expensive store bought products is a brilliant way to give gifts. Save yourself some money with this awesome article that will teach you exactly how to create this cool gold pencil holder that is simple and exciting to make! It will look wonderful on anyone’s desk.

Diy Crayon Wreath

If you know someone that teaches for a living, show them this! Extremely fun to make, this cool project involves using crayons to make a colorful and extremely exciting wreath that can be hung for everyone to enjoy; perfect for just about every classroom in the world.

Diy Personalized Clipboard

Clipboards are an essential took in so many professions, so if you are looking for a DIY gift idea to give to the instructor or market-researcher you know, take a look at this tutorial. Using an ordinary clipboard as a base, you can jazz it up using glitter, gold leaf, and paints for a truly personalized finish.

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