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26 Christmas Gifts for Sleep Deprived Moms

Are you looking for the perfect Christmas gifts for moms that don’t get good sleep? We have put together this helpful list of gifts that are either going to help her to get more sleep, or just make her feel a little more relaxed and a little less sleep deprived. Whether you are looking for something practical or just something to make her feel special there is sure to be a perfect gift among the choices below.

Sleep deprived moms need all the help they can get, so I am really happy to have stumbled upon this helpful christmas gift list!

Baby Susher Sleep Miracle For Babies

Sometimes, the best type of gift to give a tired mom is not something for her, but for the baby. Or, more specifically something to help soothe the baby allowing her to get some much needed rest! This Baby Shusher device has been hailed as the ‘sleep miracle’ for babies! It soothes even the fussiest of babies with a soothing, rhythmic ‘shush’ sound. When baby sleeps, mommy gets to sleep too so this is one gift she really will appreciate!


Go The F*** To Sleep Book

Admittedly this one is a bit of a gag gift, but as long as you know your audience and you know that the mom you are giving this book to will not be offended by the cursing, this can be an ideal little pick me up that is going to give tired moms something to laugh about. It taps into how all tired parents feel when the kids just will not go to bed and it is humorously presented as a kids storybook. The right tired mom is going to love this, just make sure you give this gift wisely!


Glider and Ottoman Set

If you are looking for a gift that is going to stand the test of time then look no further than this beautiful glider chair with matching Ottoman. As a tired mom, she is really going to appreciate having somewhere comfortable to sit whether it is while nursing the baby during night feeds, or reading bedtime stories to toddlers who are adamant that they are not tired – this chair is going to be ideal. It really is a gift that will last for years to come.

Prices Vary

Eye Brightening Cream

It is just one of those facts of life – once kids start coming along you have to give up your beauty sleep. Moms are magnificent creatures who seem to excel at living on the bare minimum of sleep, but that can take its toll on tired skin and eyes. This cooling and moisturising eye cream will go down a treat as it will not only soothe her tired eyes, but also rejuvenate her skin.

Prices Vary

Relaxing Lavendar Eye Pillow

One of the worst things about sleep deprivation as a mom is that it can cause crankiness and nobody wants to start taking it out on the kids as this is a sure fire way to make them even more irritable too! That’s why even if you cannot sleep it is important to try and relax. This Lavender Eye Pillow is soothing and relaxing making it perfect for those tired moms who are running on empty! It can be chilled or heated and can help with relaxation or even to improve what little sleep she manages to get!


Sleeping Baby Sign

Every mom will tell you that one of the most frustrating things is when you have spent hours trying to settle a fussy little one down for a nap only for some well meaning visitor or an unwanted salesman to ring the doorbell and wake both of you up! This cute handcrafted sign is perfect to hang on the front door asking that people do not disturb mom and baby during nap times!


Baby Movement Monitor

One of the most common reasons why moms find it difficult to get a goods night sleep is that even if the baby goes straight to sleep, they often find themselves worrying about whether or not they are okay. Giving a tired mom this Baby movement monitor is like giving them the gift of peace of mind. It sounds an alert if your baby in inactive for 20 seconds.

Prices Vary

Mothers of Little Boys Art Print

This cute hand lettered art print is a gorgeous gift for moms of little boys. The quote will tap directly into how they feel since it reads ‘Mothers of little boys work from son up until son down!’ Isn’t that the truth!

Prices Vary

Mama Needs Coffee Starbucks Mug

There is a long running joke that most mother’s are fuelled entirely by Starbucks, so those tired moms in your life will no doubt love this retro Starbucks inspired coffee mug emblazoned with the slogan ‘Mama Needs Coffee’.

Prices Vary

Cozy Body Pillow

Body pillows are usually a gift that is given to expectant mothers, but they are actually perfect for sleep deprived moms too for a number of different reasons. For example, after giving birth it can take some time to get everything back in place and that can result in a little bit of discomfort! A body pillow can help to alleviate that and make sleep more comfortable. Also, if the problem is that mom cannot get to sleep because baby won’t sleep then sometimes body pillows can be a great way to cocoon them both allowing mom to be comfortable and even get a little nap while cradling her little one.


Organic Stress Relief Bath Products

Lavender is a fantastic natural remedy for alleviating insomnia, anxiety, stress, depression and restlessness – all those things that tired moms usually have at least a little experience of. That is why these handmade organic lavender bath products make the perfect gift for tired moms who are lacking in sleep. The products are much gentler than commercial mass produced variations so they are also safe for mom and baby to use together.


Teething Necklace For Mom

One common culprit of those sleepless nights is the dreaded teething stage! This stylish necklace is designed to be chewable for baby as well as extremely tactile. Babies really love touching the beads and they can also use them for teething on. Mom can wear it around her neck and have it in easy reach night or day. IF baby settles more quickly thanks to the teething beads, then mom gets back to sleep a little quicker! It’s win win!

Prices Vary

Wooden Dual Foot Massager

As a mom, the feet take a massive amount of punishment on a daily basis. All that running around and never quite getting to relax can take it’s toll and somehow having sore feet seems to make you feel even more tired! That is why this fantastic dual foot massager is the ideal gift for tired moms. It can help to soothe sore feet and will even help to alleviate other aches and pains. It is so easy to use and can even be put to use while mom is sitting down nursing baby or reading a story. Multitasking is a skill that all busy moms need to master!

Prices Vary

Luxury Collagen Eye Masks

We have already mentioned tired eyes and lacklustre skin, but rather than a cream this particular gift takes the form of eye masks. These collagen infused masks help to soothe puffy eyes and will help to restore the skin’s elasticity and firmness. Sometimes a sleep deprived mother just needs a little boost to help her feel more beautiful and that is exactly what these little beauties are going to do.


Quilted Fabric Hammock

A recurring theme that you might have noticed in these gift suggestions for moms that are not getting a good night’s sleep is comfort! That is because it is necessary to make use of whatever time is available to take naps or just spend a little time relaxing so as not to become too exhausted. This hammock is perfect for that. Install it in the back yard to make the most of time spent outside. Mom can lay in it while the kids play outside, or she can even bring the baby into the hammock with her for a relaxing snuggle together.

Prices Vary

Wool Shawl

This beautiful handmade wool shawl is a great gift for sleep deprived moms. When you are just feeling tired all you want is to be comfy and cosy. This is a beautiful shawl that mom can pick up and wrap around herself for comfort. It is also an elegant design that can quickly be pulled on over any shirt when she needs to run to the store or go off on the school run when there is no time to change or pick out an outfit!


Soundspa Lullaby Sound Machine and Projector

Once again, one of the biggest struggle for moms is getting the kids to sleep so that she can also get some much needed sleep! That is why this lullaby sound and projector device is a great gift. It will help to lull babies to sleep with soothing lullabies and pretty light projections. Once baby is asleep mom will be able to catch up on her own sleep as well so this is a gift that she is sure to appreciate.

Prices Vary

Sleep Sheep Soother Sound Machine

This adorable cuddly toy is actually a really handy sleep soother which helps to calm babies and lull them to sleep with nature sounds and lullabies. Some of the sounds that are included are a mother’s heartbeat, surf, rain and whale song. These are not only relaxing for babies, but for mom too! As everyone knows, when the baby sleeps, that is when mom gets her chance to do the same so this gift will be very appreciated!

Prices Vary

Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo is the latest must have tech, not just for moms, but for everyone. However, lets talk about why this is ideal for moms that are not getting enough sleep. When you are tired you can get forgetful so it is fantastic to be able to simply as Echo to remind you of your schedule for the day. It is also a great way to quickly set a timer or re-order products. Since everything is voice activated, mom can simply speak her commands as she walks past.


SmartClean Vacuum Cleaning Robot

When you are not getting enough sleep completing the housework can seem like an insurmountable task! However, this robot vacuum cleaner is going to take one job off of mom’s to do list! Instead of having to find the time and energy to vacuum she will be able to simply program this neat little robot to take care of it instead – it even knows when to dock and charge itself!

Prices Vary

Inflatable Hot Tub

When mom is suffering from a lack of sleep, the opportunity to relax and pamper herself is the ultimate gift to receive! That is why we think this awesome inflatable hot tub spa is the perfect Christmas gift. This is easy to install at home and features a rapid heating system and soothing massage feature.


Diffuser Necklace

Aromatherapy is a fantastic way to aid relaxation and relieve stress, but as a busy mom who is running on barely any sleep it can be difficult to find the time to indulge in it. That is what makes this diffuser necklace so cool. It is an incredibly stylish necklace which holds a coloured felt pad which can be infused with an appropriate essential oil. This gives you an on the go way to use aromatherapy.

Prices Vary

FootSpa With Lights and Bubbles

Isn’t it funny how when we are tired and overworked we seem to feel it in our feet first? Now you can help that tired mom in your life to relieve some of the pain in her feet with this home foot spa. It features lights, bubbles and heat for an all around spa experience. It is even supplied with pedicure attachments including a brush, pumice and massager. Mom could even enjoy a foot spa while sitting down nursing a fussy baby.


KitchenAid Coffee Brewer

Coffee suddenly becomes a key element of the day when you are a sleep deprived mom! This stylish coffee brewer is the ideal Christmas gift for the mom who is not getting enough sleep and it will allow her to have plenty of coffee on hand all day long in order to keep her going! It is stylish and modern so it is sure to look great in any kitchen.

Prices Vary

Sleep Enhancing Light

It is not so much the amount of sleep you get, but the quality of sleep. That means that even if a tired mom is only managing a few hours of sleep, it can still be restful if it is good quality sleep then it can be good enough. This sleep enhancing light is the ideal gift to make this happen for her. It offers a soothing blue tinged light which triggers a reduced level of melatonin in the body which helps to aid natural sleep. It can also be set to wake you up more naturally.

Prices Vary

I Woke Up Like This Soy Candle

Every mom knows that as soon as the kids come along, sleep becomes a thing of the past! This beautiful home-made candle acknowledges that with the amusing quote ‘I woke up like this… tired!’. A scented candle can be a fantastic way to relax and unwind, so aside from the joke it is also a really useful item for tired moms in need of relaxation.


8 DIY Christmas Gifts for Sleep Deprived Moms

Homemade Bubble Gum Bath Salts

On those rare occasions when mom managed to get the kids to bed early and finds herself with a couple of hours to herself before bedtime one of the best ways to fill them is with a relaxing hot bath. These soothing bubble gum scented bath salts are a great accompaniment for such an activity and this tutorial shows how to make your own home-made ones.

DIY Memory Jar

Sometimes it can be difficult for moms to find the time to write a journal, or keep a scrapbook or any of those other cool ways to keep memories. However, even the busiest, tiredest mom can find a few seconds to use this cute memory jar to scribble down a memory. It is a great way to look back since once the jar is full you can empty it out and read all of those little notes. This DIY tutorial will help you to make a memory jar to give as a Christmas gift.

Make Your Own Mom Coupons

While this particular tutorial suggests coupons for mother’s day there is no reason why it cannot be modified to fit with Christmas or any other gift giving occasion. Think about some of the things you could offer to do to allow that tired mom in your life to get some much needed rest. Can you offer to babysit for a couple of hours? Do her chores for the day so she can rest instead? Pick up the groceries? Maybe you can just take care of the morning routine to let her sleep an extra hour. Making up coupons for these things can be a great gift as mom can trade them in when she needs them the most.

Homemade Lotion Bars

Sometimes the very thing to perk up an exhausted mommy is just a nice little treat to pamper her. Lotion bars are the ideal solution, especially since we all know that Mom can get dry skin from a combination of household chores and lack of sleep. These mini diy lotion bars are just perfect to give as a gift and they are really easy to make!

Homemade Superfoods Chocolate Bark

Chocolate makes everything better! Even when you are really tired, a few bites of chocolate is enough to give you a little energy boost and it also releases endorphins in your brain. Instead of giving Mom a store bought box of chocolates why not try out this homemade chocolate bark that is packed full of energy boosting superfoods?

DIY Tea Blends

Tea is definitely a staple in most mom’s lives! There are plenty of different blends that have a variety of properties including some that promote restful sleep or relaxation. This clever DIY tutorial will help you to create a selection of your own home-made tea blends that any mom will be sure to love.

Mint Lime Foot Soak

Sometimes, all that a tired mom needs to give her a boost is a little bit of pampering. One of the best ways to do that is with a home foot spa for those tired feet. Why not try your hand at creating this DIY mint and lime foot soak for mom? She is sure to appreciate the chance to pamper herself.

Lavender Pillow Spray

Lavender is wonderful for relaxation and promoting natural sleep. That is why pillow sprays and other lavender products are popular with moms who are not getting much sleep. Why not spoil the moms in your life with some home-made lavender pillow spray. It will help her to fall asleep more easily.

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