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42 Good Christmas Gifts for Incredible Nurses

Nurses show they care every day in so many ways, so choose them a gift which shows how much you care for them. Whether it’s funnies, food stuffs, or fully indulgent you’re after, we have you covered with our carefully compiled list of gifts for incredible nurses.

Tiny Rose Gold Anatomical Heart Pendant

Give someone you love your heart this Christmas, with an anatomical heart pendant. Hand cast in bronze and plated in rose gold, this love token will appeal to anyone who knows there is more to the heart than meets the eye. It certainly beats a locket.


Nurses We Can’t Fix Stupid But We Can Sedate It Coffee Mug

Say what most medical professionals probably think at least once in their lives, with this funny mug, featuring the words “Nurses We Can’t Fix Stupid But We Can Sedate It”. No matter how angel-like they are, even nurses will appreciate the sentiment with their morning coffee. A great gift for a hard-working nurse.


EKG Rhythm Strip Toilet Paper

Being a nurse is dirty work, but someone has to do it! This toilet paper makes a great gag gift for Secret Santa in a hospital or other medical setting, thanks to the EKG rhythm strips printed on each sheet. It’s toilet humor at its best!

Prices Vary

I Wasn’t Strong Like This When I Started Out: True Stories of Becoming a Nurse

Whatever the situation, it always helps to hear of others who have been there before us. This book narrates the experiences nurses have been through in their own words, and how they coped with those sometimes traumatic, or even life-changing pivotal moments in their careers. A Christmas gift any nurse would love.


Devil’s Dictionary Medicine Glasses

Add a touch of satire to your gifts this year with this set of two Old Fashioned glasses, decorated with definitions from the ‘Devil’s Dictionary’. Learn the alternative definition of ‘prescription’ and ‘diagnosis’ and have a chuckle as you swig. After all, laughter is the best medicine.


Nurse Mates Women’s Graduated Compression Sock

Give a fun but functional gift to a hard working nurse this Christmas, with these Compression Trouser Socks. With just the right amount of compression to keep that circulation moving, these socks add a nice medical touch with their heart EKG motifs. After all, who looks after the nurses who look after others?

Prices Vary

Nurse Coffee Mug “I’m A Nurse” What’s Your Super Power?”

What better superpower could there be than to heal the sick? Mugs make welcome gifts for everyone, and this colorful one will remind that overworked nurse that he or she is doing a super human job. A fun affirmation for a nurse to read with their caffeine filled libations.

Prices Vary

RNotes® Nurse’s Clinical Pocket Guide

This essential guide is an absolute must for a student nurse, which they will find invaluable as they study and learn on the job. The waterproof pages inside this pocket sized book contain an abundance of information that medical students will reference time and time again.


Chantilly Lane Scrubs Female Bear Sings “I’ll Be There”

This adorable bear will nurse anyone back to health! Resplendent in her bright pink scrubs, this cuddly bear sings ‘I’ll Be There’ as she sways in time to the song. The perfect gift for a nurse, or a sick patient who can’t bear to be alone, she comes complete with stethoscope, ID badge, and cuddles.

Prices Vary

Kindle Paperwhite E-reader

Nursing is a high stress job, and every nurse needs his or her downtime. Books can be cumbersome, especially after a day of lifting and turning patients, so let them rest their hands while they escape into a world of fiction with the Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader. Perfect for a quiet night on the ward.

Prices Vary

101 Blessings for Nurses Cards

These cards make a perfect gift for Christmas, either for one special nurse who needs to hear how great she is, or for a whole staffroom of nurses to pick from when they need a little positivity. This set contains 51 double-sided cards are printed with inspirational quotes to lift a flagging spirit.

Prices Vary

Emergency Clown Nose

Sometimes nurses, or their patients, need a little laughter therapy. Enter the Emergency Clown Nose. This fun gift provides an instant pick-me-up by injecting a little fun into an otherwise gloomy situation, because who can keep a straight face when there’s a clown in the room? First aid for those who are feeling forlorn.


Nurse Problems Funny Coloring Book

By now everyone has cottoned on to the fact that coloring is good for the soul, and there is no group of people more in need of de-stressing than nurses. Slip this coloring book into their Christmas stocking for some light hearted relief as they color their way through a plethora of light hearted nursing problems.


Nursing Student Tool Box Gift for Nursing Students

We all need ways to get through exams, cramming, and hours and hours of studying, and as any student nurse will tell you, there is a LOT to learn! This Nursing Student Tool Box is an invaluable study aid, which contains cheat sheets to help them study more effectively, including mnemonics, pharmacology, and clinical essentials.

Prices Vary

Muscle Rub

Overworked muscles can protest long after a shift has finished, so help a sore medic find some relief with this gorgeous organic rub which contains natural essential oils such as juniper, peppermint, basil and ginger, along with menthol oil to work wonders on those knotted muscles and restore some calm-a to their hectic lives.


Tinksky Novely Bone Design Ballpioint Pen

No-body should be without ‘humerus’ gifts, and this set of pens is sure to tickle their funny bone! These ten pens, all shaped like bones in the body such as the spine and femur, will make a great gag gift or Christmas stocking stuffer for any nurse, doctor, or anyone with an interest in anatomy.


Hidrate Spark Smart Water Bottle

Nurse are so good at looking after others that they sometimes forget to look after themselves. Make sure they keep hydrated by giving them this fab Smart Water Bottle, which syncs with most fitness trackers to keep track of water intake, and glows when it’s time to take a swig. Water great gift!

Prices Vary

Health, Happiness, Wisdom Reliquary Box

Nurses see some sad things in their line of work, so give them somewhere to store their beautiful things to keep things balanced. The Health, Happiness, and Wisdom Reliquary Box is an unusual trinket box made from oxidized copper and turquoise beads which swirl through the mazes on the top. Makes an unusual gift for Christmas.


Fred E.M.T. (Emergency Meal Transport) Insulated Lunch Tote

Keep those emergency supplies cool and fresh with this fun lunch bag which will appeal to EMTs, doctors, nurses, or anyone else who appreciates organ-ic food. The insulated cooler will keep food and drink cool, even when there is a spike in the temperature. A fun gift that medics will heart.


24pcs Vitamin Pill Ballpoint Pen

Ink-lude everyone on your team with this 24 piece pen set which is ideal for any medical setting. Each 5.5cm ‘vitamin’ capsule extends to a 12cm fully functioning pen, making it a great gift to leave in the staff room at Christmas. Comes in six different colors.


Little Patient

For the wannabe nurse on your gift list, this cute plush doll has an open abdomen, just waiting for someone to transplant his six organs back inside for him. The booklet included explains the functions of the organs, while the diagram shows the skeleton and how it keeps us upright. Kids will love it!


Casio Women’s Stainless Steel Watch Resin Band

The thrills and spills of the nursing life can play havoc with watches, so when we clocked this water resistant (up to 330 ft) timepiece we had to include it. This watch comes in several color ways to complement uniforms, and includes that all important second hand for taking pulses.


Amour Heartbeat Necklace

Show the nurse in your life how she makes YOUR heart t-race by giving her this adorable sterling silver heart beat pendant which sits on an 18 inch chain. Handmade in New York City, this unusual gift will guarantee you a shift in affections this Christmas.


Plush Organs

Ideas for gifts should come organically, and there are none quite as organ-ic than these cute plushes. If you ‘liver’ enough to buy her a gift, these squishy pieces are a no-brainer, because no kidney-ing, these are seriously adorable. Have you got the guts to give one to the nurse in your life?


3M Littmann Classic III Stethoscope

This stethoscope is the crème de la crème, and makes an ideal gift for any cash strapped nurse or student doctor who wants to up their game. Available in a plethora of colors, the double sided chest piece is suitable for adult and pediatric patients, while the next generation tubing provides better resistance against stains.


Nurse Mates Ultimate Nursing Bag

By necessity, nursing requires a lot of equipment, and if you’re a nurse on the go you need a sturdy practical bag that also looks stylish. It goes without saying that this bag is both stain and water resistant, and comes with multiple pockets and compartments for keeping the tools of the trade to hand.

Prices Vary

Nurse Coloring Book: Sweary Midnight Edition

In order to deal with the downside to their job, most medical professionals have a slightly warped sense of humor, which is captured perfectly in this anti-stress adult coloring book. The sweary midnight edition allows any frazzled nurse to curse in a calm, collected manner while producing pretty as a picture works of art.


Chromosome Pillows

Nerdy science types will definitely want chromo-some of these pillows to scatter around their home. Choose from either male (with blue XY chromosomes) or female (with pink XX chromosomes) or buy a pair for when you feel the urge to unzip someone’s genes on the couch.


BigMouth Inc The Prescription Coffee Mug

Give someone a big dose of their own medicine this Christmas with a Big Mouth Inc Prescription Mug. The ideal gift for doctors, nurses or pharmacists, this mug holds up to 12 ounces of medical grade caffeine for that lifesaving daily shot of get up and go.


Acupressure Mat and Pillow

“This won’t hurt a bit” is a phrase widely used by medics when they’re about to…well…hurt you, but it’s always for your own good. Return the favor with an acupressure mat and/or pillow which works by releasing endorphins by stimulating the pressure points throughout the body. Uncomfortable in the beginning, it IS for their own good.

Prices Vary

Live Well Earrings

No-one knows better than medical professionals how fragile life can be, so give them a reminder of the joy of life with this pair of Live Well earrings. The sterling silver bar is a Maori symbol representing comfort and healing, while the garnet symbolizes love, vitality, and passion. A beautiful Christmas gift with great meaning.


Healing Stone Mugs

Nursing is all about healing, and these mugs make the ideal gift for the healers among us. Each hand-thrown mug in infused with health-promoting minerals, and, once finished, has one of four healing stones set in the handle to be used as a ‘worry stone’ while pondering the day ahead, or the day that has just ended.


Foot Sole Massage

When there’s no one to rub your tired feet at the end of a long hard day, do it yourself using this wonderful foot massager from Uncommon Goods. Place one heated stone ball in the cork foot shape and run the sole of your foot along or across it for relaxing heat and pressure.


Nurse Life: A Snarky Adult Coloring Book

No one can be that good all the time! Give a nurse the gift of letting off steam while relaxing with the #Nurselife snarky adult coloring book. Filled with pages of things they all want to say from time to time, this book will de-stress and make them laugh all at the same time.


Vera Bradley Vera Tote

Students will appreciate this stylish Vera Bradley tote bag in which to cart all their books and other paraphernalia around with them. With six open slip pockets on the inside, it is spacious enough for everything while still looking good. Available in many different designs, this tote would make a wonderful gift at Christmas.

Prices Vary

Acc U Rate Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

Color makes everything nicer, don’t you think? Brighten up a nurse’s (and her patients’) day with a Fingertip Pulse Oximeter in a pretty shade of pink. Manufactured according to CE and FDA standards for pulse oximeters, it is bound to put the color back into anyone’s cheeks. Makes a great Christmas stocking stuffer.

Prices Vary

Dansko Women’s Professional Clog

Nurses are the life and ‘sole’ of any medical establishment, so help them put their best foot forward with these pink professional clogs by Dansko. With plenty of room in the reinforced toe, and a padded instep collar, busy professionals will feel like they’re walking on air.

Prices Vary

Healing Scent Diffusers

Calming and soothing are two qualities nurses possess, so give them a taste of their own medicine with one of these healing scent diffusers from Uncommon Goods. These vibrantly colored glass orbs come in soothing purples with lavender or cooling blues with cucumber and melon, and release their fragrance via the reeds supplied. Refills available.

Prices Vary

The Ambulance Figurine Comic Art of Guillermo Forchino

Capture the chaos of life as a medic with this replica Ambulance figurine, based on a work by Guillermo Forchino. This piece features a shapely if frazzled looking nurse, paramedic, driver and patients in comic form as they race to the hospital. Comes with certificate of authenticity, making this a collectible gift for someone special.


Heartbeat Earrings

When your lady lays her head on your chest she can hear your heart beating, but what about when you’re apart? These sterling silver earrings will keep your heart beat in close proximity even when you can’t be together, as they feature a heartbeat graphic to get her pulse racing.


SDBING 6pc Syringe Highlighter Pens with 6 Colors

Inject a little color and authenticity to your note taking with this set of syringe highlighter pens in Purple, Green, Orange, Blue, Pink, and Yellow. Shaped to look like real syringes, these pens make great gifts for both student and qualified nurses. Perfect for that Secret Santa gift, too.


Primitives by Kathy Box I’m A Nurse Sign

Although nurses deserve the utmost respect for the work they do, there will always be someone who expects them to be at their beck and call. This not-so-subtle box sign will serve as a timely reminder to patients (and sometimes superiors) that a nurse’s job is to save their ass, not kiss it.


6 DIY Christmas Gift Ideas for Nurses

Diy Dried Flower Coasters

Give someone the gift of everlasting flowers with a set of DIY dried flower coasters. Use her favorite flower, or take a couple from a special occasion bouquet, and once they have been dried they can be placed on natural wood and covered in resin. Makes a beautiful, rustic keepsake.

Diy Little Book Of Hope

Everybody can benefit from a little bit of hope and inspiration, and this DIY project makes a fabulously thoughtful gift at Christmas. Using playing cards and a photo editing program, you can create a flip book of inspirational quotes, aimed at whoever you are making it for. It’s a small book with a big message!

Diy Nurse Gift Baskets

If you know a nurse who has gone above and beyond in their care of you or a loved one, this care box makes a very thoughtful gift. Pack a basket with things like hand cream, lip balm, hair ties, water bottles…anything they could use as they work, and return some of that fantastic care.

Diy Baby Gifts For Your Nurses

Make up these little treat bags for the nurses who made your special delivery extra special. With all that rushing around, every one of them could do with a little energy boost, and these little packets with their personalized labels will really make their day.

Diy New Nurse Survival Kit

Gift baskets always go down well because they can be geared towards each recipient, and the care and thought that goes into them shows. This new nurse survival kit tutorial comes with a list of gifts to include, or you can choose your own, to make up a basket of essentials for the angel in your life.

Diy Labor & Delivery Nurse’s Baskets

Most nurses do the job for love, so show some love in return by putting together a basket for the day or night shift who looked after you and your baby in those early days so well. Fill it with snacks, candy, and any other thoughtful gifts to keep them going through those long hours.

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