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28 Christmas Gifts for Moms Who Love to Read

Help her indulge in her favorite pastime with useful doodads or encourage her with some handpicked literary décor; there’s something here for every mom who loves to read.

These are some great gifts for moms who want nothing more than a few quiet moments to lose themselves in their latest literary acquisitions.

Book Light

Sometimes, the late night hours are the only times she has a chance to read, so why not make it easy for her? This book light will make it easy for her to snuggle up in a corner of the couch or the bed and read without disturbing anyone.

Prices Vary

Reading Journal

For a serious reader, a reading journal is a must. She can jot down favorite quotes, musings, or plot notes to remember later. Even better if she’s part of a book club – her personal journal will help her participate in discussions and jot down new book recommendations.

Prices Vary

Do Not Disturb Belle Reading Sign

If you want to make a book-reading, Disney-loving momma swoon, this is the way to do it! She’ll love the handcrafted detail of the sign, as well as the utility of the message. This is a sign that effectively conveys the message, ‘stay out children, mommy’s reading.’


Lavender Chamomile Bubble Bath

What book-loving mother doesn’t a) need to relax more, b) need to read more, c) want a luxurious bath along with the quiet time to enjoy a good book? Give her the gift of peace and relaxation with this bubble bath that’s sure to please.


Reading Pillow

If she ever complains about a sore neck from craning over those books, a reading pillow will make her poor back thank you! She can enjoy it during a good movie or Netflix binge as well, or even take it on a family road trip.


Hand painted Alice in Wonderland Scarf

If she loves books, fashion, or art (or any combination thereof), she’ll be charmed by this literary-themed statement piece. Not only will it keep her neck warm, it can serve as a conversation started and just plain beautiful addition to her wardrobe.


Transparent Book Weight

If you want to make her busy life a little bit easier, give her this high-utility creation: it’s a book weight in the shape of an open book so that she can read hands-free. It’s perfect for when she’s eating, cooking, knitting, or performing any task that requires her hands but not much attention.

Prices Vary

Tequila Mockingbird

If you (and she) like a little bit of humor and booze thrown in with your literary references, give her the Tequila Mockingbird cookbook. She’ll love how it’s littered with puns and nods to great literature. If you really want her to feel special, pair this gift with some alcohol to test out the recipes.

Prices Vary

Fight Evil, Read Books Tote

If she loves fantasy, revels in the quirky, and takes her job as a momma bear seriously, then she’ll enjoy this fun “Fight Evil, Read Books” themed tote. Not only is it a fun message, but it will help her on those trips to the library and the bookstore.

Prices Vary

Antique Book Tissue Holder

For a cute touch she’ll enjoy seeing around the house, give her this antique book tissue holder. It brings all the charm of an old tome while spicing up an otherwise boring household staple. Just don’t be surprised if she wants more than one.


What If You Fly Poster

If she’s looking for the perfect wall art that expresses her love of books but also serves as an inspiration for her children, this beautiful poster will make her day… again and again. Give her the art and encouragement she’s always wanted.

Prices Vary

Literary Candles

For a fun, somewhat unusual gift, consider these literary candles. She can light a few in the evening as she relaxes with a good book, and she’s sure to enjoy their creative packaging. Now all she needs is some tea, and her evening will be made.


Throw Blanket

It can be hard to find a reading blanket that’s ‘just right.’ Soft, but not scratchy; thin enough to use in spring and fall, but large enough to fold up and hunker down in the wintertime. This throw blanket will do the trick: expect it to become her steadfast reading companion.



If she hasn’t made the move to electronic books (or has an outdated version), you can open up “a whole new world” of literature and quick reads by gifting her a kindle. For the perfect gift, set it up for her ahead of time with some of her favorite reads and a few new ones to pique her interest.


Luxury Bookcase Chair

If you want to give her something really amazing, and have the budget to do it, you can order a specially-made luxury bookcase chair. Not only does it provide the space to curl up with a good read, but it gives her a small library’s work of books within reach. It’s every bookworm’s dream come true.


Fully Booked Canvas Tote

She can put her love for books on full display with this useful declaration of bookishness. She can enjoy the design while also appreciating its utility. The canvas is great for hauling around books, groceries, play date supplies, and more.


Kindle Paperwhite Vintage Cover

Does she love catching up on the latest reads through her Kindle Paperwhite? Does she miss the look and feel of real books? While you don’t have a wand to transform her kindle into a plain old book, you can make it look like a lovely vintage read with this cover! She’ll be charmed.

Prices Vary

Novel Teas Teabags

Few women wouldn’t enjoy a quiet afternoon with a good book and some tea. If that sounds like your book lover, make sure to sneak in these novel-themed teas with your gift. She can steep in the literary references and the relaxing tea flavors.


Shakespearean Insult Bandages

If she had a dollar for every scrape and scratch her children got (or every time she nicked her finger chopping veggies), she’d be rolling in dough. While she can’t capitalize on life’s little misfortunes, you can make her day more amusing by giving her these insult bandages complete with insults from the bard himself.


Custom Book Necklace

She’ll love the attention to detail these beautiful book necklaces have. If you know her favorite book (or one of her favorite books), you can have the artist recreate part of the cover to adorn her neck. It’s a special treasure that will impress her with how much you care.


Puffin Hardcover Classics Box Set

If she loves to read to her children or would love to begin the tradition, give her these charming collection of classic children’s tales. She’ll be whimsical for the tales herself, and can certainly enjoy passing them on to her dear little ones.

Prices Vary

Literary Tea Towel Set

Perfect for the lover of poems and prose and a good drink, these towels are a perfect addition to her home. She can happily display them in the kitchen or, as the creator suggests, on a liquor cart for some pre-book drinking. Expect her to indulge a sudden urge for hosting a tea party.


Post-It Note Page Markers

Some readers love scrawling across the empty spaces of a book, filling its margins with notes and musings and reminders. Others shudder at the thought of marring an untouched page with new ink. If your book lover is of the second kind, stuff her stocking with the tools to mark pages and jot down thoughts without harming the book.


Fairytale Keychain

If her favorite stories begin with, “Once Upon a Time…,” she won’t be able to resist this dainty little keychain that speaks of longing for fairies and childhood adventures. Spice up her key ring with a nod to one of her favorite pastimes with this fairytale keychain.


Succulent Book Planter

She doesn’t need a green thumb to enjoy this book-themed planter! Your book lover will enjoy this innovative take on indoor décor that allows her to grow some resilient succulent plants that are unlikely to die if she’s too busy reading to feed them.

Prices Vary

Accordion Magazine Rack

Perfect for the bookworm who spends her extra dimes on magazine subscriptions, this accordion magazine rack will satisfy her need to keep things tidy while allowing her to indulge in her favorite monthly reads. She’ll love the boost to her organizational skills and be impressed that you found such a relevant gift.


Book Bath Caddy

Reading in a bath is such a great way for moms to relax, but it can be difficult to keep your book out of harm’s way! She’ll enjoy this wooden solution to her bubble bath woes as she reads her book and has her drinks and soaps and lotions all in one convenient place.


I’m Reading Coffee Mug

You can’t have a gift list for moms who love to read without at least one obligatory coffee mug. Family beware – if she’s not done with the coffee, it’s not safe to interrupt her! This is a perfect gift for the harried mom who just wants a few moments to read in peace.

Prices Vary

7 DIY Christmas Gifts for Moms Who Love to Read

DIY Faux Granite Bookends

For a mom who loves books, there’s never enough space to store them. And that means she’ll want to use surfaces that require bookends, and that means you have the perfect gift for her this Christmas. This handy guide shows you exactly how to make a classy set of bookends to make her smile.

DIY Shaker Pocket Bookmarks

Perfect for stuffing her stocking, these bookmarks can hold a place in every mom’s heart. The tutorial shows a quick and easy solution for you to create beautiful bookmarks to hold her place in any book to her heart’s content.

DIY Tablet Cover

Kindles are great because they allow her to read so many books while taking up so little space, but they do have an unfortunate mass-produced look to them. The solution? Shake up the look with these handy DIY tablet covers and add a little extra color to her life.

DIY e-Reader Stand

If she needs to go ‘hands free’ with her Kindle, a fun DIY reader docking station is the perfect gift for mom this year. It’s also great for use in the kitchen – she can prop up the tablet for easy access to recipes while cooking.

DIY Book Page Ornaments

For the artistically inclined, this DIY guide shows you how to take a dying book and give it new life in the form of book page ornaments. She’ll love the fact that you’ve found a good use for an old tome and will love the nod to her reading habits.

DIY Ice Resin Book Charms

These cute little book charms will make her smile every time she sees them dangling from her favorite reads. Consider creating themes for different types of books, and then helping her pick out which favorites to mark. Don’t be surprised if she asks you for your secret so she can make more!

DIY Book Stamp

If she has enough books to start her own lending library, a DIY book stamp is sure to please. She can mark her collection with her very own seal and ensure that no one ever mixes up her books with their own. It’s a great way to have some fun and make lending her books less scary.

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