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113 Original and Surprising Christmas Gifts for Grandpa

Grandpa most likely has everything he’s ever wanted, so what gifts can you get him at Christmas? These gifts will give you an upper hand with a large selection of unique ideas to choose from for your loved one.

A selection of fun and delightful christmas gifts for the men and grandfathers in your life.

Unzipped Glass Zipper Bag

It’s a bag that isn’t a bag! This unzipped zipper bag is made of glass and is perfect to fill up with veggies, jelly beans, chips, cookies, or pens. This versatile and attractive container will trick everyone. It makes a unique gift for grandpa at Christmas to satisfy his sweet tooth.


Dog Blueprints

Do you have a dog? Here is the perfect gift to recognize your favorite companion. Dog blueprints offers a detailed sketch and specifications of your particular breed. Inspired by mid-century style blueprints, it is available in a simple but elegant frame. It’s the perfect gift for grandpa!


Personalized Knife

How about a personalized pocket knife for grandpa? For Christmas, make grandpa feel special by offering him a folding knife engraved with his name and birthdate on the black and gold aluminum handle. It is a hand-made item, individually boxed and even has a gold clip.


The 5th Avenue Wine Gift Basket

With 2 bottles of wine plus snacks that are sure to accompany them beautifully, this gift basket is the ideal thing to give when you know what to say but aren’t sure how to put it. Perfect for business or personal gifts, this basket will be well received by whoever you give it to.


Chocolate Cheer Tower

Perfect for the chocoholics we know, this five-box tower is overflowing with scrumptious chocolatey treats, just waiting to be unwrapped and enjoyed. Tied with a satin ribbon, the basket contains delights such as Lindt truffles and chocolate pretzels. You can also add a personalized message as well, so the recipient knows just how much you care.


Bristle Free Grill Brush

Does your grandpa love to barbecue in the back yard? Get him this practical gift for Christmas and he’ll thank you for years to come. A bristle free grill brush that will keep the grill clean, and get the grease and muck off the grill grates. No dangerous bristles will fall out onto your food!


Universal Barbeque Grill Scraper

This uniquely designed bristle-free brush will make the perfect Christmas gift for anyone who loves to barbecue! With a long handle and tough construction, you can scrape to your heart’s content with the universal brass head that fits any barbecue grill grate rack. Contains no harmful bristles that will fall out onto your food!


Pico Pro Craft Beer Homebrewing Appliance

Become a celebrated beer brewer with your own home brewing appliance! It will brew up to 5 liters of beer and is perfect for entertaining at home. The Pico Pro comes with two 6.6 liter ball-lock kegs, CO2-powered party tap, and connects to your kegerator. A beer-fect Christmas gift for grandpa!

Too low to display

Desktop Sand Windows

These desktop sand windows will bring a calming and natural presence to your office or home. Flip the frame over—the tilt is up to you—and watch as the sand drops down in a soothing hypnotic pattern. Desert-scapes, mountains, clouds, oceans, and smoke flow and change as you watch. Perfect for grandpa!


Scotch Infused Toothpicks Gift Set

These Scotch infused toothpick sets will thrill you and make the perfect Christmas gift for grandpa. You’ll savor the taste of a single malt Scotch along with notes of peat and caramel. The picks are soaked in premium Scotch and are made from sustainably forested wood. In each packaged set, there are 12 toothpicks.


No.1 Grandpa Sportula

Along with a brush, the next best thing for the barbecue professional is a Sportula! This heavy-duty stainless steel spatula also has a bottle opener at the end of the handle. This spatula features a laser-cut logo and a heat stamped hard maple handles A practical gift for grandpa at Christmas!


Neighborwoods Map Coasters

A unique set of 4 coasters to celebrate your favorite locale! These hand-made coasters are etched with four sections of select cities: from the place you first met to your neighborhood, or of your favorite stomping grounds. Using vintage maps and elegant typography, they are created by designer Aymie Spitzer.


Personalized Socks

Your own brand of comfy! This 5-pair set of SupimaTM cotton socks are monogrammed with your initials and name across the toes section. You’ll never forget who you are! You can also send a special message to someone: 8 characters at the ankle or 20 characters across the toes. A personalized gift for grandpa!



If you love beer games, you’ll love Beeropoly! It’s a fun drinking game to play with friends. Play your way through the beer challenges such as rhyming competitions or demonstrating your best dance moves. Roll the dice, move your bottle cap around the board completing each challenge, or risk being the last person standing.


Ember Temperature Control Travel Mug

Your grandpa is the coolest. He knows what he likes, how he likes it, and he’s up-to-date with technology. The Ember Temperature Control travel mug is the coolest way to keep beverages hot, ergo, perfect for gramps. As a connected device or with the smartphone app, he can keep his drink exactly like he likes.


iRobot Roomba Robot Vacuum

Roomba from iRobot comes with 25 years experience. That may be more than one can say about the local cleaning lady. Now with Wi-Fi connectivity, the Roomba 690 robot vacuum can clean all floor surfaces. Give this to your grandfather and he’ll have more time to spend enjoying his retirement and maybe taking you fishing.


Couch Arm Table

Here’s a beautiful and thoughtful gift for the man who has everything, because who couldn’t use an extra surface for snacks and such while relaxing on the couch, reading a favorite book, or watching a golf tournament on TV? This innovative couch table grips the sofa’s arm so it doesn’t take up any floor space.


Huzi Infinity Pillow

Sometimes we need to catch a few zzzz’s on the road, or maybe we just need a comfy option for recliner napping. With so many possible uses to cushion the neck, shoulders, arms, etc. the Infinity Pillow by Huzi is the solution to supportive, restorative resting in any position. Makes a nice gift for Grandpa.


La Crosse Technology Professional Weather Station

It doesn’t matter what age they are, men like to know what’s going on in the atmosphere. There’s even a line in a song that says “old men sit and talk about the weather” so you know you won’t go wrong when you choose the La Crosse V40-PRO-INT wireless professional weather station to surprise G-pa.

Prices Vary

eTape16 Digital Tape Measure

“Measure twice, cut once” has always been good advice. Measuring with the eTape 16 digital tape measure makes measurements precise and they’re stored in the device. This is perfect for carpenters, handymen, or a grandpa who has projects around the house. It even finds the mid-point for hanging pictures. Measuring has never been so cool.


Anova Culinary Sous Vide Precision Cooker

Anyone can serve delicious meals, even if they’ve never prepared fresh food before. The Anova Culinary Sous Vide Precision Cooker takes the guesswork out of cooking. It eliminates any margin for error. Control the cooker through Anova app from any device. Give one to Gramps, and he’ll elevate his meals from canned beans to gourmet cuisine.


Logitech Harmony Ultimate All in One Remote

Whoever has the remote, has the power. It’s just the natural order of things. The Logitech Harmony Ultimate all-in-one remote is the big boss when it comes to controlling the TV, game console, or entertainment apps. Even if everything but the screen is concealed in a cabinet, change is just a fingertip away.


Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub

When you choose the Coleman SaluSpa inflatable hot tub, you’re giving Grandpa a luxurious gift. This spa is perfect for relaxing after a long day of playing golf or a hard day’s work. No tools or special equipment other than a garden hose are required to set it up or take it down for storage.


The GunBox 2.0 Quick Access Gun Safe

The GunBox 2.0 takes gun safety to a new level. This portable gun safe makes it possible for the responsible gun owner to keep a firearm close at hand without the concern of unauthorized access. It’s locked electronically and programmed to recognize the owner’s fingerprint or key code before opening to prevent unfortunate accidents.


BioLite FirePit Outdoor Smokeless Fire Pit Grill

Old school meets high tech with the BioLite fire pit. We’re talking about a portable wood-burning fire pit that’s essentially smokeless, which is controlled via any device with the free BioLite Energy app. This is perfect for camping or backyard relaxing. You can even cook on it, plug in BioLite illumination, or charge a phone.


Keurig Coffee Maker

So you’re looking for a useful gift for Grandpa. You know he likes his cuppa every morning, but he won’t drink a whole pot. The Keurig K55 Classic Coffee Maker gift set is the ideal single-cup coffee maker. No fuss or muss or waiting for a percolator to brew when he’s craving that morning joe.


Arlo Technologies Security System with Siren

We worry about our family members, especially if they’re becoming more fragile or when they live alone. Giving a security system is a great way to maintain their independence and give everyone a little peace of mind. Arlo Technologies offer NETGEAR systems which are wire-free, weatherproof, and work with Alexa (virtual assistant device sold separately).

Too low to display

Tile Mate Finder

Keeping up with keys, phones, or anything else that one tends to misplace just got easier. Tile Mate is the tiny electronic companion that helps keep track of things – even a parked car. This is a fun and useful gift that takes care of those little details so the user can focus on more important things.


Click and Grow Indoor Home Smart Garden

Nothing tastes better than garden fresh, but sometimes, gardening isn’t a practical option. This amazing Click and Grow Smart Garden features professional grow lights and nine pods for a tiny countertop garden. Ideal for winter months, or for apartment living. What a fun and thoughtful gift. Perfect if Grandpa was a gardener and now has down-sized.


Grypmat Portable Tool Tray and Surface Protector

Looking for a durable, multipurpose portable tray? This high performance, flexible, non slip surface protector is a great gift for the mechanic across all industries! Carry your tools with you and place them anywhere for easy handling. It will revolutionize your workflow and increase productivity. It’s also the perfect gift for grandpa at Christmas!

Prices Vary

Nostalgia Bacon Express Crispy Bacon Grill

Love your bacon cooked just right? This revolutionary bacon grill will cook up to 6 strips of bacon to perfection using an illuminated dial with timer. Vertical cooking will drain away all fat, and the removable non stick cooking plate and insulated door liner allows for easy cleanup. It can’t get any easier than this!


Bedside Essentials Pocket

A bedside table in a pocket! Keep your books, tablet, or other reading or writing materials handy with this convenient felt pouch! Also works for couches. Everything is at arm’s length and creates a clutter-free environment. Comes in heather grey to complement every decor, in small or large. The perfect gift for grandpa!

Prices Vary

Grandpa Mug

Light up grandpa’s face with this special message on a mug. It will remind him of how indispensable he is! He’ll enjoy his favorite warm drink every day knowing just how much he means to you. Grandpa will keep this mug by his side all day.


Beer & Bourbon Nuts

Beer and Bourbon nuts makes the perfect snack to go along with your aperitif! A wonderful tasty gift set with a combination of beer, booze and nuts. Salty, sweet, and infused with your favorite liquor of Irish stout, Jamaican lager, and bourbon. It’s a delicious gift to offer grandpa at Christmas!


Horse Racing Game

Place your bets and it’s off to the races you go! This horse racing game is as thrilling as the real thing. It’s easy to play and addictive! Pick your speed, roll the dice, and race to win. Can be played in a large group or with a few friends. A exciting gift for grandpa!


Ruggie Rug Carpet Alarm Clock

The Ruggie Alarm Clock needs to sense the pressure of your weight to stop ringing! Place it next to your bed and you’ll wake up to soft plushy comfort under your feet. You’ll be motivated to wake up and will get started on your day like a real champ. An excellent gift for grandpa!


Toggle Switch Plate

Bored of your dull light switches? Get the steampunk style Toggle Switch Plate to give your home that vintage look. These fabulous contraptions are designed by Lance Nybye Jr. with decorative plywood, including brass hardware finishes and laser engraved details to evoke the ornamental swirling lines of the Victorian Era. Installs anywhere in your home!


The Manly Art of Knitting

Surprisingly, this cult classic has been out of print for decades. For anyone who wants to take up knitting again, this quirky manual comes with step-by-step instructions, including basic pattern stitches for beginners. You can’t help but smile at photos of calloused hands holding knitting needles. It’s a hilarious gift for grandpa!


Hunters Delight Open Season Gift Box

When hunting season is over, what do you do? Now you can enjoy Hunters Delight Open Season Gift Box for the taste of wild summer sausage. Comes in four flavors: bison, wild boar, duck, and elk. Makes a perfect gift for the seasoned hunter.


Drop Stop Car Seat Gap Filler

Do you have that annoying seat gap problem in your car? The Drop Stop Gap Filler comes with a slot to fit the seat belt catch. You’ll no longer drop your phone or any other small objects in between your car seats. Each package comes with 2 Drop Stops.


Shot in the Pint Drinking Glasses

Want to impress your friends and liven up a party? These Shot in the Pint drinking glasses will do just that. Turn the glass upside down (when empty) and fill the bottom with your favorite shot! A fun way to entertain your friends. The package comes with 2 glasses. Surprise grandpa with this Christmas gift!


Baseball Stadium Blueprints

A superb gift for diehard baseball fans! These vintage blueprints celebrate some of the greatest stadiums ever built. These spectacular illustrations depict these enormous stadiums in great detail and to specification. Relive your favourite sporting moments and events with these beautifully framed prints! Wrap up this Christmas gift for grandpa.


Kabob Grilling Baskets

If you like making your own kabobs, you’ll love these grilling baskets. Convenient to set up and use, these baskets are made with steel wiring and rosewood handles for careful handling. No need for skewers to keep it all together. Just barbecue and flip the contents onto plates. A great gift idea for grandpa.


Stone Drink Dispenser

Rock on with this stone drink dispenser! You’ll impress your friends with this granite dispenser. Simply insert the plug into your bottle of spirits and place the bottle upside down into the dispenser. You can now begin to pour drinks for your guests. A wonderful conversation piece and a rockin’ Christmas gift for grandpa.

Prices Vary

Personalized Family Print

This portrait makes a wonderful way to commemorate your unique family, with this personalized artwork by Mary and Shelly Klein. Your cast of characters will be depicted and customized according to descriptions of skin tones, hair and clothing, complete with your family name. Printed on matte archival paper and elegantly framed.

Prices Vary

Men’s Black Leather Money Belt

Keep your money inconspicuously hidden in your belt. This elegant black leather belt has a hidden zipped compartment wide enough (1.25 in) to secure your money when traveling. A smart way to keep your money safe from pickpockets. Available in sizes 32 to 56. A classic Christmas gift for grandpa.


Best Grandpa Ever Parking Sign

This Best Grandpa Ever sign complements any home, office, or garage decor, indoor or outdoor. Made to look like a Parking sign using a lightweight, durable metal. Measures approximately 8 inches wide by 12 inches tall. It’s a fun way to make grandpa feel like a million dollars.


How to Babysit a Grandpa

From the HOW TO series, this New York Times bestseller picture book is about a child spending time with his grandpa. Written in the How To style, it’s loaded with activities about the kinds of snacks to eat, things to do on a walk, and games to play with grandpa. A hilarious gift for grandpa!


Whiskey and Rum Making Kit

Chances are grandpa loves his whiskey and rum! Along with a timeless design, this attractive barrel works like the ones in a professional distillery! In just two weeks, he’ll age his own concoction of favorite spirits: malt scotch whiskey, spiced rum, or bourbon. Surprise grandpa with this bootlegging gift at Christmas.

Prices Vary

Choose Your City Necktie

John Bach’s ties pay tribute to nine different cities in the US and Europe. Show off the city you love or remember the one you came from with these unique ties, designed in vibrant tones and using vintage-style maps to commemorate each of these iconic cities. An elegant gift for grandpa!


Grandparent & Grandchild Letter Book Set

This keepsake is a wonderful way to keep the family ties in one place through letters passed down from one generation to another, stored within its pages. Personal prompts and a 40-cards set help create meaningful memories to be passed from grandparents to grandchildren, and from parents to children. A thoughtful gift for grandpa.


Worlds Best Grandpa Mug

This hand-made, personalized mug for grandpa makes a heart-warming Christmas gift! Choose the image and your own special message just for him. Ceramic, dishwasher, and microwave safe, and in 11 or 15 oz sizes. Printed on both sides of the mug so it can be held in either hand.


Personalized Family Mugs

The perfect gift for the family that sticks together. Create a mug set for the entire family. Designed according to description, each mug will depict a family member with their own name and the family insignia on the other side. Makes a wonderful heirloom to be passed down through generations starting today.

Prices Vary

License plate frame Flipper

This USA type licence plate flipper is useful if you have two legal licence plates. You no longer need to struggle with tools to remove the plates. A hidden mechanism works to flip the frame 180 degrees where one plate replaces the other. Convenient and easy-to-use! Valid in countries where allowed by law.


City Map Glass

This rocks glass with a city map is so elegant you’ll get it out each time you want to enjoy sipping on your favorite spirit. You’ll be able to toast and commemorate your corner of the city etched down to the last detail on this glass. Order one or a set. Each glass ordered individually.


Keter Folding Compact Workbench Sawhorse Work Table

Like to build things? This compact workbench sawhorse is the perfect portable work station for the handyman. Holds up to 1000 lbs., and has a unique opening system device. No struggling required. The workbench comes with two 12-inch clamps to secure your pieces. Great builder gift for grandpa!


Bluetooth Tracking Tag

Do you spend hours looking for misplaced keys? No more! This bluetooth rosewood tracking tag and accompanying app will keep easy to lose items on your radar. Attaches to your keychain. Lost your phone, no problem. Just press the button and it’ll signal your phone. Lost your keys, use your phone! Perfect gift for Grandpa!


Das Horn

Celebrate like a viking in high-spirited form with this unique 24-ounce horn. Fill with your favorite ale or drink, and toast your clan. This BPA-free and dishwasher-safe horn will be the talk of the party. Includes a neck strap for those two-handed gestures! Offer this gift to grandpa at Christmas!


Grandpa Personalized Hammer

Every grandpa needs a personalized hammer! This tool is a man’s best friend. Every time he uses his hammer, he will read the special message left for him on the handle and remember you with fondness. Hammer it home with this unique gift at Christmas.


Fashion First Aid Subtle Disposable Neutralizers

Need to let one rip? No worries, this First Aid Subtle Disposable Neutralizer will offset offensive odors from intestinal gas. Thin, discreet, self-adhesive, and antimicrobial, this charcoal filter comes in a 5-piece set. This absorbing gift will make a humorous present for grandpa at Christmas.


Personalized Whiskey Barrel

This personalized Whiskey barrel will make a handsome addition to your home bar. This barrel will age your favorite whiskey brand to perfection. Adding to its flavour from several compounds, you’ll create your own unique brand and impress your guests with a glass of spice-flavored whiskey! Grandpa will love receiving this gift at Christmas!

Prices Vary

Beer Soap

Can’t get enough of your favorite beer? Now you can shower with beer soap too! Made with tantalizing and soothing ingredients (orange peel, crushed oats, or real hops), it’s rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and amino acids. If your skin craves special treatment, this 6-pack set is the solution. Grandpa will love it!


Baseball Bat Bottle Openers

A bottle opener made with a bat used at a professional game? Now you can order a special hologram number indicating in which game the bat was used. You’ll enjoy your favorite pastime and cheer your favourite team while cracking a cold one with your unique baseball bat bottle opener.

Prices Vary

Sansaire Steak Aging Sauce

Enjoy a good steak with a taste of authentic aging sauce. No need to marinate your meat, just lather your steak before cooking and the natural sugars in the sauce will sear your meat with a crispy golden crust. Grandpa will love to barbecue with this aging sauce and prepare delicious steaks for the family!

Prices Vary

Potato Parcel Message on A Potato

Send a special brand of message on a potato to anyone you want! Your custom gag or loving message will be imprinted on the potato and delivered to that person. A unique way of showing someone how much you care. Your friends, family, or coworkers can’t help but smile when they receive this gift.


Pistachio Pedestal

Do you make a mess while eating pistachios? The pistachio pedestal offers a practical solution for discarding those messy shells. Hand-made with North American Maple, this two-tiered solid wood dish features an upper tier to hold the nuts while the bottom tier stashes the shells. Comes apart for convenient, easy cleaning.


The Necktie Travel Roll

For a wrinkle-free tie every time, get the Necktie Travel Roll. It’s a smart, compact cylinder compartment that holds up to three ties. Comes in a dark navy case that you can conveniently pack in your suitcase for that business trip or conference. Unroll your ties and they are ready to go!


Custom Lake Art Cribbage Board

Does your grandpa love to play cribbage? Now he can with this Custom Lake Art Cribbage Board. Made with cherry wood, this beautiful board comes custom laser-etched with his most cherished lake. Includes bronze and aluminum pegs. There are more than 4,000 lakes to choose from. An entertaining gift for grandpa.


Constitution Tie

Love to accessorize your wardrobe with unique ties? The Constitution Tie will add panache to your style. It pays homage to the Founding Fathers and American democracy, and features an imprint of the Constitution including the iconic phrase “We the People.” Printed on silk and hand finished. Grandpa will love this patriotic gift for Christmas.


Willow Tree Grandfather Figure

Willow Tree is a line of intimate figurines in poses meant for healing, comforting, protecting, and inspiring. These sculptures represent a particular emotion or to mark a memory in someone’s life. Susan Lordi’s hand-carved sculptures are soothing, uplifting, and perfect for recognizing those special moments. Includes enclosure card and gift-giving box.


Personalized Grandpa Keychain

It’s the fishing keychain grandpa will be proud to carry around! Each fish, in copper or aluminum (silver) will be engraved with the name of each grandchild. Add an aluminum tag with a personalized engraving “Grandpa’s Best Catch.” Grandpa will be able to show off all his best catches! A memorable gift for Christmas.


Flavored Simple Syrup Set

Are you getting bored of your favorite liquor or soft drink? With this simple syrup set using pure botanicals and extracts, you can now experiment with tantalizing syrups to spice things up. The 4 oz bottle mixers come in four flavors: Cherry Almond, Cucumber Habanero, Grapefruit Basil, and Pear Rosemary. Surprise grandpa with a set!


New York Times Custom Birthday Book

Celebrate someone’s special day with this custom New York Times birthday book! This printed book is a collection of newsworthy items from the New York Times front pages. You will read all about the events that took place on your birth date. This gift will keep grandpa busy for hours!


Cyber Clean Pop-up Cup

Keep cyber components clean with this non-toxic and biodegradable viscous compound. Cyber Clean will remove 99.99% of germs that live on the surface by getting deep into the cracks and fissures of any item. This elastic compound can shape itself to fit in all spaces. Comes in a pop up cup for convenient storage.


Men’s Herbal Warming Slippers

These Herbal Warming slippers will soothe sore feet at any time of year. The insoles are scented and filled with aromatic lavender and thermally conductive flax seeds. Warm them up in the microwave in winter or place them in the fridge for some cooling relief on a hot day. Grandpa will love this gift!


The Homemade Gin Kit

Gin lover? Make your own gin with this homemade kit using juniper berries and a secret botanical blend. The juniper berries come in two flavors: smokey and spiced blends. With this gift, grandpa will transform a bottle of vodka into his own blend of gin. Includes two 375 mL glass bottles and stainless steel funnels.


I Love You, Grandpa

A great way to announce that he’s going to be a grandpa! This wonderful picture book is a touching story to share with young children aged 3–8. It’s a story about children dealing with being afraid, and the comfort in knowing that love conquers all. Grandpa will be tickled pink to receive this gift!


Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses

These Himalayan shot glasses made with sea salt add a salty twinge to your taste buds! The translucent pink hue gives them the appearance of rose quartz. While salt is antibacterial, you can keep pouring those drinks all night long. Perfect for tequila and keeping the mood festive. Grandpa will love this unique gift!

Prices Vary

The Official Men’s Legendary Suitjamas

This suitjama will make you look distinguished, even at bed time! The suit comes with a jacket, trousers, shirt, and tie, along with an inconspicuous contraceptive pocket inside the jacket. Made with the highest cotton-silk blends, you can impress your partner with this classy bedtime suit. Create a memorable night with this ensemble!

Prices Vary

Shaving Brush Attaches To Shaving Cans

Tired of the two-step shaving process? Cut it down to one step with this revolutionary shaving brush brilliantly designed to fit snuggly onto the top of all shaving cans to deliver consistent coverage without dirtying your hands. It’s the perfect Christmas gift for someone, like grandpa, who has been shaving for years!


Mystery Tackle Box

With this Mystery Tackle Box, you’ll find happi-fishing-ness in a box. You’ll receive and discover new fishing products delivered to you every month. For the avid fisherman, this is like Christmas in a gift box all year long! Surprises include perfectly paired lures and tackles, exclusive fishing paraphernalia, and how-to videos!


Golfers BBQ Set

Golfers will love this barbecue set with handles just like golf grips. These stainless steel barbecue tools are professionally designed with grips that simulate the golfing experience. Durable and attractive, they fit snuggly in your hand. Grandpa can now daydream of golfing while cooking up steaks for the whole family!


Curl-A-Dog BBQ Spiral Grilling Hot Dog Sausage Slicers

Bored of regular hot dogs? Now you can get creative with the Curl-A-Dog. This spiral grilling sausage slicer creates grooves in your sausages to keep the condiments in place, and to give you evenly seared edges. Your dogs look tastier than ever! With this gift, grandpa will barbecue perfect dogs every single time!


Eye Glasses Holder

Misplace your glasses every time you put them down? This beautifully carved figure made with sheesham wood will help keep your glasses in one accessible place. Handmade by a non-profit group in India to help underprivileged artisans suffering from physical handicaps. Grandpa will never have to look for his glasses again with this gift.


Ember Temperature Control Mug

If you like to take your time when you drink your tea or coffee, this Ember Temperature Control Mug is the mug for you! It has an elegant and slim design, and you can even name your mug. With the phone app, you can set the temperature you’d like to keep—even from a distance!


Lake Topography Art

Keep fond memories of summers spent near your favorite lake? This wood topographical map illustrates your cherished lake in informative three-dimensional detail. Choose from one of 4,000 lakes available, including the Great Lakes, and receive it framed in an oak shadow box. Display it with pride in your home. A treasured gift for grandpa!

Prices Vary


If you’re running out of room in your fridge, you’ll want to have these magnetic strips with three super-strong neodymium magnets to secure your favorite beverage. The bottle caps adhere to the magnets and stay suspended to the ceiling of your refrigerator. It’ll make a cool gift for grandpa at Christmas!


Grandpa Snacks Jar

Stop them from stealing from grandpa’s snack jar with this gift at Christmas. Choose from a variety of messages to be stamped on the glass jar. It’s the perfect gift for the snacker or sweet tooth in your family. The brushed aluminum screw-on lid has an airtight seal to keep snacks crispy and fresh!


Duke Cannon “Big Ass Brick of Soap”

Do you want to smell like victory? The Duke Cannon “Big Ass Brick of Soap” is a green bar with a clean, fresh scent, and a hint of grass. Nothing like feminine soaps, it’s designed to meet the needs of the working man. Proceeds benefit the U.S. Veterans. Perfect soap suds for grandpa!


The Grandparent Gift Life Story Frame

Celebrate your grandpa’s life story with this photo ensemble! Three photos framed with engraved plaques included underneath each with a thoughtful caption. Feature him as a young boy, then as a new father, and now as a proud grandfather. This beautiful keepsake will touch your grandpa’s heart and makes a great Christmas gift!


F Bomb Paperweight

Looking for a paperweight that’s sure to get some explosive reactions? This f-bomb paperweight will lighten up even the most serious chats around the office desk. Made with recycled steel, this unique sculpture is a great conversation piece. If grandpa likes dropping f-bombs, this gift will delight him!


FiestaFive Confetti High Five HandHeld Toy Shooter

Get ready to fiesta with the confetti toy shooter! The FiestaFive blasts confetti from your hands and reloads easily. It’s perfect for those celebrations when a confetti blast will mark the occasion. Confetti will shower and rain down on the party. Easy-to-use and safe, it’s a great gift for anyone!


Baseball Game

The Baseball game that brings home America’s favourite sport in a fun board game. Roll the dice and move your players according to the dice combination on the outfield billboards. Comes with a dry eraser board to change team names and scores. Handcrafted on maple wood veneer, it’s the perfect game for the whole family!


New York Times Custom Front Page Puzzle

The puzzle that looks like the front page of the New York Times. Enjoy hours of putting together a puzzle with your special date and read the news that took place on that day. Includes 500 pieces. Get this gift that will puzzle grandpa and fascinate him with historical facts!


My Life Story So Far

Everyone wants to write the story of their life. “My Life Story – so Far” is designed like a journal filled with imaginative prompts to spark your memories. You’ll build a detailed personal memoir that can become a wonderful keepsake to be cherished by your family. A memorable gift for grandpa!


The Real Pizza Pocket To Go

Keep your single slice of pizza warm with this pizza pocket. With a reusable ziplock feature you can keep your pizza fresh on the go. You’ll have a delicious slice of pizza whenever you want. It’s a Real Pizza Pocket To Go that fits traditional sized slices of pizza. 13 inches by 9 inches tall.


Frankenstein Switch Plate

Switch up your old light switches with these vintage plywood switch plates designed to bring Frankenstein back to life. Laser-engraved with coils, it will revive the look of your home with a gothic feel. Pull the lever up and down to switch the light on and off. It will surprise your guests each time!


Pick Punch

You’re ready to play your guitar but can’t find your pick. With this Pick Punch® you’ll never be without one. Take old credit cards or unused gym membership badges and slip them into the punch device to create your own custom picks. If grandpa plays guitar, he’ll be thrilled with this gift.


Deep Sea Sand Art

For a soothing, meditative sensation, place this beautiful sand art sculpture on your bookshelf or desk. Just rotate the glass ring and the sand will shift and reshape into deserts, clouds, oceans and smoke right before your eyes. You’ll be mesmerized by its beauty. It’s the perfect gift for the grandpa who has everything!


Personalized Family Member Signpost

This unique gift will remind you of where each member of your family is scattered across the globe or city. Each signpost showcases the family name, and up to five arrows will indicate each member’s direction and distance from your home. Place in the yard, garden or patio! A perfect gift for grandpa!

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Walabot Phone Diy In Wall Imager

If grandpa is a handyman, this In-Wall Imager (compatible with Android smartphones) will be indispensable for finding studs, pipes, or wires. This device can see four inches into drywall and concrete and will prevent disasters from happening before he starts working. Get this handy tool for grandpa at Christmas!


Tea from Around the World Set

For the tea aficionado or novice who dreams of exploring the globe in search of all the teas in the world, they’ll discover the aroma of chestnut with the Long Jing green tea or the bancha tea of Genmaicha without ever having to leave home. It’s the perfect gift for adventurous grandpa! Includes 10 tubes of tea.


Fishing Pole Campfire Roaster

If you love roasting by the campfire, you’ll need the Fishing Pole Campfire Roaster. It’s a fishing pole with a pair of skewers which when jigged will flip your hot dog or marshmallows over to get an even roast on both sides. A must-have for avid campers and makes a sizzling gift for grandpa!


Popcorn on the Cob

For some exciting microwave popcorn fun, you can now pop the popcorn right off the cob. The kernel stays on the cob until you butter and salt the cob, place it in a paper bag, and put it in the microwave. It will delight children of all ages. A popular Christmas gift for grandpa.


Best Grandpa Ever T-Shirt

Let grandpa know that he’s the Best Grandpa in the world with a T-shirt bearing the message in large, white lettering. Your grandpa will proudly wear his T-shirt to let everyone know that he is the Best. Grandpa. Ever. Choose from a long list of assorted colors and sizes.


Gardener’s Tool Seat

Along with a green thumb, the Gardener’s Tool Seat is essential when gardening. Made with lightweight steel and nylon, it doubles as a tool bag and a folding chair. With pockets on the side, you can now work while sitting, along with easy access to those gardening tools. Grandpa will love this gift!


Manual Three-in-One Coffeemaker

You can now have fresh brewed coffee at the office without the coffee machine. With the Manual Coffeemaker, you can either use the cone and let your coffee drip, or swap it out and use the presser for an authentic cup of coffee. Easy-to-use and a cinch to clean. Great for coffee lovers!


Ocean Reel Salt and Pepper Mills

Tired of your salt and pepper shakers? The Ocean Reel Salt and Pepper Mills are patterned after fishing reels. Made from anodized aluminum and stainless steel, the ceramic grinding mechanism will result in perfectly ground salt and pepper. You’ll add a nautical feel to your table, at home or sailing. A seasoned gift for grandpa!


Grandpa License Plate Wood Sign

Are you having trouble finding a gift for grandpa? This novelty Grandpa Art Wood License plate will make him chuckle. The high gloss metal license plate is weather resistant and durable, and made for quick mounting on any vehicle. It can also be made to hang or display on a wall or door at home.


Real Grandpas Ride Motorcycles T-Shirt

Does grandpa ride a Harley? You can now get a motorcycle shirt announcing that “Some Grandpas Play Bingo, Real Grandpas Ride Motorcycles.” Handmade and 100 percent cotton. These high quality T-shirts come in different sizes and colors. It’s a roaring great gift to offer grandpa at Christmas.


Lever Gear Toolcard Pro w/Clip Multitool

On this credit card-sized multi tool, you’ll find 40 different functions to work with: from opening cans, pop bottles, tightening screws, nuts and bolts, as well as measuring in millimeters or inches. Carry this mini tool everywhere, and you’ll never worry whether you have your toolbox or not, for those quick easy fixes.


24 DIY Christmas Gift Ideas for Grandpa

Diy Handprint And Thumbprint Ornaments

Begin a new Christmas tradition with the DIY hand and thumb print ornaments. This Christmas, get together with your family and create some unique family Christmas ornaments to go on your tree. Follow the tutorials and learn how to make a variety of ornaments. This is a fun activity to do with grandpa and family!

Clock Make Over

When you change the colors of your kitchen and realize that your clock no longer matches, you can repurpose the original one and do a clock makeover. You’ll need vinyl decals, paint, artisan shapes, and a ‘families are forever’ circle of words. Follow the instructions and you’ll have a brand new clock.

Mail A Hug

If you and your children don’t live close to grandma and grandpa, you can ‘mail a hug’ following this tutorial. With card stock, red paint, paint brushes, and a ribbon, you’re ready to create your long distance hug. Once it’s completed, you’ll have a card and two handprints with ribbons attached for the ‘hug.’

Glowing Photo Luminaries

Light a candle to your family. These glowing photo luminaries are unique because your own photos will shine through when a candle is lighted. With glass jars, vellum (see-through) paper, and some double-sided tape, you’ll create family inspired candle holders. Create a gift set just for grandpa with photos of his grandkids.

Diy Photo Coasters

These DIY coasters with personal photos are an intimate way to build memories at Christmas. With pictures, tiles, Mod Podge, a paint brush, felt, spray adhesive and clear top coat spray, you’ll create these amazing stories with your own photos. Create a gift set for grandpa that tells a story of your family!

How To Make Homemade Bath Bombs

Bath bombs or fizzles are a fun gift for everyone in the family. You’ll need to a few ingredients listed in the tutorial and you’re on your way to making bath bombs. Create dissolvable bath bombs in all shapes and sizes. It’s a fun activity to do with the kids! These make great Christmas gifts.

How To Make Sihouettes

Create a vintage collection of framed silhouettes. After you take photos of the children and following the tutorial, you’ll have keepsakes for the whole family. The collection can grow as the family grows! This is a perfect gift for grandpa to remember each of his grandchildren.

Diy Gift Idea: Fly Away Bookmarks

Do you dog ear your books? Here is a creative idea that will stop you from folding the corners of the pages in your book. You’ll always remember where you are with these Fly Away bookmarks. With photos, embroidery floss, and a glue stick, you’ll create personal bookmarks that inspire you. Grandpa will love it!

Home Is Where The Heart Is Framed Maps Tutorial

If you have family or friends leaving town, you can create these framed maps for them to remember their home town. With a solid frame, maps, cardboard, and colored pens, design personal map arrangements for each person. It’s a fun way to remind them of their favorite places, old stomping grounds, and neighborhood hangouts.

Painting Pottery With Kids’ Hand

Fun with kids, paints, hand and footprints. A step-by-step tutorial on how to transform traditional, white ceramic dishes into colorful and vibrant dinnerware. Kids will have non-stop fun placing hand and footprints with paints in these dishes knowing that they will never wash off. Draw a picture for grandpa at Christmas!

Diy Scrabble Tile Coasters

Old game tiles make wonderful scrabble tile coasters. Make words or just pick out random letter tiles to glue onto corkboard. Trim the cork to the tile size and you have the easiest made drink coaster ever. Personalize them for a unique gift for teachers.

You Are My Sunshine Footprint Art

With a large canvas, everyone’s feet, and some yellow ochre paint, unleash your creativity with a large sunshine footprint painting of all the feet in your home. Add “You are my Sunshine” as the title of the painting and you’ve just created your first masterpiece. Give as a gift to grandpa at Christmas!

Photo Pendants Tutorial

Delightful pendants of family or baby photos to add to grandpa’s stocking stuffer at Christmas time. With Candy tiles (Etsy), baby photos, diamond glaze, and chains, follow the DIY tutorial to making these artsy pendants. A creative way for grandma and grandpa to show off the family to their friends.

Baby Painting Tutorial

Create and frame baby’s first painting. With your baby, a large sheet, and non-toxic paints, you’ll need to work somewhere it can get messy. Tape the paper down on a large plastic drop sheet and let your baby paint to his/her heart’s content! Follow the DIY instructions. Makes a painterly gift for grandpa!

Free Printable Photo Calendar

Create calendar photo frames for the whole family! Each frame will highlight a cherished photo and a significant month. Find a calendar template, choose from an array of personal photos and print on letter sheets in color, or black and white. Frame individually and offer as gifts to friends and family!

Diy: Grandkids Picture Sign

Another way to keep track of all the grandkids is with this Picture Sign. The clothespins will allow you to swap out photos of the grandkids whenever you want. Follow the tutorial and add as many creative clothespins around the frame. It’s a fun gift that will delight grandpa and grandma at Christmas time.

Diy Map Coasters

Recycle old maps by making map coasters. Cover your stone coasters with a layer of mod podge. As that dries, measure and cut out areas of maps to cover your drink coasters. When dried, add the maps and cover with three separate layers of more mod podge. They make unique gifts to remember special places.

Woodgrain Cork Coasters

Woodgrain Cork Coasters are an inexpensive way to make drink coasters. Using a Mod Podge Rocks stencil, cover a cork coaster with brown paint. When it is dry, add a layer of mod podge. These drink coasters make an easy and thoughtful hostess or housewarming gift.

Coffee Lover Gift In A Jar With Printable

The coffee lover gift in a jar. An easy way to please the coffeeaholic that you know and love. This article will show you how to make this gift, with ways to personalize it even more! The article even contains free, printable tags to add to the final product. A great coffee gift.

Diy Scrabble Tile Family Tree

Is there a scrabble game lying around the house gathering dust? This scrabble tile family tree is the perfect way to repurpose this board game. Follow the instructions and create your family tree with the scrabble pieces. Use a generator to create a crossword using the names you input. It’s a unique gift for grandpa.

Monogram Gift Diy

With photos and a large cardboard monogram letter, you can create a collage of family photos in the shape of the letter representing the family name or a person’s initial. Cut the photos according to placement and position, and stick them down once you’re pleased with the arrangement. Makes a thoughtful, personal gift at Christmas.

Sand Footprint Craft

Remembering the holiday you took with the family with these DIY sand footprint framed pieces. Using a solid frame, sand, and plaster of Paris, you’ll create these personalized memories with your own footprints in the sand. Makes a lovely keepsake for the family. Adjust the size and create a family portrait for grandpa and grandma!

Hand And Foot Stamped Dish Towels

Tired of the same old Christmas dish towels? Create your own personalized Christmas themed towels using your hand- and footprints. This is a fun activity to do with the kids during the holidays. Design your own brand with these one-of-a-kind dish towels to offer at Christmas as gifts for grandma and grandpa.

Diy Necktie Eyeglass Case

Diy Necktie Eyeglass Case

Grandpa probably has everything he’s ever needed, so DIY crafts make perfect and sentimental gifts, especially for youngsters who may be on a tighter budget. This adorable project transforms traditional neckties into stylish pouches for storing eyeglasses. If dear old granddad wears readers or prescription lenses, this is one necktie gift he’ll truly appreciate.

Diy Knit Scarf

When you’re looking for a DIY project to make, how about this toasty and manly “boyfriend” scarf? It’s easy enough for novice knitters and the result is a warm, stylish scarf. You’ll want to make one for all the men in your life. It’s as perfect for the pre-teen lad as it is your granddad.

Diy Polka Dot Bow Tie

Nothing looks as swanky as a gent in a bow tie. Doctor Who certainly would agree. Even if you’re not a gifted tailor, here’s a clever DIY project to make faux bow ties, no sewing required. Simple craft items, scissors, and an iron will turn ordinary fabric into fabulous bow ties suitable for any occasion.

Diy Men’s Ear Flap Hat

So you want to make Grandpa a cozy knitted hat with ear flaps. This saucy topper is just the ticket for your DIY pleasure. It’s an easy pattern to work up and will be perfect for those cold winter days. Add a jaunty pom on top to keep him stylish as well as toasty.

Diy Stenciled Cork Coasters

Cork circles and a set of clever downloadable cut files are the keys to this great DIY stenciled cork coaster project. Perfect for a game room, man cave, or casual get-togethers, these are as fun and fabulous to give as they are to make. This unique idea is certainly going to be one that’s appreciated.

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