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105 Cool Christmas Gifts for Grandma That Don’t Suck

Face it: Grandma is hard to shop for! She already has everything she needs. Think outside of the box for unique or unusual items, customized or personalized grandma gifts, or get really creative with do-it-yourself projects that are a labor of love for the most lovely lady in your life!

Your grandma is one-of-a-kind! Choose a Christmas gift as unique as she is!

New York Times Custom Birthday Book

When looking for that “just right” Christmas gift, consider a unique collection not available anywhere else! Your grandparents can read the NY Times front page as published on the day they were born, and every birthday following! More than a walk down memory lane, this book is a treasured keepsake!


The Grandma Life Story Frame

Grandma loves you and she will adore this Life Story frame featuring special photos showing her marvelous journey from child to mother to grandparent. A thoughtful and touching way to display the circle of life. Also included is an engravable plaque to commemorate your gift and honor your loved ones.


Personalized Family Member Signpost

There’s no place like home, but families grow up and move away. This heartwarming display brings the family home with personalized signposts. Each hand-painted sign features individual names and distance from “home” whether it’s Grandma’s house or the family’s summer cabin! Topped with the family name, rooted in family love.

Prices Vary

Godiva Chocolatier Gift Basket

GODIVA: A name synonymous with elegance and discriminating taste, the GODIVA Chocolatier Signature chocolate gift basket will delight Grandma this Christmas. Assorted selections to appeal to her every fancy, arranged in an adorable faux leather base. Choose chocolate and rest assured your gift will be appreciated! Probably not shared, but appreciated!

Prices Vary

Horseshoe Heart Trivet

Here’s a thoughtful way to express your love and good luck wishes in one handy trivet! Made by hand, so every piece is unique. A beautiful heart surrounds a horseshoe for the perfect Christmas gift! Choose one for Grandma or anyone else on your list that deserves the very best.


Cuisinart Convection Toaster Oven Air Fryer

Cuisinart is a recognized leader in kitchen appliances, and Grandma will love the convenience of this multi-function countertop air fryer/convection oven. Versatility is key in this handy unit! Roast a chicken, toast a bagel, or bake Christmas cookies! Then air-fry using less oil for healthier fried delights!


Le Creuset Enamel-on-Steel Teakettle

This adorable teakettle boasts old world charm in a just-right size. Nothing feels quite as much like home as the whistle of a teakettle and settling in with a fresh cup of tea. Grandma will be delighted with this gift! Perfect for a cozy breakfast or an afternoon with the ladies.


Seville Classics Workbench on Wheels with Organizer Drawer

The Seville Classics workbench on wheels is the perfect choice for the busy grandma! Modern lines make it suitable for a home office, a generous surface space is great for craft projects, or use this sturdy workbench in the workshop! For work or play, this is an ideal Christmas gift!


Long Distance Touch Lamp

Designed to complement any decor, the long-distance touch lamp is more than a charming accessory — paired with a second lamp, this thoughtful gift becomes a heartfelt connection between loved ones. Touch the lamp and your caress is delivered with the speed of love. Light up Grandma’s life this Christmas!

Prices Vary

Birth Month Flower Earrings

These darling dangling earrings feature framed flowers! A different blossom to represent each month of the year! More delicate than a birthstone, more whimsical than plain jewelry! Select your Christmas gifts with birthdays in mind, or just choose your favorite flower! What Grandma wouldn’t love this adorable gift from you?


Choose Your Dog Breed Umbrella

Christmas gifts for Grandma don’t have to be boring! Today’s grandmas are stylish, active, and discerning. Your grams will love this feisty umbrella which sports the canine silhouette of her choice, from the petite Chihuahua to the mighty German shepherd. The perfect accessory for those rainy day walks in the park!


Loofah Scrubber Soap Set

Whether Grandma is a corporate executive or a stay-at-home domestic engineer, she’s deserves to be treated like a queen! This handmade loofah soap trio is a luxurious combination of natural loofah and exotic scents that will make her feel like a goddess. Order two sets and keep one for yourself!


Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure Hunt and Coloring Book

Search Secret Garden scenes to find “hidden” treasures, then choose the hues to bring intricate patterns to life in this delightful book! Let your attention to detail and discerning eye lead you to Zen-like enlightenment. Discover the newest trend as you relax, stimulate your brain, and encourage your inner artist.


Very Big Hug Throw

Are you looking for a gift for Grandma that will keep her warm and stop her from feeling lonely? This soft cotton throw will take your place when you can’t be there.


Glass House Bird Feeder

If Grandma loves a spot of ‘twitching’, this glass birdhouse makes a thoughtful Christmas gift, as it attaches to a window giving her a bird’s eye view of her feeding feathered friends.


Heart-Shaped Serving Spoon

Whether she wants to use it or simply display it in her kitchen, this hand carved wooden serving spoon has a gorgeous heart-shaped bowl to remind her that she’s loved.


How to Babysit a Grandma

Few things are more special than the relationship between a grandma and her grandkids. This book puts a fun and heart-warming slant on babysitting, from the kids’ perspective, of course.

Prices Vary

Most Loved Grandma Sweatshirt

Super soft and comfy, this casual sweatshirt comes in a choice of 8 cool colors and proudly tells the world just how much her baby’s babies love her.


Glass Bird Cafe

Almost as pretty as the birds which will flock to feed from it, this beautiful glass feeder features a multi-colored dome which acts as a delicate suncatcher as it sparkles in the light.


Butterfly Biome

Give butterflies somewhere safe to feed and hibernate with this delightful house which opens up in the summer for feeding, and becomes a cozy winter haven for when they need to roost.


Succulent Living Wall Planter Kit

Bringing art to life, this succulent garden is contained within a wooden frame, and designed to hang on the wall for what is probably the most unusual piece of art she’ll own.


Love Them Spoil Them Give Them Back Shirt

Displaying all the best bits about being a Grandma, this fun t-shirt tells it like it is, because handing them back at the end of a visit makes them even more adorable.


Personalized Wind Chimes

Made from solid wood and metal, this delicate but sturdy windchime will make sweet music in the slightest breeze, and comes personalized with her name and a 3 line message, too.


Just Ripe Fruit Bowl

Ripe fruit can spoil other fruits, so keep them separate with this clever bowl which holds the ripe ones on the top, the yet-to-ripen fruits on the bottom, and bananas on a hook.


Custom Ugly Christmas Dog Breed Sweaters

Christmas is a time for ugly sweaters, but they can be made cuter with a picture of her four-legged friend on the front. From Pugs to Pomeranians, simply choose her favorite breed.

Prices vary

Letters to My Grandchild

Although this is a gift for Grandma, it’s the grandkids who will benefit the most in years to come, as they read the words of wisdom she lovingly wrote in the letters included.


LED Lantern Speaker

Streaming music from a Bluetooth device, this old-style camping lantern can be charged via a USB port, and comes with a dimmable LED light to add a certain atmosphere.


Hummingbird Stake

Perhaps the most charming of all birds, the hummingbird holds a dear place in our hearts. Let Grandma enjoy them every day with a beautiful glass and copper version for her garden.


Owl Eyeglasses Holder

Help Grandma find her glasses with this delightful wooden owl, which she can place on her night stand to hold her specs until she needs them again in the morning.


Recycled Metal Giraffe Planter

Made from recycled metal such as old nuts and bolts, these hand-crafted giraffes can stand in a hallway or corner, and make delightful planters for succulents or other small plants.

Prices vary

Personalized Bamboo Knitting Needles

If Grandma loves to knit, let her know you love her every time she picks up her yarn with a pair of knitting needles which come with a special message from you.


Pressed Wildflower Mugs

Mugs make lovely Christmas gifts, just in time for the coldest winter months. Have her drink her tea from one of these hand-crafted mugs which have been pressed with real wildflowers.


Family Pebble Portrait

Up to seven family members (and pets) can be included in this unusual but ever so sweet family portrait, which is made from pebbles and driftwood for a totally unique gift.


Birth Month Flower Grow Kit

Make her smile every day with a Christmas gift which will grow with her. Choose her birth flower and she can plant it in the growing bottle, which doubles as a vase.


Worlds Best Grandma Mug

If you think your grandma is the best in the world, remind her of that fact every time she makes a cup of tea or coffee in this beautiful floral mug.


My Gardening Handbook

If she’s a dab hand in the garden, this gardening handbook will make a truly welcome Christmas gift, as it’s somewhere she can document her ‘growing’ passion for planting.


Woodstock Coasters

She may be getting on a bit now, but at one time your grandma was a wild child. Take her back to her heyday with this set of Woodstock-printed coasters.


Silk Pillowcase

Sleeping on silk pillows does wonders for the skin as there’s no ‘dragging’ across the fabric as she turns over. Help her to keep looking beautiful with this 100% mulberry silk case.


Fern Light

The LED light shining through the delicate fern etching on this clear Lucite plaque will cast a beautiful yellow and green glow, as a nature inspired nightlight or ambient lamp.


Grandma Saurus Shirt

Just like dinosaurs, grandmas are mighty and not to be trifled with. Give her a tee which depicts her as one of these incredible creatures (as long as she’s not age-sensitive).


I Love You, Grandma

This beautiful book will be a gift for both grandmothers and grandchildren, as it tells the tale of how Grandma Bear got so wise. Perfect for reading snuggled up together.


Box Sign

As much as we’d like to spend all our time with Grandma, it’s not really possible, so make sure she knows how much you love her with this rustic box sign.


Calming Lavender Heat Pillow

Ideal for seeing off those cold winter draughts, as well as aches and pains, this lavender pillow heats up in the microwave in just 2 minutes, for fragrant, comforting heat.


Mushroom Garden Bell

Totally enchanting, this mushroom bell will bring a touch of magic into her home or garden, and with every breath of wind it will tinkle to remind her of you.


Literary Candles

When you think “grandma” you think classic! What better Christmas gift for your Grandma than a literary classic-inspired candle! Choose from four delightful scent combinations which represent four of the most iconic locations in literature. Hand-poured soy candles lend ambience to your library, reading nook, or study. Choose them all!


Butterfly Puddler

Butterflies are nature at its finest: this uniquely hand-crafted “butterfly puddler” is inviting to these lovely creatures. Here’s the perfect gift for the discerning grandma who enjoys spending time in the fresh air. More than just a Christmas gift, you’re giving her all of summer’s butterflies in her own private sanctuary!


Horse Blueprint

Does your grandma/mom live and breaths horses? Whether she adores Arabians or worships Thoroughbreds, these framed ‘blueprints’ will tell her all she needs to know about her favorite breed. Chock full of fascinating facts, any horse lover will be able to expand her knowledge with this fascinating gift.


Yarn Unicorn Kit

Combine craft and magic in this adorable kit, which, when completed will produce a pair of mythical, magical unicorns to keep and admire. Don’t saddle them with boring horse granny gifts, bring a little sparkle into their lives as they wrap their way to these super-cute enchanted equines. Complete with rainbow hooves, just right for prancing.


De’Longhi Espresso Machine

If your grandma enjoys her espresso, here’s the perfect machine for her! Single-serve convenience with the rich, full flavor of the trendy coffee shop without having to tip the barista! Your Christmas shopping is done! Unless you find the perfect demitasse cups to go with it! (Also brews Lungo style!)


Keurig Single Serve Programmable Coffee Maker

For coffee on the go or at home, the Keurig single-serve coffee maker is the most convenient gift you can give this Christmas! Able to brew large servings with a single push of a button, Grandma can choose tea, chocolate, cider, or any of several varieties of coffee and specialty blends!


Baby Keepsake Library

Christmas is the time for making family memories, so what better gift for the new grandma than a Baby Keepsake Library to safely store precious mementos of her first (or fifth or fifteenth!) grandchild! Crafted in the finest library styling, with attention to detail, this elegant organizer is worthy of display.


Philips Airfryer

When it comes to cooking, no one does it better than Grandma! With the Philips Airfryer, Grandma can serve up her favorite fried foods using a tablespoon of oil or less! Not only is frying now a healthy option, the Philips Airfryer also grills, roasts, steams, and bakes! Perfect gift!


Grandparent & Grandchild Letter Book Set

Nothing is as special as the love of a grandma for her grandchild. With this lovely letter book set, precious memories can be shared today, and preserved for tomorrow. What a beautiful gift for the grandparents on your list this Christmas season! One that will be treasured for years to come!


Shark DuoClean Lift-Away Upright Vacuum

This sucks! That’s right! The Shark APEX DuoClean Powered Lift-Away Upright Vacuum sucks the tiniest particles from hardwood, tile, or carpeted surfaces! An ideal Christmas gift for even the most meticulous homemaker. Grandma will love this lightweight heavy-duty machine which makes cleaning a snap, and leaves her more time for YOU!


Row Boat Serving Bowl with Wood Serving Utensils

Row, row, row your boat, filled with tasty things! A clever rowboat serving bowl with wooden “oar” utensils will delight guests gathered ‘round Grandma’s table this Christmas season! Silver plating gives it a touch of elegance, but Grandma’s recipes are the shining stars! Look no further, here’s the perfect gift!


Vera Bradley Tote

One thing every grandma is, be prepared! With this stylish Vera Bradley tote, grandma will have everything she could possibly need right at her fingertips! Whether heading to the beach or off on a cruise, this roomy bag will be the ideal Christmas gift for your grandma on the go!

Prices Vary

Instant Pot Multi- Use Programmable Cooker

Instant Pot is the newest innovation in a generation! This multi-function appliance replaces up to nine cooking tools, including the pressure cooker! Today’s cooks are busy people who still want home-cooked quality. Give for Christmas and Grandma can make food like Grandma used to make in a fraction of the time!


Pinzon Blended Egyptian Cotton Towel Set

Make every day a spa day for your favorite Grandma with these luxurious Egyptian Cotton Towels! Generously sized in soft-as-a-cloud cotton, there’s no denial your gift will remind her that you think she’s a queen! Or at least she should be treated like one! Attractive enough for the guest bath.

Prices Vary

Anatomy of a Grandparent’s Heart Screenprint

Grandmas come in all shapes and sizes: some are old, some are younger, some bake cookies, some order in. The things that make grandmas alike are the emotions and experiences related to their grandchildren. This adorable “heart’s anatomy” screenprint is a fun way to tell Grams she’s special this Christmas.


Signature Independently Encased Coil Mattress

With the busy-ness of the holidays, it’s hard to get a good night’s sleep! Choose the Signature Sleep Contour mattress for the comfort of memory foam with the durability of independently encased coil to ensure those visions of sugar-plums! You’ll appreciate the quality and value! Perfect for the guest room!


Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils

One of the most fun trends today is adult coloring books. Why not choose one to pair with Prismacolor Artist Quality Colored Pencils for Christmas gift-giving? Bring out even the most reluctant inner artist! Grandma will appreciate the vast palette of blendable hues. Pencils designed to bring life to coloring!


Smeg 2-Slice Toaster

Do you fancy a bit of nostalgia? Or perhaps you long for the “good old days” and Grandma’s kitchen with its retro motif. Choose the SMEG two-slice toaster to put under her Christmas tree! Modern technology with the classic lines of days gone by brighten up every breakfast with toasty deliciousness!


Reasons Why Sherpa Blanket

Ideal for someone special in your life, this personalized Sherpa blanket is made from a silken faux micro mink front and a faux sheepskin Sherpa back. With up to 30 names allowed in the customization, this gift is perfect for those with large or small families alike. Machine washable.


Personalized Round Garden Stone

Let your loved know how special they are with this customizable stone that is ideal for the gardener in the family. Made from polyresin and sand material, the stone is flat on the reverse side so that it sits perfectly on your garden or walkway, facing all who pass by.


Floral Heart Sherpa Throw Blanket for Grandma

With a soft and smooth mink touch front and a tan Sherpa back, this blanket is finished off to high standards with yarn stitched edges. Made from 100% polyester, the blanket is machine washable in cold water and capable of a tumble dry on low, allowing easy care and cleaning.


Grandma’s Garden Personalized Garden Flag

Give Grandma a celebratory flag in her garden, letting her know that you appreciate all the work that goes into making it so good. Personalizable with any 2 line message, you can add up to 27 tulips with a name, for all members of the family to be included.


The Quilt Willow Tree Hand-Painted Sculpted Figure

This delightful figurine is evocative of that bond between mother and child as she shelters her little one beneath the warmth of a blanket. The 5.5 inch hand painted resin figure is cast from the original piece created by Susan Lordi in her Kansas studio from a line of pieces dating back to 1999.


NBHUZEHUA Handmade Glass Coffee Mug

For those who like a bit of fantasy with their mug of chocolate or coffee, this flower and butterfly decorated vessel is perfect. With a 12 oz. capacity and a spoon, coaster and cleaning cloth included, this is one gift that will be used consistently for years to come.


Grandmother’s Garden of Love Necklace

Celebrate Grandma’s love for her brood with this handmade pendant that features a sterling silver oval which is inscribed with a heartfelt line. There’s a loose 22 karat gold plated brass overlay to frame the message that highlights perpetual renewal with its display of shoots.


Grandmother’s Journal

Let Granny understand her effect on the rest of the family by inspiring her with this gorgeous memory book that she can pass on to her grandkids, so that they have memories of her. With a fill in family tree and a sturdy back pocket to allow memorabilia to be stored.


Wooden Yarn Box

Created for the serious knitter in the family, this box makes an ideal gift for the initiated with its built in needle sizer and measurement scales. Made from sustainably harvested wood, the box is made by laser cutting, hand sanding and oiling to produce an item knitters will love.


What I Love About Grandma Fill in the Love Journal

This delightful book will inspire your kids to think about their Grandma and all the wonderful things she does in their life. After they have filled in the helpful questions and blank passages, the book turns into a great gift that their Grandmother will truly cherish.


Grandchildren Welcome Garden Stone

Playing on a grandparent’s desire to make their home as welcoming as possible for their grandchildren, this stone makes a great gift at the festive time of year. Measuring 9.5 x 9.5 inches, the stone is made from a high quality resin and comes hand painted with bead accent detail.


My Family Cookbook

Here’s a unique gift that will keep on giving for generations! Grandma will love penning her favorite recipes into this customizable cookbook, with plenty of room for photos, reviews, and treasured memories of family meals. Start with this Christmas, create a family heirloom, and keep adding to the treasure!


Burton “I’m A Grandma, What’s Your Super Power” Coffee Mug

What a delightful mug! Choose one for every grandma on your Christmas list, and you will be rewarded with smiles and hugs! Maybe even a freshly baked cookie! Just the thing to let the world know your favorite lady is not one to be trifled with! Superpowers are serious business!


Gardener’s Tool Seat

Here’s a handy tool caddy and gardener’s seat in one! Generous pockets for tools, gloves, seed packets — everything the modern gardener needs, in a convenient lightweight tote! Fold it out, have a seat, and leave the dirt in the garden! Perfect for Christmas! Perfect for Grandmas with green thumbs!


Personalized Grandchildren Names Art

What do you get for the Grandma who has everything? Gadgets and gizmos are fun, but you want to give a Christmas gift from your heart! Choose digital art personalized with names, dates, even a family motto! You select the details for this one-of-a-kind customized printable design suitable for framing!


Zen Dog Garden Sculpture

Forget garden gnomes! Choose this Zen doggy to grace Grandma’s garden this Christmas! Whether she wants to meditate with him or just enjoy his calming presence, this sculpture adds a bit of whimsy to her outdoor space. As an added bonus, every time she sees this cutie, she’ll think of you!

Prices Vary

The Great British Bake Off Book

If your Grandma is a fan of cooking shows, then she will love this cookbook based on The Great British Bake Off challenge! Professional tips and secrets are revealed, along with the amateur’s antics as dozens of traditional British recipes and new twists on old favorites are presented. Great Christmas gift!


Malden International Designs Grandma and Me Picture Frame

This elegant “Grandma and me” frame is such a sweet way to share a favorite memory captured in time. Ideal for a child to give Grandma! Choose a favorite photo or coax Grandma to pose for a new one. Sure to be cherished and proudly displayed this Christmas and beyond!


Custom Lake Art Cribbage Board

Take cribbage to the next level with this customized board featuring a laser etching of your favorite lake! Play when you’re on the water or keep it at home for when you wish you were there! This unique set will start the conversations along with the competitions! Great gift for Christmas!


The Year of Cozy: Recipes, Crafts, and Other Homemade Adventures

The Year of Cozy is a charming collection of recipes, craft projects, and accompanying photos. This book is sure to delight and inspire the reader to try their own version of a cozy year and homemade adventure! It makes a great gift and will fit perfectly under Grandma’s Christmas tree!


Mates For Life

This print is a beautifully detailed depiction of several members of the animal kingdom who mate for life. A unique gift for the couples in your life who have already weathered the storm, or for newlyweds preparing to face life’s obstacles together. Framed or unframed, for the discerning Christmas shopper.

Prices Vary

Mason Bee Bottle

Mason bees are super pollinators, who thrive without a hive! These eco-friendly bee bottles are inviting to the lone bee, giving her a place to call her own. In exchange, she will help out in the garden! This is an excellent choice for the gardening grandmas on your Christmas gift-giving list!


Grandma necklace

A unique piece for the proud Grandma this Christmas! Choose up to five rings, hand-stamped with up to twenty grandchildren’s names, then nestled on a stunning sterling silver chain. A pendant elegant enough to wear with any outfit, the Grandma necklace always keeps her most precious people near her heart!


The Horse Encyclopedia

This encyclopaedia is a must have gift for horse lovers, or anyone who would like to know more about these beautiful animals. With an A-Z of more than 150 breeds across the world, this tome also contains expert advice on caring for horses, along with fascinating facts and figures on equine culture, history, and art.


Horse Primitives by Kathy Box Sign

Get distressed about christmas gifts, and think outside the box with this wooden sign. The deep sides of the box mean it will stand or hang easily anywhere, while the words on the front leave the reader in no doubt as to what’s important in life! Deliberately rustic-looking, it will enhance any room.


skyn ICELAND Saving Face Kit

For the savvy woman on your list. Soap and water are fine for simple cleansing, but today’s modern woman knows retaining her youthful appearance and healthy skin, requires quality products. The Saving Face kit brings the stars of the skyn ICELAND collection together in one convenient package, suitable for gift-giving!


Automatic Handbag Illuminator

Here’s the perfect gift to “lighten” those forays into the abyss of a lady’s handbag! You know how annoying it is waiting for an item to appear, so imagine how frustrating it is to the seeker! Clever and convenient for the grandma who has it all — in her purse!


My Life Story So Far

Do you know the everyday stories of your family? The frivolous and serious, the truth and daring, the history and fantasy: choose this beautiful journal and give the gift of yesterday to tomorrow! Anecdotes, memories, special events, and words of wisdom, penned with love from one generation to the next.


Custom Map Coaster Set

A unique set of elegant coasters boasting your favorite place — whether it’s your current address, or a landmark from your past, this set is a sure conversation starter for your next party! Great housewarming gift, or a gift to commemorate the family home. Grandma is sure to treasure it!


Prodyne Iced Dip-on-Ice Serving Bowl

Christmas is the time for family get-togethers and festive parties! If Grandma is your favorite hostess, give her this beautiful stainless steel dip-on-ice serving bowl! Elegant and practical, with an innovative design to keep chilled dips chilly! Brrrrrrrr! You’ll want to RSVP today to arrive in time for the holidays!


Oster Jelly Bean 2-Slice Toaster

No boring appliances for the stylish grandmas on your Christmas gift-giving list! This fanciful shade of eye-opening purple brings whimsy and imagination to breakfast when toasting in the Jelly Bean two-slice toaster, made by Oster, a trusted household name. Imagine her delight when she finds this beauty under her tree!


Personalized Cutting Board

“Board” with plain kitchen accessories? This hand-cut, personalized board is just the “cutting edge” you’ve been shopping for! Crafted from sturdy maple, select one to twelve characters for personalizing with your favorite cook’s initials, or spell out a family name! Which lucky home chefs will you choose to get one?

Prices Vary

Christmas by Michael Bublé CD

If music is your favorite part of the Christmas season, then the Michael Bublé CD, “Christmas” is sure to delight! Fifteen titles, including an original song, and the most beloved holiday tunes are featured on this album. Perfect to give as a gift! You’ll want one to keep for yourself!


Happiness is Being a Grandma Shirt

“Happiness is being a Grandma” — truer words were never spoken! Now they’re printed on this comfy tee, which Grams will want to wear every day! In a choice of trendy colors, maybe she’ll need more than one! This is the perfect gift for Grandma’s “first” Christmas, or for seasoned grandmas!


Healing Stone Mugs

Increase the restorative powers of your favorite beverage when you serve it in a healing stone mug. Handcrafted, and embellished with one of four mineral stones imbued with soothing properties, each unique vessel elevates the experience to more than just another cup of tea. Included card explains the stone’s characteristics.


Glass Garden Bells

One-of-a-kind bells, handcrafted from recycled glass, bring music to your garden or other outdoor space. Suspended strategically to catch a gentle breeze which will then waft lovely notes to surround and soothe you. Aesthetically pleasing, these unique bells make thoughtful gifts for the most treasured people on your Christmas list.


New York Times Custom Front Page Puzzle

Everyone loves jigsaw puzzles! Here’s your chance to take puzzling to a new level! Choose a date — grandma’s birthday, graduation, or wedding day — or any other date of interest. Then enjoy the fun when the New York Times front page from your chosen day arrives in 500 pieces!


simplehuman Semi-Round Sensor Trash Can

Kitchens are meant to be taken seriously! For the discerning home chef, a touchless trash can is a must! Keep trash out of the food preparation area with a wave of the hand! Motion triggers the auto-sensor to open this stylish brushed stainless steel can, designed for the meticulous home!


Farm Fresh Spa Experience Tin

Nothing is more luxurious than a spa day, unless it’s this Farm Fresh Spa Experience! Refreshing, gentle to your skin goat’s milk and other ingredients from nature combine into four separate products for an exhilarating bathing experience! THIS is the gift for the special lady you want to pamper most!


Mason Jar Indoor Flower Garden

Gardening doesn’t always have to be a labor-intensive, weather-dependent, outdoor activity! Bring a touch of spring inside all year ‘round with the adorable Mason jar garden. Complete with seeds for a variety of edible blossoms to charm the inner gardener and delight the savvy home chef! Great Christmas gift for Grandma!


Simplicity Plush Kimono Bathrobe with Side Pockets

Imagine being wrapped up in a cozy, plush hug! That’s exactly what you’ll give Grandma this Christmas when you wrap up the Simplicity kimono-style bathrobe (available in a variety of colors). Pockets elevate the wearability, making it more than just a dressing gown. She’ll want to wear it all day!


Cozy Global Gift Basket

Gift baskets are always excellent choices for Christmas. This hand-woven basket contains a hand-thrown ceramic mug, Divine Chocolate cocoa powder, and a handmade cotton scarf, celebrating artisans from all around the globe. Such a thoughtful holiday gift — send one to Grandma so she can snuggle in and warm up!


Prism Light

Designed for use with any candle or electric tea light, this ingenious lantern will accent any home with a mesmerizing light show. Or experience a rainbow as sunlight explodes into color as it passes through the prismatic film which is the magic of this amazing piece. Here’s your Christmas show-stopper!


I Love Lucy: The Complete Series

“I Love Lucy” entertained generations of TV viewers! Bring a touch of nostalgia, a whiff of whimsy, and a barrel of laughs to the table when you choose this DVD box set. Whether you watched in prime time or syndication, you’ll want to watch all nine seasons again and again!


California Delicious Starbucks Daybreak Gourmet Coffee Gift Basket

Serve up a storm in your very own Starbucks logo mug with this great combination of coffee, teas and biscuits! A wonderful example of a coffee gift basket. Designed to make you, or nana feel good, and keep you fueled for the perils of the day.


Crock-Pot Smart Wifi-Enabled Slow Cooker

Wouldn’t it be convenient if there was an app for life? The Crock-Pot WiFi-enabled slow cooker is pretty much an app for dinner anyway! Running late or change of plans? Your smart device tells your Crock-Pot to increase cook time, reduce temperature, or turn off! Perfect gift for busy people!


Klikel Bronze Metal Family Tree with Hanging Picture Photo Frames

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift, but you don’t want to give Grandma just another picture frame? Here’s an option for SIX frames in the beautifully crafted Tree of Life display! Grandma knows her roots — your gift gives her a chance to enjoy looking at her most precious blossoms!


Dyson Pure Hot Cool Link Air Purifier

Grandma doesn’t have to be fragile to appreciate the gift of cleaner air! Dyson is the leader in innovation, now offering a WiFi-enabled Hot-Cool air purifier! Even the fussiest housekeeper can’t stay ahead of the microscopic particles polluting our indoor space! Attractive silhouette to complement any décor, perfect for Christmas!


Birth Month Mini Dish

What a darling little dish! Crafted by hand from stained glass in jewel tones, these dainty dishes represent all twelve birthstones. Choose one for Grandma’s birth month, or all to represent family birthdays! More fun than a calendar for keeping up with those special days! Decorative enough for any room!


Circle of Life Nesting Rings Necklace

This unique necklace is the epitome of charm and grace. Hand-crafted in sterling silver, the outer ring featuring a 22-karat gold overlay, represents the all-encompassing love of a woman for her family. Up to four inner rings nestle together representing the highlights of her family. Ideal for Grandma’s Christmas gift!

Prices Vary

Ooma Bowl

Don’t you love when your favorite food combos are “just right”? Here’s a convenient way to enjoy movie night without the awkwardness of several containers! This sturdy stoneware ergonomically comfortable duo bowl in several festive colors is just the ticket! No more soggy crackers or crunchy hummus! Great Christmas gift!


Breville Compact Juice Extractor

Getting the most out of fresh fruits and vegetables is what the Breville juice extractor does best! When you choose this convenient appliance for your Christmas gift-giving, you’re really giving the gift of sound nutrition in a compact countertop machine. Perfect for busy folks who prefer healthy, natural food!


Blessed Grandma T-Shirt

Grandma knows she’s blessed and will be proud to tell the world when she wears this comfy “Blessed Grandma” tee! Perfect for her favorite skirt or paired with jeans! However she wears it, Grandma will love knowing you’re thinking of her! It’s sure to become her new favorite top!


Our Name is Mud “I Heart Grandma” Mug

Do you want to send a loving sentiment this Christmas that’s much more than just another greeting card? Your grandma will be delighted to receive this adorable stoneware mug that proudly proclaims “I Love Grandma”. Easy-to-read lettering and iconic red heart keep you in Grandma’s heart every time she uses it!


Ballerina Herbal Warming Slippers

Luxury. A state of comfort. Your ”soles” desire! Whisper-soft slippers are infused with soothing aromatic lavender and flax seed insoles. Remove them for a quick pop in the microwave or freezer, then back into slippers to warm or cool your tootsies! A thoughtful Christmas gift to delight any gal’s little piggies!


Baby Nessie the Loch Ness Monster Tea Infuser

Loch on to some Scottish legend at your next tea party with this baby Nessie tea infuser. Both dishwasher safe and food safe, it’s the perfect addition for any arsenal of kitchen tools. Add any flavor of loose tea leaves you desire and let Nessie do the rest.


Kikkerland Kitchen Timer

Ensure all your cakes are cooked to purrfection with this cute and whimsical little cat themed timer. A great conversation piece, it will leave your guests feline amused every time. With the capability to time up to one hour, it would be a great gift for the kitten crazed person in your life.

Prices Vary

Solitary Bee Hive

Not all bees are created equal; some bees, like Mason bees, prefer a more solitary lifestyle. Instead of building hives, these industrious creatures spend their workday pollinating plants! This unique “bee condo” encourages them to settle down and raise their families, making it a great gift for organic gardeners or backyard farmers!


Sofia Women’s Cashmere Long Gloves

Grandma’s hands have the power to bake the world’s best cookie or cool a fevered brow. Now you have a chance to give her back a piece of the magic with unbelievably soft cashmere gloves for her! Designed with a turnback feature for double warmth, or to wear long!


Tea Drop Sampler

Take tea time to the next level with this tea drop sampler! Five dissolving drops of each of five organic tea blends, packaged in a keepsake box. Melts in a cup of hot water for a delicately balanced, lightly sweetened tea experience! You will be remembered long after the last drop!


Calming Lavender Heat Pillow

Long-lasting heat and the scent of lavender combine to make this pillow a therapeutic comfort. Specially designed with heat-conducting grain, this ingenious design conforms to your body, delivering warmth to your achy bits! Think of it as a soothing massage you can have anytime you want! Great gift for Christmas!


Personalized Cartoon Family Print

Choose from an adorable collection of cartoon figures to display in a customized cartoon family portrait! Family motto, names, even pets come into play in this fabulous print. Various sizes and up to eighteen characters can highlight your personalized selection. Makes a great gift for any home, ideal for Christmas giving!


AmazonBasics Premium Knife Block Set

Savvy home cooks know what professional chefs know — you need the right tools to get the job done! Premium block and knife set gives your kitchen the edge in efficient, accurate, and safe food preparation! This makes a great gift for the novice homemaker or a seasoned culinary artist.


Cheese & Crackers Serving Board

When it comes to clever, you’ll have the “and-vantage” with this sassy cheese and crackers serving board featuring a recessed ampersand! Line your favorite crackers in the groove, top the islands with your best cheese, and you’re ready to party! Perfect gift for the discerning hostess on your list this Christmas!


Mimi’s Sewing Room Sign

If you’re looking for the perfect Christmas gift for a crafty grandma, check out this customized “sewing shop” sign! Choose lettering in a fun color to complement the background, then customize your message to fit your special “sew-it-all”! Hand-made, so each personalized sign is as unique as her stitching creations!


Guide Birds

What a precious collection! Seven little hand-painted birds, representing seven virtues offer inspiration on a daily basis. Choose a different one for each day! Leaf plate included for the starling du jour. A little birdie told me this is a thoughtful gift for someone important enough to share your values.


Solar Light Garden Stake Flower Globes

Beautiful handmade recycled glass globes feature unique artistic floral designs atop these eco-friendly solar light garden stakes. What a lovely gift to brighten up any garden, deck, or pathway! Bring a bit of springtime to combat the long winter nights. Don’t wait until Christmas! Enjoy these beautiful outdoor accents today!


George Foreman Electric Quesadilla Maker

Ay-ay-ay-ay! Who loves quesadillas? George Foreman, the leader in countertop grills, is the convenient answer for crunchy quesadillas for everyone! For a party or a midnight snack, it couldn’t be easier to get that flavor you crave! And since everyone loves them, the quesadilla maker is on everyone’s Christmas wish list!


46 DIY Christmas Gift Ideas for Grandma

Photo Pendant Tutorial

So you want to give unique, personal gifts that are truly labors of love? Check out this do-it-yourself idea for amazing pendants which will be treasured by all who are blessed to receive them! With a little inspiration and simple craft supplies, you can create the most memorable gifts this Christmas!

Homemade Hand Soaps

Everyone needs soap, but soap doesn’t have to be boring! With a little ingenuity and simple craft supplies, you can learn to make designer soaps for everyone on your Christmas gift list! Add petals, leaves, even oats for an unusual texture or to complement your favorite scents! The possibilities are endless!

Grandparent Mugs

Here’s a fabulous project you and your little ones can collaborate on! Choose plain ceramic mugs and employ the artistic abilities of your youngsters to paint unique messages of love and admiration for the special grandmas and grandpas on your list this Christmas! Sure to elicit bright smiles and big hugs!

Homemade Strawberry Jam and Free Labels

Homemade strawberry jam is actually considered priceless! You can’t find a more fabulous treat, so imagine the delight of your family and friends when you choose to give them a jar of your kitchen’s best! Super simple recipe and free printable labels to give your DIY project that professional flair!

Lemon Sugar Scrub

Your kitchen is Santa’s Workshop! Everything you need to create a batch of luxurious lemon sugar scrub is at your fingertips! Free printable labels let your friends and family know what refreshing bath delight is in that cute little jar! Chemical-free makes it ideal for even the most sensitive skin!

Make A Shrinky Dink Bracelet

Have you heard of Shrinky Dinks? Here’s the most fun project for do-it-yourself one-of-a-kind bracelets! With a few simple craft supplies, you’re set to let your imagination run wild! Create links with a theme, or personalize each link to tell a story. Each creation will be a cherished gift!

Grandparent’s Day Kids Craft

Christmas is right around the corner, and your younger children will want to give gifts, too! What a beautiful opportunity to teach them to give from their hearts! Simple household and art supplies are all you need to guide little ones to make these cute awards for grandma and gramps!

Shrinky Dink Photo Ornaments

Shrinky Dinks are the most fun you can find at a craft store! Combine a few craft supplies, your favorite photos, and create unique ornaments for your Christmas tree or to give to cherished friends and family! Start a new tradition with the year’s memories highlighted at the holidays!

Caramel Coffee Mix In A Jar

What do you get if you add four ingredients, a bit of love, time and a DIY guide? Caramel coffee mix in a jar. The perfect way of showing your appreciation without spending a fortune. Great as an easy diy gift for grandma on its own, or as an addition to a coffee gift basket. Bottoms up!

Diy Coffee Body Scrub Recipe and Printable Gift Tag

She’ll love this DIY coffee body scrub! This guide will show you all you need to do to create this fantastic gift, just in time for the holiday season.

Butterfly Art

Instructions for creating this lovely butterfly bouquet are simple and elegant! All you need are some art supplies, your kids, and love! Working together, you and your children will have the delight of bonding, then the joy of sharing the finished masterpiece with their beloved Grandma. Perfect for Christmas!

Little Zippered Bow Pouch

Gift wrap, gift boxes, gift bags — handy but so impersonal — and disposable! In an age where reusable bags are ubiquitous for shopping, there must be a better option! The talented crafter can make adorable, zippered pouches with these easy instructions and the gift wrap is also a handy purse.

Chalk Photography Creative Keepsake

While the weather is still nice, take to the sidewalks for your next art project! This would be ideal for one-of-a-kind Christmas cards! Your imagination makes the ideas limitless! Chalk fun “backdrops” then pose your kids or pets for photographs! Your message is as personal and unique as you are!

Grandparents Family Tree

Here’s a “hands-on” craft project for the whole family! Literally! Using hand tracing cut-outs, colorful “leaves” with each person’s name fill in the branches of your family tree! Grandma and Pops will be tickled to receive this unique memento that speaks of a family’s love and their special connection.

Homemade Brown Sugar Scrub

Wintery weather wrecks hands! Take a few ingredients from your kitchen and make a delightful sugar scrub that will bring back summery angel softness! Perfect for Christmas! Print simple labels and let your imagination decorate your containers! Everyone will think you’re “sweet” when they get this thoughtful gift!

Photograph Tiles

Remember Mod Podge? It’s still a staple in creating memorable crafts — in this case, beautiful photograph tiles! Print your favorite photos to fit, along with any message, such as names or dates, and you’re ready to bring the family photo album out of the closet and on display! Great for gifts!

Rolo Cookies

Who wouldn’t love homemade chocolate chip cookies with a Rolo candy surprise in the middle? Make these delicious delights (use the recommended recipe or your own), and choose fun containers (like the takeout boxes featured), then add your own label, message, or decoration for amazing gifts this Christmas!

Diy Coffee Lover’s Gift Basket

Can’t find a gift basket that suits your criteria for grandma? Well do it yourself. This DIY guide shows you how to create a beautiful and bountiful gift basket that the coffee lover will absolutely adore. Add treats, mugs and other delectable products and you’ll have a truly personal coffee gift.

Diy Poured Glitter Tin Candles

Candles can turn a house into a home, and none more so than home-made ones. These glittery candles are made from soy wax flakes, and can be made as a set or as single gifts to light up someone’s Christmas and add some sparkle into their lives. Like everything else in life, glitter makes it better.

Diy Wooden Bracelets

You wooden believe how awesome these bracelets look, especially as they are made from wooden popsicle sticks! By soaking them in water for a few days, they can be bent and shaped before being dried and painted in whatever style you like. Keep them simple or go all out glittery- either way, they’re fab. Grandma will love them!

Diy Vanilla Coffee Soap

The homemade Christmas gift for the grandma coffee lover that (almost) has everything. Vanilla Coffee Soap. With just a tiny shopping list, this extensive guide and a bit of your time, you too can create the soap that smells so good, you’ll want to melt it down and drink it.

Send A Hug

When Grandma doesn’t live nearby, but would still love to get those super special hugs from her favorite grandbabies, what can you do? How about getting those young ‘uns to be still long enough to trace their outstretched arms, then send the cut-outs to Grandma! She will love it THIIIIIIIIIIIIIS much!

Bouquet of Tissue Paper Flowers

Gift-giving is child’s play with this adorable do-it-yourself paper bouquet project! Art supplies, adult supervision, and a special someone are all a little one needs to create a one-of-a-kind flower arrangement that’s sure to take front-and-center stage on Grandma’s fridge! Basic instructions get you started; your young artiste makes it unique!

Simple And Cute Button Bookmarks

Create these simple to use bookmarks with paper clips and buttons! The hard part is deciding which ones to keep and which ones to share! Slip onto a greeting card, name tag, or into a book for a special bit of added flair to your Christmas gift! Let your creativity abound!

Diy Candlestick Candy Jars

Elevate your Christmas crafts this year! Your art supplies, jars, and candlesticks (inexpensive at thrift shops or dollar stores) come together to create colorful, cute candy jars! Color coordinate to match the candy, or the lucky recipient’s home or office decor! Great hostess gift! You’ll want to make one for yourself!

Diy Summer Blooms Garden Apron

With so many friends and family who like gardening, try this blog inspired sewing pattern that will produce a useful apron to keep them clean around the garden. There’s handy pockets and various options of fittings to choose from, as you impress your family with the quality of your work.

Diy Cute & Easy Tote Bag Pattern With A Pocket

Bags never go out of fashion and are always useful, which makes them superb gifts at Christmas, especially when they are lovingly homemade. Check out this blog for a sewing pattern that produces a tote bag, with a handy exterior pocket, in whatever color scheme you like.

Diy Super Chic And Feminine Pearl Necklace Diy Tutorial

Jewelry is always well received as a gift, especially if it’s as chic as these homemade necklaces, complete with pendants. There’s a simple set of instructions to follow and helpful photographs make sure you are on the right track to deliver a stunning gift to a loved one.

Diy Felt Ball Necklace Tutorial

Sometimes it’s the effort put into a gift that determines its value, but with this delightful felt ball necklace, you can’t get away from the gorgeous styling either. Easily put together by following the straight forward instructions, this is a great gift for older kids to help make for their Moms or Grandmas.

Diy Ruffled Scarf For Sewing Republic

With winter getting into full swing, this ruffled scarf design means this is a gift that will keep you warm as well as looking good. Choose your own color as you work the material according to the included instructions, and know you are on the right track by checking the accompanying photographs.

Diy Grandma Booklet

Looking for a cute homemade Christmas gift for Grandma this year? Take a look at this blog post which comes with printable download and instructions on how to assemble an adorable sentimental booklet.

Heart Handprint Canvas

This canvas is so cute, and perfect for even the youngest grandchild to make. Make it in Grandma’s favorite colors, then add the sweet verse around the edge for a special touch.

Grandma Tweet Hearts

Grandma is going to adore this print, made up of her grandchildren’s footprints which are then turned into cute birds, before having their names added so she knows whose is whose.

Grandma Printable

This gift idea couldn’t be simpler. Just print it out, fill it in, and then frame it for an almost-instant gift which will really touch Grandma’s heart.

Helping Hands Pot Holder

One of life’s greatest pleasures is baking with our grandchildren, so give Grandma that feeling even when they can’t be there with these super-cute pot holders which can be her ‘helping hands’.

Dit Gardening Lover Gift

Grandkids are like flowers – they bring endless joy as we watch them bloom. Turn their hands into delightful flowers with a plant pot which will remind Grandma of their little green fingers.

Diy Sharpie Pillowcase

When sleepovers aren’t possible (well, they have to go home sometimes), keep them in Grandma’s mind with one of these pillowcases which has been decorated by her favorite little one’s hands.

Etched Monogram Pendant

Etching cream is so good at turning the ordinary into something extra-ordinary – just look at this etched glass monogram pendant, which you can make for next to nothing.

Diy Picture Frame

This is a lovely idea for a make at home Christmas gift for grandparents, and all you need is a photo frame which comes with a matte frame inside, and crayons.

Homemade Cinnamon Ornaments

If grandkids are made from sugar and spice and all things nice, these cinnamon Christmas tree ornaments will be just perfect, as they’re made from cinnamon (spice) and apple sauce (sugar).

Diy Grandchil Sign

Give Grandma somewhere a little different to display some of her most treasured photographs with a stand-alone wooden sign which has space for lots of piccies and a splash of cheerful color.

Diy Painted Rock Photo Holders

Just a little imagination (and some glue and wire) can turn a rock or stone into a home-made photo holder which will look gorgeous on any desk, shelf, or coffee table.

Diy Crochet Dishcloth

There are heaps of information, tips, and tricks in this post, which shows you not only how to crochet a dishcloth, but also how to color fast your yarn.

Diy Pumpkin Spice Goat Milk Soap

Just two ingredients (plus a mold) are all you need to make these delectable soap bars, which will fill the bathroom with the irresistible aroma of pumpkin spice.

Diy Wreath

Wreaths look lovely on the front door, or even on the wall inside the house, so learn how to make a cute heart-shaped one which can be tailored to match the seasons.

Diy Painted Glass Coasters

Make these glass coasters by painting vinyl clings, then attaching them face side up to the bottom of a plain glass coaster, displaying the image while keeping the top perfectly smooth.

Diy Wood Photo

If you’re looking for an unusual way to give photographs as gifts, this tutorial will show you how to transfer a photo onto wood for a beautifully rustic effect.

I Love Grandma Because

This simple idea will make for an adorable gift from a young grandchild, and will truly touch Grandma’s heart as she reads all the things your child loves about her.

Diy Handprint Tulip Towels

Give the kids free rein over decorating these tea towels once their handprint flowers have been painted, and Grandma will have a unique and lovingly made gift she’ll treasure forever.

Diy Photo Magnets

Whatever your kids call her, have them hold the letters individually so you can photograph them, then print them and turn them into fridge magnets which spell out Grandma’s name.

Diy Pom Pom Picture Frame

Pom poms are such cheery little things, and are available in a riot of bright colors, which is just as well because you’ll be using them to make this super colorful frame.

Diy Big Hug Card

This card is adorable, and will cheer up lonely grandparents when they can’t be around their favorite little people, because inside each one is a mahoosive grandchild hug, just for them.

Diy Mini Grapevine Wreath

Making adorable little decorations, these mini grapevine wreaths can be as simple or as intricate as you like, which means they’re perfect for both younger and older grandkids to make for the olds.

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