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32 Christmas Gifts for Friends Who Have Everything

With the holidays rapidly approaching, you will be in full gift buying mode, right? Sometimes, the people that appear to have everything are hard to shop for. This list is not cheating, it is simply full of incredible inspiration that will help you choose your friends the perfect presents.


Champagne And Confections

What is the definition of decadence? Champagne and chocolates. With this brilliant gift basket you can make one of your friends extremely happy this Christmas. Ideal for indulgence, the basket contains your choice of champagne alongside chocolates and truffles, and has been packaged beautifully for gift giving.

Prices vary

City Skyline Lamp

Is there someone in your life that lives for the sight of their favorite skyline? Is it the place they grew up or the place they have always wanted to visit? Either way, this city skyline lamp could be the perfect way to bring them closer, no matter where they currently live.


Winc Wine Subscription Box

If you know someone that absolutely adores downing a glass of wine, this could be the present for them. Thanks to the Winc Wine Club, you can ensure that they have the most delicious wines delivered to their doorstep on a monthly basis! Head over to the following website to find out more.

Prices vary

Royal Craft Wood Luxury Bamboo Bathtub Caddy

Waterproof and constructed from bamboo, this Royal Craft Wood bathtub caddy is the ultimate tool to help one relax. Ideal for couples, the caddy looks amazing and comes complete with two accessory slots, wine holders, and loads more features. Thanks to its extendibility, it can fit most bathtubs.


Friends TV Show Peephole

Is there a Friends fan in your life? Of course there is, there’s a Friends fan in everyone’s life. This brilliant piece of memorabilia looks identical to the famous frame that surrounds Monica’s peephole and will help to keep their beloved tv show close to them at all times.


Grand Indulgence Gourmet Gift Basket

Are you looking to send someone a lot of love this Christmas? Awesome, this is the way to do it. The following gift basket contains a wonderful assortment of gourmet goods that will be treasured by any recipient. From gourmet ham and fresh roasted nuts, to chocolate caramel popcorn, it will put a smile on their face.

Prices vary

Kombucha Jar & Brew Kit

Have you heard of the benefits of kombucha? They are abundant! If there is someone you know and love that constantly sips this delicious tea, why not help them to brew their own? That’s right, this awesome and exciting kit contains not only a fermentation crock, but also a ton of recipes too.


F Bomb Paperweight

Weigh things down by throwing the F bomb; yup you read that right, this paperweight is ready and waiting to do a better job than gravity itself. Hilarious in design, the paperweight looks just like a bomb and features a big fat letter F on the side.


Tune Out Musical Sleep Mask

Sleep is more elusive for some people than others; if you know of one of these people, why not invest in getting them one of these wonderful sleep masks? Not only does this high quality mask block out the light, it also can connect to one’s phone to play whatever bedtime banger they love to listen to.


Bubble Wrap Calendar

Bubble wrap, what a brilliant invention. This fun stuff not only protects valuables, it is so enjoyable to simply pop! With that in mind, this calendar features a bubble for each and every day of the year. Instead of marking a date, all you need to do is give it a squeeze.


Handmade Wooden Rope Back Massager

Whether they have a laboring job, love to play sports, or simply sit down for too long, there is bound to be someone in your life that is in need of a deep back massage. Instead of giving them the gift of your oily hands, why not pick up one of these handmade wooden rope back massagers.


Huggaroo Microwavable Heating Pad

The benefits of hot water bottles have been well known for a long time, especially when someone is suffering from persistent pain. This particular hot water bottle has been designed to be heavy, allowing the soothing heat to delve deeper into the neck, shoulders and upper back. See it in action right here.


Outdoor Wine Glasses

There is one thing that has the potential to ruin a picnic more than anything else, the spilling of the wine! If you would like to stop this awful tragedy happening to one of your friends, gift them these outdoor wine glasses that can be wedged comfortably and securely into the ground.


Brimma Leak Proof Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Fruit infused water has more benefits than you might imagine, and they are not all health related! With this leak proof fruit infuser, someone in your life will be able to make fresh, delicious and vitamin packed water. Both shatterproof and slip resistant, it would make a great gift.


Opulent Spa Basket

The gift of relaxation is one of the best presents one could receive. If you are looking to make an impression on someone this holiday season, pick them up one of these delightful gift baskets. Packed full with stunning candles, bath supplies and much more, they will be able to indulge for weeks.

Prices vary

Pedestal Jewelry Holder

Everyone needs somewhere special to store their favorite jewelry. If you know that your friend is one of these people, take a look at this. Handmade from ceramic and imprinted with vintage fabrics, the stunning pedestal is the perfect place to showcase said items; it even comes with up to 40 holes for hanging earrings.


PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer

Mobile phones are awesome, yet also deadly. As much as they are useful, they are a breeding ground for bacteria and germs…yuck. Thanks to this ingenious phone sanitizer, you can keep your screen clean due to the power of ultra violet lights! The future really is here.


Moon Beam Sleep Aid

Ahh insomnia, what a curse. If someone in your life suffers from this awful infliction, don’t you just wish that you could wave a magic wand and let them sleep? This moon beam sleep aid could be that magic wand as it emits a gentle, pulsing light that will help calm and relax the user.


Maki Salmon Socks

Know of someone that goes mad for maki? How wonderful, then this gift will be right up their alley. These delightfully comfortable socks not only feel great, they look great too! Seriously funny, the socks have been designed to look just like the delicious snack whilst rolled up in the sock drawer.


Sunflower in a Bag Grow Kit

Growing sunflowers is a rewarding and beneficial pastime, plus it is a ton of fun. Easier than ever before, this brilliant kit allows the user to grown their own sunflowers right out of a bag. Simple and with instructions included, this kit could leave them with sunflowers of astronomical heights.


Footprints in the Sand Doormat

Bring some of the magic and fun of the sun to your friend’s day to day tasks thanks to this wonderful doormat. Durable and constructed from coir, the mat itself is high quality enough to deal with being walked all over! Featuring a pair of footprints at the ocean shore, it just screams peace and tranquility.


Hamsa Mezze Server

Handcrafted in Tunisia, this awe inspiring Hamsa mezze server will become a real conversation piece. Perfect for the person in your life that loves to host, the server features 5 removable sections for snacks, leaving behind a remarkable tray that would be a great home to any and every spread.


Past Present Future Necklace

If you are shopping for someone that would benefit from being reminded to live in the moment, this could be the gift for them. An absolute stunner of a present, this necklace is simple yet effective and features 3 interlocking rings that represent the past, present and, of course, future.


Dom Perignon With Personalized Gift Box

Receiving a bottle of Dom Perignon at Christmas is enough of a gift to make anyone ecstatic. The only way to make it mean more is by having it delivered in one of these sentimental boxes! Not only does the box look great, it can be personalized with an engraved plaque. too.

Prices vary

Magnetic Notebook

Notebooks are useful, nobody can deny that; however, once the pages have been filled, there is no way for the notes to be rearranged or used in any other way. That will all change thanks to this incredible magnetic notebook that includes magnetic pages that can be removed and re-added whenever.

Prices vary

Ballerina Herbal Warming Slippers

Say hello to these ballerina herbal warming slippers if you are looking for a way to treat a loved one’s feet. Ideal for just sitting and relaxing, these fluffy slippers contain removable insoles that can be heated in the winter and cooled in the summer! With lavender buds inside, even the smell is soothing.


Geode Stemless Wine Glass

Wow, how incredible are these? If you are on the hunt for a new wine glass for the wine fan among your friends, consider getting them one of these. Not only are these stemless wine glasses useful and high quality, they have also been affixed with a beautiful Brazilian geode that is simply brilliant to look at.


Convertible Travel Pillow Infinity Scarf

The genius behind this product should be given a medal, it is seriously cool! Stylish and easy on the eyes, this brilliant scarf is hiding a secret. The warm scarf is inflatable, transforming it from fashion accessory to a travel pillow. Absolutely ideal for anyone that flies or drives a lot.


Cleansing Ritual Candle

Smudging has been practiced for many many years, it is said that the burning of sage can help ward off bad energy and spirits. If you know someone that would love the benefits of this practice, pick them up one of these candles that smells just like the real thing. Long lasting and full of love.


Bedside Essentials Pocket

Do you know someone that is tired of keeping all of their bedtime essentials either under their pillow or on the floor? Treat them to this handy pocket that hangs comfortably on the side of the bed. With space for their phone, tablet, glasses and more, it will make a useful and exciting gift.

Prices vary

Julep Maven Makeup Subscription Box

Introducing the Julep Beauty Box. This awesome subscription service allows you to set up a personalized subscription for a friend in which they can receive the best makeup and skincare products around…the best part is it will be delivered straight to their door every month.

Prices vary

LifeAround2Angels Bath Bombs Gift Set

Do you want to make someone extra happy this Christmas time? Of course you do, and there is no better way than with this incredibly cool box of bath bombs, which comes with 12 natural bombs of assorted colors and ingredients! The perfect way to help them relax, they are even USA made.


3 Creative Diy Gifts for Friends

Diy Wire Wrapped Stone Necklace

Simple stones and crystals can make some truly effective and pretty jewelry. If you would like to try your own hand at making jewelry as opposed to buying it from a store, this article will show you how. That’s right, the information found here will leave you with your own wire wrapped stone necklaces.

Diy Cozy Slippers Gift Idea

Giving someone the gift of fluffy slippers is awesome enough; however, if you would like to know how to make this gift better you can do so with this DIY project. On the following website you will find out how to fill slippers with goodies and tie them up in a stunning bow to make someone smile.

Diy Chalkboard Serving Tray

Are you a fan of homemade projects? If you are, you must be interested in finding out how you can make a chalkboard serving tray, right? Chunky and rustic looking, this tray can be made to whatever size you require – simply add a packet of chalk or chalk pens for a truly personal gift.

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