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39 Christmas Gifts for Good Employees – 2018 Office Gift Guide

Offices are a great place for exchanging gifts, especially at Christmas. If you are on the lookout for great gifts for your best employees, have a read through this range of items and see what you discover. Whether they need something for work, or for home, you will find it here.

christmas gifts for employees

PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer

Smartphones are great, we just can’t seem to live without them. However, our need to have them with us at all times leads them to pick up tons of germs from all over the place! If you know someone that is germ conscious, grab them one of these ingenious UV smartphone sanitizers.


Teo Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oils are calming and can have a great effect on people, especially in a busy workplace. As a great gift for the colleague in your life, pick up one of these essential oil diffusers. With a modern and sleek design, it is perfect for stress relieving, helping allergies, and keeping a relaxing atmosphere.


Standing Desk Balance Board

Do you know somebody that uses a standing desk for work? If so, they could do with one of these exciting standing desk balance boards. Whilst working, their core muscles will also be working hard to engage their entire body, keeping them fit and healthy. Users can even adjust the difficulty as it suits them.


Changable Felt Letter Board

With an oak wood frame, this fun changeable felt letter board comes with 580 letters, numbers and even symbols, allowing the recipient to spell out whatever message they want, whenever they want. With a canvas bag included, it would make a brilliant gift for just about anybody.


AMS Modern quartz Cuckoo Clock

From AMS comes this delightful quartz cuckoo clock. With a swinging pendulum and cuckoo bird, the modern design of this awesome clock would make it a delightful gift for the employee that you know and love. The best part is, everybody in the office will know exactly when it is time to go home.


Blomus Notepaper Roll Holder

Do you know somebody that has to jot down a lot of notes in their day to day work? Brilliant, then this is definitely the gift for them. Brought to us by Blomus, this truly incredible looking stainless steel notepaper roll holder comes with 1 roll of Blomus paper and is ready to be used.

Prices Vary

Christmas Breakfast Gift Basket Select

Almost every family enjoys a special breakfast at Christmas, it is just tradition. Help to spice up someone in your life’s Christmas morning festivities with this unbelievable breakfast gift basket. Full to the brim with warming, cozy, holiday treats; opening presents will be the 2nd best part of the morning.


Natural Bamboo Wood Desk Organizer

A messy desk is an unproductive desk, everybody knows that. If you are searching for a special present for the office worker in your life, think about picking them up one of these bamboo desk organizers. Great to look at, it will give them the tools that they need to have a great looking, functional workspace.


Unisex Burrito Socks

Don’t treat them, treat their feet this Christmas with a pair of these brilliant burrito socks. That’s right, extremely comfortable to wear and awesome to look at, these cotton blend unisex socks look just like the Mexican wrap that we all know and love. A rice and cheesy gift for their stocking.


Fresh Fruit and Cookies Holiday Basket

It is reaching that time of year in which everybody is giving and receiving gift baskets, and you wish that you could join in. Beat the rest of the bunch by investing in one of these fresh fruit and cookies gift baskets that are wonderfully holiday themed and truly delectable.


Day To Night Rotating Clock

Check out this ingenious clock if you are looking for a great Christmas gift. Functional as a working clock, the face shows a stunning and constantly changing background that cleverly shows the different scenes that occur during the sun’s reign of power during the day and its transfer to the moon at night.


U Brands Desktop Filing Set

Straight from U Brands, this desktop filing set can prove a very useful present for the desk worker that you know and appreciate. Rose gold in color, the 10 piece set contains everything that could be needed to organize and sort documents, books and more.


Bodum Insulated Travel French Press Coffee and Tea Mug

Insulated travel mugs are great! However, it can sometimes be tiresome to make a beverage before adding it to the mug. With this cleverly designed travel mug, you can make fresh coffee AND drink it from the same container whilst on the go thanks to the built in coffee press.


AmoVee Acrylic Headphone Stand

If you know of somebody that uses headphones during their work, you can understand just how easy it is to damage or break headphones that are stored on a cluttered and heavily used desk. With this robust and sleek looking stand, this will no longer be a problem for them.


The Royal Holiday Champagne Gift Basket

Does someone that you know and appreciate deserve something extra special this holiday season? What better way to show them how much they mean to you by gifting them one of these Royal Holiday champagne gift baskets that come with your selection of champagne, alongside some delectable gourmet treats.

Prices vary

Wrote-A-Note 2000

Take a look at the Mustard Wrote-A-Note 2000 if you are on the hunt for a retro and exciting way to write notes. The 100 included sticky notes are perfect for keeping notes and memos and come complete with an awesome looking typewriter dispenser that all of the recipient’s colleagues will love.


Mistaken Lyrics Coasters

Music is great, nobody can disagree with that; however, popular songs can hold a ton of comedic value when the lyrics are humorously mistaken. These exciting cork coasters feature some absolute belters and are available in 3 different music categories making them perfect for gift giving.


SONGMICS Bamboo Wood Monitor Stand Computer Riser

Anybody that works with computers will know the health risks that can be involved with an improperly set up desk, one of these risks can arise from a monitor sitting at the wrong height. Awesome to look at, this bamboo monitor riser comes with a built in desk organizer and would make a brilliant present.


Christmas Chocolates Gift Basket

If someone in your life’s Christmas list consists of chocolate, more chocolate and then some extra chocolate, this gift basket has their name written all over it. Deluxe, decadent and truly delicious, the keepsake basket itself contains cookies, candies and other treats that all contain chocolate.


Owl Eyeglasses Holder

Handmade in India from a single piece of sheesham wood, this stunning owl is an occasional glasses wearer. Perfectly happy being perched on a work desk, this wisdom filled bird is content with donning your glasses when you don’t need them, keeping them free from desk damage.


Ceramic Tea Infuser Travel Mug with Lid

Designed to look just like marble, this 16oz ceramic travel mug would make a pretty cool present for a hardworking employee of yours. Double walled and insulated, the travel mug can keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold and even boasts a built-in tea infuser, allowing them to brew on the move.

Prices Vary

ThinkGeek Executive Knight Pen Holder

If an executive knight was to hand you anything, you would take it…who would say no to a knight? If you know someone that deserves a knighthood for their penmanship, pick them up one of these brilliant pen stands that looks just like a brave knight presenting an included pen. Great for desks!


Bubble Tea Kit

Bubble tea, anyone that tries it becomes an immediate fan. If you are aware that one of your employees is barmy about bubble tea, this awesome home kit allows them to brew 2 flavors of tea and comes with 2 reusable straws and even tapioca pearls.


Majestic Forest Bookends

Every bookworm deserves some pretty cool bookends to keep their favorite stories upright and on show. If you are on the lookout for a set of bookends, consider purchasing a set of these handmade majestic forest bookends that will make your bookworm’s books appear from between the trees.


Scotch Chameleon Dispenser

As color changing as the real thing, this touch sensitive tape dispenser has been designed to look just like a chameleon. With one roll of Scotch Magic tape included, this novelty yet useful dispenser is an ideal Christmas gift for the office worker that you know and appreciate!

Prices Vary

As Good As Gold Gift Basket

Gold is a valuable color. If you are looking for a gift for the worker that you value, this gift basket could not be more fitting. This festive basket has been jam packed with a golden collection of imported sweets and treats that can be enjoyed at the recipient’s leisure (and hopefully shared with you).


Christmas Stocking Gift

Whoa! How awesome is this Christmas stocking gift? The delightful and festive looking stocking is overflowing with delectable goods. Seasonally themed, the award winning contents are truly awe inspiring. With so many delicious treats, candies and even cocoa, you really can’t go wrong – it’s the perfect present.


Llama Butler Doorstop

Doorstops are a useful and thoughtful gift…but there has to be a way to make them better! Luckily for you, there is…and it is this. Adorably cute, this doorstop has been created to look just like a polite and chivalrous llama that will hold the door open whenever it is needed.


Travel and Comfort Pillow

Regardless of whether they use it for work or leisure, this flexible pillow is a great way to keep your favorite employee carefree and comfortable. Designed by a physiotherapist, it provides lumbar support when it is needed most and has multiple different uses…it even comes in a funky design.


Table Topics

As manager, you want your employees to gel well together. One of the best ways of doing so is providing them with a good ice breaker! Pick up a pack of Table Topics and you will find yourself sitting on a gold mine of conversation starters that can be used in a professional setting wonderfully.


Moving Sand Glass Craft Micro-Sandscape

Whether they pop it next to their desk or take it home, this brilliant art piece makes a wonderful gift for a colleague or worker of yours. The quicksand painting is awesome to watch and can be flipped daily for a new and exciting moving picture!

Prices Vary

Otto the Otter Tape Dispenser

Aww! How adorable is this little dude? Office supplies make great gifts for workers everywhere and this tape dispenser would make an exceptionally awesome gift. Sculpted from resin, the dispenser looks just like a cute little otter and will ensure that tape is available whenever it is needed.


A Toast to Christmas Champagne Gift Basket

The Holidays are a great time for a toast, and also a great time for this ‘A toast to Christmas’ gift basket, complete with a stunning prosecco, alongside gourmet crackers, cheese, chocolate and more. Head over to the following page now and see the contents list in full.


Magnetic Notebook

Ingeniously simple, this brilliant notebook is perfect for workers everywhere. The magnetic pages of this book allow users to mix and match their notes whenever they feel like it. They can remove pages, replace pages, and organize their notes to suit them. Awesome and extremely useful.

Prices vary

Brazilian Honey Sampler

The honey that can be found in Brazil is some of the best honey in the whole entire world. If you know someone that would appreciate the sweet nectar of this brilliant country, pick them up this Brazilian honey sampler that is full of new and exciting flavors that will be enjoyed.


Hero Bookend

How cool is this? Comic book fans everywhere will be ecstatic to receive this brilliant bookend that will make it appear as though a superhero is using all of their powers to hold the books upright. Simple in design yet extremely effective, it would make a great Christmas gift.


Travel Cord Roll

Electronic cords and wires can be extremely annoying to organize. If you are searching for a gift for the tech fan that cannot keep themselves tidy, pick them up one of these travel cord rolls that are the perfect place for sorting and organizing their wires. They will thank you for it.


F Bomb Paperweight

Funny as…well the F bomb, this hilarious paperweight is perfect for the potty mouth of the office. The letter F lovingly sits next to a big black bomb and is the ideal way to keep papers and documents organized and safe. If you’re looking for a gift for your employee, this could be the one.


3 Thoughtful Diy Office Gifts

Diy Glass Calendar

Glass calendars are awesome, nobody can deny that! If you are interested in getting one for someone in your life, why not consider making it yourself? With the following article, you will have all of the information you could need to make a brilliant and inexpensive calendar.

Diy Computer Monitor Stand

Monitor stands are not only a perfect present, they are also good for the recipient’s health. If you know of someone that has been struggling with IT related health issues, make them their very own monitor stand using this article and see how happy (and healthy) it makes them.

Diy Office Memo Board

Are you aware of someone in your life that loves to be organized at work? Perfect, put some time aside and use the instructions on the following page to find out how you can use your own two hands to create an office memo board that will keep things organized and on schedule.

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