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2020 Holiday Gift Baskets – 39 Christmas Gift Baskets for All Budgets

Food gifts are one of the best presents you can give someone – they show that you’ve really taken the time to get them something you know they’re going to love (because no-one is going to choose something they won’t eat!) Choose from these Christmas gift baskets and get that special someone a present they’ll truly appreciate.

Christmas Basket Traditional

When you think of Christmas flavors, there’s a couple which spring to mind, such as peppermint and cinnamon. This foodie hamper contains a variety of holiday flavors which will get you in the mood for Christmas, while the jolly red color will certainly get you thinking of the most wonderful time of the year.


Christmas Chocolates Gift Basket

This will be every chocoholic’s dream present, a hamper absolutely overflowing with cocoa goodness. From chocolate cookies to chocolate covered fruit and everything in between, you’ll make every one of their holiday dreams come true when you present them with this decadent gift basket.


Fresh Fruit and Cookies Holiday Basket

The holiday season is a time of indulgence, but finding that harmony between good for you and not quite so healthy is tricky. Luckily, this gift hamper strikes the perfect balance with a selection of deliciously buttery cookies as well as some crisp apples, juicy oranges, and sumptuous pears.


Deluxe Holiday Thank You Selection

There is nothing like getting together with your friends over a hot cup of coffee, or tea if that’s your drink of choice. This delicious hamper has both, as well as some tasty treats which will go perfectly with the drinks; you just need to give it to someone you know will share with you!


Holiday Gathering Sweets and Treats Tower

Spending time with our nearest and dearest has to be one of the best parts of the holiday season. Take this Sweets and Treats Tower to the next holiday party you go to and your host will be super thankful, as everyone can help themselves and the host can enjoy the party.


Christmas Breakfast Gift Basket Select

It’s not all about the Christmas dinner – the breakfast we have on Christmas Day needs to be just as special, especially after all of the excitement of opening the presents. Whether you fancy pancakes, scones, or oatmeal, this gift basket has everything you need to make a delicious festive breakfast.


Merry and Bright Chocolate Tower

Presented in wonderfully festive boxes, this tower of treats is sure to be the showpiece at any holiday party you take it to. Inside each box there are different gourmet goodies to be discovered, with delights such as coconut praline pecans and red Chile peanuts; perfect for the party guests to share among themselves.


Christmas Wine Gift Basket

Christmas is the time of year where the good wine is opened. Instead of going out to the store and buying the bottle yourself, choose from a selection of three and get it delivered to your door along with some carefully chosen gourmet foods which will pair beautifully with whichever wine you decide on.

Prices vary

Season’s Greetings Gourmet Collection

This is the perfect gift for that foodie you know…a gift basket brimming with delicious gourmet foods which they’ll love indulging in over the holiday season. It has the perfect mix of sweet and savory foods so they can pick and choose whatever they’re craving that day.


Christmas Ornament Gift Tower

Christmas time is all about the food. Everyone has special memories of the holiday season and almost all of those memories will be about food. Help them to reminisce with this Christmas Ornament gift basket which has a selection of carefully chosen seasonal goodies inside.


Reindeer Holiday Gift Tower

Everyone knows that Santa’s sleigh is pulled by reindeer and that it’s the head one, Rudolph, who lights the way so Santa can see where he’s going. This reindeer themed snack tower has a delicious selection of treats, perfect for you to eat on Christmas Eve while you wait for the gifts to be delivered.


California Classic Wine Basket

Opening a bottle of wine to share with your friends and family is one of the best parts of the Holidays, and you can’t have Christmas dinner without a glass. Choose from red, white, or even both and you can get them sent to your front door along with some gourmet goodies to gorge on.

Prices vary

Nuts and Chocolate Wishes Tower

The boxes themselves look festive on their own, but wait until you see what’s inside them. A delicious selection of nuts, popcorn, chocolates and even some dried fruit which were made for the holiday season, perfect for snacking on while you’re waiting for the turkey to cook.


Sincerest Greetings Gourmet Gift Basket

Presented in a lovely black gift basket, the goodies inside will be the perfect gift to give to friends, family, or maybe even work colleagues. It contains a variety of delicious gourmet foods from roasted almonds to a hot chocolate mix, the perfect way to end a busy day of Christmas shopping.


Healthy Christmas Gift Basket

Eating healthily doesn’t have to be boring, in fact there are so many healthy foods now which taste amazing and are still good for you. Get this gift hamper for the fitness friend you have and they’ll enjoy having their own snacks to eat while you all enjoy the naughty (but oh so nice) Christmas goodies.


Happy Holidays Gift Tower

A delicious gingerbread spice kettle corn will make everyone feel festive, and that’s just one of the goodies which feature in this Happy Holidays Gift Tower. Key lime cookies, dark chocolate squares, and S’mores pretzels will bring everyone together over these delicious gourmet snacks.


Happy Holidays Champagne Basket

Champagne only comes out on special occasions, and is there any occasion worth celebrating more than Christmas? Not only will you receive a bottle of bubbles, which you can choose, but you’ll also get both sweet and savory snacks presented in a beautiful keepsake basket and finished with a hand tied ribbon.

Prices vary

Holiday Chocolate Pretzels Tin

No one will ever turn down these delicious Bavarian pretzels – they’re dipped in milk chocolate and then sprinkled with English toffee to give them a delicious crunch as you bite into them. Presented in a wintry keepsake tin, they’ll make a perfect festive gift, or keep them as a reward for all that stressful shopping.


Gourmet Gift for Christmas

The goodies inside this handled wicker basket will be perfect for anyone you decide to give them to. Summer sausage, premium cheese, and a delicious bottle of red wine are just some of the delicious treats that are included inside this gourmet Christmas hamper.


Christmas Delivery Gift

This tower of boxes would make the perfect centerpiece for your Christmas party. The sparkling silver and glittering golden boxes contain some of the tastiest snacks around, including sweet cinnamon sugar cookies and salted caramel pretzels which your party guests will love tucking into.


A Golden Holiday Gift Basket

Whether you’re giving this to friends, family, or to your boss, it’ll be one of their favorite presents of the year. Not only does this gift basket look impressive as it’s presented in a black and gold serving tray, but there are some truly tasty treats waiting for you to tuck into and enjoy.


A Toast to Christmas Champagne Gift Basket

Nothing says you truly care about someone like a bottle of champagne. Go one step further this Christmas and get your loved ones this basket which not only comes with a bottle of bubbly but also a variety of delicious snacks which are certain to go down well.


The Royal Holiday Champagne Gift Basket

Whether you choose the Moet & Chandon or the Dom Perignon, this gift basket will be well received by friends or co-workers. Not only will they get to pop the cork on an expensive bottle of champagne, but they’ll also get some gourmet foods to go with it.

Prices vary

Encore Gourmet Gift Basket

The holiday season is all about food, and sharing it with your loved ones is a big part of the celebrations. Present this Encore food hamper to the party host and they’ll love you forever for it. Their guests can share the gourmet foods inside and your host can celebrate alongside you all.

Prices vary

Chocolate Cheer Tower

They’ll wonder what they’ve done to deserve this glistening tower of snow themed gift boxes when you present it to them but wait until they see what’s inside; a selection of rich and decadent chocolate goodies which are just waiting to be tucked into at any Christmas gathering.


Christmas Gourmet Gift Basket Select

Nothing says Christmas like food does. Give someone the gift of gourmet goodies this year with this food hamper which contains a variety of delicious Christmassy treats from white chocolate cranberry cookies to milk chocolate sea salt caramels. It’s nothing short of delicious and will be enjoyed by whoever you give it to.


As Good As Gold

When you give someone a gift, you want it to look as impressive as possible, especially at Christmas. This glistening golden food hamper isn’t just visually stunning, but the foods inside are just as pleasing and can be enjoyed with friends and family around the fireplace on Christmas Eve.


Christmas Wishes Wine Basket

Choose from a bottle of red or white wine (maybe even both if you feel like it!) and then enjoy the foods which have been expertly chosen to pair well with the drink. It all comes presented in a keepsake leather serving tray and is hand finished with a festive red bow.

Prices vary

The Premier Holiday Selection

When you want to show someone that you care for them, do it in style with The Premier Holiday Selection box. It contains three bottles of carefully selected wines as well as both sweet and savory gourmet foods, giving you everything you need to enjoy yourselves over the holidays.


Christmas on 5th Avenue

This food hamper will make whoever opens it feel all fancy with the gourmet foods which are included. With two bottles of red wine as well as treats such as smoked salmon and Lindt truffles, this truly is the way to celebrate Christmas and all it brings.


Toast of California Wine Basket

Perfect for that Californian you know, this food hamper is just the thing to bring them a taste of home. Cali is known for producing some amazing wines, so they’ll receive two bottles as well as some amazing edible delicacies which will go beautifully with the drink. Cheers!


Christmas Stocking Gift

As children, we knew Santa had been if the stocking at the end of the bed was filled. Now that we’re adults, our stockings usually lay woefully empty, but not anymore. Inside this one, you’ll find some amazing food such as butter toffee peanuts and some hot cocoa mix – perfect for Christmas Day breakfast!


Winter Wishes Cookie Tower

Cookies can be enjoyed anywhere and at any time of the day, so who says they won’t make a good Christmas gift? Inside the festive red and gold boxes which make up this tower, you’ll find nine varieties of cookie, all of which are as delicious as the next.


Unique Christmas Gift Basket

This Unique Christmas Gift Basket will make the perfect present for a couple you know as it’s bound to contain foods they love and enjoy. From cinnamon and brown sugar kettle corn to smoked sausage, it’s the perfect way to spend a cold winter’s evening in.


Fresh Fruit and Godiva Chocolates

The holiday season is a great time to throw your diet out of the window and relax on your eating, but it’s easy to feel overindulged which is why this food hamper is perfect. It brings you the best of both worlds with some gourmet Godiva chocolates nestled in amongst crisp and juicy fruits.


Christmas Gift Idea Select

If you’re fed up with the traditional red and green colors which we usually associate with Christmas, these bright blue gift boxes are perfect. Inside each box, you’ll find different baked goods, from brownies to cookies, all of which are equally delicious. Just make sure you save a cookie for Santa.


Christmas in the Country Wine Basket

The wicker hamper finished off with a red bow gives the feeling of Christmas without even opening it, but once you get inside, you’ll want to dive in straight away. Two vintage bottles of wine plus sweet and savory gourmet foods will give you the feeling of an American Christmas, wherever you are.


Festive Chocolate and Nuts Gingerbread House

Have you ever tried to make a real gingerbread house with kids? It never stays upright and if it does, the children want to tuck in straight away. Luckily, this one isn’t edible but what’s inside is; a selection of delicious chocolates which are bound to make you feel festive.


Gift Basket for Christmas Breakfast

Start off Christmas in the right way by making breakfast using this hamper. It contains everything you need for the most important meal of the day including two types of gourmet coffee, maple syrup, pancake mix and blueberries. It’ll be just what you need after a morning of opening presents.


3 Meaningful Diy Christmas Gift Baskets

Diy Perfect Hot Cocoa Gift Basket

Everyone loves a hot cocoa, especially in the winter. Instead of spending money on a ready made one, take the time to put one together yourself. Follow this tutorial but make sure you add those personal touches which will really show them that you care.

Diy Coffee Gift Basket

Coffee isn’t everyone’s drink but for those who love it, this food hamper could be their perfect present. You can fill it with new mugs, biscuits, and maybe even some teabags or hot cocoa mixes for the family members who don’t like coffee in the mornings.

Diy Holiday Cupcake Baking Kit

Baking is such a fun thing to do around the Holidays, but finding the spare money to buy the ingredients isn’t easy. Take that pressure off someone else by putting together this Holiday Cupcake gift basket, and include everything they need to bake some delicious cupcakes with their kids.

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