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50 Christmas Crafts You’ll Love Doing with Your Kids

Over the holidays, it’s important that we spend time with our families and enjoy their company, but this isn’t always much fun for the children. Get your craft on with these 50 Christmas themed activities which you can all do as a family. From tree decorations to snowman paper plate masks, you’ll have a blast completing them all.


Glittering Popsicle Stick Christmas Trees

Every craft store has packs of colored popsicle sticks which you can use for crafting, and they’re usually no more than a dollar. Use this tutorial as inspiration and create some really easy but super cute glittering popsicle Christmas trees which will make great additions to your decorations this year.

Paint Chip Christmas Garland! Kid Craft!

If you’ve recently decorated your home, you’ll probably still have dozens of paint chips lying around from you trying to decide which color you wanted in your bedroom. Make use of them by turning them into cute Christmas garlands; all you’ll need is some bakers twine, scissors, and some glue.

Coffee Filter Christmas Tree Centerpiece

We don’t all have the money to spend on Christmas decorations, but this tutorial is super cheap and simple to do. Take some coffee filters and follow the instructions in this blog post from You Brew My Tea and you’ll soon have a cheap and cheerful centerpiece for your Christmas dinner table.

Hand Print Santa Keepsake Ornament

Buying special ornaments for the tree each year is a tradition which most families have. Instead of heading to the store to find one for your children, start making homemade salt dough Santa hand impressions which you can look back on when they’re bigger and see just how much they’ve grown.

How To Make A Scrap Ribbon Christmas Tree Ornament

There’s been so much talk around reducing our waste and becoming more eco-friendly, and there’s no reason why this can’t extend to Christmas. Instead of throwing away the ends of ribbon which you use to decorate gifts, turn them into an ornament and you’ll get something pretty out of your waste.

Burlap Reindeer Ornament

Everyone knows that Rudolph is in charge of pulling Santa’s sleigh and without him, there’s no guarantee that your presents will arrive. Make your own cute reindeer out of burlap sack and pom poms; simply add a loop of string or twine to enable you to hang it wherever you want.

Gingerbread Garland

Whether you make gingerbread decorations for your tree or you spend those cold December days eating homemade gingerbread men, this homemade garland will look amazing in your home. The instructions in this tutorial are easy to follow and it’s up to you how you decorate it – use creative licence and make it your own.

Tissue Paper Button Wreath

Perfect for children aged between 3-5, this tissue paper wreath is a simple Christmas craft for you to do with them. If buttons aren’t your thing, grab some glitter and some Christmas shapes to decorate it how you want it. Your toddler will love seeing their artwork hung up with pride.

Popsicle Stick Sleds

Here’s another fun way in which you can use those dollar popsicle sticks; turn them into adorable sleighs. Add real pine branches, bells, or maybe some silver glitter to really give it that festive feel. Attach them to your tree, around your home, or even at work to feel Christmassy wherever you are.

Diy Ninja Turtle Ornaments

Get your kids even more excited about Christmas with these DIY Turtle ornaments. Based off of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, this tutorial shows you how to make all four of the TMNT gang. It’s up to you whether or not you add glitter, but it does add to the festivities.

Shivery Snow Paint Recipe

Snow paint isn’t just something you can create at Christmas, this creation is good to use all winter. You only need four ingredients to make shivery snow paint which glistens just like the real stuff, and because the glue needs to be chilled before use, it’ll feel as though you’re using actual snow.

Diy Christmas Bunting

There’s nothing like seeing your kid’s artwork hanging in the house, it gives you and them a sense of pride. Over the holidays, why not have a go at creating this DIY Christmas bunting with them? It’s seasonal, so you can have it up over Christmas, and it’ll banish that boredom too.

How To Cut Snowflakes {video Tutorial + Free Templates}

Cutting out paper snowflakes over the festive season is something we’ve all done, but they don’t always turn out the way we wanted them to and it all ends up a big mess. Luckily for you, this blog post contains some free printable patterns so you can create intricate paper snowflakes without making a mistake.

Diy Santa Belly Christmas Tree Ornament

A fun craft to do with your children, this DIY tree ornament will be something you can look at every year and remember the time you made it. It’s really simple to create so children of any age can join in, as long as you’re helping them, and you can all make memories for life.

Paper Plate Christmas Tree Craft

After the holiday parties are over, do you have a load of paper plates lying around unused? Well, this blog post gives you something to create with them; a Christmas Tree! Your kids can get creative and decorate their very own Christmas tree, and it might stop them messing around with yours!

Candy Cane Craft With Egg Cartons And Candy Cane Symbolism

Candy canes are a great way to decorate our Christmas trees but they’re not always ideal, especially if you have small children. This craft activity will make use of your old egg cartons and it’s good for keeping your children amused on those cold and snowy winter’s days.

How To Make A Paper Christmas Tree

Over the Christmas holidays, you need ways of keeping your children amused while you get ready for the big day. These little paper Christmas trees are a fun and simple way to do just that; you could even use their creations as decorations for the dinner table on Christmas Day.

Rudolph Reindeer Candy Bars

These would make cute gift ideas for your kid’s schoolteachers or classmates when they finish school for Christmas. They couldn’t be easier to make; take your favorite chocolate bar, add some googly eyes and a red pom pom for the nose, then finish it off with some mini candy canes for the antlers.

Giant Paper Plate Lollipops

If you’re looking to decorate the outside of your house for as little money as possible, this craft is the perfect way to do that. Get your kids involved and make these giant paper plate lollipops which would look amazing lining your path with some fairy lights. Super festive and really cute.

How To Make A Peppermint Plate Or Platter

For a festive way to serve your sweet party food, these peppermint platters will definitely add a bit of holiday cheer. It’s so easy to do, and your kids could even help you put the peppermints into the springform tin. With just a few minutes in the oven, you’ll have a plate that’s literally good enough to eat.

Dish Brush Christmas Wreath Craft For Kids

There’s something so satisfying about turning a simple household item into something you can craft with, and that’s exactly what this activity does. Take a rounded dish brush, gather up some festive colored paints, and you and your children can create some super cool wreath pictures.

Paper Chain Snowman Christmas Countdown

Advent calendars are the traditional way for you to count down the days until Christmas, but what if you want something which doesn’t involve candy? This simple DIY paper chain snowman is ideal; simply remove a link from it every day starting from December 1st and see how many days are left until Santa comes!

Fuzzy Christmas Tree

They don’t come simpler than this fuzzy Christmas tree craft. This would look festive wherever you decide to put it; on your dinner table, mantelpiece, desks at work…it’s guaranteed to add some holiday cheer. Get your kids involved in making your home ready for the big man’s arrival.

How To Make Silhouette Ornaments

As parents, we want to remember every detail about our kids as they’re growing up. Don’t just rely on photographs and memories; these adorable silhouette ornaments are another fantastic way. You’ll be able to see all of their little baby features each year you decorate the tree, bringing back lovely memories.

Christmas Mason Jar Luminaries

Candles are a wonderful way to add some atmosphere to a room, and the holiday season should be no different. Create these mason jar tealight holders with your kids and add a festive glow to your house. They’ll look especially amazing when you’re snuggled down under a blanket watching a Christmas movie.

Fill The Ball: Kid-made Christmas Ornaments

The ornaments we hang on our Christmas tree each year should have meaning, a story behind them. If you’re looking for one which is totally unique, get your kids to make it. This craft activity is a perfect way to perfect some of their developmental skills, all while they’re having fun.

Last Minute Christmas Craft Ideas For Kids

As the holidays draw every closer, we’re always looking for ways to entertain our children without reaching for the technology. This blog post has some amazing last minute craft ideas for you to do over Christmas which will keep your kids amused while you get on with preparing for the big day.

Fingerprint Lights Photo Frame

We’ve all seen those cute photo frame ornaments which mean we can remember what our children looked like in a particular year. Why not have a go at making one yourself for a lot less than a store bought one? This one even uses their fingerprints to create fairy lights around the frame.

How-to Craft A Toilet Paper Roll Snowman

You don’t have to spend loads of money on craft supplies to create something wonderful with your children. This activity uses cardboard toilet roll tubes and decorations to make some really cool snowmen. Your kids will have a blast thinking up different designs for their chilly chappies.

Bow Tie Noodle Wreath Craft For Christmas (card Idea)

Creating a piece of art using dried pasta is something we’ve all done, and this wreath is just another way to use this versatile ingredient. Take some of the bow shaped pasta, paint it green, add glitter and voila; you’ve got a beautiful wreath picture which you can keep forever.

Snowman Paper Plate Masks

This is a simple and inexpensive craft to do with young children either at home or in the classroom. Make use of those paper plates you have lying around and turn your children into snowmen, complete with black top hat, and you could even paint their noses orange to look like a carrot.

Button Christmas Tree Ornament: Cute & Simple!

Children are fascinated with Christmas trees, and if you have young kids at home, chances are that they’ve tried to mess around with the real thing. Let them get creative and decorate their own foam tree with this fun activity which is easy to do and inexpensive, which is exactly what you want for December!

Kids’ Art Into Christmas Decoration

It’s a dilemma that every parent faces; what to do with our children’s artwork? More often than not, it’s just a lot of paint on a page, but it still means something to you. Don’t throw it away, encourage your kids to turn it into a Christmas decoration which you can display every year.

Christmas Crafts For Kids: Foam Gingerbread Ornaments

Every year when the Christmas decorations hit the stores, there’s loads of gingerbread ornaments which look great, but they can be expensive. Grab some craft supplies and make some with your kids instead; this tutorial shows you how to make a gingerbread man and a gingerbread house to hang on the tree.

Easy To Make Torn Paper Christmas Wreath

While children are young you’re never going to get a perfect piece of art, but that’s the beauty of it. Encourage their creativity with this torn paper wreath; not only will they enjoy ripping the tissue paper into different shapes, but also gluing them down and creating something amazingly festive.

Salt Dough Ornament Recipe

Salt dough ornaments are a cheap and cheerful way to make cute decorations for your Christmas tree as you’ll only need store cupboard ingredients. Get your children to choose the shapes you cut them into, and then add paint and glitter to turn them into something festive.

Snowflake Christmas Ornament

If you look in the back of a cupboard or closet in your home, chances are that you’ll find an old jigsaw puzzle lurking in there. Use the pieces to create this really effective snowflake ornament which you can hang on your tree, and it’ll cost you next to nothing.

Snow Globe Cup Ornaments

These adorable snow globe ornaments would make lovely gifts for friends or family over the festive period. Get your kids involved and follow this tutorial for a fuss free keepsake which everyone is bound to love. It’ll bring back amazing memories every year that you hang it on the tree.

Name Candy Cane Craft For Kids

With just 3 materials needed, you’ll be able to create these amazing name candy cane decorations for your tree. You could make one just for your kids, or even make one for the whole family. They’d also make cute stocking fillers or Secret Santa gifts.

Toddler Christmas Crafts

As the holidays roll around, we’re looking for cheap and easy ways to entertain our children as we get on with the preparations. Get some popsicle sticks and some festive colored buttons to create one of these cute Christmas trees. It’ll keep them amused while you get on with some last minute wrapping!

Christmas Crafts For Kids: Gift To The World Ornament

While receiving gifts and eating a lot of delicious food is what the holidays were made for, it’s also a time to remember those of us who aren’t as fortunate. These free printable gift tags are a good way to do that, as your children can give the world a present for Christmas.

Diy Snow Globe Ornaments – Kids Craft!

Snow globes are adorable decorations throughout the year but they come into their own at Christmas. Instead of buying one, make one with your kids using this tutorial from Tater Tots and Jello, and you’ll soon have your very own DIY snow globes which will look amazing in the winter or summer.

How To Make An Ornament Christmas Wreath (video)

Christmas wreaths are a brilliant way of decorating your home ready for the holidays, but instead of buying a foliage one this year, why not take a look at this blog post and create one using baubles? Choose a color scheme which will go with your current decorations and your whole holiday display will flow.

Christmas Light Chalk Stencil Art For Kids

Doing Christmas crafts with your kids doesn’t get easier than this. Simply take some card and cut out a light shaped stencil, then use different colored chalks to color around them to create a lightbulb effect. Join them all up with a pen, and admire your kid’s handiwork.

Diy Nativity Story Stones

Story stones are a fantastic way to get your children interested in the story you’re telling, and you can create a set for almost every tale. This tutorial shows you what you’ll need to recreate the Nativity, perfect for Christmas. Your child will soon know what happened at the birth of Jesus off by heart.

Decorate A Gingerbread Man Art Activity For Kids

This is a simple activity which you can set up for your children in advance, and it’ll keep them occupied while you finish wrapping, decorating, or even just grabbing a cup of coffee in peace. They get to create a bunch of gingerbread people and decorate them, while you enjoy a few moments of quiet…bliss.

Diy Handprint Christmas Tree Cards

When you live miles away from your family, it can be hard to keep in touch with them, especially when it’s to say thankyou. But with these DIY handprint Christmas tree cards, you can send them to your children’s relatives once Christmas is ended. There’s nothing like a personal touch to really show your gratitude.

Paper Plate Christmas Tree Kids Craft

These little 3D Christmas trees would make great decorations to go on your table for the big dinner. It’s a cute craft you can do with your children when it’s too cold to go outside or the snowfall is too heavy. Who knew you could create such brilliant things from paper plates?

Santa Claus Craft

This blog post is what you need to keep the winter blues from appearing. It can be hard to keep your children occupied while they’re off school, but don’t worry; you’ll find 15 Santa crafts for you all to do over the holidays. From Santa-tizer to salt dough decorations, they’re all as cute as each other.

No-sew Sock Penguin Craft

Everyone has odd socks lying around – the washer just seems to gobble them up, which leaves a lonely sock without its partner. Turn that odd one into a no-sew sock penguin by following this tutorial. It’s super simple and makes a fun activity for you and your children to do over the holidays.

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