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39 Unique Chess Sets That All Chess Lovers Will Obsess Over

Whether you’re buying for a chess lover or someone who’s never played a game in their life, they won’t fail to appreciate the sheer range and desirability of the unique chess sets featured in this list. There are sets inspired by nature and ancient times, and who could forget Ron Weasley riding on the Black Knight? Whether for playing or displaying, these sets will have even the most reluctant of players obsessing.

The most unique chess sets you can make and buy.

Nature Themed Chess Set

This stunning chess set uses clear resin pieces which have been filled with things from nature – ferns, seeds, and even fungi – and comes with an olive wood or birch wood board.


Pokemon Chess Set

Fans of Pokémon will be able to further their game playing with this chess set, because every piece in this fun collection depicts characters such as Mew, Pikachu, and Pokeball pawns.


Onyx Weighted Chess Set

Absolutely stunning as a display set or for actual playing, this set is made from green and white marble, onyx, and fossil/coral stone, and includes a heavy 12” board and 32 handcrafted pieces.


Steampunk Chess Set

And now for something completely different – steampunk fans will adore this set which is made from .50 caliber bullet shells and can be bought with our without the stunning wood-burned board.


Cryptid Chess Set

Whether or not you believe in yetis or other mythical beings, this chess set will capture the imagination with its handmade polymer clay cryptid playing pieces and hand-painted wooden board.


African Tribal Chess Set

African artefacts look stunning in the home, and if you know someone who collects such pieces, this Zulu vs. Ndebele chess set can be bought with or without the maple wood board.


Godess Athena Chess Set

Greek and Roman gods have fascinated people for centuries, and this beautiful hand-crafted chess set will bring mythology to life with Athena and Minerva playing pieces and an intricate bronze board.


The Isle Of Lewis Chess Set

The original Isle of Lewis chess set is stored safely away at the National Museum, but this beautiful crushed stone resin version is an official and faithful reproduction of the 1831 discovery.

Prices Vary

Star Wars Chess Game

Good battles evil in this epic set of chess pieces, which features Hans & co in silver, while Darth Vader and his clan are represented by the darkest shade of black.


Harry Potter Wizard Chess Set

Nobody could forget the incredible life-size game of chess played in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, and this Wizard Chess Set will put you right back in the movie.


Dragon Glass Chess Set

Utterly stunning, this dragon-themed set features black and white mythical dragon pieces made from stone resin, and a glass board which is raised from the table by 4 Celtic pillars.


Bronze Chess Set

Breathtakingly beautiful and perfect for playing outdoors, this outstanding chess set has been hand cast in bronze, with one half of the pieces finished in a beautiful turquoise patina.


Mixed Antique Chess Set

The most unusual chess set they’ll ever see, this one is made using 100% repurposed materials, such as door keys and typewriter keys, and comes with an optional dining room table board.


Photon Chess Set

Unique and beautiful, this light up geometric chess board can be made using any color combination, and features clear acrylic playing pieces which allow the LED lights to shine through.


Acrylic Chess Set

Although chess is an ages-old game, this set couldn’t be more modern, and its smoky gray pieces and clear and matte acrylic playing board will fit perfectly into any contemporary home.


LEGO Iconic Chess Set

Adding a whole new layer to the game of chess, this LEGO set needs to be built before it can be played, which will delight fans of these iconic building bricks.


Egyptian Chess Set

Each piece of this Egyptian chess set is hand made from polystone before being painted, and then stored inside the intricate playing board which features scarabs, hieroglyphics, and stunning golden sphinxes.

Prices Vary

Game of Thrones Collector's Chess Set

GoT was one of the most talked about shows ever; now that it’s over, you can continue the epic battles between Westeros and the White Walkers with chess characters based on the show.


The Vertical CHess Set

Whether they don’t have the space or they like quirky things, this vertical chess set hangs on the wall and comes with a ‘last move’ marker for continuation of the game.


Rick and Morty Chess Set

Bright, cheerful, and a riot of color, this chess set is based on Rick and Morty, and comes with hand-painted characters from the show, which took an incredible 5 months to make.


The Batman Chess Set

Whether they’re team Batman or team Joker, this good vs. evil chess set has been officially licenced by Warner Bros., and includes iconic characters including Batman, Joker and the crazy Harley Quinn.


Celtic Chess Set

Found in 1831 after a sandbank collapsed, the original Isle of Lewis chess set is kept at the National Museum, but this beautiful portable version depicts this historical artefact perfectly.


Templar Knights Chess Set

History buffs will welcome this stunning set which is based on the Crusades’ Templar Knights, and is made from crushed stone and resin, with a walnut and maple board.


Olive Wood Rustic Chess Set

Utterly stunning for both playing and displaying, this chess board has been hand crafted from beautiful olive wood and comes with the option of personalization and individually hand-carved pieces.


Metal Chess Set

A rare find for collectors, this vintage Russian chess set is made from wood, brass, and stainless steel, and includes a fold-out playing board and black and silver pieces.


Aztec Mayan Ruins Chess Set

Highly unusual, this pre-2000 chess set is made from wood which has been inlaid with red and blue stones, while the playing pieces depict the Aztec Mexican ruins.


12 Diy Chess Sets to Make Instead of Buy

Rock and Fabric Chess Set

Let kids learn the fascinating and absorbing game of chess with this homemade set which can be created using fabric, flat rocks, and some paints and colored sharpies.

Cybergeek Chess Set

Put your DIY skills to the ultimate test by following the step by step guide to designing and making a unique chess set, using a wooden board, nuts, washers, and other workroom essentials.

Alien vs. Predator Chess Set

Take inspiration from this short blog post which features a chess set made by DeviantArtist, who uses wood and small tiles for the board, and Alien vs. Predator characters for the playing pieces.

Resin Chess Set

Have a go at creating a chess set which uses existing chess pieces as casts, and then follow the included link which shows you how to make a chess board using recycled tiles.

Painted Pasta Chess Set

Surprisingly effective and pretty, too, this set of chess pieces can be made using dried pasta shapes and acrylic paint, and a sheet of plain cardboard for a matching board.

Steel and Rifle Cartridge Chess Set

Although there are no instructions on how to create this insanely good chess set, it could be enough to spark your imagination and get you making your own steel cartridges version.

Nixie Tube Chess Set

This stunning chess set has been made using Russian Nixie tubes for chess pieces which glow when resting on the playing board and extinguish when lifted, with no ugly wires visible.

3D Paper Chess Set

You wouldn’t think that a paper chess set would stand up to the rigors of play, but this DIY tutorial will demonstrate how to create pieces made from cardstock for an inexpensive alternative.

Macgyver-style Nut and Bolt Chess Set

With detailed instructions on what you need to create each individual chess piece, this guide will also show you roughly how to make them while allowing you to use your own creative licence.

Star Wars Holochess Set

For a different spin on a classic game, how about playing Holochess? This video guide will show you how to play the game, and also contains details about making your own Dejarik table.

Dinosaur Chess Set

Chess might be an old game, but it’s not quite pre-historic. Bring dinosaurs to the game with this fun idea on making a chess set using dinosaurs instead of normal playing pieces.

Leather Sleeve Chess Set

This is a pretty awesome way to play chess on the go, and it involves making a foldable chess board which comes with slots to stand the appropriate pieces in.


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