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35 Life-Changing Charitable Gifts That Can Change the World

Making a donation will give you the feeling of truly helping someone in need, and there are plenty of ways to give your support. The hardest part is choosing which donations to allocate resources to, since there are so many worthy causes. We’ve assembled some of the best donations you can make to have a direct impact on a family or community.

35 Life-Changing Charitable Gifts- that can change the world.

Give the Gift of Nutrition

Giving the gift of nutrition is one of the best things you can do to help those that are struggling and malnourished. Instead of simply sending food to these places, it’s better to send actual animals.

It’s a gift that keeps on giving as they can feed themselves with the animal byproducts, raise the animal, and even let it multiply so they have even more.

Give a Goat

Goats are a great gift because they can survive in many different climates and are really low maintenance. They produce milk to drink and make other food items with, and they can continue to provide this for several years.

You can elect to donate an entire goat as a gift, or contribute towards a full goat with others.


Give a Cow

Giving a cow is an excellent choice because an entire family can nourish itself from the milk it produces. Some families may even be able to sell the extra they can’t drink so you are helping provide not only nourishment but also income that can help with any number of items. It also creates manure for farming.


Give a Camel

In some remote parts of the world, camels are the preferred animal to receive. That’s because they’re infamous for being able to go long periods without water, making them the perfect choice for dry regions of the world. It produces milk that can be consumed, and they can rent out their camel for hauling things and earn money from it.


Give a Llama

A llama is a gift that can be used to make all types of warm clothing and blankets from its wool. These are then sold in order to raise money for the family that can buy anything from medicine, to food, to clothing. The gift includes training so the family knows how to care for their llama so they can sustain it and earn from it year after year.


Give a Pig

When you give a pig, you’re not just giving that pig but all of the offspring it bears. When the pig gives birth the baby piglets are sold off one by one, earning the family money they need to help pay for basic necessities. After some time they can keep a piglet or two to grow their revenue and dig themselves out of poverty.


Give a Flock of Ducks

A flock of ducks is a sensible gift if you want to make a big impact without a big price tag. It provides an entire flock of ducks, so the recipient can get consistent nourishment from the duck eggs, and also multiply their flock and expand the number of eggs produced until they have excess which they can sell for money for anything else they need.


Give a Sheep

A sheep makes a great gift because hey can provide wall we’ll again and again well also providing milk. This gives a family text kyle the time used to keep warm, or to sell to others in the community for additional income. It is also low maintenance since sheep can eat from pastures other livestock can’t’ reach.


Give the Gift of Empowerment

Cultures around the world women are do not hold the same status as men, and find it hard to ride and take care of themselves. By giving the gift you are hoping to level the playing field and give women in the chance to make a name for herself and become more self sufficient and independent. Your gift not only changes the present, but makes an impact on future generations.

Empower Women in Nepal

This gift is empowering women through the ownership of livestock. In cultures where women do not typically own livestock, this can start to break up the status quo. By having an animal that is recognized as hers, a woman can begin to get that sense of self-sufficiency, and who knows what this might lead to next.


Empower with a Dream Basket

The Dream Basket is an assortment of livestock that a woman can use to establish herself within the community. It includes shares of animals like sheep, cows, and goats, and she’ll be able to what these animals provide as a source of income. The gift also keeps on giving, as they are passed down to others in need.


Empower with a Promise

The Promise Gift Basket is a protein-packed nourishment bundle that will help women get the nourishment they need, and also benefit from the proceeds of sales of the items. It is full of geese, chickens, ducks, and rabbits, and the women are shown how to care for the animals and be successful with them.


Empower Through Education

Education is a powerful tool to help women think their way out of their current surroundings and situation. But in societies where women are not given a fair chance at learning, it can be a long hard road. This gift sends a girl to school who otherwise wouldn’t get to go, plus she’ll be outfitted with the supplies she needs to succeed.


Empower with Opportunity

Giving a woman the opportunity of running and profiting from her own small business is a big step towards making change not just for her but everyone that depends on her. It also helps to strengthen the local economy, and provides an example to other women that they could do it too.


Give the Gift of Basic Needs

Things we take for granted are missing in many third world countries around the world. When you give these basic needs to those in need you can feel good that your gift is going to have a positive impact on their daily life. These are all gifts that keep on giving so it is not just a one off item they will forget about a month later.

Give Clean Water

By helping to provide clean water to families you are taking away the daily burden of fetching water, which in some cases can take hours and is often left to the younger children to take care of. This can cause young girls to miss school in order to get the water each day. This gift helps families install pumps to get water locally.


Give Stoves

The biogas stoves that this gift provides are safer than what is typically used in a developing community. It will equip a family or families with the ability to cook a hot meal each day. They’ll be trained in how to use this new type of stove, providing a cleaner and safer living environment.


Give a Healthy Home

Not having adequate shelter is a big problem in many parts of the world, and this gift gives families the supplies they need to improve their home and make it more livable. They can improve their roof so it doesn’t leak, or fix walls so it’s warmer and can stand up to the elements.


Give an Irrigation Pump

This gift equips farmers with an irrigation pump and also instructs them on the importance and how-tos of water conservation. By having more water to use, and using only the water that is needed, they can better irrigate their crops, leading to better crop production, and more food.


Give Better Nutrition

This gift provides fruit and vegetable seeds to provide much needed vitamins and minerals to those that are running low on nourishment. Rather than just handing them food, this shows them how to grow their own food so they can reap the benefits again and again.


Give the Gift of Sustainable Farming

Showing people how to farm their land in a sustainable way is the only true way to make changes that will last long into the future. This allows them to start providing for themselves instead of always needing support, and it shows them how to make the most out of the resources they have, and to have a future-focused vision for how to keep things rolling.

Give Trees

If you want to give a gift that helps in multiple ways, you can’t go wrong with giving a tree. Not only does it educate on the benefit of reforestation, but it provides fruits and nuts while it’s growing, and enriches the soil while making the air cleaner. Each tree is chosen for being appropriate for that region.


Give an Earth-Friendly Gift

This gift set includes a combination of bees and trees so that the bees can help pollinate the crops. This helps with food production, and also helps by planting a tree which helps prevent soil erosion and helps clean the surrounding air. Bees also produce honey and wax which can be sold.


Give a Family Farm Care Package

This family farm care gift sends one struggling family everything they need to turn it all around. They will get support in increasing the productivity of their farm, and also help with marketing their goods so they realize an immediate increase in income earned.


Give Much-Needed Items

These items are some of the most needed out there, so you can really make a big difference in someone’s life by simply providing items that they desperately need. This can be something as small as bar of soap, or something as unusual as manure. They’ve done a good job of ascertaining what is needed most so you know your gift will be meaningful.

Give Soap

Soap is definitely a necessity for daily cleanliness, but it is considered a privilege in some parts of the world. Your gift can help a family stay on top of their daily hygiene routine with this simple, but much needed item. Help stop the spread of disease for an entire community.


Give Seeds

Seeds can go a long way in helping a family change their lot in life. It may not seem like much, but seeds can grow into any number of crops, and with a little hard work they can yield crops that can feed a family, and provide excess that can be sold.


Give Manure

Manure might seem like a strange gift to send, but for farmers that are trying to grow healthy crops it is essential. Not only is it essential, it is often hard to come by in amounts large enough to properly enrich soil in large enough amounts for a full crop.


Give Mosquito Nets

Mosquitoes are notorious at spreading diseases like malaria in developing parts of the world. Something as simple as a mosquito net can go a long way in protecting mothers, children, and the rest of the family from these harmful diseases. Since medicine is hard to come by in many of these places, prevention is best.


Give Blankets

Blankets are needed for cold nights, but not every family has enough to go around. You can help by providing blankets directly to an entire family so they can experience the instant warmth they bring. There may be no snugglier way to spend $18.


Give Water Jugs

Water jugs are used to transport water from the source back to the home, and if a family doesn’t have a proper jug they might have to make multiple trips. You can increase the amount of water they can get at one time by providing them with a suitable water jug.


Give a Pair of Chickens

A pair of chickens becomes a family pretty soon, and you’ll be giving the recipients the chance to start a respectable chicken farm with this Adam and Eve set. Not only will they be able to eat the eggs that are laid, but they’ll be able to let some of the eggs become chicks and grow into chickens that can be sold.


Give Books for Kids

The power of books cannot be underestimated, and this gift gives books to kids that normally wouldn’t be able to have them. Instilling a love of learning and reading at a young age is important and the benefits of this act cannot be fully known, but it is sure to make a positive impact over time.


Give School Supplies

If a child does not have the proper supplies when they are in school, their ability to retain the information being given is hindered. When you equip with them properly with your donation you’ll be helping them feel good about the education process, and making sure they have everything they need to succeed.


Give a Bicycle

A bicycle can give mobility to someone that wouldn’t normally be able to travel that distance. This can be a bike that gets them into town, into the markets, or lets them or money by running errands for others that don’t have a bike. It can also allow teachers to reach more parts of the community.


Give a Medical Kit

A medical kit is a gift that can help a family or community by providing basic medical supplies, such as first aid items, or common medicines. The difference between having a kit like this, and not having a kit like this, can really be a life-saver. It also helps by providing information on how to limit the spread of disease.


Give the Ability to Make Clean Water

This gift allows a family to make clean water out of dirty water, and it allows them to use the water they have on hand, that would otherwise be drinkable. It does it through a process of filtration using sand, and a novel container that is specially designed to go to the water entirely.


Give the Gift of Animal Care

Don’t forget, animals need our help too, and there are plenty of ways you can get involved with helping to care for animals. Some of the most popular animal donations include helping to conserve wild animals before they become endangered or extinct, while others help our domesticated animals escape from abusive homes, or get them off the street. There are also ways to directly help marine life, so choose your favorite or help out all three.

Help with Animal Conservation

This donation is organized through the World Wildlife Federation, and allows you to choose which animals you want to help out with. They’ll send you a stuffed animal plush of the animal you choose to help, as well as some other interesting items that will give you more information about how your gift is helping.


Help with Animal Rescues

The ASPCA needs all the help they can get to rescue animals from abusive homes, or to help stray animals find homes. There is an excess pet population that needs to be controlled, but in the meantime we need to give care to the animals that are here and need our help.


Help Marine Animals

Marine life has taken quite a hit from recent oil spills and radiation leaks. This donation goes straight towards the help of marine life around the world so you can feel good about playing your part in making their lives better. Humans have affected their environment, so it only makes sense that we should help clean it up and get it back to normal.



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