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17 Candy Gifts to Satisfy Their Sweet Tooth

Know someone who’s got a sweet tooth? This gift list is for the people in your life who absolutely love candy. You won’t find the regular stuff you see in the checkout aisle at the grocery store, here. This candy is the yummiest of the yummy, for real candyheads.

Sweet and tempting, these candy gifts will make their mouth water. My co-worker has a big sweet tooth and just loved the box of hand crafted candy I got him.

Candy Apples

Delicious, delightful, downright sinful—and you could even stretch it so far as to say healthy. Candy apples are a treat we all remember from childhood. Impossible to eat without getting the red candy coating all over your face. But that’s really the bonus: you get to lick it off.


Crazy Candy Box

The candy gift is one hundred percent off the chain. It’s jammed full of all the kooky candies that are hard to find these days. You’ll find Pop rocks, Atomic Fireballs, Hot Tamales Fire, Zots (yes, Zots!), and Candy Cheeseburgers. If you ever wondered where all that weird stuff went, it’s right here.

Prices Vary

Flower Lollipops

Double bonus time! It’s a miracle: you can give a gift that’s flower and candy at the same time. We don’t mean a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates—that’s so five minutes ago. We’re talking homemade lollipops made with real flowers. Now that’s amazing.


Vermont Maple Candy

The next best thing to Grandma’s homemade maple candy is this Vermont Maple Candy made from the family recipes of two real-deal New England farmer Grandmas. Maple Candy is nothing but sweet from the moment it enters your mouth—but it disappears fast, so be prepared to eat one after another after another.

Prices Vary

Jelly Belly Fab Five

Jelly Beans have been around for over a hundred years. But Jelly Belly candy beans are special—they have a liquid inside that makes them that much more yumtatstic. They were the favorite snack of President Ronald Reagan, which means that these beans are serious business. This sampler includes five of their bestselling flavor combinations.


70s Retro Box

Take it back to the days of disco, platform shoes, afro pics, and muscle cars with this retro candy gift. Taste the 70s again when you bite into a square of Bubblicious bubblegum, a stick our sour apple LAffy Taffy, or best of all—a long forgotten packet of Swedish Fish. Boxes from the 50s, 60s, and 80s are also available.


Home Made Creamy Fudge

Chocolate candy lovers will squeal with delight when you give them this candy gift. It’s one pound of genuine creamy fudge: guaranteed to be the best chocolate fudge you’ve ever tasted. Made in small batches by Arndt’s Fudgery in Newton, Illinois.


Lego Candy Molds

Got a candy maker in your life who loves to make unique candies for themselves, their friends, and especially children? This is the candy gift for them. They can make up batches and batches of their homemade sweet treats and then make any candy creation they so desire—but they should know that all candy lovers have an appetite for destruction.

Prices Vary

Godiva Chocolates

There’s no way we can let a candy list go by without including a box of Godiva Chocolates. And yes, for the persnickety nit-pickers out there—chocolate is a candy. The only reason people think it isn’t is because it’s so good it’s in a class by itself—and many consider Godiva to be the Valedictorian.

Prices Vary

Homemade English Toffee

Toffee, noun: a kind of hard candy made by boiling together sugar, and other ingredients for flavor. Other ingredients like milk chocolate—nice—and fresh roasted almonds—even nicer. Forget about the drugstore candy bars that claim to be English toffee. This is the real deal.

Prices Vary

La Violetas

There’s a hard candy so good, so unique, so irresistible, it’s only made in one place—a candy boutique in Madrid, Spain. And there’s only one way to get it: right from said boutique, which makes this a rarew candy gift. These candies are the favorites of royalty, made from the fields of violets growing north of the Spanish capitol.


Gourmet Peanut Brittle

A country store in a small town far off the beaten path, a big glass jar filled with flat, irregular pieces of sweet, brown, chunky goodness—that’s what peanut brittle is all about. This old-fashioned favorite is sweetened with honey and made with all natural ingredients.


Simply Gum

You smack your lips and blow bubbles. You put waaaay too many pieces in your mouth and blow a bubble so big it pops all over your face and gets in your hair. The thing is, no one knows what “gum base” really is. But with this gum, there’s no mystery: it’s made from all natural products. It’s gum with a clear conscience!

Prices Vary

Cotton Candy

Speaking of not knowing, what is cotton candy anyway? At the fairgrounds, they put a cardboard in a clear box, swirl it around, and then hand you a big poofy pink thing, which disappears deliciously in your mouth. This homemade version is bite size and comes covered in sparkles.


Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans

This candy gift comes straight from the wizarding world of Harry Potter. As we all found out in the first book, there’s a lot of mischief in his world, too. Even the jelly beans have unusual flavors. The might taste like spinach, tripe, dirty socks, or, ewwww: bogeys (that’s English slang for boogers).


Gourmet Caramel

Caramel exists in gooey world of goodness all its own. It’s soft and sweet, but lasts and lasts and lasts. It’s smooth, buttery, and everyone knows it’s utterly impossible to eat only one. That’s why this candy gift comes in a box of twenty four.


Organic Hard Candy

Hard candies are the double-edged sword, character-building, zen koans of candy. You know they’re sweet, but you don’t get the sweet, instant gratification you get from other candies. You have to suck on them and wait for the flavor to come. This USDA certified organic candy gift will be well worth the wait.

Prices Vary

10 DIY Candy Gifts

Rose Garden Marshmallows

We put the easiest DIY on the list first, so as not to scare you away from making an awesome candy gift for your friends of family members this year. All you need for this one is marshmallows, lollipop sticks, and colored edible markers—this tutorial uses pink, red, and green to make a candy rose garden.

Surprise Blooming Candies

This DIY candy gift is a candy shell, filled with—you guessed it—candy! This is clearly the kind of surprise that’ll make any candy lover very, very happy. Plan ahead for this one, because you’ll need to put the finished product in the freezer overnight to get the shell to harden just right.

Retro Gumball Machine

Bring the old corner store to your home with this clever DIY bubble gum machine. This seven step DIY shows you how to take a small kids gumball dispenser from a toy store, combine it with that old lamp hanging out in your garage, and come up with old-fashioned, standing gumball machine.

Homemeade Marbled Candy Apples

The very best thing about candy apples is that you can fool yourself into thinking they’re healthy. The worst thing about candy apples is—hold on. There is no worst thing about candy apples. They’re totally yum, no matter which way you slice it. This DIY recipe shows you how to make them.

Zombie Eyeball Cookies

Here’s a fun DIY for the Zombie loving, Walking Dead watching, gross-you-out crowd. These zombie eyeball cookies, complete with bloodshot eyes, are made for kids, but we think today’s millennial hipsters would get a big kick out of eating these candy treats with a heavy dose of irony.

Pinata Candy Cupcakes

Here’s another candy gift that’s more than meets the eye. It’s a recipe to make a batch of cupcakes that aren’t just filled with cake on the inside. When they lucky person bites into these cupcakes, they’ll find they explode with delicious candy—like a piñata.

Cotton Candy Smores

Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and pickup trucks—things that are truly American. This yummified DIY candy gift combines two totally red, white, and blue snacks into one delectable treat that needs to be put on the All-American list: cotton candy smores. Nothing is more American than that!

Candy Bouquet Gift

A bouquet of flowers, a bouquet of fruit, a bouquet of chocolate—you’ve probably seen all these things in your online candy search. But you haven’t seen a candy bouquet like this, yet. This tutorial shows you how to take all someone’s favorite candies and put them in one place for an awesome candy gift.

The Candy Cake

This DIY is the cake version of the candy bouquet. Perfect for an upcoming birthday party or special occasion for someone who really, really, really loves candy. There’s so much sugar in this candy gift it’s called the “5.5 Pound Cavity.” The instructions show you how to take all their favorite candy and put it into cake form.

Candy Necklace

Jewelry is a great way to show someone you care. But edible, candy jewelry is even better. All you’ll need for this candy gift is a pair of scissors, some string, a way to punch holes through the candy (drill or hammer and small nail) and the candy of your choice. In under half an hour you’ll have an awesome candy necklace.

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