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30 Best Bridesmaid Gift Ideas of 2020 (That Don’t Suck)

One of the most exciting parts about planning a wedding is choosing the bridesmaids, and then asking them if they’ll accept! Take a look at this list of bridesmaid gift ideas, it contains some of the best ones of 2020 and it’ll provide a bride with some much needed inspiration.

The best bridesmaid gifts of the year- that they will actually like.

Tie the Knot Bracelet

This bracelet comes in a choice of three colors and it can be personalized by adding an initial charm, to show the bridesmaids just how appreciated they are.


Engraved Puzzle Piece Keychain

Every time she looks down at her keys, she’ll notice this personalized puzzle piece keychain and be reminded of the day she was a bridesmaid for the most amazing couple.


Bridesmaid Proposal Box

Fill these empty boxes with goodies and treats to ask them if they’ll be bridesmaids. It’s a cute way to “pop the question” and they’ll remember it forever.


Bridesmaid Tote Bags

Gift these to the bridal squad before the bachelorette party and every member can match with their very own personalized tote bag, available in a variety of colors.


Rose Gold Compact Mirror

Every bride and her bridesmaids want to look their best on the big day. With this personalized compact mirror, they’ll be able to check their makeup whenever they like.


Bridesmaid Gift Bag

Asking someone to be a bridesmaid is an important task. Make it memorable with this cute gift set which contains makeup pouches, small gift cards and an adjustable bracelet.


Personalized Bridesmaids Jewelry Box

This wooden jewelry box has been decorated with a colorful floral print, as well as a name to make it personalized. It’s the perfect size to keep small pieces of jewelry in.



The weather can be unpredictable and these stylish pashminas, available in a range of colors, make great bridesmaid gift ideas. The bridal team will be cozy while still looking beautiful.


Custom Delicate Name Ring

These simple rings will quickly become their most treasured item. Choose the finish on the jewelry as well as the font the personalized name will be engraved in.


Personalised Passport Holder Set

Whether it’s the bachelorette party or the wedding that’s abroad, the bridal squad should travel in style. These personalized passport holders and luggage tags are perfect for that.


Bride and Bridesmaid Sunglasses

This set of pink sunglasses, with one white pair for the bride, will see the bridal party step out in style as they celebrate the bride’s last party as a single woman.


Bridesmaid Necklace

Simple jewelry is the best way to finish off a bridesmaid’s outfit. Gift this to her and she’ll love wearing it, as well as reading the meaningful message on the card.


Bridesmaid Pajamas

Spending the night before the big day together can seem like a big slumber party. Slip on these matching pajamas and celebrate the bride getting hitched in the morning.


Tiny Gold Name Necklace

Name necklaces are so popular, and this tiny version is the perfect thing for bridesmaids to wear on the big day, it’ll finish off their outfits perfectly.


Bridesmaid Proposal Gift

This is a fun way to ask those special people to be bridesmaids. There’s even the option to choose the design for the hair ties so they perfectly match their sense of style.


Bridesmaid Proposal Gift Box

Choosing the right people to be bridesmaids is a tricky task, but with this gift box, the stress is taken out of the job and they’re sure to love it.


Zodiac Constellation Star Necklace

Some people are really into their star signs, and these dainty necklaces are a great way to show off their zodiac constellation, complete with sparkling crystals which look like stars.


Teardrop Cubic Zirconia Bracelet

Jewelry makes great bridesmaid gift ideas, and this cubic zirconia bracelet is perfect. It shows appreciation from the happy couple and it’ll be a lovely keepsake from the big day.


Personalized Bridesmaid Hangers

These personalized hangers are ideal for letting everyone know which outfit is whose, but they’ll look amazing in those professional wedding photos of the bridal squad getting ready.


Bridesmaid Bags

Keep it simple with these personalized tote bags. Decorated with a delicate floral pattern, the bridesmaids can use this bag after the wedding is done and dusted.


Bridesmaid and Maid of Honor Proposal Labels

There’s no better way to ask someone to be a bridesmaid than with a drink. These personalized labels can be added onto champagne bottles, helping it to go off with a bang.


Name Earrings

Gift the bridesmaids with these name earrings; it’ll be lovely if the whole bridal squad have matching oness. They also come in 3 different finishes to make sure they match other jewelry.


Cubic Zirconia Bridesmaid Stud Earrings

Shaped like teardrops, these cubic zirconia earrings will definitely dazzle on the day. They’re bound to catch the light and make the bridal team sparkle like the stars they are.


Wine Tumblers

Choose the color on these tumblers as well as the font the names appear in. They’re definitely the most stylish way to enjoy a glass of wine with friends.


Bridesmaid Robes

These kimono style robes come in a range of colors, perfect if there’s a color scheme to match. There’s even a white one which will be perfect for the bride.


Hand Stamped Name Gold Bar Necklace

Hand stamped with each individual name, these gold bar necklaces are ideal for the bridesmaids to wear on the big day as well as for years to come.


3 Fun DIY Bridesmaid Gifts

Diy Bridesmaid Boxes

No one knows the bridesmaids better than the bride. Get inspired by this blog post and get making some boxes to ask those special people to be part of the bridal squad.

Diy Bridesmaid Wine Glasses

Making these wine glasses isn’t difficult, and it's really inexpensive; it’ll be a nice keepsake for the bridesmaids to remember the big day, especially as the entire bridal team will have matching glasses.

Diy Monogrammed Ring Dish

Ring dishes are a great idea for the bride but what about her ‘maids? These monogrammed ones are super easy to make and are perfect gifts for the bridesmaids.


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