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41 Fabulous Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

Housewares are the traditional bridal shower gift, but why not step outside the box a bit with these fun gift ideas? Some gifts are a twist on classic favorites, while others are completely unexpected. Either way, you’ll be sending the bride to the altar with an unforgettable gift!

Celebrate the bride-to-be with great gift ideas that will go over well at any bridal shower. This is one of the most special times in her life, and the feeling of anticipation and excitement is something she won't soon forget. You can be a part of that feeling long after the shower is over when you have her open an amazing, thoughtful gift.

Custom Cutting Board

There’s no reason why you can’t get the bride and her groom the necessities that are both functional and decorative at the same time. This sturdy cutting board will not only assist them in the kitchen, it will also look beautiful propped up on a counter top.


Wedding Tea

Does your best girlfriend love to drink tea? If so, there’s probably no better way for her to relax before she heads down the aisle than with a hot mug of wedding tea. Plus, she can even share a bit with the groom, if she wants to.

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Thumbprint Guestbook

A guestbook is a must for any wedding, but that doesn’t mean the bride and groom have to get stuck with a boring old signature book. This unique guestbook uses the thumbprints of the guests to commemorate the bride and groom’s special day.


Build On Brick Bookends

Bookends are a classic wedding gift, but what do you get the couple that’s a bit less stuffy and a bit more playful? Not only will these bookends keep multiple books upright, they also double as a fun way for the bride and groom to display their latest Lego creations.


Personalized Hanger

Why hang a wedding dress on a plain old hanger when you can help the bride commemorate her special day with a functional keepsake? Not only does this personalized hanger make for a beautiful photo opportunity, it can also be used in the bride’s closet after the wedding.


Glass Love Oil Bottle

Kitchen accessories are always a classic choice for any bridal shower. Instead of getting the bride a new set of dishes or silverware, give her this clever glass olive oil bottle. It’ll remind the happy couple to say “Olive you” every day.

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LED Word Clock

Every home needs a clock. Unfortunately, clocks can be so boring. If the bride and her husband-to-be are a bit eccentric, get them a timepiece that is also a conversation piece. Plus, it’ll be a lot of fun for them to figure out how to read the clock properly!


Coffee Gift Basket

Many couples spend time together in the morning enjoying a cup of coffee. For the bridal shower, give the happy couple a variety of specialty coffees that they aren’t likely to find anywhere else. The basket also comes with goodies like java hard candy and biscotti.


Hand Painted Mug

Does the bride have a mug for all that new coffee? Choose a hand painted mug that is sure to put a smile on her face. The mug reads “He put a ring on it” and it points to the beautiful engagement ring that represents their love.


Personalized Songbird Vase

At the bridal shower, most brides receive a glass vase. Why not shake things up a bit and choose a different kind of vase instead! It is completely customizable and it can even be placed in the refrigerator and used as a wine cooler.


Foodie Dice Tumbler

Deciding what’s for dinner is always a topic among couples, especially married ones. Take the guesswork out of dinner with this foodie dice tumbler. With over 186,000 possible combinations, the bride and groom will always have delicious dinner options at their fingertips.


Monogrammed Angled Glass Set

Want to get glassware for the bride at her bridal shower, but want to ensure that no one else gets her anything quite like your gift? These tumblers are monogrammed, like many other glassware sets, but the bride isn’t likely to find their angled design anywhere else.


The Stanley Cup Popcorn Maker

Sports are important to many couples. Although football and baseball memorabilia can be found almost anywhere, there are very few home accessories for hockey fans. Let the bride and groom enjoy the next big hockey game with this cool Stanley Cup popcorn maker.


Personalized Flute Set

Every bride and groom need toasting flutes, so why not find the perfect set for them? These matching flutes are completely customized with the names of the happy couple, as well as their wedding date. The twisted stem and high-quality glass will turn these flutes into treasured heirlooms.


Wishing Jar

A newly married couple shares more than just a home and a bank account; they share wishes for their future as well. Provide the bride and the love of her life with the opportunity to help those dreams become a reality with this wishing jar.


Grow Your Own Love Dome

Does the bride-to-be have a bit of a green thumb? For her bridal shower, get her a truly unique gift that allows her to grow popular love plants indoors. Each kit comes with five different seed packs and decorative features like love decals and specially colored gravel.


Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame Champagne

There’s no better way to celebrate the bride’s upcoming nuptials than with a bottle of champagne. Skip the cheap champagne and celebrate in style with this fancy bubbly from France. It can even be personalized with an engraved, silver-plated hanging tag.


The Chill Maintaining Margarita Glasses

There’s nothing quite like a frosty margarita. With traditional margarita glasses, your frosty beverage isn’t likely to be frosty for very long. Solve that problem for the bride at her bridal shower with the chill maintaining margarita glass. You can even purchase a pair so she can share her favorite drink with her hubby.


Personalized Ornament

Finding a truly personalized ornament in stores is nearly impossible. Skip the mass produced ornaments and choose a personalized bride and groom ornament instead. Each year, when it’s time to decorate the Christmas tree, the happy couple can reminisce about their wedding day.


Taupe Block Print Duvet Set

Bedding is a traditional wedding or bridal shower gift, but finding a bedroom set that both the bride and groom will love is nearly impossible. This duvet set is stylish enough for her, but the neutral colors and understated pattern make it a great choice for him as well.


Grey Cashmere Robe

There’s no reason why you can’t pamper the bride a little bit at her bridal shower! Provide her with a little luxury with this grey cashmere robe. Not only can she use it getting in and out of the shower, she can also use it while she’s getting ready on her wedding day.


Personalized Fortune Cookie with Chicken Soup for the Soul® Bridal Edition

Getting married is exciting, but it can feel overwhelming. Provide the bride-to-be with the opportunity to take a minute and unwind with beautiful, and sometimes funny, wedding stories. This gift set even comes with a fortune cookie that is personalized with a fortune of your choosing.


Wall Mounted Lighted Jewelry Armoire

Keeping jewelry organized is easier said than done. Help the bride prevent tangles and help her see all of her jewelry quickly and easily with this wall mounted jewelry armoire. It can hold necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets. It also has a mirrored front and lighted interior.


Recipe Box

There’s nothing like a home cooked meal, but what do you do when you’re starting a new home? Prepare the bride and groom for many years of delicious meals with this personalized recipe box. You can even ask guests at the bridal shower to contribute their favorite recipes.


Pure Linen Towels

All towels aren’t created equal. A classy look is important, but the towel also needs to be absorbent. Get the best of both worlds with these pure linen towels. Made out of natural materials, their design is sure to appeal to both the bride and groom.


Kitchen Canisters

Does the bride have a bit of an old-fashioned sense of style when it comes to kitchen décor? These canisters are the perfect size for holding flour, sugar, coffee, and tea. They are also labeled in a retro style and come with lids and handles.


Smartphone Projector

Slideshows of the bride and groom are popular with guests at bridal showers and weddings, but renting large projection equipment can be inconvenient and expensive. Instead of renting, give the bride and groom a smartphone projector that they can keep.


Personalized Topographic Map Jigsaw Puzzle

Commemorating the area where the happy couple met is important, especially if they are currently living in another town or city. Give them the opportunity to remember where it all started with this personalized topographical jigsaw puzzle map. The bride and groom are sure to have a lot of fun putting it together!


Wedding Cake Knife & Server Set

No bridal shower gift list is complete without a wedding cake knife and server set! What makes this set more fun than the average knife and server set is the shape of the server. Instead of the traditional triangular shape, this server is shaped like a heart!


Tropical Framed Print

Does the bride love to spend time on the beach with her main squeeze? Help them decorate their home with this customized tropical frame print. It’ll remind them of all the happy times they spent sipping cocktails on the beach.


Cookie Gift Basket

Not sure what to get the bride at her bridal shower? Everyone loves cookies! With this cookie gift basket, not only will you be providing a few tasty treats for the happy couple, it can also be used to provide bridal shower guests with a sugary treat too.


Card Wreath

Between the engagement party, bridal shower, and wedding, the happy couple is sure to get swamped in well wishes that are written on cards. Instead of packing the cards away, provide the bride with a way to display all those sentiments with this card wreath.


Lady’s Dress Overshoes

If the bride hasn’t done so already, she will soon pick out a pair of beautiful heels to wear on her wedding day. If the weather turns, those expensive shoes could end up ruined. Help the bride think ahead and provide her with these overshoes to keep her feet and her shoes dry.


Monogrammed Candle

If the bride hasn’t done so already, she will soon pick out a pair of beautiful heels to wear on her wedding day. If the weather turns, those expensive shoes could end up ruined. Help the bride think ahead and provide her with these overshoes to keep her feet and her shoes dry.


Recipe for a Happy Marriage Personalized Apron

Does the bride-to-be love to cook? Help protect her clothing from the splatter of hot oil with this fun, personalized apron. Not only is it customized with the names of the bride and groom, it also comes with the recipe for a happy marriage.


White Cashmere Shawl

Fall, winter, and spring weddings can be absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately, they’re also a bit chilly. Help keep your favorite bride warm with this luxurious cashmere shawl. After the big day, it can be used as a scarf or a wrap to help keep her warm at home or in the office.


Sleep Sound Therapy System and Alarm

Sleeping with another person can be comforting, but it can also be difficult. To help the bride and groom slip away to sleep more easily, gift them this sleep sound therapy system. Not only can the sound combinations be completely customized, it’s also an alarm, a radio, and a speaker dock for their iPod.


Personalized Soap and Towel Set

Soap and towels aren’t always very exciting, but they can be when they are personalized! This set can be customized with a name or a message. This three-soap set even comes with a personalized hand towel, so the happy couple can enjoy your gift even after the hand soap is gone.


Love is Art Kit

Looking for a unique gift? Instead of getting the bride a piece of artwork, allow her and her hubby to create the artwork on their own. This kit encourages the bride and groom to get a bit creative with their intimate exploits, which results in a one-of-a-kind piece of art.


Marital Bliss Game

Preparing for a wedding is extremely stressful. Encourage the bride and groom to do kind things for each other with this fun card game. Unlike most normal card games, this card game lasts for a full week! Carry groceries, cook dinner, and more to earn points and special rewards.


Faux Fur Throw

Help bring out the bride’s wild side at her bridal shower with this faux fur throw. Not only does it look great draped across the back of a sofa, it’s also big enough to share, so the happy couple can curl up together during a good movie.


5 DIY Bridal Shower Gifts

Celebration Card

Every guest at the bridal shower is likely to get the bride a card. Unfortunately, impersonal cards are likely to get thrown in the garbage. Instead, create a one-of-a-kind card that is completely personalized and the bride will be sure to treasure it forever.

Homemade Love Spice Jar

Help the bride spice things up in the kitchen with this homemade love spice jar. Not only does it contain a specialized blend of spices that is easy to make, the bottle is decorated with a customized label of your design.

Homemade Strawberry Lip Bam

Even girls that don’t like makeup love a tasty lip balm. Whether running errands or walking down the aisle, this homemade lip balm is sure to be a hit with the bride-to-be. Don’t be surprised if she asks you to make some more as wedding gifts for all her guests!

Clay Ombré Nesting Dishes

Dishes and dish sets are a popular gift item at most bridal showers. Get her dishes that are truly meaningful by making them yourself. These clay ombré nesting dishes are actually easy to make, and the pattern and colors are completely customizable.

Mini Zen Garden

Stress and wedding planning go hand in hand. Provide the bride with a way to cope with pre-wedding day stress by creating a mini Zen garden. If you get creative by choosing items that you already have around your home, this handmade gift can be very affordable to make.


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