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26 Wiggle Butt-worthy Boxer Dog Gifts

Boxers are renowned for their sassy stride, and this selection of wiggle butt-worthy boxer gifts will put a smile on any dog lover’s face. They can wear them, watch them, or even wine and dine with them, and each one is as adorable as the last, which presents you with a bit of a conundrum – which one should you choose? (Hint: you can choose more than one!)
Boxer Dog Gift Ideas

Beware of Wigglebutts Wooden Box Sign

Boxer dog gifts don’t come any more apt than this freestanding 5 x 3” wooden box sign, because not many dogs can beat the way a boxer dog wiggles!


Life-size Boxer Stuffed Animal

This gigantic toy boxer by Melissa & Doug will take pride of place in any dog-loving home, thanks to the realistic markings and adorable expression on his smoochy little face.

Prices Vary

Boxer Dog on a Bike Shirt

Super sweet and sure to raise a smile or two, this woman’s t-shirt comes in six great colors and sizes, and features a boxer riding a bicycle on the front.


Boxer Dog Crew Socks

Designed to fit shoe sizes 4 – 10, these two pairs of socks (one gray and one blue) show a boxer sitting on the foot, with just its adorable face on the ankle.


Nanoblock Boxer Building Set

If they can’t find their perfect dog, now they can build it instead with this Nanoblock building kit, which contains all the pieces needed to create this sweet, tiny pupper.


Fawn Boxer Dog Wine Bottle Holder

This cute but funny wine bottle holder would make a great talking point during the next dinner or drinks party, especially among those who love this particular breed of dog.


Boxer Dog Ornament

Dogs who have passed remain forever in our hearts, but sometimes it’s nice to see a visual reminder; this handmade steel ornament can be used at Christmas or all year round.


Boxer Tummy Warmer Jacket

Add a little warmth and comfort to a boxer dog’s day with one of these fleece tummy warmers, which can be worn indoors as pajamas, or outdoors under raincoats or winter coats.


Boxer Necklace

Available in sterling silver, gold, or rose gold, this cute pendant hangs on a choice of chain lengths and comes in the shape of a boxer with a sweet little heart cut-out.


Tyson the Boxer Cookie Cutter

Have you ever heard someone saying their boxer is so sweet they could eat it? Well, now they can, with this fun cookie cutter that’s shaped like a boxer dog’s face.


Custom Boxer Oil Painting Portrait

Pet portraits make great gifts, and with a boxer’s coloring and markings they translate beautifully onto the canvas, making this a gift which will be loved and treasured for years to come.


Boxer Solar Lantern

There’s nothing more welcoming than a dog to greet you at the front door, which is why this solar lantern – which switches on at dusk – makes a wonderful gift for dog lovers.

Prices Vary

Retro 70’s Boxer Dog Shirt

Reminiscent of the 70s heydays, this retro t-shirt sports a brightly colored circle on the chest, which is superimposed with the silhouette of a majestic boxer dog.



If you know a dog-mad Monopoly fiend, switch things up on game night with Boxer-opoly, the classic game with a canine twist which offers both traditional and one hour game versions.


Bearington Roscoe Boxer Plush Stuffed Animal

Who could resist the face on this impossibly cute plush dog? With bean bag weighted paws and floppy body, this soft and sweet toy is just perfect for cuddling up to.


50 SCENT Dog Pun Boxer Shirt

‘Rap’ this t-shirt up and you’ll have a gift which will amuse both lovers of dogs and 50 Cent; it’s scary how good a boxer looks in a gold chain and muscle shirt.


Boxer Sweatshirt

It’s a well-known fact that glasses make anyone look cuter, and the same can be said for a dog, especially the hipster boxer on the front of this comfy and casual sweatshirt.


Boxer Dog Salt and Pepper Shaker Holder

You can train a dog to do almost anything, but pass the salt and pepper at dinner time? This proud little pooch is happy to hold the shakers until his owner needs them.


Acrylic Boxer Earrings

These earrings are absolutely stunning, and make the perfect boxer dog gift for any lady who loves dogs, beautiful jewelry, and color, as they come in a variety of incredible shades.


Boxer Mom Hat

Having a boxer will go straight to her head when she’s wearing this ‘Boxer Mom’ hat; it comes in a distressed finish in one of three colors, and bears a cute embroidered paw print.


Handmade Boxer Ring

Finished in stunningly realistic detail, this sterling silver ring is modelled on a sweet boxer who will be literally wrapped around her finger all day, every day.


Boxer Dog Riding Whale Vintage Print

Add a vintage vibe to a dog lover’s wall with this unusual tea stained print; it shows a pipe-smoking dog standing on a whale, and makes a truly unique boxer dog gift.


Boxer Dog Mom Shirt

Dog moms are proud of their status, and rightly so, so let one you know show it off with one of these cool, comfy t-shirts which say ‘dog mom’ in a different way.


Boxer Wall Clock

They’ll know exactly when it’s time for walkies with this wall clock; it’s shaped like a boxer in a variety of color and wood finishes, while the hands can be one of eight colors.


Boxer Dog Starry Night Canvas Print

Set against a background reminiscent of Van Gogh’s Starry Night, this canvas prints shows a beautiful boxer sitting tall and proud as he gazes off into the distance.


Boxer Love Wood Sign

Perfect for boxer moms and dads, this wooden sign is offered in three widths – the word love is missing the ‘o’ and has a boxer silhouette in its place.


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