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31 Best Monthly Book Subscription Boxes of 2017

No matter what genre tickles their fancy, there is a book subscription box for every bookworm out there. Each month a mystery box will be delivered to their door containing a rousing book or comic, and maybe some reading accompaniments like tea or candles- depending which subscription you choose. Treat your inner literary or a veracious reader to the gift of monthly reads.

I can’t stop subscribing to these monthly book subscription boxes! I am an avid reader, and these book subscription boxes are the best gift ever to get every month.

LitJoy Crate

If you’ve got grandkids, nieces, nephews, or kids of your own who you want to inspire to begin a lifetime of reading- subscribe to LitJoy Crate. The crew at LitJoy Crate selects new released books appropriate for young readers while supporting small business suppliers. Think of the $29.99 a month as an investment into the future of the young ones you love most.

The Book(ish) Box

If you appreciate the literary arts and all things girly, a monthly book subscription from The Book(ish) Box is for you. $29.99 a month will get you books of any genre you’d like in addition to goodies such as candles, notebooks, mugs, pens, and more. This is one book subscription box that will never go out of style.

My Inspiration Club

We all need a little inspiration from time to time. Whether it’s your personal life that needs some balance or your business life that needs some stimulation- My Inspiration Club has a book for you. Depending on who you are and what you want, you can sign up for an Inspiration Book subscription to get yourself on the right path.

Once Upon a Book Club

When you subscribe to Once Upon a Book Club, you are getting more than just a book in the mail. You are getting an entire community with whom to chat and share your thoughts and theories as the story goes along. You’ll also find a little treasure in each box that relates to the monthly story to help bring the book alive!

My Lit Box

“Color. Convention. Community.” That is the motto at My Lit Box. This fabulous monthly book subscription company represents authors of color month by month with a must-read book. This subscription is wonderful for all of us- old or young- who are celebrating the diverse world in which we live.

The Book Drop

Instead of putting yourself through your own personal version of Sophie’s Choice, let the literary experts at The Book Drop choose for you. Mystery, fiction, history- you name it and you can have it. If the flexibility doesn’t reel you in, maybe the low $9 a month price tag will do the trick.

Muse Monthly

Nothing goes better with a hefty novel than a cup of freshly steeped tea! The crew at Muse Monthly have come up with a clever monthly subscription box that delivers a tin of tea along with a must-read novel. Settle in for a cozy winter with your new favorite books.


I hope you’re a dedicated reader because when you subscribe to the monthly book subscription box from BookCase.Club, you get not one- but two books per month. This club offers great value for money in that you get an average value of $40 for just $9.99 per month.

Owl Crate

Captivating novels and cute trinkets arriving at the doorstep in a mysterious box- this is what women love! Book readers love the anticipation and the revelations that come with just about any surprise. Owl Crate is a fun gift for you, a friend, your sister, or all of the above.

Literary Young Adult Box by Quarterly

For the tweens and teenagers who are just discovering their insatiable love for reading, this is most definitely the monthly book subscription box for them. Each book is of young adult level and hand-selected to be the most enthralling and entertaining for this age group.

Novel Tea Club

It’s no surprise that a literary book club would come up with such a clever play on words for their brand. Novel Tea Club is a monthly subscription box that includes novels and tea for the ultimate reading experience. Based out of Canada, Novel Tea Club will ship to any doorstep worldwide!


Attention Sci-fi nerds: I have the perfect book subscription box for you! When you pay a flat rate of $27, you will receive two packages over two months containing sci-fi books that will make your head spin! You’ll also be delighted to receive little treasures like Geek’s Nest candles or alien plush dolls in each box.

Cozy Reader Club

Join a community who loves to dive into books just as much as you. Cozy Reader’s Club was founded by a mother who discovered that books were the perfect sanctuary to relieve her from the stress of day-to-day motherhood. Each month, she ships out a mother-friendly book and even added in a bit of hot chocolate and artisanal snacks as a bonus.

Book of the Month Club

Looking for the next best read? Each month, you can choose from a selection of 5 of the most recent must-read books carefully chosen by the experts. The books will be shipped and you’ll be off on a literary adventure in no time. The Book of the Month subscription box makes for a fantastic gift for the bookworm in your life.

Bookishly Tea and Book Club

There’s something so special about vintage books in that they seem to capture the purest of human emotions. Cozy up with a vintage paperback in your hands along with a cup of tea- both delivered to you in a book subscription box from Bookishly’s Tea and Book Club for $11 per month.


Rouse your child’s excitement about books with a monthly book subscription box from Bookroo. Not only is each book carefully selected to engage the curious brains of kids, but each book comes wrapped up like a present! By making each book so special, you child is sure to cherish and look forward to the next monthly delivery.

Beaulitful Reads

You can never have too much romance in your life! Whether you’re a fiercely single reader or a woman committed to your partner just as much as you are to your literature- you’ll love a monthly subscription of romance books from Bealitful Reads. Add a little spice to your reading life for just $24 per month.


Warning to Comic Book Nerds: you may become addicted to your monthly subscription box from ComicBoxer. Each month, 5-7 comic books will show up your door, including some classics you may know and some awesome new comics you will love. Feed your inner superhero with a subscription box from ComicBoxer.

Bethany Beach Books

Take your new book from Bethany Beach Books on vacation, or let a book your new book take you on vacation! Adults have two subscription choices when they subscribe: The Jane which is Contemporary + Historical Fiction or The Ernest with Thriller + Action novels. Both subscriptions promise to introduce you to your new favorite book.


Put the power of reading into your children’s hands with their very own monthly subscription box from Lillypost. The beautiful benefit of Lillypost is that you can choose between subscriptions of 1, 3, 6, or 12 months. For every box that is sent out to your child, a book will be donated to a child in need.

Paper Street Books and Comics

Attention Sci-fi nerds: I have the perfect book subscription box for you! When you pay a flat rate of $27, you will receive two packages over two months containing sci-fi books that will make your head spin! You’ll also be delighted to receive little treasures like Geek’s Nest candles or alien plush dolls in each box.


What child doesn’t love a box full of surprises? With Bookubox, your kid will receive a box delivered just for them! There are two packages you can choose from: one package is solely imaginative reading material for the mini bookworm, and the other package is filled with books and little reading-related trinkets.

Bubbles Books

By the end of a long workweek, we are all craving some serious wind down time. Bubbles &
Books has got you covered! Each month, the ultimate relaxation box will arrive at your door with bath goodies such as soaps and bath bombs along with an adult romance novel.

Book Boyfriend Box

For young adults, your quest to find the perfect books has just gotten a bit easier. No need to ask for book suggestions from friends or family now that you have a team of experts on your side with Book Boyfriend Box. For $30 a month, a young adult novel will be hand selected along with surprising little goodies to enhance your reading experience.

Call Number

Black literature is a valuable genre to study no matter who you are or which background you may come from. Some of the most influential and some of the most underrated black authors will be represented in your monthly book subscription box from Call Number for $35 a month.

The Nocturnal Reader’s Box

One of the most popular and sought after monthly book subscription boxes on the market is The Nocturnal Reader’s Box. Adult fans of horror, sci-fi, and fantasy just can’t get enough- so much so that this box often sells out! Check their site diligently and you’re sure to get your hands on this subscription, too.

And the Story Begins

Possibly the most flexible monthly book subscription around is from ‘and the Story Begins’. You won’t find any fluff or swag in these boxes- they stick to the old school method of just you and a book. There are 9 different genres you can choose from and there is also no big commitment here- cancel any time you’d like!

My Guilty Pleasures Book Crate

My Guilty Pleasures Book Crate is very young-person friendly. Not only are their book selections perfect for teenagers and young adults who love reading romance, but My Guilty Pleasures Book Crate is fully synced up to social media. Tweet and Instagram with their hashtags for chances to win free subscription boxes!

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