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26 Most Bizarre & Unusual Gifts of 2013

One way to make sure a gift is original is to make it bizarre and whacky. Just make sure you have a pretty good idea of their personality before you get them an off-the-wall gift, or you run the risk of making things awkward. Here is our collection of outside-of-the-box gifts that’s sure to make them scratch their heads.

26 Most Bizarre & Unusual Gifts of 2013- who knew these even existed!

Colour Me Gosling

Ryan Gosling himself admits he doesn’t see what all the fuss is about when it comes to his looks, but that’s OK since he doesn’t have the same vantage point as the rest of us. If you know they’re a confirmed Gosling addict, there’s potentially no better gift than a Ryan-themed coloring book.


Zombie Cribbage

If cribbage and zombies both happen to be their thing this is a no-brainer gift that you can’t go wrong with. Instead of the typical cribbage pegs you get to move around zombie figurines, and the deck itself has even been zombified, with undead Kings, Queens, and Jacks. The perfect way to kill some time during the impending zombie invasion.


Danny Devito’s Limoncello

With most high-profile rappers coming out with their own line of vodkas and other spirits, leave it to Danny Devito to endorse some limoncello. If you don’t know what limoncello is, it’s a lemon-flavored Italian liqueur. Now you know! Thanks Danny for helping to spread Limoncello awareness to the masses.


Balm Chicky Balm Balm

Any lip balm that has you singing the universal tune for porn definitely ranks as bizarre. This balm encourages friendliness because there’s a side marked for your use, and a side marked for a friend’s use, so it really can go both ways. Just be sure to cap it off when not in use or it could get messy.


Ask Me About My T-Rex T-Shirt

This t-shirt begs the question “Hey, what’s the deal with your T-Rex?” at which point you get to pull your shirt up over your head, stick out two fingers from each hand and do your best Tyrannosaurus interpretation. This is a definite conversation starter, but may quickly turn into a conversation ender.


Canned Unicorn Meat

Ahh, unicorn, the other other white meat. Amaze your friends by serving up some of this canned unicorn and they’re sure to have a dinner they’ll never forget. Actually, you can’t cook it up as there’s no meat inside, not even a Spam substitute. It’s a little stuffed unicorn that’s been cut up. Not the gift for lovers of unicorns.



Here’s a cereal that gives new meaning to the term getting a good start in the morning. It’s specially formulated to give you the nutrients you need to be ready for what the day has in store for you. It comes in both a Mens and Womens version, so don’t get them mixed up in your morning stupor.


Salami Notes

Unfortunately you can’t eat these, so they’re a bit of a tease. It’s the gift for those that ever wished they could jot down a note on a meaty looking piece of paper. These will definitely leave them antsy for lunch after writing delicious looking memos all day. Just don’t be surprised if you see them giving this paper a taste or two just to make sure.


Slippers from the Shire

For whatever reason it seems that most Hobbits couldn’t control the overgrowth of hair on the tops of their feet, and this is displayed in full detail with these lovely slippers. A top-ranking gift for any LotR lover, perfect for fromping around the house or when reenacting any scene from The Shire.



Do they need a friend? Here’s a double for the Wilson volleyball from the movie Castaway. Hey, you can’t be around all the time, so they need something to get them through the long hours left at sea, or the office or at home, whatever the case may be. A very detailed replica.


Images You Should Not Masturbate To

With so many images out there beckoning you to use them for your own self-love, here’s a collection of images specifically designed to ward off your carnal urges. There’s just no right way to tug to these, so just don’t. Keep them handy for those times you need to thwart yourself.


Danny Devito’s Limoncello

With most high-profile rappers coming out with their own line of vodkas and other spirits, leave it to Danny Devito to endorse some limoncello. If you don’t know what limoncello is, it’s a lemon-flavored Italian liqueur. Now you know! Thanks Danny for helping to spread Limoncello awareness to the masses.


William Shakespeare’s Star Wars

What happens when one of the most popular writers of all time meets one of the most popular movie franchises of all time? You end up with a book on Star Wars written in the style of Sir William Shakespeare. Don’t worry, it’s officially sanctioned by Mr. Lucas himself.


The Original Chicken Handbag

It’s a chicken. It’s a handbag. It’s the Original Chicken Handbag! If you’ve ever wondered what it’d be like to have a chicken as handbag, or the other way around, this is your chance. No animals were harmed in the making of this handbag. Well, maybe a chicken. They didn’t cluck around on this one.


Monkey Picked Tea

This tea might have you wondering what the monkey labor laws are, but they end up picking the best tea leaves. At least that’s the theory behind this tea. They’re able to get to the tea leaves that would otherwise not be picked, and the result is a tasty beverage best enjoyed with other primates.


Mystery Boxes

Here’s a grab bag like you’ve never seen before. Inside is a total mystery. You get to pick the theme, either alcohol related, porn and food based, or a home and lifestyle assortment. Aside from that you’re leaving it to the powers that be to pick out fun things in each category.


Lip Shit

No, this doesn’t actually live up to its title, and in fact there’s actually some high quality lip balm residing inside each cannister. It’s made with beeswax and comes in 8 different and unique flavors so you can tailor it to that special someone. Just assure them that there isn’t any fecal matter involved.


Scorpion Vodka

Perhaps the most bizarre vodka you could ever buy someone, this includes a real scorpion inside, and you can dare them to eat it, since it’s totally edible. This is one gift where it’s definitely better to give than receive. The vodka inside is supposed to be high quality as well.


Canned Dragon Meat

Here’s a way to give the gift of dragon without having to actually slay one. This is a great choice for the D&D fan in your life or anyone else you have a running dragon joke with. Inside is not actual dragon meat, but a novelty toy to complete the gag.


How to Swear Around the World

Learning to swear in different languages gives you just a bit more than you’ll need to survive, but is sure to come in handy and earn you some respect abroad. There will undoubtedly come a time in your travels where you wish you could swear, and conventional language books aren’t going to reveal this information.



Give your hands some tighty whiteys. There’s no real reason why you’d want to wear these over say a pair of gloves, but they will provide you with the same benefits of underpants, just on your hands. They’ll keep the sweat off your palms and allow you full mobility with your fingers.


Scented Macaron Coin Purses

Ever wish you had a coin purse shaped like a macaron that also smelled like one? Probably not, until you found out they made them! These coin purses look like the real thing, except for the zipper that runs around them, and they smell fantastic too. Choose your flavor and you’re all set.


Spectacular Psychedelic Cat Sweater

You can’t look too long at this sweater without feeling like you’re experiencing vertigo. But that’s kind of the point, and this is sure to get you plenty of attention when you wear it. Just be sure to look away before too long and you’ll be fine.


Animal Cushions

These animal cushions will have your guests wondering what kind of decor you’re actually going for. Featuring animals dressed in odd attire it’s really left to the observer to make up their mind what each one represents to them. You have four different animals to choose from, each with their own facial expression and personality.


Cubed Earwax

Gross out those around you by snacking on what appears to be delectable cubes of earwax. They don’t have to know that you’re really getting a nice sweet treat. A great way to keep their hands off of your stash of goodies at the workplace. If you’re nice you can share your secret with a buddy and tell them it’s really good to eat.


Yellow Snow Cupcakes Kit

These cupcakes make it look like you went outside, made some yellow snow, and brought them back inside. It’s a totally disgusting way to play a winter prank on someone, especially when they see you dive right in and eat one. It’s up to you how far you want to take the gag since you could probably get someone to actually gag.


The Inkblot Personality Test

Here’s a handy kit that allows you to administer the Rorschach test to see what sort of personality you have. It includes everything you need to test out your friends’ personalities and see which among you is the most certifiable. You’d be surprised at how a room full of seemingly normal people can quickly be unmasked.



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