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36 Epic Birthday Hats and Crowns to Make Them Feel Special

Opening birthday gifts is a great photo opportunity, so make the most of that chance by buying or making an epic party hat or crown which will single them out as the lucky birthday boy or girl, and ensure they feel extra special on their big day. Whether you want glitter, glitz, and glamor, or flowers, fur, and flashing lights, you’ll find the perfect head piece to suit the occasion.

Best Birthday Hats and Crowns

Birthday Cake Party Hat

Now they can have their cake AND wear it, with this super colorful fabric hat, which sports six rainbow ‘candles’ with pompom flames, and a beautifully ‘iced’ wearable cake top hat.


SWEETV Sweet 16th Birthday Crown

She’s your princess, so help her look the part with this adorable sweet 16 tiara, which boasts a ‘16’ inside a double heart, and a gazillion diamond-like stones set in a silver-plated headpiece.


Birthday Girl Flashing Lights Tiara

If she’s the girliest of birthday girls, this tiara will really make her day. Flashing lights, pink marabou ‘fur’ trim, and sparkly ‘stones’ will make her the belle of the ball for sure.


Old AF Crown

When age is but a number, this crown will tell the world that it’s their birthday without revealing their actual age – all anyone needs to know is that they are ‘old AF’.


Fenleo Inflatable Gold Crown Party Hat

Make him or her feel like royalty for the day with this inflatable, lightweight crown which is a regal gold in color, and measures a princely 15cm x 21 cm.


Kirei Sui 30th Birthday Glitter Crown

Available in black, pink, or rainbow glitter, this mini crown is designed to sit on top of the head and bears a sparkly number 30 on the front. Cute, sturdy and fun.


Flirty 30 Crown

Whatever their age, this miniature crown can be customized to suit their number of years, and will bedazzle in rainbow glitter with a hot pink trim and white glittery number.


It’s My Birthday Headband

Simple but straight to the point, this birthday head band tells everyone that it’s their special day, with ‘It’s My Birthday’ spelled out in rainbow colored letters across the top.

Prices Vary

Bowbear Knitted Birthday Party Crown Hat

Even the tiniest of princes or princesses deserves a crown. This super soft knitted version is suitable for ages three months to three years, and comes in five gorgeous colors.


50th birthday crown

Get nifty at fifty with this super cool crown which is covered in multi-colored glitter and displays the big five-oh on the front. Miniature it may be, but it’s sure to impress.


The Golden Swallow 1st Birthday Crown

How adorable is this 1st birthday crown, which is covered in stunning blue glitter with a shimmery silver trim, and a big number one on the front in white for maximum impact?


Amscan Birthday Brights Cone Hat

This upgraded version of a traditional birthday hat is festooned with red, yellow, green, and blue pompoms, and features ribbons and Happy Birthday message in gorgeous matching colors.


Birthday Queen Crown

Available in a multitude of gorgeous glittery colors, this crown will definitely get the royal seal of approval as the Birthday Queen pops it on for her regal photo opportunities.


Mermaid Crown Tiara

Your own little mermaid will love getting into character with this adorable hand-made tiara which comes with sequins, seashells, and other ocean-themed ‘jewels’, and is held in place by a stretchy blue band.


Happy Birthday Candle Headband

With 8 soft ‘candles’ with pompom flames in beautiful rainbow colors, this fun celebration hat also comes with ‘Happy Birthday’ across the front, and gorgeous silver detailing.

Prices Vary

Floral Fall Birthday Crown

Choose from blue, pink, or gold glitter for this awesome handmade miniature crown, which displays the number ‘30’ in contrasting glitter right across the front. Measures 2.75” height x 2.66” diameter.

Prices Vary

Fun 30th Birthday Sparkly Gold Crown Headband

Lined with a ribbed fabric for extra comfort, this sparkly headband is home to the most darling little crown you’ve ever seen, which is small, gold, glittery, and utterly spectacular.


40th Birthday Crown

Let them be loud and proud as they open their birthday gifts, with this multi-colored crown which is covered in birthday balloons in every color, and ‘40’ in glittery gold on the front.


SWEETV Crystal Birthday Tiara

Delicate and stunning, just like her! This silver tiara comes with three tiers and reads ‘Happy Birthday’, which is then topped off with a row of sparkling stars.


SWEETV Antique Silver King Crown

Made from iron and copper, this crown is definitely the head gear for the man who’s serious about his birthday festivities. Boasting an antique finish for (dare we say) an antique man?


Baby Princess Tiara Crown

With more than its fair share of the ‘aah factor’, this glittering gold crown sits on a bed of pink and cream roses, and boasts a beautifully iridescent number one.


WAOUH Lumberjack Crown

With a fun faux fur trim, this crown is perfect for little ones who love the great outdoors as it’s finished in a red plaid fabric and a burlap number one.

Prices Vary

Happy Birthday Fancy Hat

If the birthday boy or girl likes overstating things, this fabric hat will be the perfect accessory to their birthday outfit. Loud, lovely, and colorful, it’s impossible to ignore.


It’s My Birthday Crown

Your little boy will be melting hearts all day long with this gorgeous fabric crown, which comes in a deep royal blue with colorful details and ‘It’s My Birthday’ in red.


Bright and Trendy Birthday Party Top Hat

Oh la la, this birthday head piece is tres chic, and comes with a miniature top hat in purple, with a whole bundle of feathers and lace to set it off perfectly.


Royal Jeweled King’s Crown

You will definitely be granted the royal pardon when you give the birthday boy this fabulous crown, which comes in regal red and gold, and set with the most beautiful princely ‘jewels’.


Rainbow Birthday Party Cone Hats Pack

Make sure no-one is bare headed at the party with this set of 12 traditional birthday cone hats, which are decorated in rainbow colored stripes and a silver ‘happy birthday’.


Cowboy Birthday Hat

Yeehaw! Whether he’s into cowboys and Indians, or just wants to be the next sheriff in town, this blue Stetson with its birthday message will definitely be on all the ‘wanted’ posters.


Houseables Birthday Tiara

It would be impossible to cram any more glitter and glitz into this glamorous birthday girl tiara, which comes with a comb attached to keep it in place all night long.


Maticr Baby Girl Glitter Rainbow Flower Crown

Perfect for any age, this adorable crown is covered in multi-colored glitter which catches the light and shimmers, and features a ring of beautiful roses to match in stunning coordinating shades.

Prices Vary

60th Birthday Flashing Tiara

Forget girly pinks and purples, black is where it’s at with this sparkling tiara which comes with a flashing number 60, and is fitted with a black marabou fur trim for dramatic detail.


Amscan Birthday Sparkle Top Hat

If they love all things colorful and glittery, then this hat is definitely going to be a winner as they open their birthday gifts, thanks to its rainbow stripes and sparkling finish.

Prices Vary

40th Birthday Crown

Decorated in black and gold, this stylish birthday crown has a glittery number forty on the front, set upon a background of gold, silver, and white party balloons.


16 Diy Birthday Crowns and Hats

Diy Felt Birthday Crown

If you prefer homemade to store bought, on their heads be it – literally. This super soft felt crown requires only minimal sewing skills and can be made in any colorway you fancy.

Diy Birthday Crowns

Get your glue gun at the ready for this simple but effective birthday crown, which makes use of coordinating glitter card stock with the addition of some fun pompoms to match.

Diy First Birthday Shirt And Party Hat

Homemade doesn’t have to mean complicated, as this easy DIY tutorial shows. With minimal fuss, you can create both a party hat and birthday tee with a few basic supplies.

Diy Printable Birthday Crown

For just $2.50 you can download and print off the template for this classy crown – all you need to do then is cut out all the pieces and glue them together!

Diy Birthday Hat

Create this gorgeous pompom birthday hat which can be adapted for any age you like, and, if they have a favorite color, you can customize the shades you make it in, too.

Diy Felt Birthday Crowns

When they’re tiny you don’t want anything too fussy on their heads, so why not make them their own simple birthday crown from soft felt and ribbon, instead?

Diy Birthday Candle Crown

This pretty candle crown is simple yet stunning, and can be made using any color you (or they) like – it requires three lengths of fabric, so why not use different colors?

Diy Sparkle Party Crown

Sometimes less is more, and that is certainly the case with these fabulous crowns which are made using a basic headband, pipe cleaners, and glittery pompoms for maximum bling.

Make A Special Handmade Cloth Birthday Hat

This DIY party hat is so pretty that you’ll want to display it long after the party is over! Trimmed in gorgeous broderie anglaise lace, it’ll be her crowning glory.

Diy Paper Party Hat

Whether you’re looking for one party hat or a whole bunch to kit out the party guests, this tutorial will show you how to make gorgeous headpieces using pretty scrapbook paper.

Diy Fabric Brithday Hat Tutorial

With this step by step guide, you can take one paper party hat and turn it into a fabulous fabric covered version complete with the child’s age on the front.

Diy Birthday Party Hat For Less Than $5 In 15 Minutes!

Download the free printable template, and you will be able to create as many customized party hats as you need, in whatever design you like, using pretty or funky scrapbook paper.

Simple Diy Party Hats

Using an old paper party hat as a template, you can create a brand spanking new one using glittery cardstock, matching pompoms, and a length of elastic or twine.

Diy Pom Pom Party Hat

Rather than deconstruct a store bought party hat, use a paper mache cone from a craft store, and embellish it with paints, glitter, and homemade yarn pompoms in coordinating colors.

How To Make Homemade Birthday Party Hats

You can make this hat in advance using the printable template included, and then add the gorgeous fresh flower trim at the last minute, for the prettiest party hat ever.

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