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49 Unique Birthday Gifts for Men Who Have Everything

Let’s face it, men are impossible to shop for. Even when you get the right gift, their reactions can be so unemotional that you’re still not sure it was the right gift. So this year, give him a unique birthday gift, something surprising and different, that will throw him off balance and bring out true joy.

I love these unique birthday gift ideas for men! Sometimes it can be a challenge shopping for my husband, but this list has a lot of cool gifts I never heard of and is my go-to when I want to get him something more unexpected!

Jedi Bath Robe

This is the gift you are looking for. After a shower, in the morning, checking the mail, or just lounging around the house can all be part of his training to master the Force. This will bring him back to the first time he watched Obi Wan use his Jedi mind trick to evade the storm troopers.


Garage Gas Pump

With this wonderful contraption there’s no more lugging around that giant gas can. He can simply run the hoses and fill up his lawn equipment or throw it in the trunk for those roadside emergencies he swears will never happen, until they actually do. Avoid a lot of problems for him now and in the future with this fantastic and functional gift.


What If? Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions (Book)

This author of the humorous site xkcd answers the most absurd questions with the most thorough scientific responses. What would happen if there was a robot uprising? This book has all the answers for readers of all sorts. Whether he can’t find enough to read or he barely cracks a book unless there’s a promise of monetary reward, he’ll enjoy this light-hearted read.

Prices Vary

Gold USB Cufflinks (Also available in silver)

Chances are, he’s already got shirts and ties and every tie clip you can find on the Internet. These cufflinks will make the perfect addition to his wardrobe. Not only are they completely fashionable and functional, they also allow the inner child to fulfill a fraction of the James Bond fantasy.


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‘Dogs on Bikes’ Shirts

These are the best! Super soft, stylish and hilarious for dog lovers. 15 breed designs are currently available, including- black lab, boston terrier, corgi, golden retriever, french bulldog, beagle, english bulldog, yorkie, chihuahua, jack russell, shih tzu, husky, dachshund, rottweiler and pekingese.

Exploding Kittens Card Game

This is a game that is designed with an attention to the absurd. The much loved artist from the Oatmeal contributed to the random humor in the game. Every game closet is a bit more complete with an interesting, edgy, slightly inappropriate card game in the mix. Game night just got a bit more interesting.


Barbecue Briefcase

Grillin’ is my business, and business is booming! With this great set of barbecue tools, he’ll have everything he needs to make the perfect cookout come to life. This is the gift that gives back with perfectly grilled meat (and other foods). As an added bonus, he’ll finally wash his own utensils and put them away neatly.


Beer Brewing Kit

These days, microbrews are the way to go. There’s nothing better than brewing it yourself. Every guy wants to brew his own beer, but there are so many components that you need. This kit includes everything you need to get started, including all the ingredients for the first 5 gallon batch. No need to spring for a $100 glass carboy or a pricey 5 gallon brew pot. This starter kit will keep him satisfied for many brews to come.


Japanese Bamboo and Leather Watch

Believe it or not, most guys are afraid to take a little risk on fashion. They won’t have this lovely watch in their collection. In addition to the stylish look, it can be a conversation piece at the office, the golf course, or when all that men feel they can talk about is the weather. This watch is timeless.

Prices Vary

Manly Man Soap

Men care more and more about their cleanliness. It doesn’t hurt to have a little pampering. This soap will make him feel like a man instead of making him smell like passion fruit and oleander. For under 10 bucks, he can get all the clean fragrance and smooth skin he secretly dreams about.


Leather RFID secure wallet

With all the creative hackers out there, you can never be too safe. This leather wallet has built in RFID security to protect against identity theft. Even licenses in some states are starting to have RFID chips. Help him stay ahead of the hackers and with a traditional style wallet similar to the one he already carries.

Prices Vary

Digital Meat Thermometer Forks

Never wonder again. He’ll get the steaks and everything else off the grill at exactly the right time. There’s no way he can ever mess that up again. Help him avoid the embarrassment of throwing thing back on the grill, or worse yet, throwing them in the microwave for a few minutes to even it up.


Desktop Stress Punching Bag

This should be standard equipment on every man’s desk. Instead of a meaningless stress ball that he’ll lose, get him something he’ll always use. He’s sure to use this whether it’s just for fun or to actually release a bit of work-related stress that’s built up over a few days.


All Weather Emergency Fire Starter

This is small enough to keep on him at all times with the added convenience of attaching to his keys. It’s big enough to make him feel like he’s got everything he needs to survive in the wild. He might not be ready for a solo trip to the Arctic, but it’s always great to let him dream. A little confidence never hurt anyone.


Wooden Docking Station

A beautiful addition to any nightstand, this docking station has space for his watch (perhaps the bamboo one from this list), his phone, his charger, his keys, and his wallet. Use this to complete the whole gift package from this list or buy one a year and he’ll have a complete set in just a few decades.


Bungee Organizer

He’s going to get the garage organized this weekend. Seriously this time. With this great stand, he can make some progress. Finally, there’s a place for all the extension cords and hoses and other things that end up just lying around. Help him finally get the shed or garage in order for under $20.



Every guy wants a bazooka. This is the closest you can get legally. You can blast bursts of air up to 20 feet! Let him hide this in a sleeve of his Jedi bath robe and he’ll entertain himself for hours using the “Force” to knock things of the counter. He might not even turn on the TV for a few days.


Wooden Comb

Every guy needs a good comb. Grooming is one of the most basic needs for every guy and what better way to comb out the hair than with a beautiful wooden comb. He will want to carry it with him places. With the right combination of gifts from this list, you might even need to invest in a murse (man purse) to keep him truly happy.


Beard Oil and Comb

If he’s bald or has a low maintenance hairdo, you can opt for this beard oil to soften up his grizzly facial hair. A comb is included to brush out and smooth down all the problems. His wild mane will be neatly groomed and even soft to the touch in just a few weeks.

Prices Vary

Patrol Robot

The ultimate gadget to have is your own robot. Nobody has their own robot, until now. This robot can keep track of all sorts of things. Most importantly, it’ll entertain him and help him start to build his fantasy robot army. Most likely it will be an army of one, but hey, dreams are dreams.


The Make Your TV a Computer

He’s got so much money invested in his HDTV. With this device, he can get his money’s worth out of it. It’s a full computer with Windows already installed, so there’s no question about what it can do. You can surf the net and everything with the keyboard that is already included. Now, he won’t have to use every device at the same time; the TV can do it all.


Bluetooth Tracker

Of course a man is never lost and he would never lose his keys. Just in case someone “moves” his keys, he’ll be able to find them with his phone. Chances are, he’ll never misplace his phone because that’s how he gets all of his important sports scores. This will keep him together and out of everyone else’s way. No more accusations; “Have you seen my keys?”


Modular Space Kit

This kit is especially great for dads, because they can pretend that their kids are the ones that really want to do these space projects. In reality, every guy dreamed of being an astronaut and this is the closest he’ll get to making that a reality. He can learn all about kinetic energy and all sorts of things that will be useful bonding time with kids, but most importantly, he can make his own moon rover.



KITT was the coolest car on the planet because it was so much more than a car. While this kit won’t turn his Prius into a Trans Am, it will give him the famous lights from KITT while offering the bonus of charging his phone or other devices. It’ll sync up with music, but the reality is that he’ll be listening to nothing but the Knight Rider theme song anyway.


26 DIY Gifts for Men who have everything

Vintage Locker Tags

These hip tags are just masculine enough to make him apply them to everything from journals to folders to desk drawers. He will have the most attractive file folders in the office, or at least an organized toolbox. This is a great way to give him something personal that isn’t just a keepsake he’ll never really put to good use.

Copper and Concrete Door Pulls

He can use these to liven up the kitchen or bathroom. The materials will cost you about 5 bucks for everything. You can do this with or without the copper or use the copper in a way to customize the look to your liking. This is a fun project that will give him a project that is easy to do and will liven up any space (even his desk at work).

Toothbrush Holder

This stylish toothbrush holder is made from wood that you’ve probably got lying around (or you can make a trip around the neighborhood to find someone’s trimmings). This adds a bit of rugged beauty to the bathroom without being too masculine for you or too feminine for him.

Woodslice Cutting Board

A very cool cutting board that can be used throughout the kitchen or it can be designated as his “grilling” board. Either way, he’ll love to have a rugged piece of equipment added to his culinary toolbox. Best of all, it will only cost you a bit of sweat and elbow grease.

Wood Grain Flask

In this very simple DIY, all you need is a blank flask, some wood grain contact paper, and a paint marker for personalization. Flasks are a very common gift for men and customizing the flask yourself will save you a ton of money. Plus, wood grain looks super stylish.

Big Bucks Pillow

This pillow is a great gift for any man who likes hunting, or money, and has a great sense of humor. The phrase “I like big bucks and I cannot lie” is sewn onto the front of the pillow for a hilarious and comfy piece. Customize the fabric for your recipient and watch them smile.

Healing Cuticle Balm

For the working man in your life, try gifting them with this healing cuticle balm. It is great for healing cracked, dry, or damaged skin. This balm is easy to make and consists of an herbal blend that will sooth any problem areas he might have. It is a very thoughtful gift.

Leather Tool Roll

Many men like to work around the house, fixing things and building projects. This leather toll roll allows them to keep their most used tools handy without having to carry around a bulky tool box. The design rolls up easily and includes a leather handle for hanging it up on the wall.

Leather Catch All

If you know a man who is notorious for misplacing his keys, wallet, or other items, this leather catch all is the stylish solution to that problem. This DIY project is super simple and uses rivets to hold the leather together. Give him the gift of sanity with this catch all.

Custom Beer Carrier and Glasses

Beer enthusiasts everywhere will rejoice over receiving this custom beer carrier with custom glasses. The holder will hold six beer bottles or glasses. You will need power tools to construct the carrier and etching cream to monogram the glasses. The best part is that this can all be made for under twenty-five dollars.

Whipped Eucalyptus Shaving Cream

Even a man who has everything can use some handmade, soothing shaving cream. Unlike store bought shaving cream, you can control the ingredients that go into this and control how it smells. The recipe combines coconut oil, shea butter, olive oil, and eucalyptus essential oil to make this luxurious shaving companion.

Beard Oil

For the man who doesn’t shave and, instead, has a fabulous, flowing beard, this beard oil is the perfect gift. Like the shaving cream, you can control what goes into it and its smell to make the perfect beard oil for the man receiving it. Beard oil can get expensive, so hand make it and save.

Stamped Metal Bar Tags

The man who has everything probably doesn’t have these. Stamped metal bar tags are a great gift to add class to any man’s liquor collection. Personalize each tag for his favorite bottles of alcohol with this easy DIY project. All you will need are some metal stamps and blank aluminum credit cards.

Citrus Scotch Ale Soap

No matter the man, he will always need soap to stay clean. This citrus scotch ale soap is made with beer, which makes it a perfect soap for the beer enthusiast. Other ingredients in the soap are grapefruit, lemon, orange, honey, and malted barley to exfoliate, as well as several oils to moisturize.

Moustache Keychain

This moustache keychain is a small gift that has a big personality. Give the gift of gentlemanly class with this leather keychain shaped like a handlebar moustache. Made with genuine leather, this project also requires a thick needle, flat nose pliers, and, of course, a key ring.


Nothing screams man more than this mandle, or man candle, does. You’ll need a wood wick and a manly vessel to begin constructing your mandle. This candle for men also requires a scent most manly, like spiced rum, which is mentioned in the tutorial. Men everywhere will love this thoughtful and manly gift.

Comic Book Coasters

Stop water rings in their tracks by gifting any man in your life with these super comic book coasters. Choose whatever comics happen to be his favorite, DC, Marvel, or what have you, to make these coasters personalized just for him. You will also need outdoor mod podge, electrical outlet covers, and adhesive.

Necktie Zip Pouch

This classy looking pouch is perfect for storing change or any small, lose item a man might carry around. It’s made from old neckties and zips shut. Each pouch needs two ties to be made and requires a zipper. This DIY project requires a lot of sewing, so be prepared.

Insulated Beverage Holders

The insulated beverage holder, or “koozie” for those familiar with the term, makes a perfect gift for any man who likes to keep a cold drink on hand. You will need quilting cotton, Insulbright, which is heavily insulated fleece, and Velcro to construct this project. There is quite a bit of sewing in this project.

Star Wars Pillow Case

Every man loves to sleep and why not help him sleep while laying his head on one of the greatest movie franchises of all time. These Star Wars pillow cases are easy to make with a bit of patience and the help of pumpkin carving stencils. Keep your iron handy to complete this project.

Concrete Fire Pit

Fire is something that has amazed man since the beginning of time, so why not gift the man in your life with his own modern concrete fire pit for nights filled with wonder. This pit is portable, sturdy, and uses gel fuel. You can make this in under a few hours for under fifty dollars.

Tape Dispenser

Whenever tape is needed it is never nearby. Surprise any handyman with this neat tape dispenser to hold all of his rolls of tape and cut the tap off when needed. You can construct this project from lumber, a dowel for the axel, and a hacksaw blade to cut the tape off when using it.

Baseball Bookends

Play ball! For the sports fan that also enjoys a good book, these baseball bookends make a great gift. To make it look like the baseballs are resting on their own, you simply mount a small and thin piece of metal to the bottom with a strong glue.

Bottle Cap Fishing Lures

You can never have enough fishing equipment in your life when fishing is your life. These bottle cap fishing lures are great for any man who loves to fish, loves to drink beer, or loves to do both. You’ll need fishing hooks and the caps to his favorite brand of beer or soda.

Necktie Keychain

Keychains are super simple but cute and thoughtful gifts. This necktie keychain is perfect for the suave gentleman you know. For this simple DIY you’ll need an old tie, a key ring, scissors, and glue. Then, you just need to know how to fold a tie, but don’t worry, the instructions cover that.

Jenga Keychain

Make a custom keychain just for him with this Jenga keychain DIY tutorial. You will need a wooden block, some decorative paper, a key ring, and mod podge to complete this task. The best part is you can use whatever decorative paper you like so it is personalized just for him.

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