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30 Birthday Gifts for The Best Husbands and Dads (Unique Gifts for Him)

Your fun and loving hubby deserves something new and fun this year, don’t you think? So it’s about time you took a look at these awesome and unique birthday gifts for husbands. We have something for everyone; the baseball fanatic, the home-chef, and even the history obsessed.

birthday gifts for husband

Game Used Baseball Bat Bottle Openers

If he’s obsessed with baseball, these game-used baseball bat bottle openers are definitely going to be a ‘hit’. No matter his favorite team, there is a beautiful handmade bottle opener waiting just for him. They also come in a lovely gift box with a cool story card and instructions for its unique hologram number.

Prices vary

Areaware Star Spangled Spatula

Every chef deserves the best tools, so it’s only fair you treat him to this Areaware Star Spangled Spatula. What makes it special, you ask? Well, this spatula is made with incredibly durable solid walnut and stainless steel, so it will last throughout years of constant use while looking as good as new.

Prices Vary

Rightline Gear Truck Bed Tent

Do you and your partner ever get the urge to just take off on a weekend adventure every now and then? Well, now you can with this awesome truck bed tent from Rightline. You can literally head off wherever you like; just set the tent up on the back of your truck and you’re good to go.


Frank Lloyd Wright Graycliff Cufflinks

If he adores good architecture he’s most likely heard of Frank Lloyd Wright’s work, including his most popular buildings at Graycliff estate, AKA The Jewel of the Lake. These wonderful cufflinks consist of copper that was found during Graycliff’s restoration, meaning each pair is truly unique – making this a fabulous birthday gift for husbands.


New York Times Custom Birthday Book

Fans of history or journalism are going to go ‘page-flipping-crazy’ for their very own New York Times custom birthday book. Each book contains the front page of The New York Times from their birthday date each year – how amazing will it be to look back and see how life has changed right before their eyes?


Coin Smart Payment Device

No one enjoys carrying a hefty wallet in their pocket or having to awkwardly rifle through all of their cards to find the right one at checkouts, which is where Coin comes into play. Coin is a smart payment device which holds the information of all your cards, so now you only need to carry one.

Prices Vary

Shark Attack Hand-Painted Ceramic Sushi Serving Platter

Isn’t this just the coolest sushi platter you’ve ever seen? Your hubby is sure to think so. Who says meal times can’t be fun for adults? Even the most ‘mature’ are going to love dipping their sushi into the shark’s mouth – its tail comes in handy as it holds your chopsticks for you, too.

Prices Vary

Octopus Tentacles Pint Glasses

These glasses are pretty ‘tenta-cool’, don’t you think? These nautical handmade glasses have printed tentacles creeping up the sides, to attack or protect your beer, who knows? Each glass has been carefully handprinted using fine black ink, which is then heat set to ensure it never fades, making them a gift to last.


Wink Science Flask Salt and Pepper Shakers

If your partner is a little nerdy, he’s bound to get a kick out of these funky science lab flask salt and pepper shakers from Winc. The shakers have neat periodic table labels and rubber stoppers, so they really do look like they have just been taken from a laboratory!


Yocaher Longboard

This Yocaher Punked longboard will make an awesome birthday gift for husbands who are sporty. It features a concave center and cutouts that allow the trucks to mount through the top of the deck, giving the skater a lower center of gravity, perfect for greater stability at high speeds.

Prices Vary

Baseball Coasters

Whether they are watchers or players, you can’t deny the nation’s love for baseball. No doubt you’re used to seeing memorabilia around your home, but your man has probably never seen these neat baseball coasters before. They’re sure to bring a touch of fun to your meal times.


This One Time, I… Game

Sometimes you need to turn your screens off and have some special couple time together, so why not try out ‘This One Time, I…’. This game is all about previous life experiences, the good, the bad and the downright dirty – if you and your husband are up for a laugh, you’re sure to love this.



Most men love beer, it’s just a given really, so you can imagine just how well the hilarious Beeropoly is going to go down. This game is basically just an alcohol-infused version of the classic board game we all know and love – it’ll definitely be a right laugh when his friends are over!


Woreach Finger Guard Protector

Whether they are just starting out in the kitchen or maybe even a pro, it’s still possible to slip up every now and again when slicing and dicing – especially if you’re too busy trying to read a recipe. So save those delicate fingertips and use this clever (and handy) fingerguard instead.

Prices Vary

My Life Story So Far

If you have children, it’d be lovely for him to write his life story down for them all to read back in the future. My Life Story – So Far contains thought-provoking prompts that help him to fill in each of the 9 sections, from the very beginning to now – including the good and the bad.


Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit

Spice things up with this neat make-your-own hot sauce kit. The unique kit contains everything your hubby will need to make 6 of his very own hot sauces, with curry and chili spice packs, cayenne, ancho, and more. Don’t worry, it comes with labels so you know which is which.


100 Movies Scratch Off Poster

Finding something interesting to do every evening can be a little tricky, but not now this nifty 100 movies scratch off poster exists. If you’re stuck for something to do, you guys can now simply scratch off one of the squares and you’ll have an awesome classic suggestion that you’re both sure to love.


City Map Glass

Whether it’s somewhere you both met, the place your child was born, or maybe even the place he proposed, you’re sure to have a special place that means the world to the pair of you. Why not have it forever etched into a beautiful glass, just like these ones by Brian Johnson?


Bubble Tea Kit

No one can resist the yummy goodness of bubble tea – especially when it’s freshly homemade. With this scrummy bubble tea kit, you receive two reusable stainless steel straws and two delicious flavors: Classic Black and Rooibos Chai, with a pack of tapioca pearls to add as much of as you wish – delish!


Fred Pot Pinchers Silicone Pot Holders

It’s time to get your claws out – no, not to be mean, but simply to save his fingers from being burnt by those vicious hot pans. You know, with these funny lobster claws, he really won’t be able to resist a few ‘snappy’ dad jokes…but that’s what you all love him for, right?


Zen Life Burrito Blanket

This funky Zen Life burrito blanket will not only have your husband looking like a snack, but he’ll also feel warm and toasty like he’s just been taken out of the oven. There’s no better way to ‘wrap up’ on a cold day and chill out, though you may want to skip the guac…


GoPro HERO5 Action Camera

With easy-to-use touch display, voice control, and the choice of it automatically sending footage to your phone, it’s safe to say that the waterproof GoPro HERO5 is for sure the action camera of any man’s dreams. Plus, it even has a spectacular 4K camera, making it a must-have birthday gift for your husband.


Academy da Vinci Clock

Your husband is bound to feel like he has just traveled back in time with this amazing Da Vinci clock from Academy Models. The clock comes as a kit that you have to assemble yourself, so crafty types are sure to love it, even more so if they enjoy a bit of history!


Founding Fathers Whiskey Glasses

Raise a toast to our founding fathers with these incredible whiskey glasses. Each of these glasses features a founding father’s portrait, quote, signature, and personal seal. If your partner has a particular favorite, you could choose just the one glass, or go all out and purchase them all for a gift he will remember forever!


Camera Lens Travel Thermos

We’re sure you’ve never seen a mug quite like this Canon lens replica travel thermos. It can be difficult finding non-tech gifts for photographers but he really is going to adore this – especially on those crisp cold mornings capturing the sunrise, as now he will have a yummy hot beverage to accompany him.

Prices Vary

Marshall Compact Fridge

No man cave is truly complete without a mini fridge full of snacks and beers. Metalheads or guitar players will go absolutely nuts for this Marshall compact fridge. On the outside, it looks just like a real Marshall amp, but you only have to open it up to realize it’s a real-working beer-holding fridge.

Prices Vary

100 Books Scratch Off Poster

So, you have a bookworm on your hands, but how do you possibly pick a book that you know he’s going to enjoy? Well, you don’t. You simply buy this awesome poster and have him scratch off the squares to find 100 new books he’s sure to love, instead. Cool, right?


Mountain Escape Desktop Organizer

Some men aren’t known for being the tidiest, so they may well need a helping hand when it comes to keeping their office desk clean, tidy, and organized. Give him this mountain escape desk organizer that’s not only sturdy and practical but looks good too, for a touch of the great outdoors.


Homping World’s Best Portable Indoor/Outdoor Charcoal Grill

Whether you’re off camping, down the lake, going on road trips, or simply just wanting to spend your summer in the garden rather than cooped up inside, it’s time you take a look at the innovative Homping charcoal BBQ – this bad boy means you can cook any delicious meal you like, anywhere.

Prices vary

Flavair Whiskey Subscription Box

Everyone loves to wind down and relax with a tantalizing tipple, especially after a long working week, so it’s time you take a look at the Flaviar Whiskey Club. This membership gives your husband the gift of wonderful, rare, and exotic whiskeys – what more could he possibly ask for on a birthday?

Prices vary

2 Unique Gifts for Him

Diy Man Balm

Looking for the perfect finishing touches for your hubby’s’ man cave? Then stop right here because this DIY Minimal Mountain Clock is going to look amazing hung up on the wall. It’s not too tricky to make either, especially with the easy instructions, so get your drill at the ready.

Diy Suede Colorblocked Catchall

It’s almost a morning ritual before they leave the house, isn’t it? “Have you seen my keys?”, “where’s my wallet?”, “I’ve lost my cufflinks”…so we think it’s time to put a stop to it, with this simple yet effective DIY suede colorblocked catchall over on A Beautiful Mess.

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