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121 Best Toys and Christmas Gifts for Kids of 2018

Sometimes finding the hot toys, the best toys, is really not always about what is new. Of course don’t get me wrong, there are a ton of ridiculously cool new toys that we also included in our 2018 Christmas toys and kids gifts list. However, this list is not as much about what’s new, and more about what’s good. What’s good that’s new, good that’s almost new, and good that’s been there since the beginning. You are going to love these unique, fun, educational, new and ‘tried and true’ gift ideas for kids. Enjoy your holiday shopping and we hope this comprehensive list for all budgets makes your life that much easier this year!

121 Best Toys and Christmas Gifts for Kids of 2018- this is an awesome list with the most unique kids gift ideas!

Harry Potter Coloring Books

Coloring books can keep kids entertained (and quiet!) for hours, but a lot of the time the pictures are all a bit generic. These Harry Potter books are anything but! With four different books to choose from, older kids (and adults) can immerse themselves in the world of Hogwarts, and create stunning masterpieces, while on the road.


Boogie Board

For a kid friendly AND environmentally friendly gift, you cannot go wrong. Great for any drawing, writing, etc. Plus, it’s a terrific school tool as well. We won’t tell if you won’t!

Puppet on a Stick

Don’t know what the child in your life wants or needs? You cannot go wrong with a classic! Kids have enough electronics so why not go with something simple but totally fun? Give them a challenge this Christmas that requires good old fashioned skill without the use of a keyboard.

Nintendo Amiibo

Nintendo Amiibo are cool-looking figurines that store a players profile so they can play against a number of opponents and still keep all of their data intact. Great for the Nintendo fan in your life, and a sure hit for a gamer.


Hog Wild Cow Popper

With this cool toy you will never have to say “Don’t play ball in the house!” again. Soft balls, awesome shooting distance and fun for all ages (even for grownups!), this is a welcome addition to any home. It is one of the coolest toys of 2014.

Giant Microbes

Give the gift of fun AND education with these fatally adorable stuffed animals. Cute and soft, kids will never know that they are really learning during play time! A fantastic kids gift idea for anyone who is interested in the medical field.
Prices vary

Kiwi Crate

Children love gifts that are tailor made just for them and that is why this gift will hit the spot on Christmas morning! Personalize your crate to contain your child’s favorite things all in one gift! Perfect for the children at heart as well.
Prices vary

Zoomer Dino

One of the gifts that might catch you off guard this holiday is the Zoomer Dino which obeys your commands until you make him angry, at which point he’ll turn on you and remember his dinosaur instincts. When that happens run for it!

Squishy Human Body

Learning about the human body is made all the more fun with this Squishy Human Body set. It shows what happens when you eat food, and is realistically squishy so it takes some guts to actually touch it and not get grossed out.


Personalized Children’s Books

Children of all ages will be delighted to hear their names in their favorite stories. For the child that loves to read, or the child who loves to be read to, personalized books are something they can treasure forever.
Prices vary


Could riding a bike possibly be any more fun than it already is? It can with this gift! Attach it to your bike and you can be a cyclist and an artist all at the same time! Provides 15 miles of awesome bike riding fun.

Star Wars Interactive R2-D2

This R2 not only understands some of the things you say, but interacts with you in a number of ways, making it a highly coveted toy among Star Wars enthusiasts. One of the most beloved characters is brought to life here.


Rory’s Story Cubes

Why go with a boring board game that only allows one way to play? Why not choose one game that will give you endless options for having a fun? With these cubes you can play with many people or by yourself. You can even come up with new games on your own!

Memory Match Wooden Travel Game

Handmade wooden pieces, with wood-burned designs, in their own drawstring bag. 20 wooden tiles, which can be put face down and then matched up in pairs by memorizing their position. The bag makes it easy to mix the tiles up, so the game can be played over and over again. For those who prefer toys the way they used to be.


Inside Out Figures

One of the hit movies that is sure to have a sequel, and there are plenty of different characters to choose from. The range of emotions is covered, so pick the one that is the most fun for your little one.

Prices Vary

Tegu Blocks

If you will be traveling this holiday season, these are a must have item to keep your child’s mind occupied. This magical toy is simple yet amazing in the eyes of little ones who are just beginning to learn about and understand the world around them.

Magnetic Thinking Putty

Free your child’s mind with a toy that inspires them to think creatively while relaxing at the same time. They can tear, pop, bend and bounce their way to a world of endless possibilities!

Girl Scout Cookies Oven

Smelling Girl Scout cookies baking is now possible with the Girl Scout Cookies oven! It’s a way to make your favorites and has refill packs available so you can make as many as you want.


Thames & Kosmos Happy Atoms Magnetic Molecular Modeling Set And Complete Set

Get up and Atom with this kit for young scientists. Introduce kids to the curious world of chemistry, and the interaction of atoms, with this magnetic molecular modelling set, which allows them to build molecules and then capture their creations using the free app. Makes a fun and educational gift for grade school kids and up.


Karina Garcia’s DIY Slime

Kids young and old will have a slimetastic time making the 15 different homemade slimes detailed in this book. From glow in the dark to liquid gold, this book from YouTube sensation Karina Garcia will enable readers to make more than a dozen borax-free slimes, along with tips on storage and fun facts about Karina herself.


4M Crystal Growing Experiment

Mini geologists will be fascinated with this crystal growing kit, which allows them to perform seven crystal growing experiments in all their beautiful glory. This gift rocks!


Klutz LEGO Chain Reactions Craft Kit

Put those old LEGO bricks to good use when you incorporate them into the LEGO chain reactions kit. The comprehensive instructions allow any child to design and build 10 incredible moving machines, using balls, ramps, string and more. Who said you can’t teach an old brick new tricks?


USA Jumbo Coloring Poster

This huge map shows the good old USA in all its colorful historical glory, and is just begging to be colored in. Showing famous landmarks, points in history, and the 50 fabulous states, pin this poster to a kids wall for passing artistry and a lesson in history and geography at the same time.


Zing Air Storm Fire Tek Bow

Be a trail blazer when it comes to bow and arrow action, with the Zing Air Storm Fire Tek Bow. Hook the arrow into the loop, pull it back and let it fly as it streaks light across the sky up to 125ft, screaming as it goes! It’s the Christmas gift you’ve been hunting for!


Creativity for Kids Grow ‘n Glow Terrarium

The Grow ‘n Glow Terrarium is where science meets art, and now your child can have both at their green fingertips. With everything needed for two complete plant lifecycles, this kit will yield wheatgrass and chia, and thanks to the stickers included will even glow in the dark. Includes figurines and decorative sand and stones.


Royal & Langnickel Sketching and Drawing Art Set

Feed a 10 year old’s soul with art by giving them this fabulous gift from Royal & Langnickel. Presented in a stylish cantilevered artist’s chest, this set contains every pencil needed for rich drawing and sketching, along with charcoal sticks and blending stumps. If you’re looking for a unique gift for the artist-in-waiting, this is it!


How to Tell a Story Blocks

Help your child to create fantastical new worlds through the power of story-telling. This beautiful book prompts kids to weave a story by throwing the 20 six-sided story blocks, and, using the pictures on those blocks, create a tale to excite and intrigue the reader. The possibilities are truly endless.


Make Your Own Monster Puppet

What could be more fun than creating your very own puppet? Creating one that looks like a monster! Watch your child’s eyes light up and creativity topple out when they get their hands on these mesmerizing do-it-yourself puppet delights!

Flybar Super Pogo 2

Fly into the air this holiday season! Your kids will love the jump power they will have in this cool toy that provides fun and exercise all in one. Gravity has met its match!

Travel Fishing Set

A handmade version of another classic game. These little fish can be scattered around on the floor or a table, and then, using the magnetic fishing rod supplied, can be ‘caught’. The fishing line can be lengthened or shortened, so is perfect for travel situations. Great for hand/eye coordination for the younger traveler.


Cat Footprint Flip Flops

Play in the sand Japanese style with these adorable and versatile flip flops. They provide comfort and easy movement so beach play is better than ever. Plus you can create cat prints – what could be better?

Mustache Pacifier

Your baby does not have to wait until they are grown up to have a mustache of their own when you get them this novelty pacifier. Great for a laugh and some fantastic childhood picture opportunities!
Prices Vary

Guitar Hero Live

All of the fun of Guitar Hero, now in a live version. There are so many new features to keep long time fans excited for some time, and for newbiews it’s just as addictive as the original.


Sun Art

Let your child’s artistic side shine through with this wonderfully creative product that will allow them to experiment with art and science. You can also feel good about getting them something that is highly environmentally friendly which is always a big plus!

Pass the Pigs

The object of this game is to roll the ‘dice’ and get your score to 100. The ‘dice’ are actually two little weighted pigs, and the score you roll depends on how the pigs land. Comes complete with 2 pigs, sty (shaker), score cards and pencil, and comes in a carrying case, making it perfect for travel. Lots of fun for 2 or more players.


Optimus Prime Age of Extinction

If your child saw the Transformers: Age of Extinction movie last summer you can’t go wrong by getting them this Optimus Prime figure from the film. It’s Optimus, but with special features that mimic the way he was in the movie.


Nerf Zombie Strike

With the rise in popularity of all things zombie, it’s no wonder Nerf has put out a special blaster that is all about saving the world from a zombie apocalypse. It’s pretty much like other Nerf guns, with a few tweaks to make it zombified.


Playstation 4

The PS4 has emerged as the winner from last Christmas between it and the Xbox One. With a plethora of jaw-dropping games and tons more on the way, this is a console that is going to get a lot of use over the next several years.

Prices Vary

Voice Command Heli Vehicle

Take flight with this heli vehicle that actually responds to voice commands. This adds a new dimension of fun to an already fun toy, and it’s guaranteed to provide hours of fun for them.


Kidizoom Smartwatch

Smartwatches are emerging as the next big thing for adults, so of course there’s a version for kids. It doesn’t have nearly as many features as regular smartwatch, but it let’s them do enough to keep them engaged for a while.


Travel Spirograph

There is something hypnotic about Spirograph. Watching the pattern emerging on the paper as the wheel spins around has kept many a youngster amused for hours. This compact version features a hand held unit, which holds all your paper, pens, wheels and finished works of art, and is small enough to be used on the go.


Meccano MeccaNoid

This is just part of the robot plan to take over the world, first they infiltrate our children and learn to mimic all of their actions. Next thing you know it’s all Terminator and I, Robot scenes. But seriously this bot is a lot of fun to program and play with.


FurReal Friends Get Up & GoGo

This year the closest thing you can get to an actual puppy is one of these FurReal Friends Walkin’ Pup Pets. With the leash they’ll be able to control her and get her to do a series of tricks and obey different commands.


Giant Sock Monkey

Your child will love this life size friend! With this 42 inch monkey there is no end to the imagination possibilities!

Frozen Fever Singing Elsa Doll

Get up to speed with the latest Frozen toys with this Frozen Fever Singing Elsa Doll. It features her new look from the animated short Frozen Fever, which will surely be different from the way she looks in the sequel, which is still years away.

Prices Vary


Get your kids outside to play with this rocking new game that they can play on their own or with all of their friends. Play on the grass, in the water or even up in a tree if you can get there! The possibilities are endless and the creative prospects are through the roof!

The Everything Kids’ Science Experiments Book

Turn your kitchen into a one-man science lab, and prepare to be amazed! This book presents dozens of experiments which will challenge curious kids to look at ‘things’ in a different light. For instance, can you turn a magnet off? What’s inside coins? And can a toilet flush the other way? Curious? Us too!


Elements Photo Card Deck

Make it your Bismuth to give this fascinating gift to any aspiring scientist! Each card displays one of the 118 elements, along with facts on the back to educate and enlighten, and inspire a lifelong interest in science. Give one to every kid on your list, they’ll be in their element!


Sew Mini Treats Food Plushies to Stitch & Stuff

For sweet treats which last longer than the edible variety, check out this craft kit! With all the pieces needed to create a smorgasbord of scrummy snacks, your child will be able to make a cuddly cupcake, endearing egg, and a plush pizza among others. It’s a veritable feast for crafty kids. Just add scissors.


Sound-Activated Light Blocks

Engineers of the future will light up with joy when they receive this sound-activated light blocks set from Uncommon Goods. The rechargeable power base allows the bricks to be built into any design their imagination can conjure, and is sound activated to light up the entire structure. It’s a gift that is light years ahead!

Prices Vary

Bears vs Babies Card Game

Pit bears and monsters against babies in this fun game for players of 10 years old and above. Each player must build their armies and score enough points to eat the barbaric babies, otherwise those little bundles of joylessness win! A fun strategy game for 2-5 players.


Blokus Game

In this game of high strategy, players must take it in turns to lay one of their colored blocks down on the board. Sounds simple? Not quite, because each block can only touch another of the same color by the corners! It’s a race against time to block their opponents and win the game.


Creativity for Kids Doodle Socks

There’s creative fun afoot with color-in socks! Ordinarily, socks are a bit blah, but this set of three adds fun to functional. The pre-printed designs are just begging to be colored with the four permanent markers included, and their designs won’t come off in the wash. Coordinated or crazy, they can step out in style.


LEGO Ninjago Movie Quake Mech

With Cole in control, the shark army won’t stand a chance! Be Cole’s ninja sidekick as he masters the Quake Mech in his quest to save Fred Finlay. With loudspeakers, soundwave flick missiles, and moving mighty arms to grab the enemy, the mighty Quake Mech is a force to be reckoned with. Includes 5 minifigures.


Osmo Genius Kit

Turn screen time into learning time with the Osmo Genius Kit. By slipping your iPad into the base, it becomes an interactive learning tool for numeracy, literacy, visual thinking, problem solving, and even art! This Time Toy of the Year makes a great gift for any 10 year old, and makes learning fun!


Nintendo Switch

Switch up their gaming with the Nintendo Switch. The console connects to the home dock, allowing players to game at home on the TV, but when it’s time to go that doesn’t mean the end as the console slips out of the dock to become a handheld system for gaming on the go.


Scratch Map Deluxe

If you know a 10 year old who is itching to travel, scratch that itch with this unique Scratch Map. Printed in black and gold, as each place is visited the corresponding area can be scratched off to reveal vibrant colors underneath. Further scratch panels along the bottom reveal interesting geographical facts about the world.


LEGO Ninjago Movie Destiny’s Bounty

Give a LEGO NInjago fan a gift that’s ship shape! Rebuilt by ‘ninjaneers’ after it was marooned in the Sea of Sand, Destiny’s Bounty is ready for more adventures. With 7 minifigures, including Wu and Kai, and an assortment of weapons and accessories, this 2295 piece kit will keep all Ninjaaarrggghh-go fans happy.


Color Your Own Map Pillowcase

Now children can go anywhere they like in their dreams, with this fully washable color your own map pillowcase. Made from 100% cotton, it features every continent along with iconic landmarks along with the Seven Wonders of the World. The pillowcase comes with ten washable fabric pens, making this a gift which will go far.



Perplexus is a fun but challenging 3D Labyrinth game that’ll grab anyone’s attention for a long time. The point is to roll the ball through the spherical maze to the finish line and you’ll always be determined to beat your previous time. It’s also only played by one person so it offers some nice, relaxing quiet time.


Root Vue Farm

Teach your child how things grow and encourage them to eat smart with this fun and educational gift. They will be delighted to see what they did with their own two hands!

IQ Fit

A game for the thinkers. The object of the game is to fit all of the 3D shapes into the game board, to make a flat 2D image with no holes! With 120 increasingly difficult challenges, this one will keep the player deep in thought for the entire journey. Difficulty levels range from simple to complex, meaning it is perfect for the whole family.


Rocketship Night Light

Keep the darkness away with this night light that lulls your child to a peaceful sleep. This amazing light comes with a 360 swivel plug so your child can launch their ship and their dreams in any direction.


Helium isn’t just for balloons anymore! Now it is trapped in these amazing little balls so that they can bounce higher than your child ever imagined! Hours of fun for bouncing, throwing, or playing baseball! One of the most popular toys of 2012.


Kids like stuffed animals but when they are giant sized they LOVE them! This 15 inch wide toys are huggable, squeezable and all around loveable! Choose your child’s favorite from their wide variety of designs.
Prices vary

Marshmallow Bow and Mallow

Now you can let your child shoot their bow in the house! Yes it is true! With this new toy your child can aim and fire their marshmallow ammo safely! Great preparation for the real thing as they age!

Melissa and Doug Travel Hangman

Hangman has always kept kids amused, and this travel version is ideal for journeys as it has NO loose pieces, meaning nothing will get lost. The letter tiles flip over, and the board is a dry erase whiteboard. The marker even comes with its own sponge to wipe the board clean, and stores at the side of the board.


Zipfy Snow Sled

Bring on the snow! This amazing sled is chock full of power to give your child the ride of their life! Comes in three colors so get one for all of your kids so they can race through the white stuff together!
Prices Vary

Glo Nightlight with Portable Balls

Your kids will bed you to put out the lights so their Glo light can shine! Provides comfort in the dark as well as a fun way to play ball at night! Perfect for any room!

Plaid Elephant

Turn your child’s room into a zoo filled with color with this adorable plaid elephant! You can also collect the other animals in the plaid family to go with their new elephant friend!
Prices Vary


Unwrap a smile with these plush toys that are so ugly they are cute! Your child will love having something to sleep with that can protect them from the things that go bump in the night!
Prices Vary

Boo Plush

This adorable plush toy is quickly becoming a childhood sensation with millions of kids dragging it all over the world! Boo Plush is perhaps the cutest pup in the world and the best part is that you do not have to clean up after it!

Skip Hop Zoo Pack

Your child will adore strapping this adorable backpack on and you will enjoy having the extra carrying space that kids so dearly need! Choose from several designs that will make your child’s day!

Madpax Backpack

This backpack not only looks cool, but is sturdy and the perfect size for a small child to carry comfortably. They will love the look and you will love the functions!
Prices Vary

Raskullz Helmet

Since your child has to wear a bike helmet anyway, why not make it one that stands out from the rest? This is exactly what you will get with Razkullz. So cool that they will actually want to wear it all the time! Choose from four rad designs!

ThinkFun Amaze

A more elaborate version of the games we used to find in kids’ comics, this is a maze with a difference. The idea is to navigate through the maze with the attached stylus, avoiding traps and dead ends, and opening movable gateways. With three difficulty levels, and 16 challenges, it is a great way to have some quiet, and screen free, time.


Beats Solo HD Headphones

For the perfect mix of style and sound, this is the perfect item for your child to use for optimal listening pleasure. The fact that they are nearly indestructible makes them even more kid friendly! Not having to hear your child’s music makes them parent friendly!
Prices Vary

TABLETOPICS Family: Questions to Start Great Conversations

Get the family talking with Tabletopics. The neat cube holds 135 questions designed to spark conversation and fun family discussions, a dying art in the age of technology! Family members simply choose a card, read the question, and answer. From silly to serious, it’s the perfect mix of topics for any kid.


ALEX Spa Hair Chalk Salon

For a gift that’s hair today but definitely not gone tomorrow, this Hair Chalk Salon puts others in the shade. Includes 5 colors, metallic beads, beading tool, and hair elastics.


Design Your Own Slime Kit

Slithery, slimy, spectacular slime that ‘melts’ back to fit in the tin when they’ve finished playing with it! Even the tins are customizable with the pencils included!


5,000 Awesome Facts (About Everything!) 3 Book

Kids are like sponges when it comes to knowledge – they soak it up and then still want more. Feed their curiosity with this 5000 Awesome Facts (About Everything) book which covers wildly diverse topics such as gravity, toilets, vampires and Minecraft, and is accompanied by the stunning photography that is synonymous with National Geographic.


Sky Viper Video Drone High Definition Vehicle

Built to withstand almost any flight disasters, the Sky Viper is the perfect video drone to give any 10 year old a bird’s eye view of life. With 720p High Definition Pictures and Video capabilities, including one-touch 360 degree panoramic views, the viper even performs stunts in the air to delight and thrill all who watch.


King of Tokyo New Edition Board Game

In the race to be the one and only King of Tokyo, players must roll the dice to gain energy, restore health or attack others in the battle to occupy Tokyo. Whether you are a monster, alien, or robot, it will be a fast and furious battle to take the city! For 2-6 players.


Stop Motion Animation Kit

Young film makers will adore this gift, as they learn all about stop-motion animation techniques with this production kit from Uncommon Goods. Build a character from the pieces supplied, and then, using the software and camera included in the kit, bring the character to life through the magic of animation. Unique fun for movie buffs.


Create Your Own Bath Bombs

Combine science with suds with this bubblicious bath bomb set. They won’t even know they’re learning as they get to grips with acids, bases, and PH levels while making up to ten little balls of bath time joy. With two colors and three fragrances, when they’re finished they can bathe in their own glory.


My Comic Book Kit

This is a super hero of a Christmas gift for any child who loves to draw and/or write stories. Simply fill in the pre-formatted blank pages, send it off in the envelope supplied, and wait with bated breath for it to be returned to you as a professionally bound comic for a great keepsake.


Electric Light Blocks

Gift the light fantastic with this incredible set of building blocks which light up as you build! With four light options (flashing, fading, constant or timed) the skyscraper’s the limit as they create and construct their very own masterpiece, with each block lighting up as it’s connected. Glow on, you know you want to!

Prices Vary

Illuminated World Globe for Kids

Give a child the world for their next birthday or Christmas with the illuminating world globe from Little Experimenter. Small enough to sit on a nightstand or desk, the globe can be used as a learning tool for geography homework, or as a night light as it gently glows with vibrant colors. A very illuminating gift.


LEGO Star Wars AT-ST Walker Star Wars Toy

We can ATteST to the fact that Star Wars and LEGO fans alike will love this AT-ST Walker kit, as featured in Star Wars: Rogue One. With a working top section, opening cockpit, and three minifigures, fans can revisit their favorite scenes from the movie as they go in search of rebels and more.


Hoberman Sphere

This portable toy expands to high depths and gets close to 10 times the original volume. Push it, roll it, stretch it and have fun! Great for all ages!

Rockboard Scooter

Give them two scooter in one this Christmas and watch as their excitement grows! Provide a fast ride with excellent control for a safe and fun time on the “road”! Technology at its finest!
Prices Vary

Batman Rain Coat

Give your child the gift of becoming a superhero! Let’s face it. No kid likes to put on a rain coat…until now that is! Once they see that they can look like batman they will be praying for rain every day!
Prices Vary


For a great time with anagrams, this is the perfect gift! Your child will be having fun and learning at the same time! The best part is that it can be played anywhere – even in the car on those long and boring road trips!

GoPro Action Video Camera

Take HD pictures like a pro with this kid friendly, waterproof and highly versatile camera. Your kids will love taking their own pictures and sharing them with their friend on the World Wide Web!

Scattegories Card Game

The fast paced favorite in a deck of cards. When a letter card and a category card are combined, you must down your ‘I know’ card and fire a quick-draw answer to keep the cards. The player with the most cards at the end of the game, wins. Game typically lasts up to 30 minutes, so is great for shorter journeys, or multiple games can make a longer journey pass more quickly.


LEGO Mindstorms NXT

This gift takes LEGO to a whole new level! Your child will love the traditional LEGO look mixed with the micro software that allows them to build actual working robots! Great for the science lover in your family!
Too low to display

Star Theater Pro

Stargazing is taken to a whole new level with this amazing gadget that projects a realistic solar system onto any darkened surface in your home. Your kids will love the amazing effects and you will enjoy star gazing right along with them. Great for spending quality family time with an educational twist!


Travel becomes a great adventure with these unique luggage bags that are the perfect size for the little ones to tote all by themselves! Choose from several designs that are sure to make your child smile!

Peel and Stick Wiggle Eyes

Putting stickers on items all over the home is something that parents are not fond of…until now that is! These awesome eye stickers are removable, reusable and just plain fun and creative!

Super Mario Bros Wall Stickers

If your child is a Mario Brothers fan then this is a must have holiday gift! The vinyl stickers easily attach to the wall and come off with zero damage to move to other places! Build your child a room that puts them in the game!

Moon In My Room

Now your child can see the moon without looking outside! This authentic looking moon lights up and shows each moon phase in great realistic detail. Give your child the gift of solar appreciation this holiday season with this terrific gift!

Cobra Hoodie

If you have a snake lover in the family then you have just found the perfect gift! This hoodie is cleverly designed to really make snakes more accessible to your child. They will beg to wear it every day!

Obol Never-Soggy Cereal Bowl

If your kids complain about soggy cereal then this is the right gift for them! Included are two compartments; one for the cereal and one for the milk for separate dipping and eating. What an unique idea for the cereal lover in your life!

Food Face Dinner Plate

Perfect for the picky eater in your home! This plate allows you to make faces with the food for a fun and creative meal time every day! Your kids will love coming to dinner with these plates on the table!

Play & Freeze Ice Cream Maker

Make ice cream anywhere with the Play & Freeze Ice Cream Maker! Just add ice and rock salt in one end and ice cream mix in the other then play with it until the ice cream is frozen and ready to eat. No electricity needed!

Portable Ping Pong

Make ice cream on the go with this innovative ice cream maker that does not require an electricity to make and enjoy! All kids love ice cream so you cannot go wrong with a gift this fantastic!
Too low to display

Construction Plate & Utensils

Your kids will love cleaning their plates with the unique eatery that simulates a cool construction site! Forget the old adage about not playing with your food! This gift encourages imagination at the dinner table!


Thousands of stories in each box allow your child to really use their imagination and hone their reading skills! Simply pick a card and begin a story! Perfect for early readers and those who simply enjoy a good story!

License Plate Game

This game is fun and unique and teaches about the different license plates around the USA. As you play along, you’ll be required to remember the licence plates from all 50 states which will help anyone’s memory. Also, it teaches the names and locations of every state and their capital so it helps greatly with geography too.


Stencil Art Set

Help your child develop their creative side with these fun and unique stencils that will help them bring out the artist in them! Great for making all sorts of art projects!


A new and unique journal/scarp book your kids will love! This item allows them the gift of self-expression and encourages creativity and writing skills.


Your child will love making their own colorful accessories with this amazing gift that will leave them smiling for days! The innovative spinning tool allows for amazing designs for bracelets and other personalized accessory ideas!

Eco Dough

This is the perfect gift for the family who loves to play with dough but hates the chemicals involved in creating the final product. This environmentally friendly and kid safe dough allow your child to create their art without you worrying about possible effects of play.

Cubebot Puzzle

Let your child build a robot out of durable wooden blocks that fit together to make the perfect play toy! They can pose them in several ways and use their imagination to create new robot forms!

Freerider Skatecycle

Does your child love skating? If so then you have to get them this perfect gift for the holidays! It provides a hubless skate experience that works great on flat ground or in skate parks! Allows for more challenging moves as they become accustomed to riding it!
Prices Vary

Sphero Spark

Play ball like you are doing it for the first time with this unique item that is controlled by your tablet or smartphone. Technology is speeding up – are you keeping pace with it?

Travel Math Game

The perfect way to combine entertainment and education for bored kids from the age of 10 and up. These little tins contain a number of dice, and instructions on games to play, ensuring hours of math fun and learning. So much learning in one little tin!


Melissa & Doug Suspend

This is a challenging game for your kids to play on their own or with you! Increase their balance ability with this fun and exciting game that is easy to learn and provides hours of fun!

Huffy Green Machine

Your child can ride the day away on this awesome bike with large rear wheels which allow for added weight and easy and exciting steering capabilities! Great for all ages and allows for 150 pounds of weight.

Green Toys Dump Truck

This ecofriendly toy is made from totally recycled plastic and is safe for kids of all ages. Perfect for the construction loving kid in your life!

Symphony in B

Introduce your child to the classics at an early age with this melodic music toy. Includes 13 different instruments for them to experiment with so that they can develop a love for many types of sounds while they are still young and open to different music.
Prices Vary

This Is Not My Hat

Nothing inspires a child like a good story! This is what you will get with this book. Teach your child about different hats, shapes and colors with this fun story that they will want to hear over and over again!

Seedling Good Things for Boys

If your son is as curious as a cat, this is the perfect gift for him! Provides hours of fun and creative playtime that encourages thinking and experimentation!
Prices Vary

Art Lab

Let your child experience art on a whole new level that is guided by a professional art teacher. Contains projects for kids of all ages that encourage creative thinking and brings out natural artistic talent!

Crazy Forts

Children love to build forts and now they can do so without pulling out all of their blankets! These forts are easy to connect and fun to play in. Watch their imaginations go wild with this awesome holiday gift!


Introduce your child to a world of enchantment and magic with Gubs. Full of imagination, this game is perfect for daydreamers and adventurers alike!
Prices Vary


Build the coolest fort ever with this unique and exciting gift! Your child can construct their own fort in a design that is their own with this fun holiday gift! Comes in different colors for a great cognitive experience!
Prices Vary


Here’s a mind-bending game that’s great for all sorts of kids, even those that don’t typically like board games. Just when you think you’ve got things figured out the entire game can change and make you re-think your strategy.

Kidoozie Foam Pogo Jumper

Hop and squeak with this fun kid friendly pogo type toy! Perfect of playing inside or outside and safe for the littlest bodies!

Nintendo 3DS XL

The 3DS XL is one of the best handheld video game consoles made for kids today. The innovative hardware allows for more than just playing cartridge games! It takes pictures, goes online and much more!

Fluxx 5.0

Anytime they make a fifth version of a game you know it’s time to jump on board. This is a game where the rules are constantly changing, which keeps everyone on their toes and is a bit different each time you play.

Giant Gummy Bear

If your child is gummy obsessed than this is the right gift for them! Treat them to five pounds of delicious gummy fun but make sure that you get them a new toothbrush too!
Prices Vary

ZOOB Car Designer

This set makes not only cars but planes and other things they think up. It’s a unique toy that puts their creativity to good use and also engages them for long periods of time so it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Alarm Clock & Night-Light

Make waking your child much easier with this 2 in 1 alarm clock and night light! It glows green when it’s time for your child to get out of bed and fun animations give it personality.

Rocket Playset

Build cool rockets and learn about the earth’s gravitational pull all at the same time! Perfect for science lovers. So much fun they will not even know that they are learning!

Marble Run Super Set

Your kids can now build their own marble runs anywhere in your home! Easy to construct and exciting to set loose! Watch the marbles race around the self-made track and imagine it is you! Fun for all ages!

World’s Largest Scrabble Game

Attention all scrabble lovers! Introducing the biggest Scrabble board you will ever see! This handmade board mounts to your wall and allows for the largest game of Scrabble you will ever play in your life! Just the décor is fantastic!

Backyard Ice Rink Kit

Build your child their own ice rink in their own backyard! This would be the coolest, most exciting gift of their lives! They can play hockey, skate or simply slide around on this amazing self-built rink!

Human Bowling Ball

Imagine hurling yourself down a bowling lane and making a strike! Now you can really do it with this life size inflatable lane where you are the ball and the world of bowling comes alive!

Ybike Explorer

This pedal go kart with lever steering allows your child to go exploring in a new and exciting way. Safe for use on flat surfaces and gravel, this toy will turn your child’s outdoor play into a great adventure!

WHAM-O Snowball Blaster

Forget Nerf pellets! The in thing now is snowballs! Snowball fights have never been better with this amazing launcher that allows a more accurate hit from further away from the target! Snow days have never been so much fun!

HearthSong Sand Digger

Bring the crane to life for your child with this life size crane. Works just like the real thing but in your child’s sizes and dimensions. Great for you little construction worker!

IQ Twist

A compact travel game that looks deceptively simple. However, with challenges ranging from simple to complex, this is the perfect travel companion for anyone with time on their hands and a bored brain. The object of the game is to fit all the twisted puzzle pieces on the game board, as shown in the instructions. It’s not as easy as it looks!


Animated Butterfly in a Jar

This is the perfect gift for the butterfly lover in your family! The jar contains a life like butterfly that moves around when the jar is tapped! A wonderful decoration!
Prices Vary

Astronaut Ice Cream

Even wonder how the astronauts eat dessert? Well wonder no more! You can eat just like they do with this freeze dried ice cream treat!
Prices Vary


This gift is one of warmth and comfort! Comes in several sizes and designs! Choose your favorite!
Prices vary

VTech Kids Drum Set

Annoyed by your kids bashing pots and pans together? This drum set allows them to do so in a much more sophisticated way by adding a learning aspect to their playing. It consists of 4 drums, LED lights, and 4 modes of play that’ll work on your child’s motor and coordination skills while they drum away!


Grow n’ Glow Terrarium

As a child, science can be a very fun thing to experience but it can also be very messy. This terrarium combines the best of both worlds; the entire project is sealed within a plastic jar. The glow-in-the-dark stickers that are included will make them able to watch their little garden kit grow and glow all day long!


Little Tikes 3′ Trampoline

Kids are full of energy, even when you’re not. This 3 foot trampoline by Little Tikes allows them to release that energy while working on crucial muscle, motor and coordination skills. When they’re all done bouncing they’ll be ready for a nap and some down time which means that this is a great gift for you too!


Kids Ball Pit Playpen

What kid doesn’t love crawling around the ball pits in McDonald’s and other play areas? This playpen brings all of that fun and entertainment to your own home. It measures about 39 inches long by 20 inches wide which means that it can fit just about anywhere in your house and give your child hours of fun while you keep a watchful eye!


Darice Deluxe Art Set

Is your child the next Picasso? Maybe it’s too early to tell, but whether they are or they just love art this is the perfect set for them! It includes markers, pencils, pastels, watercolours, and plenty of accessories that’ll bring out your child’s artistic side!


Let’s Go Fishin’

Teach your child to fish while working on their fine motor skills with Let’s Go Fishin’ by Pressman Toys! It includes 4 mini fishing rods with magnetized tips that you’ll use to ‘fish’ for the magnetic fish. Provides hours of fun and quality time for the entire family!


Mega Bloks Big Building Bag

Bring out your child’s creative side with this Mega Bloks set! The possibilities are virtually infinite and all of the pieces are all quite large so they do not pose a chocking hazard. Your child will be lost in their own imagination when they build whatever comes to mind with this set!


Toy Tool Workbench Set

Give your child an early start on their mechanical and DIY skills with this tool workbench set! It stands about 29 inches high and comes with 12 realistic tools including an electronic drill and hanging accessories. Your child’s creative and building side will be released with this set!


Toy Vacuum

Teach your child the skills they need to know with this Dyson Ball toy vacuum. It makes real sounds and motions like the real thing and has colorful balls that visibly spin through the clear part of the toy. Once they’ve learned the basics with this toy you can upgrade them to the real thing!


Pro Ball Set

Unsure which sport your child will most enjoy? This pro ball set allows your child to partake in 3 of the largest ball sports in the world; it includes a soccer ball, a basketball, and a football so that your child can either make a decision between the 3 or enjoy all of them!


My First Mind Blowing Science Kit

Do you remember when you first realized how cool science truly is? That moment is now for your child with the My First Mind Blowing Science Kit! This 20 piece kit will allow your child to explore and discover the basics of chemistry and the use of scientific tools.


4M Crystal Growing Experiment

This Crystal Growing Experimental Kit is so cool that even adults will get a kick out of it. It contains all of the materials needed to perform 7 crystal growth experiments which makes it great if you have multiple children. Both you and your child will be amazed by the results that transpire!


Creativity for Kids Fashion Headbands

Being in style is important for all big kids. This fashion set includes headbands for every color in the rainbow as well as 10 awesome accessories. Your child will be all set for any event no matter what the theme may be with this set!

47 DIY Toys and Christmas Gifts for Kids

Old School Scooter

Give them a fun ride with this old school retro scooter. It’s about as high tech as a board on wheels, but they’ll have a ton of fun on it. They can use it to cruise downhill, or have someone push them from behind for locomotion.

Chewbacca Craft

Get ahead of the curve with this years’ hit Star Wars film with his Chewbacca craft. It’s ultra cute and while it may not ever be a collector’s item it sure is a lot of fun to play with.

Wooden Dolls

Take a trip back in time to when toys were actually made of durable materials and kids played with them happily for hours. These wooden dolls are sure to become a keepsake for your child, and you can make an entire village full of them easily.

Sumo Wrestler Bowling

Have a ton of fun with these sumo wrestler bowlers. They’re made out of plastic bottles so you’re reusing something that would otherwise end up in the recycle bin. They look so happy and cute that they’re fun to play with.

Traveling Chess Set

The game of champions is quite difficult at first, but playing it often can actually improve many parts of your brain and help you think in smarter ways. This set is intended for traveling and the board is actually its own case for all of the pieces making it ideal for anyone on-the-go.

Travel Chalkboard Doll House

Turn an ordinary lidded wooden box into a multi-purpose chalkboard case, using only a few bits and pieces. The finished box can be used to draw on (and in), as a playing board for travel games, as a carrying case for chalks, pens, paper, toys and books, or even as a makeshift table!

Pretend Make Up Kit

Little girls love to copy Mommy, but the last thing you want is to arrive at your destination only to find your little Princess has covered herself in make up! These adorable pretend diy make up kits are best toy for some make believe beauty sessions, for a little girl to play with, either on herself or on her dolls.

Vintage Wood Travel Games

What’s great about this project is that it’s actually multiple games in one so you’ll never get bored. It triples as a map puzzle, a mini checkers board, and a chalkboard that’ll make any journey much quicker and more entertaining. Another thing is that the puzzle can be made from a map of literally anywhere so your child will learn about geography as well as where they actually are in the world.

Popsicle Stick Puzzle

Super super easy to make, your little ones will love this simple but cute puzzle toy. Using Popsicle sticks and paint (or felt tip), simply draw a design on to the taped together sticks, color it in, and then jumble the sticks up. The child then has to rearrange the sticks back into the original picture. So simple, but so effective.


Kids love to count, so why not make this adorable DIY toy abacus to take on journeys and keep the kids busy? Using an old frame, bamboo skewers and some beads, you can have a pretty abacus for hours of counting fun. Endless math games make this fun, and educational too.

Matching Game

With a few clicks of your printer, some wooden tiles, and some glue, you can make this highly personal version of the matching game. Lie all the tiles face down, and then each player turns over two at a time, to reveal the photos on the other side. Then they have to memorize where the pictures are in order to pair them up and win the pair. A beautiful gift.

Kids Squeeze Ball

These balls are so popular – stress balls, exercise balls, call them what you will, they are great little balls to take along on a journey. Using the simplest of materials, you could make a complete set for the kids to use as juggling balls, throwing balls, or even bowls balls (but not in the car, obviously!) These are one of the best toys, because they are highly sensory, and will keep idle hands from making mischief!

Finger Twister

Keep that much loved game of Twister at your fingertips with, yep…you guessed it…Finger Twister! A teeny tiny DIY version of the game to be played with your hands. Simply spin the wheel, and then place the corresponding finger on the named color. It’s a lot of fun with much less space.

Classic Board Games

Another 3-in-1 toy set that’ll ensure your child never gets bored on those long rides. This one includes a tic-tac-toe board, a checkers board, and a mancala board that’ll keep your children entertained for hours on end. Everything stores up nice and tidy too which makes it much easier to take on the road.

DIY Play Dough

Avoid the high cost of store bought Play-Doh by making your own version. There are a vast number of things your child can make when they have multiple colors of dough, and it helps develop the imagination.

Papercraft Alphabet

For young learners you can make this papercraft set of letters from a to z, with each letter represented by an animal or person so they have better recall. It’s great for phonics lessons and learning the ABCs.

Toy Tool Belt

Round up all of their toy tools and secure them in this belt so they can have easy access to them. This is the perfect way for them to look like their favorite Mr. Fix It and follow his lead as he works on projects around the house.

Crochet Yoda

Crochet this Yoda for them and they’ll have a fuzzy and cuddly version of the beloved Star Wars character. This is one Star Wars toy that you won’t have to worry about keeping in mint condition, so they can play with it as much as they want.

Stacking Rings

Here’s a version of the classic multi colored stacking rings, but made out of fabric instead of plastic. It’s a softer version that holds up to wear and tear just as well as the original, and if it ever gets messy it’s washable.

Teepee Tutorial

Make a teepee fort just about anywhere when you follow this teepee tutorial. Outside or inside this will provide your child with a great place to hang out and play. Great step by step instructions make it easy.

Kid’s Travel Pillow

Here’s a fun way to make sure they’re comforftable wherever they go. It’s a travel pillow that you make by hand from things you probably already have around the house..

Stuffed Animal Swing

Get all of their stuffed animals up off the floor and give them a place to hang out, literally. This swing holds even a large collection of stuffed animals, so they don’t have to get knocked off the bed every night.

Ninja Turtle Sock Puppets

Take the Ninja Turtles to the next level with this awesome sock sewing tutorial. They look remarkably like the real thing, but they’re made from socks. Follow the directions just right and they’re sure to look cool.

Little Tikes Makeover

If the Little Tikes playset has seen better days, give it a makeover with a few simple steps. It’ll look great when you’re done and you can even re-gift it to them as a new and improved toy from the past.

DIY Doll Armoire

If she has a collection of American Girl dolls she’ll love it when you make her a small scale armoire that’s just for doll clothes. It’s a decorative piece that looks great and is also functional.

Minions Slime

Make Minions themed slime for plenty of good times. It oozes all over and comes in a custom holder that looks like a little Minion. A great choice for any fan of the latest Minions movie.

Giant Jenga

Jenga is just a lot more fun when it’s big sized! These giant Jenga blocks are just like the original game, but make it more fun when it all collapses, and makes it more intense as you try to take one out.

Card Holder

It gets tired holding those cards in marathon-long games of Catan, Phase 10, or Sequence. Make it easier with these wooden card holders and you’ll be able to rest easy as the games go on and on.

DIY Cornhole Game

A lot of fun any time of year, just bring this cornhold game inside for some indoor fun in the cold winter months. Then drag it outside when the weather gets better for spring and summertime fun.

Working Minecraft Torch

These torches make a great gift for a Minecraft fan, and they actually work at lighting things up just enough to guide you through the dark. They’re really easy to make too, so they make a nice last minute gift as well.

Travel Backgammon Board

Backgammon is another game that is great for the brain and promotes smart and logical thinking. This travel board can be rolled out and played anywhere anytime for a quick and enjoyable game. Roll the dice and try to get your pieces ‘home’ before your opponent and you’ll be crowned champion!

Secret Decoder Wheel

Did you know you have a rear seat full of secret agents? With this secret decoder wheel, they can pass and decipher secret messages, have spelling practice (every good spy needs good spelling, after all), and play word games.

Customized Art Travel Cases

The great thing about art is that it really promotes creativity and imagination so it’s essential for every child. This case can be thrown together so your little ones will always have something to do in the car, in the hotel, and everywhere in between. Let their imagination take off!

Pipe Cleaner and Bead Animals

Simple, clean fun, which will make travelling so much more enjoyable. Just a bagful of pipe cleaners, beads, and sticky googly eyes, and your kids can make a menagerie of fuzzy, cute pets to while away the time. Challenge older ones to make a specific animal, or let their imaginations run wild. It’s a great mess-free, quiet, travel toy. Bliss.

Graphic Dominoes

With just some reclaimed wood and paints, you can make a long lasting set of dominoes with a difference. Colorful graphics replace the usual (and let’s face it, boring) numbers on each tile, making it a much more vibrant game to play. Finish each piece with a wax or varnish and they will last for years, too.

Magnetic Board and Tangram

Tangrams are geometric shapes which can be put together to make different patterns or animals. By adding magnets to the back of the shapes, and laminating some printed tangram templates, your child can have hours of fun arranging the shapes onto a magnetic toy board. Keep them all together in a plastic purse and you have a great go-anywhere activity.

Mix and Match Creature Blocks

A super quiet and super easy set to put together for any journey or quiet time. With just some colorful pool noodles and a permanent marker, and you will have a complete set of mix and match characters to play with. Line up a head, body and legs to make some really funny mismatched bodies. Great fun for the little ones to play with.

Connect Four Game

A homemade version of the ever popular game of connect 4, this toy set can be made with a little DIY knowledge, some wood, and a few other simple bits and pieces. This one takes a bit more time to make, but will be well worth the effort as it will last a long long time.

Honeycomb Crayons

Crayons always go down well and make the best toys, but sometimes they can break in little ones’ hands. The alternative is to buy the chunky ones, but they can be expensive. This is an ingenious way of making crayons which are easier to hold, and much less likely to break. Any mould can be used, to make different shapes, and the beauty of this is that you can buy the cheapest crayons you can find.

Travel Chalkboard Doll House

This chalkboard doll house is great for traveling because it allows them to pretty much create their own rooms and environments. They can draw in whatever they want to give them a unique experience every time they play with it. They’ll never get bored of their own imagination with this cool toy!

Felt Scrap Alphabet

This is such a simple gift to make, and yet it will become one of their most loved games to play. Once the little ones learn the alphabet, there is no stopping them, and with these adorable felt letters, they can have hours of word play. Simple spelling games like Cat, Dog, Hat will turn into happy memories as they get older.

DIY Chalk

These are SO cute! They can be made with any shape mould you like, you could even make them all different – for instance all different animals for a zoo, or various vehicles for a garage. These homemade chalks are so much prettier than any you can buy, and as they are chunkier they are less likely to snap. Just add a chalkboard and you have hours of fun, for next to nothing.


So simple, and yet so clever! If you have an old game of scrabble lying around and you want to turn it into a travel game, simply buy some small magnets to fit the back of the tiles, and a couple of cookie sheets. The (now) magnetic tiles will stick to the cookie sheet, ensuring the letters stay put, and there you have it – a brand new travel game!

Conversation Starter Stones

These pretty stones, made from glass stones from the dollar store, are a great way to while away the journey for the whole family. Each stone has a phrase on it, which is used to start a discussion. Keep them all in a pretty bag, and each person can pick one out in turn and use that as his or her prompt.

Toy Car Road

If your child loves playing with toy cars (like most) then they’ll definitely love this car track board. You can design it however you’d like or allow them to do so and help spark their creativity. They’ll have fun for hours driving around and it’ll work on things like fine motor skills and their hand-eye coordination.

Portable Lego Kit

You can always count on Lego to keep the kids amused, but a whole heap of Lego takes up a lot of room in your bag or luggage. With these mini Lego Sets, your child can have lots of Lego fun with just a few bricks and some printable patterns for them to follow. Keep the bricks and patterns in a snap-shut box and there you have it – a handy, portable, Lego set.

Kid’s Travel Pillow

As fun as car games can be, sometimes the best thing is a bit of down time. This travel pillow makes it easy to fall sleep even in a car. It wraps around your neck to give you the comfort and support to catch some ‘Zs’ and make sure you and your children are well rested for once you reach your destination.

Dollhouse in a Box

This is a fun way to turn a box into a dollhouse that they’ll cherish. You can decorate the inside of the house as you see fit, and can customize it so it goes along with the dolls that are already on hand.

DIY Toy Storage

With all the toys on this page you’re going to need somewhere to store them all. Why not re-purpose a piece of furniture and turn it into a great shelf for toys?

DIY Alphabet Pocket Chart

It goes without saying that ABC’s are a crucial part of your child’s language skills but sometimes they can be very difficult to instil. This alphabet pocket chart adds ease to the process and makes it much more enjoyable. Your child can place pictures of different letters, images, or words into each pocket all while learning and developing very important skills.

Mr. Potato Head

Is your child a fan of Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head? This tutorial shows you how to make the couple out of felt by making a few simple cuts on various colors. It includes templates that you can use to make sure you get all of the pieces exact and you can even create and add your very own accessories.

DIY Sensory Boards

A baby discovering their own senses can be quite an overwhelming experience. This sensory board allows your baby or toddler to learn and explore these senses by almost any means possible. Your child will be entertained for hours while learning very important skills with this board!

Handmade Kitchen

Bring out the Gordon Ramsay in your child with this miniature DIY kitchen! Some wood work must be done so it helps to have some tools laying around but the end result will be a very sturdy kitchen set that fits your child proportionately. Your kid will love it!

Ocean in a Bottle

DIY your own science experiment with this ocean in a bottle tutorial! It’s made from 3 household ingredients so it’s quick and easy yet yields an incredible result. Your kid will be absolutely amazed when they bring the ocean to their own home with this experiment!

Hula Hoop Hideout

Let your children hangout in their own little fort with this hula hoop hideout guide! The main things that’s needed are hula hoops and sheets that can be chosen for customization to suit the likings of any child. Your kid won’t want to leave their awesome new hideout and you’ll be parents of the year!

Leak Proof Water Blob

Create a new form of entertainment for your child with this water blob tutorial! The blob is made from painter’s plastic filled with water and sealed with an iron. It can be made however large you’d like and if it pops then the only result is a refreshing wash for your child!

Homemade Silly Putty

Silly putty is a must have for every child; it provides hours of fun and is totally harmless. This guide shows the recipe for creating your very own homemade ball of silly putty in any color imaginable. Your kid will have fun for days with this gooey ball of silly putty!

Simple To Knit Fingerless Gloves

Nobody will be knit-picking when they see this gorgeous pair of knitted fingerless gloves that you’ve made for them. Perfect for kids and adults alike, as they leave fingertips free for touch screens, while keeping the rest of the hand toasty warm and snug. Simple and fast to make for a very handy gift.

Boy’s Lego Belt

If your 10 year old is scared to ‘lego’ of his pants in case they fall down, here’s a great gift idea you can build on! With a little sewing savvy, you can turn some ordinary twill fabric into this awesome belt with a LEGO buckle, and match the colors to suit his wardrobe. Simple.

Glow-in-the-dark Slime

What is it with 10 year olds and slime? They can’t get enough of it. Make your own glow-in-the-dark slime by following this simple tutorial, using only a few basic ingredients. There is even a free downloadable label for whatever jar or container you want to put it in. It’s the slime of life!

Subtle Superhero Shirt

Sometimes less is more, and although super heroes are not known for their subtlety, this t-shirt will be! This tutorial uses Avengers symbols, but you could tweak it to whichever hero you like, and with fabric paint and freezer paper you can create an awesome tee which any one (big or small) will love.

Sew With Me Saturday Ipod Or Phone Case

If someone is on your case to buy them a sleeve for their iPod or phone, go one better and make it instead. By going the DIY route, you can have your pick of the best fabrics, and this simple to follow guide will show how to do it in next to no time.

Diy Pen and Pencil Roll-up

Although this DIY is for a pen and pencil roll, it can easily be adapted for makeup brushes, tools, or any other implements you need to keep together. With sturdy fabrics such as canvas, a button and some ribbon or string, you can roll out this great gift in no time at all.

Pocket Bag Tutorial

Make this bag as a gift and pocket the money you would have spent on buying one! Using an old pair of jeans of cargo pants, you can turn a discarded garment into a bag that’s both useful and looks good. Make the strap extra-long for wearing across the body, or shorter for a shoulder bag.