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66 Hot Toys for Christmas 2017 (Best Toys of the Year)

The best toys for Christmas 2017 are all here! From retro gaming consoles to the hottest trends, to movie-inspired figures and accessories, you’re sure to find the perfect item! And if you’re into do-it-yourself, you’re still in luck! Cool ideas for amazing projects that will delight all the youngsters on your list!

Parents, save this list! This is the holy grail for the best toy gift ideas and has all the hot toys for Christmas 2017.

L.O.L. Surprise! Big Surprise

Spoiler alert! The L.O.L. Surprise! BIG Surprise ball has smaller balls with surprises in them! Fifty teeny surprises, to be exact, including L.O.L. Surprise dolls and baby sisters, outfits, accessories, bath fizzies, and stickers! It’s just too much! Unwrapping all these little bits is half the fun!

Prices vary

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Rey Force Link Figure

Do you want the hottest toys from the coolest movie in 2017? Look no further! Rey, from The Last Jedi, is impeccably attired for Jedi Training, and with the Force Link feature, playtime just got high-tech! (Force Link available separately). Star Wars figures have delighted collectors for generations. This is no exception!


Osmo Genius Kit

Kids are comfortable with modern technology, so choosing cool toys is a challenge! The Osmo Genius is perfect for your darlings! From basics to art, there are features to teach even the most gifted child! Place your iPad in the Osmo base and get ready for interactive playtime that makes learning fun!

Prices Vary

LEGO Ninjago Movie Destiny’s Bounty

The best toys are those powered by imagination and fueled by creativity. When you have busy little fingers to occupy, this LEGO Ninjago Destiny’s Bounty building set will keep them engaged! Seven minifigures are included to encourage acting out favorite movie scenes or creating new scenarios. LEGO quality, Ninjago cool!


WowWee Botsquad GRiP

Botsquad — every bit as cool as it sounds! GRiP is the leader of the squad and on top of being boss, he hauls bricks and can even grip and carry them! With sound effects and fun phrases, no task is too tough when you have GRiP on the job!

Prices Vary

Barbie Wonder Woman Doll

Barbie has been the go-to fashion doll for over half-a-century! Now, she is the iconic Wonder Woman, who has been delighting fans for even longer! Inspired by the feature film, Wonder Woman comes with battle-ready outfit and accessories! If you’re looking for the best toys of 2017, you’re in the right place!


Hatchimals Colleggtibles Egg Carton

Hatchimals are the hottest toys, and they’re collectible! Or should we say collEGGtible? This adorable egg carton collection features ten eggs for you to hatch! And two Hatchimals already out of their eggs because eggs come in a dozen, right? The best toys are the ones that get the most play!


Mega Bloks Elephant Parade Building Kit

Mega Bloks has the coolest toys, and this pull-along elephant is no exception! It’s so much more than a pull-toy! The elephant’s tumbler body holds blocks to build four more animals! Stage a circus and have a parade! This is the perfect first building kit for younger builders!


Razor Jetts DLX Heel Wheels

Toys don’t have to be educational to be fun! Sometimes the athlete needs to be turned loose! Razor Jetts are the hottest trend for skaters in a generation! Strap-on heel wheels with optional spark pads for the daring skater will inspire new skills! It’s Razor! So you know it’s exciting!


Nerf N-Strike Elite AccuStrike RaptorStrike

Nerf has long been the choice for toys of a projectile nature, and the RaptorStrike is the granddaddy of them all! From the Elite AccuStrike line, this bolt-action blaster adds to the excitement with an extendable bipod and built-in pop-up sight! Eighteen darts and two clips mean you’re always ready for action!

Prices Vary

Dance Code Disney Princess Belle

We were all enchanted with Belle and her elegant dancing in the hit live-action feature film in 2017. Dance Code Belle interacts with aspiring young choreographers, dancing to the moves they program! Budding ballerinas can belly up to the barre while Belle teaches dance steps! This doll is the hottest toy trending!

Prices Vary

LEGO Ninjago Movie Green Ninja Mech Dragon

What’s your favorite part of the LEGO Ninjago movie? If it’s the exciting scenes with the green ninja mech dragon, you’re not alone! This building set is tops! Four minifigures are included to make re-enacting the movie more fun, or you can act out your own version of what happens next!


Bloco Toys Robot Invasion

“Robot. Invasion. Fun. Fun. Fun.” That’s what your kids will say when they build and play with Bloco Toys robots! Use the included directions or design your own cool ‘bots! Blocks in various shapes and sizes, along with features and accessories, make this building set versatile. Imagination power makes it limitless!


KID K’NEX Budding Builders Building Set

When education is fun, kids learn more! So what do you get when you take one preschooler, a tub of Kid K’Nex building pieces, and a little curiosity? Anything your little genius can imagine is what! Learning to connect building blocks is child’s play, and this set puts the LEARNING into PLAY!


Learning Resources Code & Go Robot Mouse Activity Set

Top toys are the ones that get the most play! Learning Resources has just the thing! A mouse! Actually, a robot mouse! Kids can build a maze, then program the mouse to find the cheese! They think they just had a laugh! You know they just learned a little coding!


AeroGarden Herbie Kid’s Garden with Pizza Party Activity Kit

What do Hydroponics and pizza have in common? When you choose the AeroGarden indoor garden activity kit, your future farmers will learn about growing herbs. The included booklet has fun activities to do, but harvesting the fresh herbs to bake in a pizza is the big reward! The kit is reusable, too!

Prices Vary

Cubelets Six robot blocks

Just when you thought toys could not get any cooler, Cubelets robot blocks come along! These high-tech blocks are compatible with other building sets to increase the configuration possibilities! Robot blocks combine to form fancy robots! When you’re thinking outside the box, think of Cubelets! (Battery included, computer not required!)

Prices Vary

Razor RazorX Cruiser Electric Skateboard

Razor has always been on the cutting edge when it comes to sophisticated ride-on toys, and the RazorX Cruiser is proof positive! A motorized skateboard with carve-and-turn action and remote control seems too good to be true! One of the hot toys in town just got hotter, people!

Prices Vary

Xbox One X Console

THIS is the ONE you’ve been waiting for! Among the best toys of 2017, the Xbox One X features faster loading, better graphics, and a 4K Blu-ray player for the most intense experience yet! The Xbox standard you’ve come to expect makes this console perfect for the serious gamer!


Shaboom! Board Game

Board games will always be popular, and Shaboom! is one of the more exciting ones around! So many challenges, so little time! Two to four players have just thirty minutes to complete the wacky tasks before their opponents do! A LOT of fun for one of the top toys today!

Prices Vary

Spider-Man: Homecoming Rapid Reload Blaster

If Spider-Man is cool, then the Spider-Man rapid reload blaster is the coolest toy! Kids can strap on the wrist blaster, load up the Nerf darts into the cartridges, and venture forth to save the day! No radioactive spider bite required! Pretending has never been so much fun!


Barbie DreamCamper

Even when you live in a DreamHouse, you sometimes yearn to get away to the fresh air and the great outdoors! If you’re Barbie, you do it in a brand new 2107 DreamCamper! All the comforts of home in a fabulous recreational vehicle for Barbie and her friends! It’s pink!


Littlest Pet Shop Cruise Ship

Littlest Pet Shop has been a favorite of kiddos for years! Now there’s a cruise ship for all the pets! In fact, three are included — a Classic, a Mini, and a Teensie! But there’s room for thirty on this seafaring adventure playset! Accessories and stickers included enhance the cruise experience!

Prices Vary

furReal Makers Proto Max

Presenting the ultimate pup from FurReal! Proto Max is a robot, with all the high-tech programmability you expect in an ultra robotic toy. And he’s a dog! With all the fun antics imaginable! If you build him, he will “come”… and “fetch”… and anything else you can dream up and code!


Justice League Ultimate Batmobile RC Vehicle & Figure

When you control the Ultimate Batmobile, you’ll be the envy of all who witness its magnificence! Batman figure slides into the cockpit, which includes a POV camera with heads-up display! Smoke and sound effects make it next best to BEING Batman! One of the best toys of 2017!


Goliath Catch the Fox Game

Can you Catch the Fox? A silly fox wearing a bandit mask fills his pockets with chickens until he loses his pants! Be the first to collect the chickens and fill up your coop to win! This is a cool game that’s easy to play for ages 4 and up!


WowWee Chippies Robot Toy Dog

Little robot toy dogs might be the cutest smart-toy ever! WowWee Chippies are interactive with you and with each other, as well as CHiP, the big dog! Remote control your Chippies to sing together, dance, and chase their tails! Or just go for a walk! All dogs like to walk, even robot dogs!

Prices Vary

My Little Pony: The Movie My Magical Princess Twilight Sparkle

My Little Pony is always among the top toys on everyone’s list! Princess Twilight Sparkle is the top of the top! With plush fur, wings, and unicorn horn, she’s sure to be a star! Oh, wait! She already IS! Straight from the silver screen, responsive to sound and touch, this Princess rules!


FurReal Roarin’ Tyler Playful Tiger

Who wouldn’t want a tiger for a pet? Yikes! Maybe not a real, live man-eater, but how about an adorable, Roarin’ Tyler from FurReal? He’s as soft and cuddly as a kitten, but he won’t claw your furniture! Roar at him, and he’ll roar back! Have fun discovering all his interactive responses!


Happy Places Shopkins Mansion

The Happy Places mansion is the coolest playset ever! Lil Shoppie Chandelia is eager to decorate, and she needs your help! You’ll have oodles of soft accessories and fourteen Petkins to tend to as you transform this adorable mansion into a fabulous Shopkins home! Seven rooms in all!

Prices Vary

Thames & Kosmos Monster Trap Game

Do you have the skills? Does your partner understand your strategy? Is luck on your side? Will you succeed at Monster Trap? Demanding cooperation and coordination, this top game will have you shrieking with delight! Trap all the monsters roaming in the mansion before Grandma Frieda sees them and has a fright!


Despicable Me 3 Jumbo Fluffy Unicorn

Far from despicable — it’s a jumbo fluffy unicorn! You don’t have to love unicorns as much as Agnes, but this fabulous plush toy from the popular Despicable Me 3 movie will steal your heart! Sound effects and light-up horn make it as fun to play with as it is to cuddle!

Prices Vary

Play-Doh Touch Shape to Life Studio

Play-Doh has thrilled millions of tiny hands with its super moldable modeling compound! Now it takes a step into the virtual world while remaining the top hands-on toy! Create fun and amazing shapes and characters, then scan them into your tablet with the Shape to Life Studio app for more adventure!


Kurio Watch Ultimate Smartwatch

Kids are busy these days with crazy schedules! The Kurio Smartwatch is a fun way to help them stay on track! More than a timepiece, when they’re not off to a game or meeting a study buddy, they can listen to music, play interactive motion-sensitive games, or take another selfie!

Prices Vary

WowWee Fingerlings Interactive Baby Monkey

WowWee! Who wouldn’t want a monkey for a pet? Now WowWee presents Fingerlings! Cute little interactive baby monkeys that grab your fingers and make silly monkey sounds! What else can they do? They respond to sound, motion, and touch! Collect them all (then you can direct a chorus of baby monkeys)!


Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Sea Patroller Transforming Vehicle

Paw Patrol to the rescue! With the transforming Sea Patroller, you’re ready for adventure on the high seas! Save the baby octopus! Then, head for shore and transform into a truck, or let the included Ryder figure cruise on his ATV! On land or sea, one of the best toys of 2017!


Makey Makey Invention Kit for Everyone

When it comes to cool things, what could be cooler than making ordinary objects perform extraordinary tasks? Like transforming your lunch into a game controller? The Makey Makey invention kit can make it happen! Just connect Makey Makey to your computer, then attach the clips to anything and let the fun begin!


Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit

Star Wars toys are always epic! This award-winning Droid IS the one you’re looking for! Deemed the hottest toy of the year, your kids can customize this iconic Droid, then rearrange the electronic blocks for a new experience! Compatible with several Apple and Android devices with in-app instructions!

Prices Vary

K’NEX Thrill Rides Web Weaver Roller Coaster Building Set

What could be more thrilling than riding a roller coaster? We say building one! K’NEX has the most extreme adventures in a building set! The Web Weaver roller coaster with an air-powered motorized coaster car will engage your child’s imagination and creativity! The best toys are designed to make learning fun!


LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox Building and Coding Kit

LEGO Boost takes building sets to the next level of awesome! Five multi-functional robot designs are included in this kit! Build one, then code with the app from your tablet, and let the fun begin! The Boost Building and Coding kit is compatible with all LEGO construction sets for even more innovation!


Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Hoverboard Self-Balancing Smart Scooter

Razor Hovertrax 2.0 really ups the game! It’s not just transportation – this board takes rolling to the extreme! This self-balancing smart scooter features cool LED lights and high-tech rideability to make your tricks and turns sharper, smoother, and totally rad! The quality you’ve come to expect from Razor — Ride on!

Prices Vary

Pie Face Sky High Game

This isn’t pie in the sky! This is pie in the face! Pie Face Sky High is carnival fun at home! It’s a strength testing game merged with a pie-throwing contest in one cool toy! Test your strength and give your opponent a pie in the face! What could be more fun?


Soggy Doggy Board Game

Soggy Doggy is exactly what it sounds like: A fun board game with a wet dog! But without that wet dog smell! Just loads of cool fun with your best friends! Take turns rolling the dice and racing around the bathtub before Soggy Doggy starts to shake! Towels not included!


Pokemon Burning Shadows Elite Trainer Box

Whether you’re a hardcore player or a card collector, the Pokémon TCG: Sun & Moon—Burning Shadows Elite Trainer Box is at the top of your wishlist! Eight booster packs and 45 TCG Energy cards are included! Everything you need to play is included, or use the code for the trading card online game!


Hatchimals Nursery Playset

Hatchimals Nursery Playset is the cutest way to play with your CollEGGtibles! Swing, slide, and spinning cribs make tending to sweet Hatchimals more than nurturing — it’s just plain fun! Plus, an EGGsclusive Hatchimal CollEGGtible is included! This is a cool toy and a perfect addition to your collection!


Spinmaster Luvabella Responsive Baby Doll

Luvabella from Spinmaster is one of the best toys of 2017! She evens learns with her included interactive accessories! Beautiful and responsive baby doll is so adorable and gives your child a little taste of what parenting is like! Luvabella moves and speaks in response to her little mommy or daddy.


Star Wars: The Last Jedi Porg Electronic Plush

Your very own Porg! When you’re wishing for a plush toy with fun electronic features and sound effects, then you need look no further! Inspired by Star Wars: The Last Jedi, this adorable waddling Porg is action ready for Star Wars fun! Batteries not included, lightsaber not required!


DropMix Music Gaming System

Teens just want to have fun! One of the top toys this year is the DropMix Music Gaming System! More than just an MP3 player, better than Karaoke! Three ways to play with the 60 included DropMix cards and free DropMix app to get the party started and keep it going!


Hatchimals Glittering Garden

Hatchimals Glittering Garden hatching egg is the most exciting hatchling yet! The anticipation builds as you love your egg and encourage it to start hatching! Who will you hatch? Sparkly fur and twinkling wings make the waiting and wondering worth it! Then raise your new interactive baby Hatchimal!


Mega Construx Pokemon Gyarados Building Set

Mega Bloks is always on the “hot toys” list and the exciting Pokémon Gyarados building set is definitely hot! The buildable figure is poseable for even more Pokémon playtime fun! Watch out for the fangs! When you’re through playing, the buildable water environment display keeps your cool Gyarados front and center!


Sick Science Fizz Pop Boom Science Kit

When learning is fun, kids learn more! Be Amazing Toys has put together this cool Sick Science kit with ordinary items that make extraordinary things happen! Focusing on the STEM areas of learning (science, technology, engineering, math) the Fizz Pop Boom kit is a blast! And a blast-off!

Prices Vary

American Girl WellieWishers Emerson Doll

Wearing wellies to ward off the wet weather is what WellieWisher girls DO! Emerson is an adorable WellieWisher in her pink and purple ensemble and matching wellies! American Girl dolls are always among the top toys, and this charming little lass is the perfect start to collecting them all!


Teddy Ruxpin Magical Bear

Teddy Ruxpin returns, ready to enchant a new generation! He still sings and tells stories, of course, but the new Teddy Ruxpin is even more advanced! His eyes feature over 40 animated responses! Touch sensors control the preloaded stories and songs, or download more from the free app! And he’s still cuddly!


Seedling Littles Galaxy Rocket Adventure Cape Costume Kit

Every child’s best plaything is his or her vivid imagination! Seedling recognizes the need to encourage Littles to play, and with this reversible Galaxy Rocket Adventure cape, the sky’s the limit! Durable construction for repeated use, detachable shuttle, and of course, rocket-launching flames, make this one of the best toys of 2017!

Prices Vary

PJ Masks Cat Boy Car

Catboy and his Cat Car are the purrrrr-fect hot toy duo! Roaring into the night, his mission is to “save the day” as they say! Catboy can venture forth on his own right meow, or pick up his friends on the way to the next adventure! Three figures ride comfortably!


LEGO BATMAN MOVIE The Batwing Building Kit

BE the Batman. FLY the Batwing! First, you have to build it! Straight from the LEGO Batman Movie, all the awesomeness of the Batwing — with accessories! — is at your fingertips, ready to take on any villains who dare to threaten Gotham City! Minifigures included in this cool building set!


Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Batbot Xtreme

Playtime just got serious with the DC Super Friends Batbot Xtreme! We’re talking extending wings, punching power action, and voice-changing effects! Batman figure included, which can ride the secret elevator to the control cockpit in the Batbot’s head! Eliminate any danger of boredom with this super hot toy from Fisher-Price!


Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle Cooperative Deck Building Game

The wizarding world of Harry Potter is always at risk from those who wish him harm! Take the magical adventure to the board with Hogwarts Battle! As you progress through seven levels of difficulty in your attempts to thwart practitioners of the Dark Arts, you’ll build your deck and plan your strategy!


Nerf Rival Nemesis MXVII-10K

Nerf Rival Nemesis MXVII-10K— that just about says it all! Nerf quality fun with serious precision blaster action! High-capacity hopper lets you take the field with 100 rounds! Motorized action elevates the fun as you engage in rapid-fire battles with one of the best toys of 2017! Defeat your nemesis!


Ultra Dash

Ultra Dash is ultra fun as you race to beat the timer! Flashing lights and sounds make the relay more exciting, or dash to the color-coded bases for a score! There are three recommended game modes for individual training, or team up with your pals to see who has the fleetest feet!


4M Crystal Growing Experiment

Anybody can grow a garden, right? It takes a little more knowledge to grow rocks! This exciting science kit from 4M has everything needed for seven Crystal Growing Experiments! A budding geologist will be in awe of these formations! Once grown, special cases protect and display the fascinating results!


Air Hogs Robo Trax All Terrain Tank RC Vehicle

When you want cool toys, you want Air Hogs! We’re talking an RC vehicle that transforms into a missile-launching robot at the touch of a button! Then transform it back into an all-terrain tank! No landscape is too tough for Robo Trax, and no opponent is tough enough!


Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch is one of the best toys of 2017! Adding versatility to the popular gaming dynasty, the Nintendo Switch offers more play options for all your favorite games — go from handheld solo play to a supercharged tournament on the big screen! Just Switch, and you’re on!

Prices Vary

Barbie Dream Horse & Black Hair Doll

All girls love horses and every girl dreams of owning one! Barbie is a super lucky girl to have her very own DreamHorse! This interactive horse responds with Barbie at the reins, or to your voice or caress! Shimmering palomino mane and tail make this brilliant white horse seem even more dreamy!


Nerf Nitro Flash Fury Chaos

Nerf Nitro Flash Fury Chaos sounds like crazy fun! Guess what? IT IS! Nerf blasting cars, yes CARS! We’re way past darts now! How fast can you blast three cars up the ramp and over the obstacles? It’s a race, it’s a demo derby, and it’s a blast! Nerf said!

Prices Vary

Super NES Classic

Feeling nostalgic for your old game console? Check out the cool Super NES Classic! It has the look and feel of the original Nintendo Entertainment System, but smaller! It comes preloaded with twenty-one gnarly two-player games for the total retro experience! Relive your glory days in Super NES fashion!


Other Cool Toy Ideas for Christmas 2017

Wonder Workshop

They didn’t have toys like these when we were kids. These are some pretty smart toys, but not as smart as your little one that’s doing all of the programming. Perfect gift that keeps them engaged and learning.

Prices Vary

View-Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack

Remember the classic View-Master, the one where you had to pull the lever to advance the next image? These days there’s no lever, and it’s been given a serious graphics upgrade so now it’s more like virtual reality than a slideshow.

Prices Vary


They get to control this dino using hand motions, making it a lot more fun than using a controller. It keeps getting smarter as playtime goes on, so it’s not a gift that will collect dust soon after Christmas.


Fluxx 5.0 Card Game

Here is a card game that’s on its 5th incarnation so you know it has to be good. You never get the same game twice because there are so many different variations that occur within each round.


Fisher-Price Smart Toy Bear

No screen is necessary for this computer turned teddy bear. It’s powerful enough to keep your child edutained for hours, and at the same time will grow with them so it really will become their best friend and not just a gimmick.


Jumbo Talking Minion Dave

Here’s a toy that’s sure to be a hit anyone that saw the Minions movie last summer. It features an oversized version of Dave that can talk and drop lines from the movie.

Prices Vary

Imaginext Ultra T-Rex

Walking, roaring, shooting, there’s not much this dino can’t do. Let’s face it, this is the year of the dinosaur thanks to the most recent Jurassic Park flick, so let’s embrace it and get them an awesome Tyrannosaur that can do it all.


Fisher-Price Spinnyos Giant Yo-ller Coaster

There’s plenty to discover and experience with this coaster, another winner from the trusted Fisher-Price brand. Watch as the spinners make their way all around it, and follow their path as they zip and zag along the track they send them on.


JOKI Hanging Nest

When they have this hanging nest they will always have a place to call their very own. it is very comfortable since it is suspended from the ceiling, and has the feeling of a hammock while at the same time providing some privacy so they can play a game or just take a nap.

Prices Vary

Barbie Saddle ‘N Ride Horse

OK, so Barbie’s having a pretty nice life. First a mansion, then Ken, and now she’s got a horse. This Saddle n’ Ride horse goes well with all of her other first class accoutrements, and is the next logical step for the doll that has everything.

Prices Vary

Light Changing Anakin Light Saber

With this lightsaber they can be just like Anakin Skywalker and convert from a Jedi to a Sith as the Dark Side takes over. It changes from blue to red, and also lets you choose to be blue or red depending on what mood you are in.


Pie Face Game

What happens when you combine the tense turning of a Jack-in-the-Box with the classic gag of a pie in the face? Now we know. Stick your face up close and turn the knob. If you’re unlucky enough to get hit it’s gonna be clean up time.


Little Live Pets Cleverkeet

It’s like having a parakeet without the mess and midnight squawking. This is one smart bird, which is perhaps why it’s called a cleverkeet instead of a parakeet. It’s a virtual pet that’s virtually guaranteed to make them happy Christmas morning.

Prices Vary

Loog Electric Guitar

If they’ve expressed an interest in learning how to play guitar you can’t go wrong with this basic electric guitar that makes learning easy. It still sounds pretty good for being a guitar that is based on learning how to play.

Prices Vary

LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack

Get them started off right with the Dimensions starter pack from LEGO. It gives them a good foundation from which to build, and if they’ve never tried out any of the Dimensions building sets this makes it so they can start getting them.


Mini Squigz

A mini-sized version of the popular Squigz, these suction cups can be formed into just about anything you can think of. Addictive to play, and easy to clean up, they are sure to keep them busy for hours.


NERF Modulus ECS-10 Blaster

Why get them just one Nerf gun when you can get them the equivalent of 30? That’s how many combinations you can make with the ECS-10 Blaster. Each configuration has its own features and benefits, and the gun can hold 10 darts at a time.


Dinotrux Ty Rux

Combine a truck with a dinosaur and you’ll appeal to lovers of trucks and dinosaurs. That’s the theory here and it works. It’s a dinosaur that can do the job of a truck, and is motorized so it does most of the hard work all by itself.


FurReal Friends StarLily Unicorn

If unicorns were real they’d probably be a lot like this offering by FurReal Friends. Imagine if a stuffed animal started responding to your touch. You’ve got to check out the video to see just how lifelike the movements are.


Crayola Inspiration Art Case

Jump on board the Minion craze and tap into your child’s artistic side all with one gift. This art case is inspired by the Minions so expect a little zaniness mixed in with the high quality that Crayola is known for.


Chocolate Pen

There are all sorts of things they’ll be able to make with his chocolate pen. It is every chocoholic’s dream to have a pen that leaves a trail of chocolate behind. Let their imagination go wild with chocolate as the medium.



This game is like Pictionary and Play Doh had a baby. Instead of drawing a picture you make shapes from dough while your teammates try to guess what it is you’re sculpting. Fun for everyone!

Prices Vary


For the little guys out there BeatBo is one of the best choices you can make this holiday season. It is sure to keep them entertained for a long time because of the many different things that it can do.


Meccano MeccaNoid

This is just part of the robot plan to take over the world, first they infiltrate our children and learn to mimic all of their actions. Next thing you know it’s all Terminator and I, Robot scenes. But seriously this bot is a lot of fun to program and play with.

Prices Vary

Anki Overdrive

This is one of the coolest racing games you can buy them because it is developed by really smart engineers and features AI racers that learn your moves and make adjustments on the fly.

Prices Vary

Indominus Rex Figure

One of the most gruesome and brutal villains this summer was Indominus Rex from Jurassic world. if your child is age appropriate this is going to be one of the best gift you can give them because they’ll be able to reenact some of the most intense scenes.


Star Wars Furbacca

You knew it wouldn’t be long before Furbees cashed in on the new Star Wars movie, and of course they’ve gone with everyone’s favorite furry character Chewbacca. Listen as the classic Furbee lets off the classic Chewie sound.

Prices Vary

Nintendo Amiibo

One can’t miss gift this holiday season is an amiibo from Nintendo. These figurines interact with their gameplay and make it more fun because they can track their history and retain their profile from one match to the next.


Inside Out Figures

One of the most popular movies this summer was Inside Out and it’s no surprise that some of the characters from the film have developed the fan following. You can choose which figure your child will appreciate the most, whether it is Disgust, Joy, Sadness, Fear, or Anger.

Prices Vary

Compose Yourself Music Card Game

Compose music all by yourself with this card game and see if you can tap into your inner Mozart. It’s a game that’s easy enough to learn, and a lot of fun once you get the hang of it. Perfect for those musically gifted kids.

Prices Vary

Playskool Star Wars Galactic Heroes

Now you can start them off even earlier along the path of the Jedi when you get them this Star Wars Galactic Heroes set from Playskool. They’re known for making high quality toys that kids just love, so when you add in Star Wars you know it’s a winner.


Lego Ant-Man Building Kit

Ant-Man was one of the funniest movies of the summer and it’s no surprise that toys that are related to the movie will be popular. In this building kit they’ll be able to make a Lego representation of some of the characters and scenes from the movie.


Frozen Fever Elsa Doll

In case you didn’t go see the new live action Cinderella movie you might not know that they made a short sequel to frozen called Frozen Fever. This doll features the new-look Elsa from the short and will definitely be a hit.


Fire HD 6 Kids Edition

Now the kids can have their own version of the popular Kindle Fire HD. Comes with a 6 inch screen that’s great for movies, books, and their favorite educational TV show. It has a protective outer case so it is designed to withstand daily use.

Prices Vary

Girl Scouts Cookie Oven

This gift takes the fun of Girl Scout cookies and makes them even better because you get to make them on your own rather than just buying them. All of the most popular flavors are available, and the hardest part is being patient while they bake.

Prices Vary

Grow and Glow Groot Science Kit

Here’s the baby Groot as see in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie. You grow this one, and it glows, taking things to the next level. Sure to be cherished by any fan of the movie and follower of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


The Good Dinosaur Galloping Butch

One move that has some potential of being the next Frozen in terms of popularity is The Good Dinosaur. Butch is one of the tougher dinosaurs in the movie, and with this galloping toy they can reenact their favorite scenes.

Prices Vary

LeapFrog Epic Kids Tablet

Give your kids their own tablet, one that you can be sure they’ll use responsibly and actually learn something from. LeapFrog wins awards every year for their educational toys, and this tablet is a fitting example of what they can do.

Prices Vary

Paw Patroller

Fans of Paw Patrol will love the Paw Patroller. It can hold up to three different vehicles, so it makes the most sense for someone that already has quite a collection going. Be sure to pick up their favorite vehicle if they don’t have one yet.


Super Mario Maker

Nintendo keeps dazzling with this game, which has you designing your own Super Mario worlds and then playing your creation. It’s pretty much limitless and it’s up to you and your imagination to create levels you could only dream of before.


Classic LEGO Brick Box

You just can’t beat a classic! No need to go super complicated with Legos when a classic brick box will let you build all sorts of new things. Perfect as a starter set of Legos to instill the fun at a young age.


Wild Pets Spider Habitat

Here’s a great compromise for an actual spider. With this fake spider habitat it will be like you have an actual tarantula without all of the icky and creepy feelings that typically puts the kibosh on a gift of that nature.

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TMNT Party Van

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were given an overhaul in their last movie, but they still know how to party. Get them this TMNT party van and they’ll have a place for their favorite heroes in half shells.

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Matchbox Treasure Tracker Truck

Load up the sandbox with treasures to find and see their face light up when this metal detecting truck finds them. It’s the same sort of fun you remember having as a kid, but with a new twist that makes it even more fun.


Zoomer Kitty

All of the kitty with none of the allergies and litter! You’ll have fun with this interactive cat that can pounce and play with you whenever you’re in the mood. When not in use it’s just as indifferent to your presence as an actual cat.

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Max Tow Truck

This little truck packs some big time towing power. In fact it can tow up to 200 pounds! That’s pretty impressive, and gives your child the feeling of being able to tow more than they probably can by themselves.


Jamstik Portable SmartGuitar

Learning guitar has never been so much fun! With this portable SmartGuitar they’ll be able to practice anywhere, and it hooks up to their smartphone so they can record their sessions and listen for where they need help.

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Kidizoom Action Cam

Just like the GoPro for teens your little one will love getting great shots of all the pint-sized action with this Kidizoom cam. It goes where they go and is rugged enough to take a few hits and still keep filming.


Hot Wheels Bed

This is the bed they’ll love to go to sleep in, and brings those miniature cars to life making them larger than life. From a toddler all the way until they want a big boy bed this will be the bed that they’ll remember their whole life.


Monster Friends Boo York Luna Doll

Monster High dolls are all the rage, so if you pick up this Boo York Luna doll you’ll help add to the collection. She’s dressed to the nines and even comes with a fair share of accessories to make it even more fun to play with.

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Voice Command Heli Vehicle

When they are in control of this voice command heli vehicle they will be able to get it to fly, turn, and more all with their voice. It adds a new dimension of fun to an already fun toy, and is in line with all of the advancements in voice technology.

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Take Care of Me Lambie Plush

From the hit show Doc McStuffins comes this Lambie plush that encourages your child to take care of them. it is a fun way to bring the show to life and create an interactive experience pulled directly from the series itself.


Hulk Smash Toy Vehicle

When you’ve got big old Hulk arms smashing things as you go along, you’ve got quite the vehicle on your hands. With this toy they will have tons of fun smashing everything in sight, with giant sized Hulk arms doing massive damage.

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If you’ve ever stepped on a Lego you’ll appreciate Pinblocks. Their unique rounded pin shape means it doesn’t hurt to step on them, but at the same time you can make some impressive creations with them and you never have to worry about trying to find a specific piece.

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Squishy Human Body

Part learning toy, part fun, the squishy human body is on display with this new toy. It comes with the ability to see how a piece of pizza travels throughout the body and gives kids an understanding of how their system works.


Little Engineer Workbench

Bring out the engineer in your little one with this Little Engineer Workbench. It includes 7 different tools so they’ll have plenty to work with and lots to do with all of the various pieces. There’s also music and sounds and lights to keep them interested.


Munchkin School of Fish Bath Toy

It may not seem like much to us, but for a kid these bath toys can really be the difference between a boring bath and a fun bath. Make sure they have everything they need for a fun bath time and see how quick they want to get in.


Tegu Daredevil Set

The quality in these wooden toys is something you have to see to believe. It harkens back to older times when toys were actually built to last. Aside from that it’s just a lot of fun to play with and is sure to keep them entertained.


Jurassic Park Chomping Raptor Head

Watch them go chomp chomp chomping around the house when they have this raptor head on their hands. There’s no end to the fun they can have as they play out scenes from their favorite Jurassic Park movies.

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Bloco Toys T-Rex and Triceratops

These dinos are made out of foam and plastic, so your child gets to make them before they play with them. It makes it more fun than just opening it up and starting to play, and gets them invested in it.

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Melissa and Doug Junior Suspend Game

The game of getting things to balance precariously! It’s the junior version of the popular game, and sure to put a smile on their face as they successfully hang another piece onto the structure.


LeapFrog Word Hammer

Learning phonics has never been more fun, or more engaging than with this Word Hammer by LeapFrog. They won’t even know they’re learning as they play with it, it will just seem like a fun game to them. Isn’t that how it should be?

Prices Vary

Style Me Up i-Loom

If they love making bracelets take things to the next level with this i-Loom. It helps them make friendship bracelets of all kinds, and fast forwards them to expert status by making it paint-by-numbers easy.

Prices Vary

Hexbug Nano V2 Launch Pad

Nano bugs fly through the air with this launch pad, and this is a game that they can play with their friends. It’s a fun way to put those bugs to use and also has targets for them to aim at so they can also play by themselves.

Prices Vary

LightUp Tesla Kit

Watch them become a master circuit builder right before your eyes when you get them this kit. It includes the required circuitry and magnetic blocks so it all locks together and lights up for instant gratification.


DIY Toys and Christmas Gift ideas

DIY Baby Groot Toy

You can make your own baby Groot toy if the one above is sold out. It’s easy to do and he dances around just like the one in the movie. Just follow the directions step by step and soon you’ll have one of your very own.

DIY Wooden Snap Block

This snap block set is a lot of fun for a wide range of kids. They can make more and more intricate creations the older they get, and if you ever need to expand it’s easy since you make it at home from your own materials.

Hula Hoop Hideout

These hula hoop hideouts are the perfect escape for your little one, and they’ll love playing in them, or just taking a nap. Once they see that they have their very own personal space, the challenge will be getting them out of it!

Rock Monster Magnets

When they have these monster magnets on hand there’s always some fun to be had. They can create families of monsters and have conversations between different ones. It really gets them to use their imagination, and they’re not too scary.

Family Yahtzee

Take your typical Yahtzee game and make it a little more close to home and personable. A great way to cement family bonds and still have fun playing a classic dice game.

Homemade Tic-Tac-Toe

Rather than have to use pen and paper you can play tic-tac-toe again and again and when the game is over it’s just a matter of clearing off the pieces and starting over again.

Felt Fishing Set

Here’s a way for little ones to develop their fine motor skills as they deftly try to secure a fish with this felt fishing set. It comes with everything they’ll need to go fishing, and you can make the fish different sizes if you want.

Arctic Small World Playset

Frozen fans will love to get their hands on this arctic small world playset. It makes it so they can create a cold world in a matter of seconds and immerse themselves in the sort of fun seen in the movie.

How To Make Glove Monsters Tutorial

When it comes to DIY, creativity is king! This fun project upcycles orphaned gloves (although new ones work, too!) into adorable, squishable, lovable “monsters”! These cutie-boos are perfect for kids of all ages, and if you make them with your kids, you double the fun while giving them the gift of time!

Diy Sensory Boards For Babies And Toddlers

Kids, especially babies, are super curious about everything! While they’re still exploring the world around them, this DIY sensory board is a fabulous way to safely introduce new items and activities which are great for developing fine motor skills. Or build a colorful feeling wall for increasing tactile exposure!

Princess Hat Tutorial

Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest! This DIY Princess Hat is not complicated to make, but will certainly charm your young miss! Simple craft supplies and a little fabric (available as new cloth or upcycle drapery sheers, etc.) result in a royal accessory ready to crown your regal lass!

How to: Glow-in-the-dark Slime

What’s better than ooey-gooey slime? I know! It’s DIY glow-in-the-dark ooey-gooey slime! It seriously can not get any better! This project is fun to do, and with adult supervision, kids can certainly help in making the magic happen! Supplies are available in the crafting section and the laundry aisle.

Diy Dyed Rainbow Style Wooden Blocks

When you have future construction workers, budding engineers, and demolition specialists to entertain, give them blocks to build with. Traditional wooden blocks, dyed in all the vibrant hues of the rainbow, make it fun for little fingers to stack, attack, sort, and start again. They’ll think you’re brilliant! You’ll know it’s DIY!

Little Man Cuffs

Savvy parents know there is power in accessories! This DIY project uses belting fabric (purchased or upcycle an old belt), fabric paint, hook-and-loop tape, and knowledge of what little men think is super cool! Little Man cuffs can feature embellishments to coordinate with an outfit, costume, or DIY belt!

A Homemade Name Stamp

What’s in a name? Little learners growing familiar with letters know that names are more than what you call ‘em! They’re a fun DIY project! Using craft foam and a plain wooden block, create a fun stamper! They’ll have a great time identifying the letters, then stamping them in order!

Diy Racetrack Mat For Kids

Kids and cars go together like peanut butter and jelly! When you have kids with cars, eventually, there will be racing. How about this clever DIY racetrack project to make the playtime even more fun! No more arbitrary starting lines, or tire tracks on your table! Easy and fun!

Diy Wooden Crate Storage And Display For Hot Wheels Cars

Little cars are so collectible, and there are so many to collect! This DIY Parking Garage project provides a display for the hottest Hot Wheels size cars! The display is a fun element, and it encourages young drivers to pick up their toys! Looks great in any playroom, and it’s portable!

Birthday Seesaw

Crafty craftsmen, here is a project for you! With basic skills, a little lumber, and hardware, you can build this awesome teeter-totter for your home playground! The plans are simple, the potential for color options is endless, and the kids will be thrilled! Now your house is the coolest place to be!

Tube And Funnel Peg Board

Pegboard, plastic tubing, and funnels: Learning has never been so cool! Use zip ties to attach the tubes and funnels in crazy patterns, then watch as this super simple activity board dazzles little ones as they try and guess which tube will carry water to the tub below!

Felt Monsters To Make With Your Kids

Kids love monsters! Well, they will love these cute and cuddly monsters! Here’s a simple pattern for five basic monster bodies, accessories, and facial features. Pick and choose what works for you, the DIYer, or better yet, get your youngsters involved and stitch up a whole family of monsters!

Diy Kids: Monster Hooded Towels

Bath time doesn’t have to be boring. Here’s an adorable DIY project for hooded towels that look like monsters! Get wiggly babies to giggle while they get dried from head to toe! Silly faces and features will make these towels their favorites! You can even make an abominable snowman!

Diy Fun: Scoot-alongs

Easy-to-make ride-on toys for even the littlest tots! This ingenious rolling coaster is low to the ground, round shaped to avoid sharp edges, and ready for take-off in a matter of minutes! DIY means you know the workmanship is solid! What a creative way to keep little bodies active!

No Sew Dragon Sock Puppet

Imagination is the best plaything, and this darling dragon sock puppet is just the thing to fire up that imagination! This no-sew DIY project makes this easy enough for the kids to do (with adult supervision, of course)! Then you can sit back and enjoy the show at the sock puppet theatre!

Wool Alphabet Diy

Step-by-step instructions make this DIY wool alphabet project as easy as A-B-C! Make all twenty-six letters for a fun nursery or classroom display, or just the ones that spell a precious name! The options are unlimited! Color-coordinate to match your decor or go crazy with all the colors!

Homemade Silly Putty Recipe

Silly putty is so much fun to squish, stretch, and bounce! Making it at home is a really cool experiment, too! A few simple ingredients and a little elbow grease are all you need to make colorful putty! Do you wonder if different colors will mash together or stay separate? Another experiment!

Chalkboard Town

Chalkboard paint is the coolest substance on earth! Transform fun shapes into blank chalkboard buildings, then let your little ones go to town! I mean, literally, they can draw houses, schools, bricks, windows — everything to bring life to a little chalkboard town for hours of imaginative play!

Angry Birds Can Toss Game

Angry Birds could be the most fun you ever had with birds and pigs! This DIY project recycles a few cans, engages some creativity, and results in a cool party game! Imagine what a hit your celebration will be with your young guests taking on the challenge! Next best to Piggy Island!

Made With Love Road Rug

Inspired by family outings, this road rug is truly made with love! Craft items, an itinerary, and a little time are all you need for this personalized DIY layout of an awesome play town. Include all your favorite hang-outs, or opt for the places you wish to visit!

How To Make Dancing Ribbon Rings

The simplest toys inspire the most imaginative play! Dancing ribbon rings fit the bill perfectly. This is a DIY project that takes only a few minutes to make, and will be the go-to accessory that encourages kids to dance or hop around. Gross motor skills are engaged either way! Customize with various colors!

Diy Stick Horse

How many generations of kids have ridden how many miles on a stick horse? Who knows? It doesn’t matter! What matters is that stick horses have been and are adorable, imagination-fueled, reliable means of youthful transportation! Now you can make the cutest one ever with this DIY tutorial!

Painted Wood

A little talent is required in this painted wood project, but the results are so adorable! Using various wooden objects and utensils, you can create an entire population of painted people dolls! These are perfect for displaying, for decorating, as greeting cards, or just to play pretend! The options are endless!

Homemade Puppets

A puppet show is always exciting, whether you’re the puppet-master or the audience! This DIY project with a kid-friendly papier-mache process and easy fabric bodies will have you creating a cast worthy of the biggest stage! Fun to make, fun to play with! This project wins top marks!

Kid’s Draughtsman’s Pouch Tutorial

The young artist on the go will love this handy tote! As with any set of tools, there’s a place for everything! Roomy inner pockets hold sketchbooks, while colorful slots on the outside carry all the pencils or markers a budding Van Gogh needs for the next masterpiece!

Mason Jar Superhero Banks

Encourage children to learn fiscal responsibility with a generously-sized Mason jar Superhero bank! This DIY tutorial gives you all the information you need to craft a cool Superman or awesome Batman bank, although, with a little modification, you can choose any superhero colors and logo for a fun and thrifty accessory!


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