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20 Best Monthly Subscription Boxes of 2016

Choosing the right monthly subscription box can be hard because so many have popped up in recent years. We sort it out for you so you can be sure you’re getting nothing but the best box available in its category.

20 Best Monthly Subscription Boxes of 2016- ranked by category. This is an awesome resource! So many great subscription boxes to choose from.

TrunkClub – Best Box for Men’s Fashion

For the guy that’s hard to shop for you can’t go wrong with a subscription to TrunkClub. They’ll outfit him with clothes that are not only stylish, but that are tailored to his unique taste. Perfect for the guy that needs some assistance in the style department.


BirchBox – Best Box for Beauty

One of the longest-running and highest reviewed subscription boxes is BirchBox. They’ll provide plenty of different beauty products each month, great products you’d have trouble finding even if you had the time to search for them.


Kiwi Crate – Best Box for Kids

Each month the Kiwi Crate lands at your door you’ll have a done-for-you activity with the kids that has been developed by professionals for their age level. It gets your own creative juices flowing for all the days between boxes.


Bark Box – Best Box for Dogs

Caring for your furry friend has never been easier than when you put their toys and other products on autopilot with a Bark Box subscription. It’s the sort of box that can allow you to walk down the pet toy aisle and not have to buy a thing.


Bespoke Post – Best Box for Guy Stuff

Guys need stuff. Half the time they don’t even know what that stuff is, which makes them hard to shop for. With the Bespoke Post subscription box in place he’ll get a good assortment of man-related items each month like clockwork.


Wardrobe Wake-Up – Best Box for Women’s Fashion

This is the wake-up call your wardrobe has needed, and the best part is you can look forward to it again every month. Try everything they send on and only keep the things that you love. Send them back with no hassles or added costs.


Nature Box – Best Box for Snacks

This is the way to keep the healthy snacks coming without having to worry about what to buy. They’ll keep you topped up with natural, healthy snacking choices and all you have to do is think about which snack to eat next.


Vegan Cuts – Best Box for Vegans

It can be hard finding vegetarian and vegan options in a world that is largely meat based. Vegan Cuts makes it a lot easier by sending you high quality vegan foods for a reasonable monthly cost. Includes many items that are regional and harder to find.


Citrus Lane – Best Box for New Moms

This is the subscription box to get if you’re a new mom, or you know of one. It supplies an assortment of highly rated products and makes sure that there’s always something for the new baby to play with and keep busy with.


Nerd Block’s Arcade Block – Best Box for Gamers

For gamers there’s no better subscription box than the Arcade Block by Nerd Block. Each month they round up a collection of fun video game inspired products and send them out. It’s like Christmas morning each month.


Pigment + Palette – Best Box for Artists

Artists will love a subscription to Pigment + Palette. It loads them up with much-needed supplies and will help them delve into different materials and methods, and introduce them to new products and fuel their inspiration to create.


The Bride Box – Best Box for Brides

Avoid Bridezilla by getting The Bride Box. With this box in place a bride to be will have everything she needs as her wedding date approaches. The items are hand-picked so that she’s sure to love them or need them.


8 DIY Gift Box Ideas

Get Well Box

If you know someone that is under the weather or recovering in the hospital you should put together this Get Well box to help them feel better. It’s a great way to show that you care and it’s as easy as rounding it all up.

Monogrammed Acrylic Box

This monogrammed acrylic box is the perfect container for special items that you can give as a gift. After they have taken out the gift they can re-use the box as they see fit, and they’ll want to since it’s so personalized.

Box for Dad

Give dad his very own box either for Father’s Day or just because. Add in things you already know he loves, or take what you know he loves and use that to get him things you think he might also love. Dad’s enjoy the special attention, no matter the occasion.

Watercolor Gift Box

This beautiful water color gift box does a great job of making whatever is inside of it even more special. They’ll love that you took the extra time to make the presentation so lovely, and you can keep it a secret just how easy it was to make.

Eco-Friendly Gift Box

If you know someone that is all about going green and being eco-conscious, this is the best gift box to put their gift in. It’s made of a used shipping box, but has been upgraded so that it is presentable as a gift box.

Herb Garden in a Box

This box contains an assortment of herbs that they’re going to get a lot of use out of if they love to cook. It’s a great all-in-one-box gift that looks like you spent a lot of time on it, but if you follow the tutorial it’s not too hard.

Vinyl Box Upgrade

Give an ordinary box a vinyl upgrade and it will totally transform the way it looks in a matter of minutes. A great way to turn a box that you might have thrown out into something impressive looking enough to give a gift in.

Upcycle Your Subscription Box

When you have a subscription box you’ll eventually wonder what to do with the empty box you get each month. Here’s a way to upcycle those extra boxes so they don’t accumulate, and it’s as simple as using washi tape.

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