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42 Coolest Science Kits and Craft Kits for Kids

Never underestimate the magnificent gift of inspired craft kits, hobby kits and science kits for kids. With big imaginations and brains that soak up information like a sponge, they will get the hang of these DIY projects quicker than you or me. This time around, give them a kit that will leave them with real lasting educational value, and a fulfilling and inspuring learning experience.

Kits make the best kids gifts! Science kits, craft kits, beauty, cooking kits- a great way to join in and interact during your child’s playtime.

Make Your Own Mini Erasers Toy

Can you think of a better gift for your child to give his or her classmates than erasers? And not just any erasers…creative handmade mini erasers. In this kit, you’ll find clay of all colors to make up to 25 mini erasers, tools, and an instructional book. Your child will have gifts for the whole class in no time.


Bath Bomb Making Kit

With a little mom-supervision, your child can make some pretty impressive gifts for the bath-lovers of your family. This DIY Bath Bomb Kit comes with all the ingredients and molds to make fantastic-smelling, therapeutic bath bombs with 100% natural essential oils. This kit even comes with a gift box to package them up.

Prices Vary

Cute room Dollhouse Miniature DIY

Little sisters will be delighted by the chance to customize a dollhouse room for their big sisters. The little sister gets to have a playtime of her own by arranging the furniture and decorating the bed, and then gets to experience such pride when she hands it over to big sister with a smile on her face.

Prices Vary

Copernicus DIY Super-Duper Ball Kit

I bet you had no idea that those super bouncy balls were actually pretty simple to make. This Christmas, let your child become a toymaker with this easy-to-do kit. With some non-toxic powder, a bouncy ball mold, and a little bit of time- your child will have made 6 bouncy gifts all on their own.


DIY Oil Paint by Numbers

Artwork is always a welcomed gift, especially when it comes from children. Help your kid upgrade from the world of finger-paints and stick figures with this DIY Oil Paint By Numbers. You can leave the little one alone with no worries as they express their creativity and learn that they are capable of making beautiful things.


DIY Semi Precious Necklace Kit

Some kids naturally have more sophisticated taste than other kids- and that’s okay. For those upscale, classy kids, introduce them to the art of making semiprecious necklaces. The necklace itself is quite easy to make but comes with quality materials made from gold, silk and semiprecious stones.


Wonderart Cupcake Latch Hook Kit

A perfect Christmas project for elementary or middle school aged kids is this Wonderart Cupcake Latch Hook Kit. Making a fuzzy and colorful rug for their friends or siblings is actually a really easy task. A few nights in front of the TV with their hook, color-coded mat, and little pieces of yarn, and your child will have made a lovely gift.


Kiss Naturals: DIY Soap Making Kit

Soap is a gift that adults give each other all the time, so why not let the kids get in on this action? This DIY Soap Making Kit allows your child to mix and match scented oils into melted Glycerine Soap, which they then pour into molds to set. It’s as easy as that.

Prices Vary

Glow in the Dark Slime Science Kit

A learning opportunity, a science experience, and a DIY gift all in one- this Glow in the Dark Slime Science Kit should definitely be something you consider. You kid can make this slippery gift for his best friend, all the while absorbing educational information through the teacher-written educational guide included in the kit.

Prices Vary

Knitting Art Kit

Recommended for ages 8 and up, this Knitting Art Kit will be a fun learning experience for even one of your youngest gift givers. With patterns and tools, your child can easily make various knitted gifts. Hopefully, this will spark in interest in knitting at a young age so your child can continue this gift tradition each year.


Very Merry Ornaments Craft

With strips of stickers and gems, your child will have a blast decorating individual Christmas Tree Ornaments this holiday season. Make a sparkly one for mom and a crazy one for big brother- your child can create independently without any supervision or help from mom and dad.


Tote-ally Fun DIY Decorating Kit

Here is a DIY gift project hat tweens are going to go crazy over! Decorating and designing these one-of-a-kind tote bags to give away to someone special is exactly what a girl or boy this age has in mind. There are two durable tote bags in the kit which come with stickers and markers to make their designs come to life.

Prices Vary

Songbird Essentials DIY

Grandpa is in for a treat if he is lucky enough to receive this Songbird Essentials Birdhouse from his grandkids this year. Let your kids get handy with some parental supervision as they put together this wooden birdhouse. You may be surprised at how sturdy and durable it comes out.


Four Face Pillow Craft Kids Sewing Kit

This DIY craft project comes with all the materials cut out and ready to go! With a little help, your child can feel like a real life seamstress. There is a safe-to-use plastic needles which he or she can use to assemble this pillow and give as a gift to whomever they choose.

Prices Vary

Bling Bling Cell Phone Case DIY

Attention all parents of teenagers: here is a DIY craft project that your teen will actually be interested in making. If it involves electronics- there will be no arguments here. This iPhone case kit comes with super girly 3D decorations that your teen can arrange and glue on themselves to give to a friend or big sister.


Miracle-Gro AeroGarden Sprout Plus with Gourmet Herbs

Start teaching your kids at an early age where food comes from and plants are grown. Show your kids how fun making clean food can be with their very own AeroGarden. Before Christmas, have your child grow some sweet basil and to be made into pesto and jarred for gifts.

Prices Vary

Baby Headbands and Hair Clips

Are there any babies in the family or babies on the way? A simple and beautiful gift that your kids can make are these DIY baby headbands. Mix and match the elastic bands and soft hair clips with the colorful flowers and jewels to create some stunning baby gifts.

Prices Vary

Artisan DIY BBQ Sauce Making Kit

Christmas is a great opportunity for the junior chef in your family to test out his or her skills. Turn them into an Artisan DIY BBQ Sauce maker overnight with this crafty kit. In this kit, your kid will find a variety of spices, vinegars, oils and sauce bases, in addition to some easy-to-follow recipes.


ALEX Toys Craft Knot-A-Quilt Pattern Kit

Cross your fingers in hopes that you are the recipient of this wonderful kid craft project this Christmas. This Knot-A-Quilt Pattern Kit comes with extremely soft and colorful fleece cut outs that require only a simple knotting procedure to tie them together. This blanket is time consuming but is a labor of love that most children will enjoy.


DIY Dreamcatcher Kit

Dreamcatchers are so trendy this year, which means that your kid will be excited to make one and anyone on their list will be excited to receive one. There really isn’t a way to mess this gift up, making it the perfect gift project for even the clumsiest of children to embark upon.

Prices Vary

Jig Bracelet Maker With Parachute Cord

The best thing about this Jig Bracelet Maker Kit is that it comes with a bracelet-making station. This simple contraption holds the bracelet firmly in place while your child gets the hang of the motion. This kit also comes with strong parachute cord and buckle clasps making this as close as you can get to a professional operation for kids.

Prices Vary

DIY Glow-in-the-Dark Solar System

Here is a chance to test how much your kid has been paying attention in school! Including the sun, the planets and Pluto, this DIY Glow-in-the-Dark Solar System will be an educational lesson for your child to put together and a fun gift for them to give away at Christmas.

Prices Vary

DIY Deluxe Wood Kids Workshop Kit

Inspire a little construction worker in the making with this Deluxe Wood Kids Workshop Kit. Your child will really feel like a big kid once he sees all the tools and materials laid out in front of him. To create a cool wooden airplane, child and parent can put in some good bonding time while creating this project together.


Bubblegum Kit

What child doesn’t love candy? Allow your little gift maker to sample some of his finished bubblegum product when the simple candy-making process is through. He or she can divide and package this whopping ½ pound of bubblegum to give as several separate gifts this year.


DIY T-shirt Painting

Gather the whole family around for a day of Secret Santa shirt painting. Everyone can paint a shirt with this all-inclusive kit that will be given to someone else in the family. The set comes with paint, glitter, stencils, and one t-shirt to start the project off. Each gift will be totally customized and one-of-a-kind.


Jewelry Beads Set

Set your child down at the kitchen table any given Sunday afternoon and let them go to work creating beautiful and wacky pieces of jewelry for everyone they know. Your kid will have so much making colorful necklaces and customized bracelets. They can even make one for you!

Prices Vary

Plain White Canvas Shoes

Instead of letting your kids draw on a regular canvas, why not give them a new challenge of canvas shoes? Buy a pair in whoever’s size will receive them, along with some waterproof, fine-tipped markers for your kid to decorate. They can draw flowers, comics, words or affirmation…anything that comes to mind.

Prices Vary

DIY Growing Crystal Bottle with LED Cork

Boys and girls both will get a kick out of this DIY Growing Crystal Bottle. Kids will take any chance to experiment or use their hands. This jar comes with instructions and powder to start growing the crystals. After about 2 weeks, their homegrown crystals will be ready to be gifted.

Prices Vary

Joyful Snowman Christmas Card Making Craft Kit

Not every Christmas gift has to be extravagant. Teach your kids that often times, it’s he thought that counts. A simple Christmas Card is a great way to demonstrate this sentiment. This kit comes with everything your kids need to create snowy scenes on the cover of these delightful cards. Have them write their best wishes inside and viola!

Prices Vary

DIY Felt Garland Kit

From the beginning to the end of this DIY project, you child will feel like they are in control. When ordering the felt balls, your kid can choose up to 5 or 10 colors included in their order. Once the materials arrive, it is easy to sting the felt balls along, creating a gift for whomever it is they have in mind.


DIY Terrarium Kit

Who knew that a child could make such an elegant gift? With a little bit of guidance with the instructions, your kid will be the creator of their own little world. Using soil, moss, and hydro-stones, they can fill the glass vessel as they please. This will surely be a gift your kid will be proud to give.


DIY Bubbly Bath Bar

A DIY project that claims to be foolproof sounds like the perfect gift-making idea for kids. Using this Bubbly Bath Bar Enthusiast’s recipe and step-by-step methods, you and your child can make some hypnotically cool DIY bath gifts. The finished products are so unique and downright impressive.


DIY Lip Balm Making Kit by Kiss Naturals

Little girls will go nuts for this DIY Lip Balm Making Kit that allows them to create customized lip balms in their very own home. This all-inclusive kit will allow your girly girl to make 6 lip balms, some in jars and some in tubes, to give out to her friends and sisters.

Prices Vary

Guitar Pick Punch Tool

This Guitar Pick Punch Tool comes with pick cards displaying various cool and trendy designs, and a stapler-like tool to punch out individual picks. Great for kids who are passionate about music, in a band, or have siblings that like to rock. Allow your child the independence of deciding which pattern to use and how.

Prices Vary

Botanical DIY Embroidery Kit

Middle school is the perfect time in a child’s life to start learning the craft of embroidery. It’s a soothing activity that can be done on the warmth of the couch as quickly or slowly as they please. Making these Christmas embroidery gifts will be just as satisfying and giving them.


Moose Toys Chocolate Bar Maker

Every child dreams of becoming a chocolatier at some point in their life. Why not make that dream come true now? It’s as simple as melt, pour and decorate. Creating chocolate treats to give as gifts to their friends and siblings will be an experience they likely never forget.


Create your Own Sugar Scrub Kit

No one would ever guess that these Lemon Zest Sugar Scrubs or Lavender Sugar Scrubs were made by children. It’s so easy to mix sugar packets with essential oils and package them in a jar. There is even twine to put some finishing touches. Just order the set and the rest will come easy.


DIY Christmas Tree

Pick up some acrylic paint at the craft store and get your kids ready to create some holiday décor that can be used year after year. You child can choose to paint a traditional green Christmas tree with ornaments, or go crazy with wild colors. Let their imagination steer this gift-making process.


Big Sister Iron On

With some guidance from mom or dad, little sister can make a super cute outfit for big sister this year, or visa versa. These iron-on stickers only require a cotton surface like a t-shirt or dress, and a hot iron. Carefully help little sister place the letters on and trace them together with the iron.


Beeswax Candle Making Kit

People love receiving candles around the holidays. Surely, they will be extra receptive to discover that these mini candles were made by their favorite kids. The beeswax comes in textured sheets that require no melting, only folding and cutting. This is a safe and creative process.

Prices Vary

White Sublimation Mug to Decorate

A plain white mug and a set of colorful Sharpie markers are all your kids need to customize Dad’s new coffee mug. Cover the mug with dots, zig zags, pictures of animals, or loving messages and then have a parent set it in the oven to bake for 10 minutes. Dad is going to love it.

Prices Vary

3 DIY Christmas Gifts Kids Can Make

DIY Paint Dipped Kitchen Utensils

Is it the day before Christmas and your child has just decided that they want to give a gift? Well, don’t sweat it as here is a Christmas gift project that your kid can complete in one evening. Repurpose some wooden kitchen utensils by taping them and dipping them in paint. Leave them to dry over night and you’re all set.

Make Your Own Eye Mask

Depending on how confident you and your child are in their crafting abilities, this DIY project is completely adjustable to meet their level. To make a personalized eye mask, your child can start from scratch or use an already-made plain eye mask. The rest is just decorating and creating!

Modern Seashell Door Hanging

How fun would it be to have your child go out to the beach and collect shells and a piece of driftwood to be used in a DIY Christmas gift? Using string, a glue gun, and protectant gloves, your kid can hang each shell from the driftwood creating a Modern Seashell Door Hanging.

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