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50 Best Personalized Groomsmen Gifts to Get Your Unique Groomsmen

With a lot of the focus on the bride and her bridesmaids, the groom and his party can get left out. However, this list contains some of the best personalized groomsmen gifts around; they’re just perfect for unique men. From beer mugs to wooden watches, the groomsmen will be pleased you took the time out to thank them for being a part of your big day.

The best personalized groomsmen gifts to show your love and appreciation.

Personalized Wooden Beer Mug

This wooden beer mug can be personalized with his name and the date of the wedding; it could even be used on the big day to say “cheers” to the happy couple.


Personalized Groomsmen Flasks

Give these caricature flasks to each of the groomsmen before the wedding and tell them to bring them along; they’d look great in a picture of the groom and his best friends.


Black Custom Engraved Tie Clip

It’s important that the groomsmen look smart and polished on the day. With these dated tie clips, they can all match with the groom as they wait for the bride to arrive.


Personalized Bamboo Wooden Watch

Even though there’s technology these days, nothing beats telling the time on a classic watch. This bamboo one can be engraved with a special message for someone important.


Personalized Shaving Kit

Who said that toiletry bags were just for women? Ensure that all the men involved with the wedding have every product to hand with these monogrammed shaving kits.


Personalized Throwing Axe

Ideal for an outdoor wedding or just a man who loves the outdoors, this personalized throwing axe will be used (or admired) on a daily basis as he explores woodland and forests.


Personalized Groomsmen Bottle Tags

If there was ever an excuse to enjoy a drink, a wedding is it. Give them these bottle tags as a way to ask them if they’ll be there for you.


Personalised Groomsmen Print

Photos are a lovely way to capture memories, but having a unique drawing done of you and the groomsmen is a nicer way to say thank you for being there.


Personalized Wood Box

Available in black or brown, these wood boxes are the perfect place to keep small and fiddly things that are likely to get lost, such as cufflinks or headphones.


Personalized Dopp Kits

The best thing about giving toiletry bags as groomsmen gifts is that they can use them after the wedding too, especially when they’ve been personalized with their initials.


Groomsman Gift Box

If your groomsman is a “man's man”, he’ll love this gift box. It contains a hip flask, wallet, and a knife which have all been personalized with his name.


Personalized Larkhall Groomsmen Flask Gift Box Set

Putting together groomsmen gifts can fall to the bottom of the to do list. Inside this engraved wooden keepsake box, there’s a personalized flask and spring-assisted knife.


Bradshaw Personalized Groomsmen Gift Box Set

If you want to ask your best friends to be groomsmen at your wedding, there’s no better way than with a personalized box filled with items they’ll all love.


Personalized BBQ Accessory Set in Bamboo Case

Is there a more manly activity than barbequing? With this bamboo set, every groomsman will have sturdy BBQ utensils, perfect for those summer parties in the garden.

Prices Vary

Personalized Cedar Brown Leather Business Portfolio

Ideal for the traveling businessman, this leather portfolio has space to hold every business essential; from a notepad, mobile phone and headphones, it will become a firm favorite.

Prices Vary

Custom Cigar Case with Guillotine Cutter

If the groomsmen enjoy a cigar when celebrating, this custom case will make a perfect gift. It has space for 3 cigars and the outside can be personalized, making each case unique.


Personalized Whiskey Glasses

With this gift, you can either gift the groomsmen with a personalized scotch glass or treat them with a decanter and glass set; it’s entirely up to you.


Personalized Pilsner Beer Glass

Give the groomsmen something to remember the day by with these Pilsner beer glasses. Once the dust has settled you can all meet up and raise the glasses as a reminder of your wedding.

Prices Vary

Personalized Favors Playing Card Holder

Once the wedding is over, this personalized poker set can be used as a reason for the groom and his groomsmen to meet up and spend some time together.

Prices Vary

Personalized Cooler Beer Bag

This cooler bag would make the perfect accessory for summer day picnics as it keeps the food (and beers!) nice and cold, however long they’re in there.


Personalized Groomsmen Flasks

As these flasks are wrapped in vegan faux leather, they make perfect groomsmen gifts as they can be given to anyone, both vegan and non-vegan, regardless of their lifestyle.


Personalized Beer Mug

With these wooden beer mugs, the name of each groomsman and their role within the wedding will be remembered forever, along with the date of the big day.


Personalized Wooden Watch

Made from sturdy sandalwood, these watches can be personalized with his initials and the date of the wedding. A classic reminder of celebrating one of his best friends’ biggest day.


Personalized Wall Mounted Wood Bottle Opener

Losing the bottle opener in a kitchen drawer is a problem everyone has, but with this personalized wall mounted one, opening a bottle has never been quicker or easier.


Personalized Bat Mugs

Perfect for fans of baseball, these personalized bat mugs will definitely be one of the best gifts he’s received; especially as it came from one of his best friends.


Personalized Black Duffel Bag

These monogrammed duffel bags would make great gifts for the groomsmen, especially if the stag do isn’t close to where they live, whether that’s out of town or even out of the country.


Custom Personalized Baseball Gifts

Every member of a wedding party has an important role and with this custom baseball, they’ll be able to display the part they played clearly in their home.


Personalized Beer Stein

When showing the groomsmen how much they mean to you, getting them a unique gift is essential. That’s why this custom caricature beer mug is simply perfect.


Personalized Bobblehead

Getting the groom and his groomsmen a set of these custom bobbleheads is a great idea; everyone can see how they’ll look, suited and booted on the big day.


Personalized Leather Mens Bracelet

Men can wear all kinds of jewelry these days and this leather bracelet is a perfect example, especially as it can be personalized with the special date.


Personalized Fine Leather Desk Caddy

A desk caddy is essential in an office – it’s the perfect space to keep odds and ends – and this leather one will be unlike anyone else’s in the building.


Groomsmen Round Flask

Every man should have a flask in his possession, but this one can be engraved with his initials; an optional funnel and shot glasses can be added, too.


Groomsmen Gift Set

Provide your groomsmen with everything they should keep in their suit jacket; a card holder so they can buy a round of drinks, and a ballpoint pen for necessary numbers!


Personalized Flask

Men look their best when dressed up in a tuxedo. The same can be said for their hip flasks as this set of 6 personalized ones show.


Personalized Initial Cufflinks Set

No suit is complete without a set of cufflinks, which is why they make great groomsmen gifts. These initial ones are a perfect example as a matching set can be given to each man.

Prices Vary

Groomsmen Beer Mug

With these personalized beer mugs, the groom, his best man, and the groomsmen can toast to his future with the woman he’s chosen to be his wife.


Yeti Lowball

Not every man likes a pint of beer. Instead, these personalized whiskey glasses can be given to the more sophisticated members of the group so they can enjoy a drink with everyone else.


Personalized American Flag Ammo Can

Ideal for proud American men, these ammo boxes would make perfect gifts for the groom and his men; they’re ideal for taking out on a hunting trip.


3 DIY Groomsmen Gift Ideas They’ll Love

How To Make A Wooden Beer Caddy

Every man likes to enjoy a beer with his buddies. This handmade beer caddy makes transporting bottles easier and there’s even a bottle opener attached to the side.

Diy Groomsmen Boxes

Groomsmen survival kits are a great idea, but they can be so expensive. Tailor them to each personality and every groomsmen will have his own unique gift.

Personalized Stainless Steel Groomsmen Gifts

With this DIY tutorial, anyone will be able to transform simple stainless steel items (such as a bottle opener or a spanner) into personalized gifts they’ll love.


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