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100 Most Popular Gift Cards for Men

Shopping for men is never easy. You might know the kind of gift a man likes, but not exactly which one to get. You might know where he likes to shop—if you can call what men do in stores shopping—but when you get there, you can’t decide what will make him happy. He’s guaranteed to be happy with at least one of the cards on this list.

Guys can be easy when it comes to gift giving. Just pick any of these gift cards for men and if they’re anything like my guy they’ll thank you profusely.

Uncommon Goods Gift Cards

This is a website that lives up to its name—there’s not a single product here that’s run-of-the-mill. From tech gadgets to home liquor flavoring kits to novelty items, there’s something here for every man. This is a must-visit first stop for any many with quirky taste.


Beer of the Month Club

Yes, your read that correctly. There is such a thing as “beer club”. The cardholder can choose from different membership levels and receive two, four, or six artisanal microbrews each month. The brews are hand-selected by world-renowned beer expert Michael Jackson.


Chicago Steak Company

The perfect gift for the red-meat lover in your life. You can choose from a variety of card options, which include filet mignon, New York strip, sirloin, boneless strips, ribeyes, and prime meat ground for burgers. If it’s beef, it’s here—and it’s certified top quality, mouth-watering goodness.


Whole Foods

If you have a health food enthusiast in your life, then a Whole Foods Gift Card is the way to go. Their huge assortment of organic and health conscious products includes meat, produce, deli specialties, frozen goods, vitamins, bath products, and more. Most locations also have a stacked salad bar and hot lunch or dinner selections.


Wine of the Month Club

If he’s not a beer drinker and he’s not a whiskey drinker, then he must be a wine drinker. Choose from Premier Level, Master’s Level, or Collector’s Level, and receive premium monthly deliveries of premium wine. Wine deliveries are accompanied by a newsletter, tasting tips, and suggestions for complementary foods and recipes.


Home Depot

Nothing says man gift like a gift card from Home Depot. These iconic warehouse size home-improvement outlets have everything: power tools, hand tools, building supplies, paint, painting supplies, lighting fixtures, bathroom accessories, garden supplies, truck and equipment rental—you name it, they have it. A man walking down these aisles with a gift card in hand is in heaven. You can’t go wrong with this one.


Go Play Golf by Fairway Rewards

This is the go-to gift for the any golfer. These cards are redeemable at thousands of golf courses nationwide—no matter where you are, there’s sure to be a participation course nearby. This gift will get a man off the couch and out on the course.

Prices Vary

NASCAR Race Experience

The “NASCAR Race Experience” is consistently a fan favorite. The lucky racing enthusiast attends a drivers meeting with a crew chief, followed by race training and professional instruction. The day culminates in an eight minute session of real racing on a legendary NASCAR racing circuit. No pace cars, passing allowed, a racing instructor live on a two-way radio—the race session is every racing fan’s dream.


Ticketmaster Gift Card

If you’re at a total loss as to what to buy the man in your life, then this gift is a sure winner. Ticketmaster is biggest ticket outlet in the nation for professional sports, concerts, and special events. Choose your amount, give the card, and then let them choose.


LL Bean Gift Card

The original mail-order company made its name for selling rugged, durable outdoor clothing. L.L. Bean is now over 100 years old and still going strong. They started with hunting boots and now offer everything from wool socks to tweed herringbone blazers. Bean is the benchmark—everyone else is playing catch-up.


Fathead Custom Wall Decals

Fathead made their name selling realistic, life size sports graphics made from precision-cut vinyl that stick to any smooth wall surface. They’ve since branched out into other areas, from entertainment to home décor, but their wheelhouse is still sports. He can choose from football, baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer, golf, or NASCAR—and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.


NFL Shop

If he’s a football fan, you can’t go wrong with this gift. The official shop of the NFL is fully stocked with all the official team gear any true fan can imagine. Throwbacks jerseys, posters, bobble-heads, collectible framed pictures, autographed footballs, iPhone covers—if there’s room for a team logo, he can find it here.


Ricky Carmichael Motorcross School

For the two wheel rider that likes to get out in the country and get dirty, this gift card is the ticket. Learn to ride the whoops, take the berms, rock through a rhythm sections, and take the big jumps with ease. Learn from Ricky Carmichael, the GOAT, aka the Greatest of All Time.

$500 and up

Autozone Gift Card

Autozone is one of the nation’s largest automotive parts and accessories retailer. Shop for parts and accessories online, have them delivered to your home, or go pick them up in one of the thousands of stores across the country. For a guy that does his own wrenching, an Autozone gift card is like gold.


Learn to Fly A Helicopter

This one day experience gets you up in the air in a chopper. Your instructor will walk you through the basics of the cyclic stick, the collective lever, and the torque pedals. If you’re ready, you can give a shot at a brief hover—and afterwards, you’ll appreciate how much skill it takes to keep these babies in the air.

$325 and up

Cigars International

He can get classy with this gift card from Cigars International. Each card comes with a catalog with a large selection of cigars, humidors, and accessories from around the world. He can choose from cheap $2 cigars, hand-made premiums that go for over $200 each, and everything in between.


The Golf Warehouse

The nation’s premier golf supply retailer has anything and everything a golfer might want or need. Convenient online shopping gives golfers instant access to drivers, irons, putters, bags, bag carriers, balls, shoes, and apparel. Daily sales and closeouts include golf cart accessories and GPS systems. The website also has a used equipment section.

Prices Vary


It’s not the low-cut wife beaters, honest. It’s not the tight orange running shorts, we promise. It’s not the long, wavy hair, the big smiles, or the seductive eye make-up. Nope. None of that. At Hooters, it’s all about the wings. And, oh yeah: we have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn.


The PGA Superstore Gift Card

This gift card is a must for any self-proclaimed pro golfing fan. The PGA Superstore gives fans access to all the same equipment and apparel the pros use. Fans can find official score cards and memorabilia from all the major tournaments, plus high-end technology like swing analysis software and rangefinders. This store takes golfing fandom to the next level.


Boot Barn Gone Hunting Gift Card

With a gift certificate from Boot Barn, he can get his cowboy on with a wide selection of western style boots, jeans, plaid shirts and hats. If that’s not his thing, he can take his pick of cold and hot weather work apparel made by trusted companies like Carhartt, Wrangler, and Wolverine.


TeeTimes USA Golf Vacation Packages

Make his dreams come true with a specialty golf vacation. These packages include tee and greens fees, golf cart rental, food, drinks, and accommodations. Tee Times has over twenty years of experience in the golfing industry. They have vacation packages available in every prime golfing destination in the USA.


Golf Lesson Gift Certificate

Golf lessons with a certified PGA or LPGA professional are guaranteed to improve any golfer’s technique and lower their scores. They’re practical for any level golfer, from beginning, intermediate, to advanced. Anyone who plays golf can benefit. Just one good lesson from a top-level teacher can change a golfer’s game forever.

$50 increments

Southern California Surfing Vacation

Give him a beach lover’s combo: surf lessons and ocean swim training on the lovely beaches of Southern California. Bundle it all together with a flight and accommodations, and you’ve got a sun ‘n’ fun vacation to die for. Trip Advisor give this surf and swim company top ratings.

Prices Vary

NASCAR Superstore Gift Card

The NASCAR Superstore has everything a racing fan could ever want or need. There’s a huge selection of team and driver t-shirts, crew hats and jackets, die-cast model cars, full body costumes for kids, and collectible framed commemorative pictures. Old timers will love the classics section, stocked with gear from legends like Richard Petty.


High Performance Driving School

A race lesson package from the Bondurant School is more than a fan experience—it’s the real thing. Students get up to five hours of seat time a day and learn track-ready race strategy and tactics in Corvettes, Camaros, or Formula One open wheel cars. The Bondurant school offers courses in road racing, stock car racing, regular road skills, and more.


NASCAR Hall of Fame Gift Card

Race enthusiasts will love a weekend in Charlotte, North Carolina, the Mecca of Motorsports. A visit to the NASCAR Hall of Fame will expose fans to the storied history of NASCAR. From the moonshine runners of Appalachia driving blacked out beaters to the high-tech cars at tracks like Talladega and Daytona, the beauty of the sport will come alive before their very eyes.


NASCAR Race Weekend Packages

Get off the couch, get out of the house, and get out of town. Stop watching the races on TV and experience them live and in person, the way they were meant to be experienced. There is no sound on earth like the roar of 40 tricked out stock cars screaming around a banked speedway at over 100 miles an hour.


Orvis Fly Fishing School

Fly fishing is an art that takes years to perfect. The best way to learn is from true, experienced guides who can not only tell you but also show you the secret techniques of fly fishing. Choose a trip in the United States or as far away as New Zealand.


Motorcycle Superstore

Everyone drives cars, but not everyone is cut out to ride a motorcycle. Motorcycle riders are a breed apart—it’s a lifestyle for just about all of them. This online store caters to that lifestyle, with parts, clothing, and accessories for street bikes, dirt bikes, touring bikes, quads, and snowmobiles.


Harley-Davidson Gift Card

If riding a motorcycle is a lifestyle, then riding a Harley is a religion. The official Harley-Davidson store has accessories for the bike and for the home. In addition to standard leathers and bike accessories, the store has Harley-logo pint glasses, shot glasses, wall hangings, clocks, travel coffee mugs, and more.


Brownell’s Firearms

Brownells is a one-stop-shop for gun related parts and accessories. If he’s into firearms, he need go no further than this huge online store. Brownells sells parts for all types of rifles, handguns, and shotguns. They have a complete selection of ammo, sights, and cleaning kits. They also sell the latest emergency and survival gear.

No Minimum or Maximum

Indian Only Motorcycle Gift Card

If riding a bike is a lifestyle and riding Harleys is a religion, then riding an Indian is like being in a cult. They’re notoriously temperamental and their riders are forever working on them, so an Indian only-gift card is what and Indian Motorcycle owner needs more than anything else.


Street Bike Motorcycle Racing School

Street bike can go from zero to sixty in close to two seconds—just the thought of it scares most sane people to death. But for street bike fans, that power and speed is what they live for. A gift of racing lessons from Cornerspeed will teach riders to the rubber side down no matter what they speed.


Sharper Image

Sharper Image sets the standard for the latest electronic gadgetry. If he has to have that hot tech item, he can find it here. He can buy a motorized tie rack, a remote control flying drone mounted with a video camera, or a personalized shaving kit.


Air Combat USA Fighter Pilot Experience

Spend a full day in the cockpit of a real American fighter plane. Go home with a DVD of the entire day captured on three high-def cockpit mounted cameras. Debrief the mission with friends and family as you relive every climb, dive, and turn.

$1395 and up

Military Flight Simulator

Anyone who has ever wondered what it’s like to be in a modern fighter jet will love this simulator. “Real” fighter pilot experiences use World War II era prop planes, but today’s jets are high tech, fast and stealth. With these simulators, you’ll get as close as you can to the modern battlefield.

$29.95 and up

iFly Indoor Sky Diving

It’s possible to experience the feel of skydiving without jumping out of a perfectly good airplane. iFly indoor skydiving uses the latest high powered fan technology to let you feel freefall for as long as you like. There’s no danger, there’s no imminent impact with the ground, and there’s no chance your chute won’t open, because there’s no chute involved.

$100 and up


If he’s a gamer, this is the gift card for him. Gamestop sells new and used games, gaming consoles, gaming tablets, and dedicated gaming PC’s. He can find sports games, first person shooters, and multi-player games for X-Box, Playstation, Wii, and 3DS. He can also trade in and upgrade his old consoles, games, and electronics.


Kentucky Bourbon Trail

This gift card is perfect for the whiskey lover in your life. Use it to take tours of America’s greatest whiskey distilleries. You’ll see where they make Jim Beam, Maker’s Mark, Wild Turkey, Evan Williams, and the rest of the American classics. A must for the true whiskey aficionado.

$20 and up

MLB Shop

There’s no better way to celebrate the boys of summer than with licensed merchandise from the official online shop of Major League Baseball. He’s one click away from jerseys, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and memorabilia for the home and office. He can get classic throwback gear or buy a team logo dog collar for his four legged friend.


Ted’s Montanta Grill

Ted Turner took a bankrupt billboard sign company in Georgia and turned it into a multi-million dollar international conglomerate. Along the way he gave us CNN, TNT, TBS, and Ted’s Montana Grill. With this card, your man can eat a steak, drink a beer, and dream big, like Ted did.



Zappos sets the standard for online shoe shopping. If he’s looking for the latest pair of skater sneakers from Vans or searching for vintage 1980’s Air Jordans, he’ll find it at Zappos. Regular deals, free shipping, and no-hassle returns makes Zappos one of the best online outlets in the world.


Northern Brewer Homebrew Supply

Whether he’s an experienced home brewer, occasional dabbler, or wants to get into home brewing, this is the right place to start. Northern Brewer has starter kits, instructional videos, online forums, and an extensive trove of brewer’s resources. He can geek out for hours watching—wait for it—Brewer’s TV.


Bass Pro Shops

Everyone has seen a Bass Pro shop. They’re always just off the highway, and they have a huge sign with a big fish that’s impossible to miss. What your man won’t admit is that every time he drives by one, he wants to go inside and stroll down the aisles filled with fishing rods, hunting gear, and camping equipment. But don’t take our word for it: just get him a card and watch him smile.


Gun/Rifle Range Gift Card

You may think he’s not into guns at all. You might have a sensitive, new-age guy on your hands. Or maybe you have an ex-Marine in the house. Either way, with this card from Gift Rocket, you win, because one thing is for sure: it’s hard to pass up free time at a shooting range.


ANS Gear Paintball Supplies

Some guys like to play cards, some guys like to hunt, and some guys like to fish. Some guys like to spend their weekends in the garage fiddling with cars or motorcycles. Then there are guys who love paintball. ANS Gear has everything from guns to gear to protective goggles and urban camouflage clothing.


Competitive Cyclist

Does he have an obsession with skinny-tire road bikes and brightly colored spandex gear? When spring rolls around, does he mutter unintelligible things about the Belgian Cobbled Classics? Is his bike worth more than his car? If you answered yes to any of those questions, this is the right gift card.


Best Buy

Best Buy began as a small stereo store in 1966 and now offers great deals on everything from computers to cell phones to vacuum cleaners to home appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, and dryers. He can shop online, get it delivered, or save and go pick it up in the store.


Mount Everest Ascent

Send him to the top of the world—literally. Adventure seekers everywhere agree that Mount Everest is the holy grail of the adventure world. Alpine Ascents guide company has the best possible logistics, support, success rate, pre-trip planning process, and safety rate.


NHL Shop

The official online store of the National Hockey League has everything a hockey fan will ever want or need. Whether he’s into the Original Six or he loves the latest franchise in California or Florida, he can find all the gear here.


Sports Illustrated Gift Subscription

Sure, he can get all the latest sports scores and updates delivered right to his phone. He can kick his feet up and watch Sportscenter 24/7. But there’s something about the feel of a real magazine that can’t be beat. 56 issues a year, including the iconic swimsuit issue.


Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings is the new standard in sports bars. If it’s competitive, they’ll put it on a wide screen, high definition TV, turn up the volume, and then serve you beer and chicken wings. From MMA to football, from baseball to Olympic swimming, they’ve got you covered.


Dave and Busters

Send him out for a perfect guy’s night with a Dave and Buster’s gift card. He can eat bar food, drink beer, and play new and classic games until his heart is content. D & B is true to their motto: all the fun you can have under one roof.


Hang Gliding Lessons

Send him to the birthplace of flight—Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. Give him the gift of flight with Kitty Hawk Kites, the world’s largest and oldest hang-gliding school. The sand dunes of the Outer Banks are where Orville and Wilbur changed the world. This is where he can change his life.


Daytona 500

Known as “The Great American Race” and “The Super Bowl of Stock Car Racing”, the Daytona 500 has been running for 58 straight years. Its’ the biggest and most prestigious race in NASCAR, and the 500 itself caps off a full week of race events. For a race fan, this is the big one.


World Soccer Shop

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world. You may remember your man was missing in action for an entire month during the summer of 2014—it’s ok. He was just watching the World Cup. Your soccer fan can get all his international soccer gear here, and be ready for Russia 2018.


Best Made Company

Best Made is a high-end man-shop that’s like a combination of Lowes, Home Depot, Hammacher-Schlemmer, and L.L. Bean. He can guy top-of-the-line work and outdoor clothes, camping gear, and carpentry tools. Ever heard of an “axe shop”? Now you have. And now he can shop there.


MLB All-Star Game

Send him out to the ball game, send him out to the crowd. Baseball fans get to see all their heroes in one place at one time during the All-Star Game. It used to be relatively meaningless, but now the game decides who gets home field advantage in the World Series—and that’s a big deal.

Starting at $1715

Apple Store Gift Card

This is the official store for all things Apple. He can buy accessories for his Mac, iPad, Watch, and iPhone, or he can get himself something brand new. Laptop or a desktop, iPhone 5 or iPhone 6, it’s all here, and it’s all certified Apple.


Sugar Bowl

Now that there’s a four-team playoff and the confusion of the archaic poll system is a thing of the past, the Sugar Bowl is the official National Championships of college football. Combine the excitement of the biggest game of the year with the magic of New Orleans, and you have a sports weekend that can’t be beat.



This card is for the man of a thousand t-shirts. He can start on his second thousand with the all-encompassing collection of retro, techno, geek, and hipster fashions. If it’s been put on a t-shirt, hoodie, or tank top, he’ll find it here.


Ace Hardware Gift Card

Ace is the place. The nation’s most trusted name in hardware stores has a comprehensive selection of tools, painting supplies, and lawn and garden equipment. Get him out of the house on Saturday morning, and watch the honey-do list shrink Saturday afternoon: it’s a win-win.


Texas Poker Supply

He can outfit his game room in style with an online shopping trip to Texas Poker Supply. This Austin-based company has tables, roulette wheels, craps sets, blackjack card holders, and a complete selection of playing cards. He’ll be the most popular guy in his poker crew when he’s done shopping with this card.


Sports Authority

This store sells anything even remotely connected to sports or outdoor activities. There’s a virtually unlimited selection here. Sports Authority sells gear for team sports, actions sports, hunting, fishing, and leisure activities. Their volume allows them to offer great regular prices and clearance deals of up to 80% off.


William Sonoma

The perfect gift for your gourmet foodie or outdoor grill master. The online store sells top quality cookware, cook’s tools, cutlery, bakeware, and bar accessories. He can choose from a wide selection of well made, practical appliances like espresso machines, blenders, and panini presses.


Men’s Wearhouse

He might need help making the transition from college graduate to working professional, he might need to retire the suit that got him his first job twenty years ago, or maybe you just want to take him home for the holidays. Whatever the case, this place has what he needs to clean up nice.


Hammacher Schlemmer

The gold standard catalog hardware store. From its humble beginnings in the Bowery in New York City in 1848, this company now has a catalog circulation of over 30 million and a vast selection of guy-oriented products. If he can’t find it here, it probably doesn’t exist.


Rose Bowl

The Rose Bowl might not be the National Championships, but it’s the bowl game with the most storied history. It was first played on New Year’s Day in 1902 and has earned the nickname “The Grandaddy of Them All”. College football fans get chills just thinking about this yearly event in sunny Pasadena, California.


iTunes Gift Card

These gift cards are good at Mac App stores, iBooks stores, and the iTunes stores. They can be used to load an iPod with music, get Apple Music memberships, or stack an iPhone with all the latest apps. A versatile gift for the modern, tech-savvy dude.


Lowes Gift Card

Lowes is like Home Depot, but better. Its huge warehouse stores have everything you want for DIY projects, with the added bonus of real live employees that don’t scurry away when you approach them. He can get everything he needs for home improvement, lawn care, and more.


Kentucky Derby

Send him to the Churchill Downs to sip Mint Juleps in the Heart of Dixie with horse racing fans from around the world. It’s notoriously difficult to get tickets to this event, which is known as “The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports”. Tickets are guaranteed with one of these vacation packages.


Herschel Supply Company

This store is known for its top-quality backpacks, messenger bags, duffle bags, travel accessories, hip packs, and wallets. They’ve kept pace with the 21st century by creating an impressive line of fashionable laptop cases and sleeves specially designed for all sizes of Macbooks, Macbook Airs, iPads, and iPad Minis.


Think Geek

The name says it all. The world has changed: nerds are cool, and geek is chic. It’s not just the jocks who get the love nowadays—Steve Jobs and Bill Gates have proved that techies rules the world. Thing Geek is online crack for your favorite brainiac.


Mr. Porter

This store is class, personified. It has it all, and it’s all geared toward stylish and sophisticated men. From electronic gadgets to organic shaving cream to top of the line sports apparel, Mr. Porter has him covered. They send the gift cards in a fancy white box.


Skiing Adventure Vacation

Snow skiing is a rush like no other, and a ski vacation is a great bet for beginners and experienced skiers alike. Choose from the best resorts and slopes in the country, and give him a weekend—or even a week—filled with winter wonder.

Prices Vary

Popular Mechanics Gift Subscription

The latest headlines in this magazine are “This High School Student Made His Own Jet Engine”, “A New Way to Rank Earth-Like Planets”, and “A World of Awesome Mind-Controlled Prostheses is Closer Thank You Think”. If you think he wants to read these articles, you can keep him happy for an entire year with this subscription.


Whitewater Rafting Adventure Vacation

The good ol’ USA has some of the most intense whitewater rafting in the world. The best thing about our rivers are how accessible they are. Class V + rapids can be found up and down the East Coast, in the Rockies, and in the Pacific Northwest. Guaranteed to make an adrenaline junkie’s dream come true.

Prices Vary

Parasailing Adventure

Parasailing is a fun and safe way to experience the thrill of flight without the dangers of skydiving. He’ll clip into a parachute and get towed to altitude out over the Outer Banks of North Carolina, perhaps the most beautiful coastal landscape in the country.’


Scuba Diving Adventure

Give him a trip to remember with this amazing undersea experience. He can swim with sharks, marvel at colorful fish teeming around a coral reef, and come home with a SCUBA certification. If he likes snorkeling and can’t get enough of the ocean, then he’ll absolutely love this.

Prices Vary

Super Bowl Package

Pro football fans dream about going to the Super Bowl. For most, it’s something they think about doing, but never get around to planning—it all seems like such a big hassle. You can solve all that. Give him this trip, and you’re guaranteed to be the wife of the year—no, cancel that. You’ll be the supreme wife of the universe.


Amazon Gift Card

This is a catch all, last minute gift card that’s sure to hit the spot. He can buy anything he wants on Amazon. Or, if he likes, he can hook himself up with a year of video and music streaming with Amazon Prime. The options are virtually limitless.

Prices Vary

Master’s Package

The Master’s is the biggest of the four PGA golf tournaments known as “The Majors”. It’s where legends are made. Played every April at Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia, the man who dons the fabled green jacket is King for a Year. Tiger made history by winning it four times, but Jack Nicklaus holds the crown with six victories.


Marriot Hotels

You might know he needs a vacation, but have no idea where to send him. Don’t worry—cover your bases with a Marriot Hotel Group gift card. They have 19 hotel brands spread across over 4,000 locations in 79 countries. He’s sure to find one to suit his travel tastes.


Fitness Club Membership

He can get in shape with this gym membership. It’s redeemable at more than 300 Fit Lite, Express, Active or Sport Clubs fitness clubs around the nation. They’re all open 24 hours a day and give him unlimited access to group exercise classes like yoga, cardio kick boxing, and spinning.


Speedboating Adventure Vacation

This adventure package is for guys who like the sound of powerful engines and love the outdoors. Modern speedboats blast across the water at an astonishing rate of 80 knots. That’s over 90 miles an hour for you landlubbers out there. This adventure is sure to give him goosebumps.

Prices Vary

Final Four

The NCAA basketball tournament is probably the most exciting, nail-biting, thrilling playoff in all of sports. March madness is no joke. Sixty-four teams start, and after a full month of competition, only one comes out the victor. It’s honest, it’s real, and it all leads to the Final Four.


Las Vegas Power Pass

This all-in-one three Vegas pass includes admission to Siegfried and Roy’s Secret Garden, a Lake Meade Cruise, Cowabunga Water Park, and a Hoover Dam Tour. Because Dam tours, animal shows, and water parks are what Vegas is all about, right? Wink wink, nudge nudge.


NBA All-Star Weekend

Pro basketball fans know that All-Star weekend is the biggest party in the sport. Everybody who is somebody in pro ball is there. Past superstars, current heroes, and up-and-coming youngsters are out and about at nightclubs, restaurants, and exclusive parties. Give him the chance to rub elbows with the big boys.

2016 Rates TBA

Wigle Whiskey

This is the most awarded craft whiskey distillery in the United States. He’ll be in the know in with spirits from this unique Whiskey company. They never buy in bulk, and use only locally source, Western Pennsylvania grain-to-bottle organic ingredients. One taste will make the difference.


Skydiving Adventure Vacation

Skydiving is a sport for true thrill seekers. After all, what kind of person voluntarily jumps out of a perfectly good airplane? Help him check this one of the bucket list. Give him a day of excitement and adventure he’ll never forget.

Prices Vary

Dominos Pizza

It’s the last minute and you’re out of gift ideas. He’s a man who has everything. Ties, razors, home brew, craft whiskey—all checked off the list. There’s one constant in the universe you may have forgotten, however: guys love pizza. He can sit on the sofa on Sunday, turn on a football game, and order a pizza: that’s man-bliss, defined.


2018 World Cup: Russia

If he missed the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, then get him on track with a custom-designed vacation to Russia for the next one, coming up in 2018. Thirty-two nations will be on hand to compete for the most coveted trophy in the world of soccer: the FIFA World Cup.

2018 Prices TBD


REI is the nation’s go-to co-op for outdoor adventure gear. He can shop their online store for everything related to camping, climbing, cycling, paddle sports, snow sports, and general travel. REI also carries top of the line running gear and yoga clothes.


Delta Airlines Gift Card

If you love something, set it free. Give him the freedom to travel to anywhere in the world with this perfect gift card. He might want to go to Topeka to see his cousins, New York City for a show, or Pamplona for the running of the bulls. With a Delta Card, the choice is his.



This card is perfect for the man who has to have his latte every morning on the way to work, brewed perfectly by his favorite barista. It’s also just right for the home-brewing coffee aficionado—Starbucks has a big selection of bulk coffee, espresso makers, mugs and coffee accessories.


Costco Cash

This card is a winner for the penny pinching man in your life. Not only will he feel like he’s getting a deal by buying in bulk, but he’ll also feel like he’s not spending anything at all when he offers up this gift card at the checkout. Lookout, garage: here comes a year’s supply of motor oil and air filters.


The Gap

Drop a subtle hint that it’s time to refresh the wardrobe. It’s not just for the Gap, though. The Gap Brand covers Old Navy, Banana Republic, Piperlime, and Athleta. Whether he’s Euro-chic, casual, or classy, he’ll find something new at one of these stores.


Vintage Vinyl

Yes, vinyl records still exist. Yes, people still buy them. And yes—artists still put out new releases on wax. But if you have a vinyl lover in your life, you know this already. He can replace oldies, search for rare treasures, or get the latest releases from musicians who know there’s something magic about putting a needle on a record.



This gift might be too good to be true. It’s like a shopping unicorn: kinda hard to believe it’s real. The place where you can find everything under the sun for less than you’d pay anywhere else just got that much better. If you decide to keep this one for yourself, your secret is safe with us.


Trunk Club

This men’s clothing store has a special twist: it comes with a stylist. He signs up, meets his fashion advisor, previews the trunk before it ships, then has 10 days to try everything and send back the stuff he doesn’t like. Shipping is free and you can get a new trunk as often as you like.


5 DIY Gift Card Holders

Felt Card Holder

All you need to make this one is felt, embroidery thread, and a pair of scissors. Cut the felt to the right sizes, sew on a musical note, and you’re in business. Slide in the card and watch him smile when he opens it.

Disney Duct Tape Card Holders

Get your Disney on with these cute and creative gift card holders. All it takes is black, red, and pink polka dot duct tape, two small white buttons, a little bit of Velcro, and 25 minutes of your life. You can make Mickey or Minnie, depending on your mood.

Upcycled Glitter Boxes

These little gems are made from used thumbtack boxes. They take minutes to make, and you just need the clear plastic box, glitter, and a jar of Mod-Podge. Psyche him out by putting manly-man’s gift card inside something glittery and fabulous.

Mason Jar Gift Card Holder

This rustic looking gift card holder will make him wonder what’s inside. The supplies are incredibly simple: a mason jar and some rough-cute twine. Wrap the card in the twine, put it in the jar, and embellish the outside of the jar with more twine.

ChineseTakeout Gift Card Holder

You can make your own gift card holder from downloadable templates. Follow the instructions, and in minutes you’ll have a fun and one-of-a-kind gift box. He’ll never guess there’s a gift card inside. Choose from three sizes, and make your card out of cardstock or matter photo paper.

M & M Gift Jar

This one just takes an old mason jar and a couple packages of M & M’s, and takes no time at all to make. Just fill the jar with the candy and slip the gift card inside. He’ll think he’s getting something sweet, and he’ll be pleasantly surprised to find there’s much more than meets the eye.

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