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51 Epic Gifts for Your Best Friend

The time has come to separate yourself from the crowd. To stand out from the acquaintances, the fair-weathers, and the fly-by-nights. It’s time to prove who the real best friend is. You. This best friend gift list is filled with choices so cool, so beyond, that there’s really only one thing to call them: epic.

My bestie really loved the gift I picked out from this list of gifts for your best friend. It’s just a token of my esteem, but it was great to see the look on her face!

Espresso Machine

As fresh as it gets. Your best friend can start every morning on a good note with this top-of-the-line espresso machine. This modern miracle grinds and brews café quality espresso perfectly. It’s the ultimate bean to cup experience, and you can put it right in their kitchen.

Prices Vary

Sweet Road Bike

This svelte, sexy, black on black Italian masterpiece is made from a full carbon monocoque lay-up and finished with the latest Campagnolo electronic shifting system. It’s the new and improved version of the bike that’s won the Tour de France the past two years in a row, and scores of one day Classics.


Hermes Electric Togo

Prada, Gucci, and Yves Saint-Laurent all hide their heads in shame when a Hermes bag shows up. This bag is carefully hand-crafted from silky soft Togo leather and accented with polished palladium hardware. You don’t buy this from a store, you acquire it from a curator—Madison Avenue Couture.


Home Theater System

Your best friend deserves the best home theater system released in 2015. It’s designed to complement any flat panel projection system. It has all the bells and whistles to blow the doors off the competition. It’s better than being at the movies—and you’ll get to enjoy it right along with them.

Prices Vary

Fujifilm Instant Camera

Lights, camera, action! Get your bestie the bestie instant camera out there. This best friend gift is for the girls—all pink. She can snap candid shots and print them instantly. Then she can come home and upload them to all her social media accounts, and brag about the awesome friend that made it possible.

Prices Vary

Tailored Suit

Custom tailored suits command respect in the board room, the club, and the posh avenues from Madrid to Paris to Rome. With all the fashion coming from the continent, we think New York knows how to do things just as well. Get your best friend a gift card and he’ll kill it at his next big meeting.


Thermoball Hoodie

Fashion and function come together flawlessly in this North Face hoodie. This thermal hoodie is the best friend gift that can travel from the mountainside to the office without skipping a beat. It can do all that and pack down into its own pocket—dream jacket!


3-D Printer

Take your besties hom office to the next level with this extra-large 3-D printer. It prints objects a foot and a half high, a foot wide, and a foot deep. It connects to your computer via USB, LAN, or wirelessly. No more emailing in specs and waiting—this puts the power of 3-D printing at their fingertips.


BFF Girl’s Getaway

Send her a text on Friday at lunch that says “Pack your bags for somewhere warm, girl. We’re outta here!” Then take her on a weekend getaway to Turks & Caicos and have fun the way only true BFFs can. “Oh pool boy! I’ll take another mojito, please!”

$1875.00 and up

Full Size Jukebox

Rock around the clock tonight—this baby comes straight from the Golden Era of Rock n Roll. One look at this gift and your best friend will be transported back to the days of sock hops and drive in burger joints. But it’s totally modern, ready to connect to all his 21st century wireless technology.


Prada Sneakers

Treat the feet like royalty—because your best friend deserves a gift that makes her feel like she is royalty. A pair of Pradas will make her stand out from the crowd, and she’ll know she really is your best friend. Nothing beats the blues like a new pair of shoes.

Prices Vary

Sonos Play Starter Set

That music…where’s it coming from….it sounds like it’s coming from…everywhere. Sonos is the new name in wireless music playback technology. They can stream from Amazon, Spotify, Pandora, or whatever they use and control it all from their smartphone or tablet.

Prices Vary

Elder Statesman Cashmere Hoodie

Why’s it called cashmere? ‘Cause when he steps to the set wearing it, he’ll look so cash. Look it up—you’ll know what we mean. This hoodie combines effortlessly combines elegance, comfort, and style and will leave everyone wondering how he does it.


Professional Microbrewery

Forget all those messy home brew systems his buddies cobble together in their garages. This is a sleek looking, stainless steel, completely self-contained home brewery that’s mounted on an industrial quality rolling table. Its computer controlled and produces a lager, Hefe-weisen, or stout—all at the touch of a button.


Home Tanning Bed

Walking on sunshine—don’t it feel good? This gift will keep your best friend looking like a sun god or goddess year-round. No appointments, no time limits. They tan at their leisure and pleasure. It’s tricked out with 32 bulbs, specialized face lamps, and a spacious tanning surface.

Prices Vary

Booq Daypack

Daypacks, briefcases, messenger bags. Everybody has them. And they’re all so—dare we say—passé. Get the best friend gift that no one has yet: a Mac friendly Daypack from Booq. It’s stylish, practical, and comes with a serial number to help recover it if it gets lost.


FitBit Surge

Get your best friend the personal trainer that fits on their wrist—the FitBit. They can track everything they need to get in tip-top shape. Sync it with your computers, and can both of you can download and analyze your daily activities. Keep each other on track and get ripped together.


Noise Cancelling Headphones

Because it’s uncool to turn to someone on an airplane and say “Shut up and go away,” this gift is a lifesaver for your bestie who travels a lot. They can slip these on and disappear into their own little world. Nothing can compete with their tunes when they have these mufflers. Nothing at all.

Prices Vary

Nike Victory Gym Bag

Going to the gym never looked so cool. This bag will make your best friend like a boss. It’s even detaches into a handbag, and comes with a yoga mat attachment. This is seriously the hippest gym bag we’ve ever seen. It’s a best friend gift that will make them want to go to the gym just to turn heads.

Prices Vary

BBQ Suitcase

James Bond, meet barbecue. Barbecue, meet…nevermind. Barbecue doesn’t care who’s eating it. It’s the ultimate leveler. All barbecue wants to do is make your mouth water and your belly full. This is totally a guy’s best friend gift. Bring the briquettes, and look out—it’s time to cook out.


Gerber MultiTool

If you’re looking for epic on a budget, this is it: the Gerber multitool is a Swiss Army knife on a wicked combination of steroids and crack. It’s a golden best friend gift for a guy who likes to camp, fish, hunt, or do anything outdoors at all.


Designer Fitbit

Yes, fitness can be stylish, and this FitBit proves it. You know your BFF wants one of these, but she just can pull the trigger on something that makes her look like she’s got a Revenge of the Nerds tracking device on her wrist. Best friend to the rescue! This gift solves all her fashionista fitness issues.


FWB Headphones

Friends with Benefits takes on a new meaning this year. This gift falls in the same category as the Fashion FitBit: your best friend wants a pair of good headphones, but they’re all so bulky and ugly she can’t bring herself to buy them. Enter superfriend—this gift ends the dilemma.

Prices Vary

The Man Can

Yes, he can! You have a best friend who needs a little bit of help in the personal grooming area. Help him make an epic change in his life with this gift. He’ll be able to make the transition and feel many while doing it—the paint can it comes in is sure to put him at ease.


Marc Jacobs Women’s Watch

Your bestie needs a fashionable watch to complete her ensemble, and this is the one that will make it happen. The thing leather strap and stainless casing will go with any outfit. From a casual dinner to fine dining, from a day at the office to an important out-of-town presentation, she’s covered.

Prices Vary

Gibson Hummingbird

Got a buddy who plays a little country or dabbles in a little blues? Or maybe he just likes to crank out some old campfire folk songs. No matter what he plays, this guitar makes the ultimate best friend gift. It’s an iconic guitar with a sound like no other.

Prices Vary

Mobile HotSpot

The power to transcend space and time—or at least make your boss think you’re working from home when you’re out and about. That’s what your best friend deserves, and that’s what this gift delivers. This HotSpot is rated best of 2016 by CNET. Portable hotness in the palm of their hand.

Prices Vary

German Copper Distillery

You have a BFF who’s not like anyone else. She’s impossible to buy for. She’s part fashionista, part steampunk, part DIY, and one hundred percent individual. We found the perfect best friend gift: this distillery will give her the power to make her own essential oils and perfume, to her funky heart’s content!


Pilates Reformer

Skip the private instructors and leave the workout snobs behind. Your best friend deserves the latest workout machine, without the hassle. Pilates is a perfect system for developing core strength and achieving perfect tone. Pilates is everywhere—and with a studio grade reformer, he can have real Pilates at home.

Prices Vary

App Controlled Roomba

When your best friend complains about cleaning up the house, you know the gift to get: the Roomba. And to make it a truly epic best friend gift, get them the one they can control with a smartphone app. Tap a button, house cleaned: no prob. And you’re the best bestie ever.


Smart Glasses

If your best friend needs the latest gadget, look no further. Smart glasses with a full heads-up display are here. We knew they were coming along sooner or later. They’re fully Bluetooth connected, they’re fully hands-free, and they can do anything and everything a smartphone does.

Prices Vary

Mechanics Tool Set

If wrenching is in his blood, no matter what his job is now, get your bro the ultimate mechanics tool set. Two hundred thirty pieces of pure bliss made by Craftsman will show him who his best friend really is: you. And now you know where to go to get your car fixed in a pinch.

Prices Vary

Heated Vibrating Recliner

It’s like being in heaven. Sit back, turn on the TV, pump up the heater, hit the switch for the massager—that’s the happy place right there. This chair is the perfect finishing piece to any man cave, or the way to take control over at least one corner of the family room.


Herringbone Wrap

Give your best girl friend the piece of fashion that takes anything outfit to the next level—a luxury designer wrap. It goes with jeans and a sweater, it goes over an evening dress, it goes anywhere she says it goes. And you go into the books as the one who gave it to her.


The Bomb Bomber Jakcet

Leather is class. Leather never goes out of style. Leather can ride a motorcycle or leather can go clubbing. Every dude needs at least one good leather jacket in his life. Your best friend is no different: get him this bombin’ bomber and cement his status in the world.


Computerized Telescope

A dreamer. A stargazer. A fan of Cosmos—the old school Carl Sagan or the new school Neil DeGrasse Tyson, it doesn’t matter. Your best friend is a full on tech wonk. A star warrior, as it were, this telescope the best best friend gift you’ll find. It’s light, portable, and comes with software that will automatically detect and focus in on celestial bodies. This is a stargazer’s dream.


Leica D-Lux Camera

This camera is taking the photos and video right now, in every corner of the earth, which you’re going to see on the news tomorrow. Integrated Wi-fi. Automatic range finding. Deluxe doesn’t even come close to doing this camera justice. It’s legendary. Want to be a best friend? Get them the best. A Leica.


Carhartt Jacket

Carhartt makes the most rugged, durable, practical work clothes on the planet, hands down. From loggers to fishermen to auto mechanics to contractors, Carhartt is the gold standard for working people everywhere. Man or woman. Animal, vegetable, or mineral: if your best friend works outside, a Carhartt is the gift they want.

Prices Vary

Vintage Gibson Lucille

B.B. King made Lucille sing, talk, scream, and cry. His hollow-body Gibson is iconic, and any rock or blues aficionado can recognize this guitar a mile away. This guitar will boost the pedigree of any guitar collection, and makes a truly epic best friend gift. It doesn’t matter if they don’t play: this thing is just straight cool.

Prices Vary

OV Four Piece Kit

There are guys who go to the gym and it looks like everything is coordinated. When they go out running, they look like a fashion plate. There’s a reason. It’s because everything is coordinated and they are fashion plates. Your best friend can be that guy with this Four Piece Kit from outdoor fashionista Outdoor Voices.


Best Single Malt of 2015

Go for the gold. Get your best friend an epic bottle of hooch, and do it with gusto. Don’t fool around at the corner liquor store asking the clerk what’s good in whiskey. We did the research and found out that the best Scottish Single Malt in 2015 is this: an eighteen year old bottle of Glen Morangie.


The Hot/Cold Facial Sauna

Bring the spa to your best friend’s bathroom countertop with this home facial sauna. She can clean, rejuvenate, and exfoliate every day of the year. This home beauty machine is smaller than a breadbox. It opens the pores with warm steam, cleans them out, then closes them with a cool hydrating mist.


Fracap Winter Boots

Your best friend doesn’t have to be a hiker or a mountain climber to appreciate this gift. These boots will make him look rough and rugged when he’s pounding the urban pavement on extreme weather days. And you can bet he’ll need them, because the worst snow of all is that grey city snow.


Eight In One Portable Workshop

Man Fact # 1001: whether they’re Mr. Fix It types or not, all guys want a set of power tools and a tool bench to cut things on. If you’re looking for a gift for your best friend, put that knowledge to use and buy him this portable workshop.


Killer Turntable

Two turntables and a microphone was all it took to change the face of modern music back in the Bronx in the 1970s. All it’s going to take to change your best friend’s life in the 21st century is one turntable and a USB cable. Life will be straight ill, dope on plastic, and the beats will flow like a river.


Vinyl Me Please

Now that your bestie has a record player, they’re going to need some wax to throw on it. There’s no better way to build up a collection of new and classic records than with a monthly subscription to Vinyl Me Please.


Microbrew of The Month Club

This best friend gift will send them back to church—Beer Church, that is. The Beer Temple is a famous brew pub in Chicago that created this club for the unfortunate souls who can’t make it in to sip ale on-site. Your lucky bestie will get eight to twelve of the best beers on earth delivered once a month for a year.


Genteman’s Backup Battery

The millennial version of being stranded on a desert island is getting stuck away from home with a dead smart phone, no cable, and no power source. Friends don’t let this happen to friends. If you’re really his best friend, you’ll get him this gift and save him from a disaster of epic proportions.


Trunk Club

Movie stars and famous musicians keep their looks on point 24/7 because they have personal stylists. Now you can give your best friend a gift that raises their style game to rock star status—a monthly subscription to Trunk Club. It used to be just for men, but now it’s for women, too.

Prices Vary

Bragi Earbuds

Listen to music, make calls, monitor biometric data with sophisticated sensors—wait a minute, is this science fiction? No, it’s the Bragi Earbud: the closest thing yet to getting an implant that allows you to do everything you can do with a smart phone, entirely hands free, entirely with an earbud. Future Shock!


Rolex Oyster

The granddaddy of them all: The Rolex. If you give your best friend a real Rolex, your position as best friend is cemented forever. And etched in gold. The Rolex transcends all social and cultural boundaries—it’s the definition of class. It’s also the definition of Epic Best Friend Gift.


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