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105 Must-Have Father’s Day Gifts for 2018 – Cool Gift Ideas for Dad

That special day is looming, and of course you want to find the coolest, most imaginative gifts for your dad. Inside this list there are tonnes to things to choose from, so no matter their hobbies and interests (or your budget) you’re sure to find the perfect 2018 father’s day gift, right here.

Whatever your dads hobbies may be, you’re sure to find the best father’s day gifts of 2018 for him right here. So many cool and unique gifts for dads!

Top 3 Father’s Day Gifts of the Year

1. 23andMe DNA Ancestry Test

Families can’t get enough of giving these comprehensive 23AndMe DNA Ancestry Test Kits as father’s day gifts this year. Give him the one-of-a-kind-gift of connecting with his heritage and discovering new things about himself that he didin’t know were a mystery to him his whole life. The perfect sentimental gift for dad that can also uncover important health risks that may have gone unknown.

2. Super NES Classic

There is no better nostalgic gift for any dad that grew up in the 90’s then this mini Super NES Classic! The perfect combination of thoughtful, unique and cool.

3. iGrill Mini

Father’s Day is the signal that summer is in full swing, and what better way to show Dad you love him than with this mini version of the popular iGrill device! It’s a meat thermometer that will let him know when dinner’s ready, so really it’s a gift that benefits the whole family. Grilling dads LOVE this gadget.

2018 Fathers Day Ideas for The Best Dads

Baseball Glove Oven Mitt

Baseball season is in full swing by the time Father’s Day rolls around, and this makes a great gift for the dad that loves to bake up game day treats. It does its best to resemble a baseball glove while providing all of the protection of an oven mitt.

Prices Vary

Ryobi One Plus Ultimate Combo Kit

Why settle for just one power tool when you can get Dad an army of them? This tool set features some of the most popular tools that can do the most jobs around the house. Each one is battery powered so they’re easy to use and cordless. Includes a circular saw and a drill for most DIY tasks.

Prices Vary

F-Bomb Paperweight

Does dad drop his fair share of f-bombs? This paperweight pays homage to this powerful four letter word with a cute play on images. Features a bomb with the letter f in front of it with a metallic finish for added realism. It might not cut down on his swearing but he’ll sure love it.


Made By Dad Book

This handy book shows Dad how to make all sorts of neat little things to keep things interesting around the house. If he’s a natural do-it-yourselfer he’ll take to these little mini projects with a zest you’ll only normally see with bigger tasks. Many of the projects use common items from around the home.


Amazon Fire TV

Amazon has made it so that you can get all of your favorite streaming services all in one place, and you can search for things with your voice. Imagine speaking the name of your favorite show, genre, or actor and being taken directly to what you’re looking for.

Prices Vary

Dynatrap Bug Trapper

This ingenious bug trapper works without the use of chemicals, by using lights and carbon dioxide to attract mosquitos. It then traps them so they can’t bug you anymore, and lets you enjoy your outdoor activity without the nuisance and itchy bites. All of this happen silently, without the annoying zap of a bug zapper.

Prices Vary

Dog Blueprint

Get your Dad a blueprint of his best friend with these dog diagrams. There are many different breeds to choose from, so chances are his favorite pup will be on the list. The blueprints show interesting facts about the dog and are a great tribute to a loyal home companion.


Beats Executive Over-Ear Headphones

These noise-canceling headphones go over Dad’s ears so he’ll be immersed in his music and can totally tune out the world around him. It’s great for a dad that loves to listen to his tunes, especially if the rest of the family doesn’t care for his taste in music.

Prices Vary

Wine Infused Grilling Plank Set

This set lets Dad grill his favorite foods and infuses them with the flavor of wine. The perfect gift for a dad that loves to have a glass of wine with his meal. He can grill up veggies and meats and the planks allow the food to soak up the flavor.


Fighter Pilot for a Day

Give dad the most extreme gift we could find. Not only does he get to ride in a fighter jet, he actually gets to fly the plane at some points. It’s an experience he’ll never forget, and you’ll have a hard time topping this gift for years to come.


Property of My Kids T-Shirt

Here’s a fun shirt that lets everyone know who owns Dad. They let you put up to five different names so this is a gift that’s best for bigger families. It’ll quickly become his favorite t-shirt since it has each of his kids’ names on it.


Steaks for the Grill

Summer grilling is best when there’s a nice thick steak on the grill, and Omaha Steak has been delivering amazing tasting meat for decades now. You can get their Father’s Day deal and send Dad amazing cuts like filet mignon and sirloins as well as pork chops and burgers all in one package.


Camo Diaper Bag

Keep a new dad well equipped and looking like he’s ready for baby battle with this camouflaged diaper bag. It contains all of the compartments you’ll need for bottles, diapers, baby wipes and more, and is something he’ll never leave home without. The distinctive styling sets it apart from ordinary diaper bags.

Prices Vary

Darth Vader Floor Mats

Dad can take one more step closer to joining the Dark Side with these Darth Vader floor mats. This is a must have for any Star Wars enthusiast that’s also a car enthusiast. The menacing The Imperial March gets stuck in your head just at the sight of them.



This is a way to get Dad to work out a bit more than he currently does. If he could stand to lose a few pounds, P90X is a time-tested and reliable way to burn them off. It’s been used by thousands of people already and will work as long as he follows the program.


Every Clint Eastwood Film

The perfect gift for the Eastwood fan, this set contains 40 of his films so Dad can get up to speed on this legendary actor. It may not be every single film, but it’s gotta be close to it. Go ahead, make his (Father’s) day.


Propane Camp Fire

No need to gather twigs and wrestle with the matchbook, this propane camp fire will have you up and running in no time. It features fake logs to replicate the look, but doesn’t have the smoke and ash associated with a traditional bonfire.

Prices Vary

Electronic Screw Driver Set

This screw driver set has everything Dad needs to handle any sort of situation that might arise. If there’s a screw that this set can’t handle, it has yet to be invented. It has over 150 pieces so there’s finally nothing standing in the way of fixing those jobs around the house.


Fully Equipped Tackle Box

Dad will have everything he needs in order for a successful fishing trip when you get him this tackle box loaded with fishing necessities. Be careful, he may end up waking you up at 4am to get to the fish nice and early, but that could just be part of the gift as well.


Best. Dad. Ever. T-Shirt

This shirt says it all and if you believe you have the best dad ever there’s no better way to broadcast it than with big letters. The shirt comes in several different colors so you can pick out which one you think will look best on him.

Prices Vary

Sh*t My Dad Says

Does Dad have a certain way with words? This is the classic that started a sitcom of the same name, and originally was a series of Twitter posts about things his dad said. It’s sure to resonate with a dad that always seems to spout off interesting sayings.


Dad’s Playbook

This book gives Dad some really good advice on how to be a great dad, given by coaches that really know how to motivate. If he loves sports than he’ll love the different analogies they make between fatherhood and different sports, which makes it all very applicable so he can put it to use right away.


Mr. Beer Brewing Kit

If you know Dad has been thinking of getting into the world of beer brewing, this is his entry ticket. It makes it all paint by numbers easy, but it is also a real kit that produces tasty, drinkable beer in different styles. If Dad is a beer lover this is a can’t-miss gift.



Now that the smoke has cleared from the Christmas holiday rush, the winner of the video game competition has emerged. It’s the PS4. For the ultimate at-home gaming experience there’s no better gift than this console. Pair it with a game he’ll love and watch him get engaged for hours.

Prices Vary

Ultimate Bug Out Bag

This is the bag that will get you out of danger and help you survive for up to three days. So no matter if it’s a zombie apocalypse or just a forced evacuation due to a natural disaster, Dad can retain a sense of normality and help you all out of the mess.

Prices Vary

Office Chair Racer

This office chair puts a little more fun in the office by looking like it belongs on a race track. Inspired by the inside of a racing car, all that’s missing is a pit stop crew and this thing would be race ready. If Dad is into racing he’ll love this office upgrade.


Heavy Duty Flashlight

This is the classic Maglite flashlight, it’s made of metal and made to take a beating and still work just fine. It’s the sort of flashlight that comes in handy when the power goes out, and also comes in handy for odd jobs around the house. Every dad should have one.


Adjustable Dumbbells

These adjustable dumbbells are like having a full set all in one without taking up all of the space. Pair this with a workout bench and Dad will have everything he needs to complete a wide array of exercises to build up lean muscle.


Lake Topography Art

Give the special ol’ man in your life a precious gift by giving him that nostalgic feeling – if he spent many summers having a ‘splashing’ time in a local lake, we’re sure he has many fond memories of it, so give him a unique Lake Topography Art piece, it’ll be guaranteed to make him smile.

Price varies

Just For Him Embroidered Luxury Fleece Robe

Show him just how special he is and treat him to this gorgeous luxurious black fleece robe. You can even personalize it with his name, either in block or script font, so he can walk around the house in complete comfort while feeling like the true king he is. It also has 2 handy pockets.


Gentleman Jon Deluxe Wet Shave Kit

There’s no need to go to the barbers everytime you need to neaten up your beard, well not with this Gentleman Jon Deluxe Wet Shave Kit, anyway. Treat your dad to a shave of luxury and chuck away those horrible 2 use razors, as this kit lasts much longer and comes with everything he will need.


Grilljoy BBQ Grill Tools Set

Wow, with this kit he really will be able to up his barbecuing game. The case comes packed with a whopping 20 tools ready for him to flip burgers, baste meats with delicious marinades, grill corn, and even a tool to tenderize meats perfectly. He won’t be able to resist starting a barbecue right away.


Royal Decanters Etched Globe Whiskey Decanter Set

This absolutely gorgeous Royal Whiskey Decanter Gift Set is made entirely from hand blown glass. It looks just like a globe, and even the glasses match with their etched globe print – inside of the whiskey globe there is a stunning glass ship and it’s all placed upon a sturdy wooden base.

Prices Vary

Sit ‘n Fish Personalized Cooler & Chair

If he enjoys fishing, stop right where you are because THIS is the gift for him. There’s nothing worse than going fishing and having all of your beverages turn warm in the sun – with this Sit N’ Fish Cooler Chair everything stays nice and cool and it can even be personalized with his name, too.


What I Love About Dad Fill in The Love Journal

This unique gift idea is bound to have your dad smiling from ear to ear as he reads through each page, every one of them having a personal reason (from you) as to why you love and appreciate him. How lovely is that? Reading through this together is going to be one special moment.


Musician’s Hand Grip Exerciser

Time to get your flex on with the Hand Grip Exerciser. Whatever his job may be, whether it’s a musician, a job where he’s on the computer, or artist, they can all take a toll on our hands so he’s bound to appreciate this exerciser as it helps exercise away all those aches and pains.


Monthly Underwear (The Most COmfortable Undies for Men Ever)

The gift that keeps on giving! Dad gets a fresh pair of undies delivered each month, and you’ll get the benefit of not having to see his old boxers when he has one of his lazy days around the house. If he generally keeps his underpants past their prime, this is the perfect thoughtful gift.

Prices vary

Echo Dot

The Echo Dot is a voice controlled device that uses Amazon’s Alexa to control devices in your home, play music, read audiobooks, search google and can even send messages and make calls as well as many more awesome functions – he can do any of this from across the room with its 7 far-field microphones.


RAK Universal Socket Grip

This is the best gift idea for any handyman: rather than keeping lots of easy-to-lose parts, get him this Universal Socket Grip instead. It easily attaches to ratchet wrenches and power drills, and self adjusts to grip hooks, bolt heads, hex nuts and a whole range of other variously sized objects.


Burt’s Bees Men’s Gift Set

Spoil and pamper him with this set of all natural Burt’s Bees products. Inside the giftable tin, you will find 5 Burt’s Bees items: an original lip balm, shave cream, body wash, hand salve and aftershave. All of these great products leave skin feeling amazingly soft and nourished.

Prices Vary

Star Wars Darth Vader with Red LED BBQ Tongs

Become ruler of the grill with these super awesome Darth Vader BBQ Tongs. These are no novelty tongs, though, they mean business (just like Darth Vader himself). They have a red storage case, heat-proof handle, authentic Star Wars sound effects and even a red light to feel like the real thing.


LEGO Architecture New York City Building Blocks

We all enjoy letting out our inner child for a while and playing with LEGO, though this Architecture New York City Skyline Collection is much more ‘grown up’ and adult-like. Dad can chill out and relax for a few hours while he takes some time out to build the magnificent city skyline.


Da Vinci Dice Striped Poker Chip Set

We ‘bet’ this Da Vinci 200 dice Poker Chip Set is sure to be a hit with your dad. Everything is neatly stored inside of the high quality, heavy duty aluminium case, making this a certainly elegant gift that you’ll be proud to give. What could be better than a night of playing poker together?



If your dad likes a refreshing bottle of beer or soda after a long day, then he’s bound to enjoy this little gadget; BottleLoft – a strip of 3 super strong magnets to hold your choice of beverage on the roof of the fridge, which not only looks cool but creates space for more food, too.


Wooden Docking Station

We all know what dads are like before they head out of the door; always in a frantic rush trying to find their wallet, keys and phone – well now they don’t need to with this awesome wooden docking station. This neat little thing organizes their desk and helps them keep track of their necessities.


Personalized Golf Balls With Personalized Case

Golfing enthusiasts will undoubtedly love this neat, unique gift. This set includes a beautiful personalized rosewood case, that’s feltlined and holds a dozen golf balls (included), 12 tees and 12 golf pencils, handy for keeping score around the putting field. The box and balls can be personalized with a name, initials or a monogram.


Golf Ball Washer Cleaner

Match up any golfing gift with this seriously handy golf ball washer. It has a useful strap to attach it to their golf bag, so they can quickly clean the dirty balls as they make their way around the course, keeping their bag spick and span.


Fishing Pole Campfire Roaster

These fishing pole campfire rods are seriously cool and tonnes of fun. Nobody enjoys burnt, half-roasted marshmallows, so solve that problem and use these rods, because with just a quick jiggle, they’ll effortlessly flip over, ensuring even roasting and the perfect campfire roasted snack, and thanks to the long handle, they prevent accidental burns, too.


Golf Ball Whiskey Chillers

Celebrate that perfect round in style and class with these golf ball whiskey chillers. Nobody wants to dampen their spirits with watered down whiskey, and with these chillers you won’t need to use any ice at all. They make a brilliant gift as they’re packaged in a ready to gift, stunning wooden box.


101 So Bad, They’re Good Dad Jokes

Would a dad really be a dad if he wasn’t always telling terrible jokes? Now you can help prevent him from running out of the ever-so-hilarious, comedian worthy material by buying him this book, packed with 101 jokes. We’re sure you can’t wait to get those belly laughs…


Public Radio Single Station Tuner

Nobody enjoys fussing about with fiddly buttons and knobs, trying to find their favorite radio station – especially dads, who aren’t always the most tech savvy. So give him this super simple, single station mason jar radio which comes pre-programmed to tune in automatically to their favorite station, woohoo!


Real Golf Ball Cufflinks

Handcrafted from a real golf ball, these awesome cufflinks will make the perfect, thoughtful father’s day gift for any golf loving dad. You can choose to have the balls set inside gold or silver heavy weighted cufflink backs, so they’re sure to match his favorite suit no matter his style.

Price varies

Rustic Town Genuine Leather Apron with Tool Pockets

Give the king of DIY himself this super luxurious genuine tan leather apron. He’s bound to feel seriously cool wearing this, no matter the job at hand – it even has useful pockets to store tools, pencils and other helpful items in. Of course, with it being made of durable leather, it’s sure to last years.

Prices Vary

Southern Scholar Socks Subscription Box

It’s not a true father’s day until he’s received a classic pair of socks. Instead, why not sign up and treat him to this cool subscription, where each month he will get a stylish pair of professional socks from Southern Scholar. Their socks are made to resist uncomfortable sliding or bunching up.

Price varies

If You Can Read This Bring Me a Cold Beer Socks

These cotton socks make a funny gift for your dear pops. They no longer need to ask you for a beer, instead, while they relax with their feet up, their socks spell it out for them by reading “if you can read this bring me a cold beer” to send you off to the fridge.


My Greatest Blessings Call Me Dad Wall Art

This gorgeous heartwarming keepsake is definitely a gift they’ll cherish this father’s day. You can personalize this burlap print with any name you may call your dad and with the names and birth dates of his children and even grandkids if he has them; you can also upgrade and add a lovely frame.

Price varies

Heavy Duty Car Trunk Organizer By Starling’s

If your dad has some junk and clutter in his trunk, you can politely get him to clean it up a little with this Car Trunk Organizer. It’s made from strong materials, making it great for holding groceries and carrying them in one go straight to the house. It even comes with a bonus sunshade.


Father’s Day Savory Cheese and Nuts Tower

Your daddio is bound to go ‘crackers’ for this seriously scrumptious Savory Cheese and Nuts tower, doesn’t it just look divine? It comes presented in a tower of lovely boxes, topped with a special father’s day ribbon bow, so there’s no awkward wrapping needed, it’s ready to gift right away.


Nikon D3300 Digital SLR

They’re gonna love capturing those super special family moments with the Nikon D3300 Digital SLR, for sure. You’ll finally be able to persuade them to chuck away that old bulky camera they’ve had for far too long, and instead swap it for this luxurious modern camera, that’s easy to use.


Through the Woods Tealight Holder

Give him a father’s day gift that he can keep forever by getting this ‘Through the Woods’ Tealight Holder. If he’s a fan of the outdoors, nature, animals or hiking he’s bound to love this; it makes a beautiful ornament and he’s bound to think of you every time he lights it up.


Personalized Cigar Case & Cigar Cutter

Here we have a super luxurious gift, for only the classiest of fathers. With a personalized engraved dark brown leather case for holding up to 3 of their cigars, they’re sure to feel ultra snazzy. It also comes with a cigar cutting tool that neatly fits inside the case.


Family Time Conversation Kit

It’s time to put down those tablets, game consoles and phones and come together for some lovely family bonding time with this Family Time Conversation kit. The cards are recipe inspired to spark up interesting conversations and questions around the table, rather than sitting staring at screens.


GoSports American Flag Cornhole Set

Why not bring some patriotic fun for the family outdoors with the GoSports American Flag Cornhole Set. Everyone knows the classic game, with the aim of getting beanbags into, or as close to the hole in the boards as you can. The set comes with 2 colors of beanbags so two people/teams can play.


Nuts About Dad Gift Boxes

Everyone enjoys a tasty snack, so why not give him this tasty trio of nuts from Gift Tree, aptly named ‘nuts about dad’. Inside the lovely gift box you’ll find a whole pound of pistachios, cashews and roasted and salted almonds, and you can choose to add a sweet personalized message card, too.


Nobody Like You Engraved Photo Cube

Have all of their favorite photos inside of this handy little cube; they can put it anywhere they choose in the house or even put it on their desk in the office to make him smile during the day. The box is personalized with any lovely message you choose.


Personalized Beer Growler

Any beer lover will love this unique personalized 64oz beer growler, which can have their name and even a logo of their choice engraved into it. It’s brilliant for taking their favorite beer of choice to picnics, or camping trips. It’s also handy if they brew their own beers at home.


Original Vinyl Records Subscription Box

No matter their tastes in music, they’re bound to adore this subscription of vinyl records. Guaranteed to throw them back to the good ol’ days, or memories linked to their old favorite songs. Each month they receive a box full of vinyl records, although they do have little wear they are still usable and presentable.

Price varies

Comic Mystery Box Subscription Box

For the super cool ‘nerdy’ dad, why not take a look at this neat subscription of comics. Each month they’ll get a box packed with 15 new condition collectors comics, some even dating back 30-40 years! You can also tell them their favorite characters and they will try to incorporate comics with them.

Price varies

LEGO Architecture The Eiffel Tower

With 321 pieces, the LEGO Architecture Eiffel Tower set is bound to keep your dad busy and entertained for hours upon hours (which means less time for telling those awful jokes). Once built, it measures an impressive 12 inches, so it could become an ornament or be knocked down to start all over again.


Apple iPad Mini Tablet

Spoil them with this tecchy treat; the Apple iPad Mini – one of the ultimate father’s day gifts. Like all Apple products, this comes with the Apple Store app, which is full of thousands of apps for him to download and discover and with 32GB of storage, he can download as many as he likes.

Prices Vary

Star Wars Boba Fett Caped Men’s Crew Socks

You can’t beat these seriously awesome socks; c’mon, they even have capes! Any fan of Star Wars will absolutely love wearing these and feeling like Boba Fett. They’re great for lounging about the house in, though if they’re feeling ultra fearless, why not wear them in public, too?


If You Can Read This Bring Me A Scotch Socks

From ‘IfTheSockFitz’ over on Etsy, you’ll find these funny handmade socks. Dads just have to relax, put their feet up and the comfy socks will do all the talking for them: “if you can read this bring me a scotch” and why not, they deserve it after all.


Carbon Fiber Beard Trimmer and Shaver

Make trimming and shaving those sideburns, and beard easy as 1-2-3 with this stunning carbon fiber Beard Trimmer – no more awkward and tricky scissor trimming! The carbon fiber makes it look seriously sleek, and will certainly add a modern touch to any bathroom. It also comes with all the attachments they could possibly need.


BeatsX Wireless In-Ear Headphones

Known for their amazing quality, super sharp sound, and great look, Beats headphones are the go to brand for headphones now, and it’s obvious why – so why not treat your father to a sound experience like never before with the BeatsX wireless Headphones? They make a great gift, especially if they’re always on the go.

Prices Vary

Fitness Bottle with Phone Holding Sleeve

If he’s often out jogging, or likes to hit up the gym, then you should definitely get him this useful item – a fitness bottle with phone holding sleeve. It makes accessing his phone super easy, as there’s no fiddly pockets to search through, and of course he can stay hydrated with the water bottle.


Leather Toiletry Bag Dopp Kit by Rachiba

If your dad is always away on work trips, or enjoys camping, then he’ll definitely appreciate this Leather Toiletry bag by Rachiba. Being made of leather, it’s bound to last your dad years and years, it’s also a neat little size for holding all his necessary toiletries and will fit in any suitcase/bag.

Prices Vary

Cooking Gift Set BBQ Smoker Wood Chip Grill Set

All cooking enthusiasts, especially those fond of barbeques, will love this Cooking Gift Set, for sure. The set includes a special meat thermometer, a stainless steel wood smoker box, 3 flavors of smoking wood chips, and more. Not only will he enjoy using his new gift, you’ll also get to enjoy the delicious food – score!


Build Your Own Pinball Game

Made from recycled cardboard, this eco-friendly Pinball Game is definitely one of a kind. Pinball being a much loved classic game, by everyone, this super fun, innovative ‘build your own’ version is bound to be enjoyed by any dad, whatever their age may be – you don’t even need tools to build it.


Absinthe Making Kit

With this kit, they can brew their own Absinthe just like the 19th century artists and writers did. The kit comes with everything they’ll need, you just need to supply any high proof neutral spirit – simply mix it up with the 11 organic botanicals, follow the instructions and voila – you’ll have Absinthe at the ready.

Price varies

Rapid Dominance American Flag Embroidered Cap

Many fathers wear baseball caps, we don’t know why, they just do. Why not add to their collection with this cool baseball cap, that’s embroidered with the American Flag, so they can not only look great but they can be patriotic in the meantime, making it a great father’s day gift.


Top Gun Movie

You should definitely get Dad the super awesome film; Top Gun. This Blu Ray version has behind the scenes interviews with Tom Cruise, ‘Danger Zone’: the making of Top Gun, Survival Training, and more. Why not take advantage and use it as an excuse for some lovely bonding time with your dad.


Classic Boxing Bell

Ding ding ding! We’re sure that sound is bound to bring back memories for the…dare we say, older fathers out there. Exactly like the bells they used in boxing rings, or bar closings, etc why not give him this super unique gift this father’s day, you know they won’t have received anything like it.


Custom Star Constellation Print

If you’re struggling for ideas of what to get him, you should definitely choose this heartwarming gift from ‘ourLoveWasBorn’ on Etsy. Titled with his name, you then have images of what the night sky looked like when his children were born, depending on the location. How neat is that? He’s sure to love it.

Price varies

Car Vacuum

There’s no need for him to spend tens of dollars every time he needs to get his vehicle cleaned if he gets this high powered Car Vacuum from ThisWorx. Not only do you get the vacuum, but it also comes with lots of cleaning accessories to get into those awkward nooks and crannies.


Personalized Socks

If he likes organization, or has a professional career, he’s sure to appreciate this 5 pack of personalized cotton socks – a pair for every working day of the week. They can be printed with an initial monogram across the top and his full name across his toes – you know, just in case he forgets.


Scotte Portable Cigar Humidors

Any dad will feel super fancy with this Scotte Portable Cigar Box. It’s made with gorgeous genuine leather, metal hinges, and a metal pressure lock ensuring those high quality cigars are kept safe and sound through every journey. The case allows fermentation of the cigars making for a great taste.

Prices Vary

Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Making Kit

We’re sure everyone would like to try their hand at making their own wines, and now your pops can try, too. With this set he can have a go at making a delicious Cabernet Sauvignon by simply adding yeast to grape juice and letting it ferment in a specially controlled environment.


Tea To Go

Tea To Go is exactly what it says on the tin, it’s brilliant for those who are always on the go – they simply need tea bags, water, the Tea To Go mug and voila they have their tea ready. They can even mix it up and use ice with lemon for a refreshing ice tea.


Chalkboard Boom Bowl

Okay, so it’s no longer the 80’s and it’s not cool to walk around with a boombox on your shoulder. However, you can still get the same effect with this super neat Chalkboard Boom Bowl – with no batteries and its small size it can be taken anywhere for loud tunes straight from your phone.


Docking Station

With this charming wooden docking station, you can help your ol’ pa keep his sanity a little longer as he no longer needs to remember where he keeps his mobile, wallet and glasses, etc. as it will all be in one neat place. You can also personalize it – making it a great father’s day gift.


Dada Fett Star Wars Shirt

No gift goes down as well as a classic graphic tee, especially a funny one, and if he’s a big fan of Star Wars then you’re definitely going to have a winner with this hilarious ‘Dada Fett’ shirt. It’s available in a choice of colors, so it can match any outfit this coming Father’s Day.


Dadman T-Shirt by Crazy Bros Tees

Nerdy dads, or those who can appreciate a joke, will love this ‘dadman’ (inspired by Batman) t-shirt. It has Batman’s bat logo, with ‘dadman’ printed inside of it, letting everyone know that while he might not wear a cape or superhero suit, he’s certainly still someone special.


Personalised Bookmark

For avid readers, this lovely personalized bookmark will make a super sweet gift. Now they can think of you each time they use it, and you can even personalize it with not just your name but a message of your choice too, making it even more special.


iJuqi Guitar Pick

If your pops plays the guitar then you should definitely get him these cool stainless steel picks. The pack comes with 3 durable picks, each with a different phrase such as: ‘world’s greatest farter… I mean father” “best dad in the galaxy” and more – all bound to make him smile when playing.

Prices Vary

Vibelite Portable Telescopic Extensible Led Flashlights

You’re bound to brighten up his day with these handy Vibelite LED Magnetic Pickup Tools. These are brilliant for all hands-on jobs as they can reach into nooks and crannies that most flashlights can’t. They also have a magnetic tip, great for reaching into those hard spaces and picking up any dropped nuts and bolts.


Exploding Battle Station Lamp

This utterly amazing hand painted lamp will have everyone staring at it in awe – it’s the ultimate geeky father’s day gift, for sure. When closed, the lamp looks like a battle station defying gravity in space, and when it opens up it looks like a super cool battle station explosion – perfect for any man cave.

Price varies

Hold My Beer And Watch This Beer Mug

Make him laugh with this funny beer mug. On the glass it reads “ hold my beer and watch this”; we bet you’ve heard that phrase many times before, so make a joke out of it with this cool beer mug. It holds 26.5oz of delicious cold beer.


Alpine Swiss Yukon Suede Shearling Moccasin Slippers

Give him the gift of having the comfiest, snuggliest pair of feet ever, with these Alpine Swiss Moccasin Slippers. Not only are they great for lounging in, but they also have rubber soles for some light gardening, letting the dogs out, or if they’re feeling brave maybe even quick trips to the store.


Vinyl Temperature Guide For Grill Or Smoker

You no longer need to google what temperatures certain meats need to be when grilling or smoking if you have these seriously useful Vinyl Temperature Guides. They even tell you which temperatures make deliciously tender pulled pork and certain levels of rarity in your favorite steaks. Are you drooling yet?

Price varies

Tie & Cufflink Traveler

Stay sophisticated on the go with this Tie & Cufflink Traveler. For those who need to look smart for their profession, or are often going to suit and tie events, this will make a brilliant gift as it holds up to 4 ties, 2 pairs of cufflinks and two pairs of collar stays (which come included).


American Flag Custom Engraved Ammo Can

You’ll definitely be ‘shooting’ for the right gift with this Custom American Flag Ammo Can. You can choose either 30 or 50 cal size and have it personalized with his name – the can is made of steel and has a rubber seal to lock out all elements and keep the ammo safe and dry.

Price varies

45 Second Omelet Maker

We all want a hearty, satisfying breakfast in the morning and having cereal everyday can become a little boring, so have him try out this quick and easy 45 Second Omelet Maker. All he has to do is put the ingredients and toppings he chooses into the clay dish and pop it into the microwave.


Handmade Engraved Compass

Surprise him with this absolutely stunning Handmade Compass from Etsy – you can choose to have all sides engraved, or just the top with either a logo, name or message in any font you choose. Alternatively, you can even send in a picture of your own handwriting and it can be copied, how neat is that?

Price varies

Plaid Hankerchief Mix

‘Moocowmomma’ over on Etsy brings you this pack of lovely plaid handkerchiefs – these make a great gift for anybody, especially the eco conscious as these prevent tissue and plastic waste. Once dirty you just throw them in the washing machine and hey presto, all ready to use all over again.

Price varies

Wahl Clipper Chrome Pro Hair Clipper

Keep those dapper haircuts looking fly and super fresh, like you’ve just walked out the barbers, with these Wahl Pro Hair Clippers. It has a heavy duty motor, self-sharpening blades which stay sharper for longer, as well as a taper lever to customize the length and create that seamless blend.

Prices Vary

Homemade Gin Kit

There’s no need for any distilling equipment with this Homemade Gin Kit; it comes with everything they’ll need to DIY their own gin. Start with your favorite brand of vodka, add the included spices and botanicals and let it all steep for at least 36 hours before drinking.

Price varies

Handmade Vintage Style Leather Speed Ball

Sports enthusiasts will certainly enjoy this Handmade Vintage Style Speed Ball. The ball is made from durable leather that’s hand stitched together ready for years of use, and is supplied with an antique-looking brass fitting. Great for hanging up in the garage or his own private man cave.


Leather Phone Case

Why not dress up his new iPhone X with this rather fancy leather phone case. This makes a great father’s day gift – not only is it a phone case but it also doubles as a card holder as it has a slot sewn in, so there’s no need to carry around a bulky wallet.


Magnetic Wristband

There’s nothing more annoying than being half way through a difficult job, and realizing you have to stop to pick up some more nuts and bolts. Well, with this super handy Magnetic Wristband, you can keep extra screws, nuts and bolts right where you need them. The wristband has 10 seriously strong magnets.

Prices Vary

Timber Edge Outdoors Subscription Box

Timber Edge Outdoors bring you this pretty neat monthly box subscription. Inside the box you receive seriously cool products that all run around one theme: the outdoors. So if your dad enjoys hiking, camping, fishing and just being outdoors in general, this is definitely the box for him.

Price varies

Rukket Skee Pop Up Golf Chipping Net

Your pa can now practise his putt with the Rukket Pop Up Golf Chipping Net. The net pops up in seconds, and has 3 holes to aim for, helping him become the ultimate putting master, though he doesn’t need to worry about missing a couple as it also has side pockets to catch missed shots.


Belmint Digital Meat Thermometer

This handy kitchen gadget ensures you cook your meat (and other foods) perfectly every time; you’ll have your friends and family asking which cooking course you took! The Belmint Digital Meat Thermometer also allows you to choose meat tenderness options from the LCD screen and beeps when it’s ready – how ‘meat’ is that?!

Prices Vary

PlayStation 4 Console

There’s no better gift this father’s day than the Playstation 4. This is the slim version, making for an ultra sleek console that’s sure to fit in with any living room set up. It comes with a controller, so just team it up with a cool game and it’ll be ready to start gaming with.


Matching Father Son Shirts

New fathers will love this super sweet gift idea – they’re bound to love matching with their new bundle of joy. His shirt reads “best dad” and the babies’ shirt says “best son” – adorable, right? It’ll be great for photoshoots or just showing off to the world what a proud papa he is.


Suncast Golf Organizer

Keep those golf bags, clubs, balls, gloves and shoes all neatly inside this Suncast Golf Organizer. It’s really handy as he won’t need to spend forever hunting for lost golf balls and misplaced shoes before he’s off to hit the course – instead it’s all ready and waiting in one easy place.


Daddy Trooper and Little Trooper Star Wars T-Shirt Set

Star Wars fans are sure to love matching with their little one in these awesome matching shirts. On both shirts is a picture of a Stormtrooper, with the dads saying “Daddy Trooper” and his childs “Little Trooper”. It makes a great gift, whether he has a daughter or son.

Prices Vary

Rocky: Heavyweight Collection

Most dads are bound to enjoy the Rocky Heavyweight Collection on blu ray. It comes with 1 special disc that includes remastered special features, like an interview with Bert Sugar, behind the scenes features, video commentary with Sylvester Stallone, and even more. And of course all of the spectacular films.


Yoda Best Dad Mug

Of course, you don’t need to complicate things – keep it simple with this lovely father’s day gift: an adorable Yoda mug with “Yoda best dad” written on it with a cute picture of Yoda himself. Whether they’re a huge fan of Star Wars or not, they’re bound to love how irresistibly sweet it is.

Price varies

GreatArrivals Golfer’s Delight Gift Basket

With this ‘Golfers Delight’ gift basket, no golf enthusiast could possibly want for more this father’s day. The huge basket comes with a wide variety of golf related nik naks, such as a score caddy, golf mug, and golf club cleaning gift pack, as well as some yummy snacks and even delicious chocolate golf balls.

Prices Vary

Gunner Crate Subscription Box

Gunna Crate is a monthly subscription service that you just have to ‘pull the trigger’ and go for; it’s full of quality shooting-related gear like awesome ammo cans, stickers, gun cleaning gear, a variety of targets and so much more. Even the box isn’t wasted as it doubles as a shooting target.

Price varies

Beer Caddy with Bottle Opener

This neat beer caddy is the ultimate stylish beer carrying bag; not only does it enable you to carry a 6 pack of beers to picnics, family gatherings, or camping trips but the separator keeps them safe and cold. You don’t need to worry about forgetting a bottle opener either, as one comes attached.


Frankenstein Switch Plate

How awesome is this? If your dad is into Frankenstein’s monster, mystical gothic things, or just steampunk items, he’s sure to LOVE this handmade Frankenstein Switch Plate, though really it’s bound to be appreciated by anybody as it’s just so darn cool. Simply place it over any light switch to make it instantly creepy.


Meguiar’s Complete Car Care Kit

If their car is their complete pride and joy (which we’re sure it is), then spoil them with this massive Car Care Kit by Megular’s. This kit has everything they will need to clean, buff and protect their vehicle. All of the products are premium quality, to give his car a shine like never before.


Xbox One X Console

Being the world’s most powerful console, you couldn’t possibly go wrong with the Xbox One X. With a whopping 6 teraflops of graphical processing power, gameplay is sure to be an amazing experience with this console – not only that but it also has a 4K blu ray player, providing even more unbeatable entertainment.


Beats Studio3 Wireless Headphones

Earlier on in the list you saw the wireless in-ear BeatsX headphones, which are great for the sporty types, but try these Beats Studio3 out for dads who just like to chill at home, or generally prefer comfortable over-ear headphones but still have that super impressive sound quality.


French Fitness Revolution Wicking Moisture Cap

Whether he lives near a ski resort, or is often taking trips to them, the French Fitness Revolution Skull Cap is a brilliant choice. Keeping warm on the ramps is of utmost importance, but no one enjoys having to wear bulky clothing, especially during sporting activities.


Dr.Fish Fishing Rod and Reel Package

Whether they’re already an avid fan of fishing, or they’re always saying how they’d like to give it a go, the Dr.Fish 125 piece Combo Package is the ultimate father’s day gift, with 125 items starting with a sturdy 6ft rod, spinning reel, loaded lures (the hottest on the market) and so much more.

Prices Vary

MBrazilian Sandalwood Shaving Sets

With this Naked Armor Mens Shaving Kit, shaving will no longer be a mundane everyday chore, instead it’ll be a pampering experience they look forward to every morning. Made with solid chrome and gorgeous sandalwood, the razor with 5 layer heads and a synthetic badger hair brush are definitely luxury items.

Prices Vary

Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Dads don’t have time to be faffing about making themselves breakfast in the morning – well at least they didn’t until now! The Hamilton Breakfast Sandwich Maker just needs a few fresh ingredients of your choice, give it 5 minutes to cook and bam, a delicious breakfast ready to eat, just like that.


Big Guy & Little Guy Personalized Clothing

This father and son matching shirt combo is just far too adorable, isn’t it? Both shirts are personalized with their surnames: dads shirt reads “big guy” and the kids says “little guy”. You can choose a shirt, baby bodysuit or sweatshirt so even newborns can join in on the fun – perfect for new dads.

Price varies

Top 5 Diy Fathers Day Gifts of 2018

How to Make a Diy Giant Jenga Game

Everyone loves playing JENGA together, so naturally this DIY giant version is double the fun – and slightly easier to play for those older yet still young-at-heart dads and grandpas as they won’t need to kneel on the floor to play this. You just need 2” x 4” boards and a few other cheap items.

Diy Rosemary Mint Shaving Cream

Pamper him with this homemade Rosemary Mint Shaving Cream; not only does it smell great but it’ll leave his skin feeling lovely and smooth, and without those horrible razor burns. It also contains no soap (which is known for drying skin out), instead it has lovely, soothing essential oils.

Diy Father’s Day BBQ Aprons

Make the master of the grill (aka Dad) his very own BBQ apron by following this DIY. You can even make this DIY without a cutting machine, simply download the PDF file and cut the shapes out by hand, ready to iron on (the easy part) and therehe has it -his own special apron.

Diy What A Catch Fathers Day Gift

This super sweet DIY What A Catch gift just needs a few easy to get hold of supplies (from most DIY or container stores) and a couple of packs of delicious Swedish Fish candies. Follow the instructions and use the printable for a lovely homemade gift for any father.

Diy Lap Desks (No Sewing Required)

Whether you’re on a budget or you fancy giving a DIY gift a go, try out these nifty DIY Lap Desks. Don’t worry though, there’s no fiddly sewing involved, making these a great craft for beginners. Just gather a few supplies, follow the easy instructions and your wallet-friendly craft will be ready to use.

3 Diy Father’s Day Gifts You Can Make In a Hurry

How to Make a Drinking Glass From a Bottle

Make one of Dad’s favourite beer bottles into a glass he can drink said beer from. This DIY tutorial from Art of Manliness is super easy to follow and has photos as well as written instructions so you can be 100% sure that you’re doing it right.

Diy Magic BBQ Rub

Father’s Day is coming up, and as much as we’d like to get Dad some amazingly expensive gifts, sometimes our budget just won’t stretch that far. If he likes getting his grill on, make him this magic BBQ rub and totally transform his summer barbecues.

Diy Outdoor Drink Holder

Summer is upon us which means late night hangs in the backyard with friends and family. But if you don’t have the space for everyone to put their drinks, make these DIY drinks holders. Made from a tin can, they’re super easy to make meaning you’ll be able to make a whole set.

14 Genius Diy Gift Ideas for Geeky Dads

Diy The Abacus Bracelet

Make a special father’s day gift for a lucky dad this year! Step-by-step instructions for this amazing DIY abacus cuff crafted in stacked wood veneer make it easy to do! The hard part is not keeping it for yourself! This is sure to be a conversation starter and admired by all!

Tutorial Game of Thrones Dragon Eggs

When your dad is obsessed with GoT, you HAVE to find the best gift ever! DIY dragon eggs a la Game of Thrones is to die for! Yes, they’re geeky, yes, it’s fun! With your loving hands, you can easily transform art supplies into a treasure that will be cherished for all time!

Gorgeous Diy Literature Maps

Crafty hands are important tools when you’re bound to make the perfect gift for your favorite literary nerd! The hardest part is choosing which fantastic story to represent in this thoughtful and amazing DIY project! They’ll be proud to display a map from their favorite book that you made especially for them!

Do It Yourself Pokeballs

Did you know there are 27 Poké ball designs? If you’re down for some DIY, you can make ornamental Poké balls (they won’t open or hold any Pokémon!) Nonetheless, it’s a labor of love for your best geek dad! Make one or make them all! They’ll look great and are fabulous gifts!

Make Tetris Pieces Magnets!

Let’s all geek out with this fun DIY project! Tetris is a fun game that everyone loves! Now you can make Tetris-shaped magnets! A few craft supplies and you’re ready to DIY! Choose traditional colors or personalize them for Christmas gifts! Fun as a novelty or make enough to play tabletop Tetris!

Tutorial Wooden Game Boy Pocket With Cartidge

The good old days have flown by so quickly! Do you remember the thrill of your very own Game Boy Original? This complex DIY project is a way to bring the nostalgia home! Make one for a fellow geek; it is truly a labor of love that will be loved!

Diy Pixel Heart Necklace

Father’s day gifts from the heart are always the ones most cherished. Here is a clever DIY project your geek dad will love. A lovely pixel heart pendant shows that you care, that you’re sincere, and that you appreciate the simple things that make life (and those you love) so special!

Lamp Redo Tutorial

So you want to give a super-cool and memorable gift this Christmas! A lamp, you think, what a bright idea! But the lamps in the shops are boring, ugly, and way over budget! However, you’re brilliant and find this great tutorial to transform a thrift store ho-hum into a holly jolly illumination!

Yet Another Mario Mushroom Pattern

Mario and mushrooms go hand-in-hand. Got to have the mushrooms to help Mario advance, right? If you know a gamer who would love these little stuffed mushrooms (not the kind you eat) get your crochet hooks warmed up and see how fast they multiply! They’re delightful geek dad gifts!

Diy Tetris Shelves

Tetris is fun! The challenge is to get all the odd shapes into spaces that even out. It develops eye-hand coordination and strategy planning with colorful shapes and fun sounds! You can’t play Tetris all day, but you can build these fun shelves! Great Christmas gifts for all the nerds you know!

Diy Lego Pencil Holder

LEGOs are amazing creative toys for kids of all ages (read: grown-ups like them, too)! This fun DIY pencil holder is a great way to put a little LEGO on every desk and workbench! Just because your nerd friends have jobs and stuff doesn’t mean they won’t appreciate your whimsical throwback to youth!

How A Piranha Plant Is “Grown”

Gardening has never been so easy! Piranha plants are blooming at the tips of your crafty fingers! The best part — they do not have to be fed.

Diy Geek Dishes

This project is like eating potato chips — you can’t make just one! Every geek dad you’ve ever known will want a magnificent plate featuring their favorite fandom: a map of Middle-earth, a Wookiee, all four TMN turtles! For everyday use, nerd parties, or just to display, you will be their hero!

Doctor Who Tardis Phone Charging Station Tutorial

Anyone can have a phone charger station, but NOT everyone can have a TARDIS to charge their devices! This Father’s Day, take your DIY skills to the next level and make an iconic blue phone box for your beloved nerd pops. This one really isn’t bigger on the inside, but it certainly is powerful!

Video Game Coasters

Get your geeky cross-stitch on! You’re about to learn how to craft coasters featuring iconic video game characters and scenes! The perfect gift for serious gamers who love to entertain, but, like all of us, want to protect our surfaces from beverage stains! So much fun to make, so much fun to receive!

7 Diy Fathers Day Gifts You Can make With a Wooden Spoon

Painted & Washi Tape Kitchen Utensils

Can’t find the right kitchen tools to suit your color scheme? Or looking for a gift for the chef dad in your life? Do it yourself and follow this guide to making painted and washi tape decorated kitchen utensils. Cheap, fun and easy to make, they can personalize any pantry.

Geo Painted Wooden Kitchen Tools

Geometry. Simple, sleek and stunning. This DIY guide shows you how to take advantage of the effectiveness of geometric shapes and create some beautiful kitchen utensils. With very few ingredients, you will have a lot of fun. Finally, your kitchen is starting to take shape!

Diy Wood Burned Spoons Tutorial

Pyrograph some personalization into your wooden kitchen tools with this DIY guide. With a little time and effort, you can create an effect that is so simple to do, yet looks amazing! Perfect for a gift or even as an addition to your own kitchen, you’ll never be able to use blank spoons again.

Cheerful Bamboo Serving Spoons

Tape, spray, let dry and peel. That’s essentially as easy as it is to create these beautiful ‘cheerful bamboo serving spoons’. Easy on the watch and the bank account, you too can conjure up a set of these spoons in no time at all with this simple guide! A great new member of your kitchen collection.

The Perfect Gift: Etched Wooden Spoons

Get the etched effect and burn away the boring kitchen tools with this comprehensive guide on making etched wooden spoons. Fantastically fun to make, friendly on the funds, and a great 2018 fathers day gift idea! Follow the guide to find out exactly how to make these and spice up your kitchen.

Diy Neon Painted Kitchen Utensils

Brighten up his home and add a bit of color to dads kitchen with these neon painted kitchen tools. Follow the guide step by step and the result will have you reaching for your sunglasses. Cheap and easy to make, you will have a lot of fun turning something dull into something really exciting!

DIY Painted Wooden Kitchen Utensils

You don’t have to be rich to achieve the rustic style in your kitchen. With a few ingredients, a little time and this recipe to success, you’ll be serving your salad in style. A perfect addition to your own kitchen, or a thoughtful gift for father’s day.

6 Creative Diy Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Golf Loving Dads

How To Build A Mini-golf Course At Home With Your Family

Sometimes, the best part of a gift can be the family time invested into making it. If you have little ones that love the game of golf, this tutorial shows you how to make a mini golf course for your very own home with just household items. Give the gift of time to your loved ones this year.

Diy Golf Headcover Pattern

Headcovers are the ideal way to make your game of golf personal to you. This tutorial gives you the arsenal you need to make a personalized headcover for dads that love golf, with just a bit of time and a little sewing knowledge, without leaving a hole in your pocket.

Golfer’s Snowman Ornament

Bring a bit of golf themed festive cheer to Father’s Day this year with this incredibly simple, yet stunning, golfer’s snowman ornament. With very few items, you can make a charming ornament to hang on their tree, whilst infusing their beloved game. Tee off in style this Christmas.

Golf Locker

Hit two birdies with one stone this year. This DIY golf locker will give dad somewhere to store his treasured golfing equipment, and will save you tripping over it every other day! Made with a single sheet of plywood, it’s the perfect fathers day golf gift idea.

Decorating Golf Balls

It’s not always easy to find your golf ball when there are a lot more scattered across the fairway. Save time searching with this DIY tutorial on making personalized golf balls. Your balls will now stand beautifully proud amongst the others.

Hand Dipped Golf Tees

Golf tees are often an overlooked part of the game, they are cheap and replaceable. Spice them up for a gift this year and they will quadruple in sentimental value. This tutorial will show you step by step how to transform these small pieces of plastic into a treasured member of your loved one’s golfing bag.

13 Unique Diy Fathers Day Gift Basket Ideas

Breakfast In Bed Gift Basket

 It’s not just the mums who deserve a lie in and breakfast in bed! Dad’s would like it too so why not gift him with this DIY breakfast in bed basket? Pack his favorite coffee, pastries, a pancake mix and proper maple syrup. Then rope the kids in to help you make it!

Sports Themed Gift Bucket

The best gift to give to the sports mad fan in your life! Theme it around his favorite pastime, whether it’s baseball, basketball or football, all you have to do is find sport or team related merchandise, as well as some snacks to enjoy on match day!

Diy Holiday Shaving Gift Basket For Men

Give him a basket filled with shaving essentials and you’ll never have to feel that awful stubble rash creeping over you when he’s got a five-o clock shadow! Put in a shaver, shaving cream, aftershave and a moisturiser and his face will be as smooth as a baby’s bottom!

Tea Gift Basket For The Tea Lover

Follow this DIY tutorial and make a tea lover’s ideal gift. Fill a cute basket with things like a new teacup, their favorite teabags, a tea rest and some delicious biscuits to eat alongside. You could even make a personalised gift tag so they know how much thought you put into it.

Office Tag Gift Set

The ideal way to make a homemade gift basket seem professional and personalized. Make your own gift tags at home to attach to any DIY gift you make, and you can tailor it to each individual. Use their favorite colors or even a theme so they know you were truly thinking of them.

Diy Father’s Day Gift Basket With Dove Men + Care

Gift him with this DIY father’s day gift basket and give him the skincare products you know he really loves but is a little too embarrassed to admit it! You could even add a new flannel, snacks, a magazine for him to read, his favorite coffee or maybe even a beer.

At Home Date Night Gift Basket

Finding time for each other is hard, whether you’ve got a busy family or work lives. Follow this DIY tutorial and make him a date night gift basket. Pop in ingredients for your favorite meal, drinks and maybe a new movie. Who said date night had to be expensive?

Box Of Sunshine Gift Ideas

Whether it’s to cheer someone up or show them your thanks, everyone should receive a box of sunshine at some point in their lives. Go shopping with the intention of buying yellow items, things that the recipient will really love and truly brighten up somebody’s day.

Diy Gift Basket For Men

Follow this DIY tutorial and make this Grill Master gift basket for the King of the Grill in your household. Put in anything you can think of to make his barbeques even better; sauces, rubs, seasoning, bear claws to tear apart the meat, even napkins to clean himself up afterwards.

Coffee Holiday Gift Basket

We all know one person who can’t tolerate mornings until they’ve had a hot cup of coffee. If that person is your husband, make him this coffee gift basket for the holidays and fill it with coffee beans, mugs and baked goods to eat alongside. You could even add takeaway cups so he can take it anywhere.

Banana Bread And Honey Butter Gift

There is nothing like the smell of a freshly baked cake. Why not gift him with this banana and honey loaf cake basket, filled with everything he needs to bake a delicious loaf cake to be enjoyed with a warm drink in this cold weather. He might even share it with you!

I “Fall” For You Gift Basket

Show him how much you still appreciate and adore him with this ‘I “Fall” for you’ gift basket. Gather all of his favorite fall themed things, like candy corn and a hot cocoa mix to warm up after a lovely autumn walk. Finish it off with a good old fashioned love letter.

The Perfect Hot Cocoa Gift Basket

Hot cocoa on a cold winter’s day is just the best. Especially when you’ve been doing Christmas shopping, wrapping your hands around a warm mug feels like heaven. Make up a DIY hot cocoa basket and put in cocoa mix, marshmallows, a new mug and maybe some candy canes to stick to the Christmas theme.

11 Creative Diy Father’s Day Card Ideas

Diy Printable Father’s Day Card

If, on the off-chance you’re reading this on Father’s Day, and up until now you’ve forgotten that the special day was looming, don’t worry because although you probably won’t be able to get a card sent to him on the same day, you can print out this free printable card yourself – phew crisis over!

Diy Fin-Tastic Fishy Father’s Day Card

Why not gather the kids up at the table and get them all in on this super creative DIY Fin-tastic Fishy Father’s Day card? He’s sure to love all of the extra little touches they’ll put in place, plus a handmade card is much more thoughtful, lovely, and kinder to those pocket money piggy banks.

Diy Handprint Yoda Father’s Day Card

For dads that are a little nerdy or quirky, this Star Wars themed Handprint Yoda card is sure to get them smiling from ear to ear, it’s THAT adorable, honestly. You just need a few supplies: white cardstock, a few paints, and a trusty black Sharpie pen for those cute little details.

Diy Pop Up Father’s Day Card

Follow this cool tutorial to find out how you can make your pops his very own awesome Pop-Up card. With pictures, it’s easy to follow and will only take a few minutes – which is handy if you’ve left everything ’til the very last moment (don’t worry, we’ve all been there).

Diy Dollar Bill Origami T-Shirt Father’s Day Card

For our dads who work exceptionally hard, doing everything they can to provide for us, it’s only right that you put the extra effort into this special day made just for celebrating him, and him only. With this sweet Dollar Bill Origami card, you can do just that.

Diy iDad Father’s Day Card

As much as we all wish we had the spare cash going to spoil our dads with a brand spanking new iPad, most of us don’t. While you save up, though, you should totally have a go at this nerdy gift card, in the shape of an iPad with the icons and everything (impressive, hey).

Diy Superhero Dad Card

For that one man in your life who truly saves you from everything bad, only this cute DIY Superhero card will suffice. With just a handful of tools and supplies, all you have to do is follow the instructions and ta-da! You have the perfect handmade card all ready for his special day.

Diy Handprint Monkey Card

Your children will jump at the chance to help you create this precious handmade handprint monkey card for Father’s Day. Guaranteed to get him grinning like a gorilla, it’s great for getting the little ones involved, and in a few years you can look back and see how big their hands have gotten since.

Diy Tie Father’s Day Card

There’s no need for a store bought card this year, especially when you can learn how to make an awesome custom card right here. Over on Craftsy.com, you’ll find this neat tutorial on how to make a DIY Tie Card – you could even try to personalize it by matching ties he owns himself.

Diy Magic Card For Father’s Day Video Tutorial

Add a marvelous touch of magic to Father’s Day with this ultra-unique gift card. He’s certain to never have had a card like this before – it will literally transform in front of his eyes, confusing and wowing him all at once, although he’ll probably still think up some awful pun to say about it.

Diy Clever Printable Father’s Day Cards

Out of ideas this year? Take some inspiration from these witty card ideas, full of insanely cheesy puns that even the ‘punniest’ of dads couldn’t come up with (okay, he probably could) but, they’re still adorable nonetheless. Just print out the templates and get creating your own neat card.

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