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36 Unique Gifts for Beer Lovers

The interest for beer is evident throughout history all over the world. Ever since, it was first introduced, beer has never ceased showing off its enchantment to its fans – mostly men. Beer has become quite a pastime and an obsession to a number of people. If you’re looking for the best presents for someone fascinated over beer, we’ve just rounded up the best gift ideas for beer lovers.

36 Unique Gift Ideas for Beer Lovers. Great list with unique beer gifts.

Hopside Down Beer Glass

This 7 inch tall glass holds and keeps your 12 oz of beer into freezing cold freshness. Thanks to its double-wall feature, your beer is in no doubt the coldest in the party.
Prices Vary

The Beer Journal

Considered to be the first ever written resource for beer drinkers. With 50 colored illustrations, this 272-paged journal provides you with useful information about beers.
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For beer brewers and plain beer drinkers alike! Its 2.5 lb. CO2 bottle allows it to dispense four 15 gallon kegs of beer, satisfying even the thirstiest beer lover.
Prices Vary

Reef Bottle Opener Sandals

Great looking sandal, molded with EVA sole, hiding one of its treasures-the bottle opener.
Prices Vary

Craft Beer & Snacks Basket

A large cradle containing different sorts of beer and various snacks, all based on your choice and interest.

Mr. Beer Home Brewing Kit

Just choose among the kit series offered: Deluxe, Premium, Gold and Brewmaster Select. All kits include eight reusable, FDA approved plastic bottles, complete with screw-on caps and labels.

Go Pong Portable Beer Pong Table

Enjoy a game of beer pong anytime, anywhere with this 8ft portable beer pong table. It folds down into an 8′ briefcase with carry handles for easy transportation and storage.
Prices Vary

Beer Savers Bottle Caps

Don’t let a good beer go to waste! Use these durable, stretchy and reusable silicone bottle caps to keep your favorite beer fresh as new.
Prices Vary

Beer Candle

Enjoy beer without even drinking one! Once lighted, this scented candle gives off a strong aroma of a foamy, golden glass of fresh, tapped beer.
Prices Vary

The Beer Book

Feed your brains with all the necessary information about the most fascinated drink in history. Its 352 pages contain a collection of facts about beer, including some popular styles of brewing.
Prices Vary

Iphone Bottle Opener Case

Made of hard-shell ABS plastic, this iPhone case boasts its stainless steel opener for convenient and easy opening of your all-time favorite drink.
Prices Vary

Newcastle Geordie Schooner

Pint glasses printed with the official Newcastle Brown Ale logo on the front.
Prices Vary

Periodic Table Of Beers T-Shirt

This cotton-made t-shirt presents world known beers out of ales and even the heavy schwarzbier just like a periodic table.
Prices Vary

Craft Beer Barrel Sign

Made of sturdy, compact oak with a galvanized steel barrel band, this 20″ in diameter personalized sign shows authenticity on every glass or bottle filled.

Guinness Pub Glasses

These four Guinness pint glasses, printed with the official logo are the perfect compliment for all Guinness lovers.
Prices Vary

Tasting Beer

Learn to taste beer truly with 256 pages of mere exploration of the culture, chemistry, and creativity of beer crafting.
Prices Vary

Around The World Beer Bucket

A whopping galvanized steel bucket capable of holding an impressive collection of twelve beers from all over the world plus some award-winning gourmet snack food to compliment the exquisite beers.

Beer Holster

This handy rugged leather holster places a 12oz beer bottle right next to its drinker’s side.

The Complete Joy Of Homebrewing

Fully revised version of the essential information on homebrewing. Expand your knowledge with 432 pages of updated recipes, instructions and guidelines.
Prices Vary

Krups Heineken Beertender

Keeps your Heineken, Heineken Premium Light and Newcastle Brown Ale at the ideal temperature of 37.4 degrees F with its efficient Peltier cooling system.
Prices Vary

Personalized Pub Glasses

This 4-high quality glass set can each accommodate up to 16oz of beer. It features custom graphics and additional personalization with name, nickname or home bar.

The Oxford Companion To Beer

A reference of 960 pages featuring 1,100 entries by 166 renowned beer experts. With 140 illustrations, this book covers everything about the world’s third most popular drink.
Prices Vary

Fridge Monkey

Flexible rubber mat ideal for storing 10 beer cans or 5 wine bottles inside your refrigerator.
Prices Vary

Bottle Opener Magnet

Convenience at its best! Super strong magnet holds the stainless bottle opener on place on your refrigerator.
Prices Vary

The Beer Machine

Brew 2.6 gallons of hand-crafted beer in just seven to ten days with this machine’s one-step process. The beer machine features custom pressure gauge that shows carbonation level, brew quality, and dispensing pressure.

Remote Control Beverage Cooler

This 6′ tall remote-controlled cooler can carry up to 12 cans or bottles and ice and can be sent forward, backward and left or right. Its side walls are water-resistant insulated vinyl and a secure zippered lid that makes the beverages stay cold for hours.

300 Beers To Try Before You Die!

This unique and beautifully illustrated 304 pages of collection divides beers by type and contain information on the origin, strength, brewery and description of each beer.
Prices Vary

Hopdrops Beer Candy

Enjoy hoppy India pale ale in a candy!
Prices Vary

Beer Soap

Made with Sam Adams Winter Lager Beer, this 4.5 oz bar soap brings out a clean, slightly marine and cold aroma. Great for beer lovers!
Prices Vary

Red Baron Bottle Capper

This bottle capper keeps the bottle cap in place with its strong magnet, spring-controlled arms and durable plastic material.
Prices Vary

One-Handed Bottle Opener

Inspired by the long-forgotten Theodore Low bottle opener, this one squeeze thumbhole trigger easily pops your cap.

Beer Tasting Tool Kit

This booklet contains 48 pages of beer information and categories. Cover 18 bottles, pints or cans using the paper sleeves and take note of their tastes via the 4 tasting notepads.

Stoneware Growler

Keep your beer close to you wherever you go with this hand-crafted vessel, specially designed for beer.

Baseball Bat Bottle Openers

Re-live your first home run with these handmade authentic baseball bats.

Spiegelau Beer Glasses

A group of 4 different glasses; a lager, a stemmed pilsner, tall pilsner beer glass, and a wheat beer each accommodates 12 ounce bottle of beer.
Prices Vary