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24 Spiritual Baptism Gifts for Boys

These baptism gifts for boys will help to commemorate the day, showing what a special time it is for both the baby and parents alike. With special messages and personalized gifts you can’t go wrong, and they’ll be kept for years and years as part of their childhood.

24 Spiritual Baptism Gifts for Boys- give them one of these unique and special baptism gifts on their special day.

Handmade Baptism Bowl

This baptism bowl can be used in the actual ceremony, and then makes a great piece to hang on the wall to remember the special day. It is handmade and personalized with the baby’s name, a touching passage from the Bible, and the date they were baptized.


Engraved Keepsake Box

This box is the perfect size for keeping their first rosary in, and it is engraved with a personal message from you. You can also put their name on it, as well as the date of their baptism so they’ll always have it on record. This is a box they can store smaller items in as they grow.


Chaplet for Boy

Every boy needs his first chaplet, and baptism is the perfect occasion for gifting it. This chaplet features light blue and pearl colors so it has the young boy look to it. It’s a gift that they’ll have to grow into, but one that is very special thanks to the guardian angel it has.


Embroidered Plush Lamb

You can’t get much cuter than this embroidered plush lamb, which features a cross with the phrase God Bless, and the baby’s name all on the lamb’s belly. It’s all done with baby blue coloring so it’s perfect for a little boy, and it displays the date from their baptism.


Baptism Handprint

Immortalize their handprint with this gift, which includes everything their parents will need to stamp their hand onto the ready-made paper. The paper reads Lord teach my little hands to pray, and it includes the frame so once they have the hand print on there it’s ready to display.


Scripture Art

This beautiful scripture art is sure to find a place in their nursery or bedroom, and reads “Every good and perfect gift is from above.” It’s personalized with their name at the bottom and is done in a way that makes it look like it was painted with watercolors.


Personalized Bookmark

It may be awhile before they’ll truly appreciate this gift, but getting them a personalized bookmark can be a lasting gift that they’ll use a lot when they’re older. It has their name and the date they were baptized, as well as a quote that reads May God bless and keep me, this day and always.


Hand-Painted Baptism Plate

Here’s a baptism gift that will surely make it on display, either in their room or another part of the house where fragile gifts are stored. There’s a unique design to it as well as a quote that goes around the plate, with a cross in the middle and their name and date of baptism.


Ceramic Piggy Bank

It’s never too early to start saving, and this ceramic piggy bank makes it easier. Every little bit helps, and a piggy bank like this makes it fun. It has a yellow cross on it and it reads God Bless This Child. It’s a thoughtful gift that can also contribute to their college fund.

Prices Vary

Elephant Baby Blankie

They’ll love snuggling up with this elephant baby blankie, and it makes a great baptism gift because they’re still so small and are sleeping so much. The elephant is cute with open arms ready to embrace them into a nice naptime.


Baptism Picture Frame

There will be lots of pictures taken on their baptism day, and the best one can be placed in this special picture frame. It has their name on it, as well as God Bless and the date they were baptized. It features baby blue as the color theme, making a great gift for baby boys.


Personalized Baptism Keepsake

This keepsake is interesting to look at, and can take a spot on a mantle or shelf in their room. It has their name on it as well as a cross and the date from when they were baptized, but there is also a longer paragraph of text as a backdrop to their name that is an inspiring quote.


I am a Child of God Sign

This sign has a rustic look to it and the simple phrase “I am a child of God.” It will make a great addition to any nursery or bedroom, and the world child is colored blue making it an apt baptism gift for a boy. It’s a handmade item that looks good, and they’ll want to hang it up right away.


The Godchild Babysuit

Give a nod to The Godfather films with this babysuit featuring the well-known logo of The Godfather, made to read as The Godchild, with a mobile instead of marionette puppet strings. If you’re the godmother or godfather this makes a fun gift, and the perfect photo op.

Prices Vary

Personalized Satin Baby Shoes

These satin baby shoes are personalized with the baby’s name on them, and come in a pretty blue color. They can wear them after the ceremony on the day of their baptism, and it’s something they can continue to get use out of until they outgrow them.


Baptism Personalized Print

Here’s a pretty way to commemorate the day they were baptized. It has all of the pertinent information, including the name of the church and the day it happened. There’s also an image of a tree with script that reads Bless This Child and a silhouette of a bird on a branch.


Embroidered Keepsake Blanket

Keep them warm with this keepsake blanket in powder blue, with their name embroidered right into it. Babies need blankets, and you can get them something extra special so they can be swaddled in it before and after the baptism ceremony. It has an embroidered cross as well.


Wooden Cross with Name

This painted wooden cross has several customizable options, including what color the wood cross is, as well as the color of the text. There’s an icon of a dove at the top, and it reads “May you grow in the light of God’s love.” towards the bottom.


Baptism Blessing Canvas

A very cute canvas, this features a light blue theme throughout, and a lamb in the middle with their name and the full date of their baptism written out. When hung on a wall it gives an quaint and pretty look to the room, and will remind them of this sacred day.


Baptized Date Blocks

These blocks look great on a shelf in their room and show their initials as well as the date of their baptism, saying they were dedicated to the Lord on this day. The bottom block reads “Let the children come to me, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”


Christened with Faith Frame

A great-looking picture deserves a great-looking frame, and you’ll get it just right when you give them this “Christened with Faith” frame. It has a touching phrase at the top, and in the bottom right corner it has their name and the date they were baptized, as well as a lamb to the left.


Pacifier Clip

Chances are they’ll be a bit fussy during the baptism ceremony, and you can help keep their pacifier handy with this embellished pacifier clip. It has a series of beads and polished metal that make it look fancy and it will go well with their white baptismal outfit.


Personalized Photo Cube

This photo cube can hold several pictures from their special day, and manages to also fit their name and the date of their baptism on top. This is great because their parents won’t have to decide on just one photo, they can pick their four favorites and see them all at once.


Embroidered Burp Cloth

Babies need burping, and therefore parents need burp cloths. You can be there for them with this special embroidered burp cloth that says “I am fearfully and wonderfully made!” a passage from Psalms that is bright and colorful and sure to be a hit with parents.


5 DIY Baby Gifts for Boys

Baby Shadow Box

Create this shadow box full of all of their baby knickknacks and you’ll have created a hangable piece of art that can be displayed in their room. It’s a nice gift because babies tend to accumulate plenty of this stuff, and this gives it a place to go.

Monogrammed Nursery Art

A simple yet charming piece, this monogrammed nursery art can be handmade by you so that it has that extra special touch that means so much. You simply use the first letter of their name and before you know it you’ve constructed something that looks great.

Keep Calm and Carry Me

This cute t-shirt will make sure that they’re always getting picked up and carried around. It’s a play on the phrase Keep Calm and Carry On and the best part is you can make it yourself at home following the steps provided.

Baby Socks Flower Bouquet

Any parent knows that you can’t have too many baby socks, and this bouquet is not full of flowers that will wilt and die, it’s full of different colored baby socks so it’s pretty and also useful. They’ll love that you took the time to make this, and also love using the socks.

Mr. Handsome Onesie

Create this onesie for that bouncing baby boy and you’ll give them an outfit they can wear when the ceremony is over. It features a handwritten script that says Mr. Handsome and is sure to make it onto social media when it’s first put on and he gives a good smile in it.


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