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24 Best Personalized Baptism Gifts of 2020 for Spiritual Girls and Boys

Having a child welcomed into the arms of God is a special event for religious families. If going to a baptism is a first time thing and picking out the perfect present is exasperating, this list has plenty of personalized baptism gifts which are excellent for spiritual girls and boys.

Good baptism gift ideas for spiritual families.

Things Remembered Personalized Cross Keepsake Box

This keepsake box can be used to store memorable things from their baptism for them to look back on, while you explain how special that day was.


Personalized Baptism Custom Wall Cross

Hang this personalized cross over their crib as a reminder that God is with them wherever they go, watching and guiding them through the pitfalls of life.


Personalized Baptism Cross

Available in a range of colors and different wording options, this personalized plaque can be hung anywhere in the house as a memento of the day they were baptized.


Personalized Heart Bowl

Baptism gifts can be big or small, it’s the gesture that counts. This personalized heart shaped bowl would be the perfect place for her to store jewelry when she’s a bit older.


Aurelie & George Personalized Engraved Compass

Faith is there as a guide through life, acting as a moral compass when all else fails. Get them a symbol of this with a personalized compass, it makes a great keepsake.


Baptism Handkerchief for Christening

Baptisms usually happen when the child is young so a lot of the gifts are designed to be kept for a while; this beautiful embroided handkerchief is a perfect example.


Baptism or Christening Baby Blanket Gift

The little baby who’s being welcomed into God’s family will look absolutely adorable in this blanket, it can be personalized with their name and the date of the baptism.


Personalized Custom Name Thankful Prayer Book

Children don’t always understand God, but this book will educate them on the ways of the Lord and why everyone should be thankful to him for all that he’s done.


Personalized Name Christening Keepsake Rosary

Rosary beads are an important part of Catholicism but these beads can be personalized with the child’s name, making them more likely to pray using the rosary as an aid.


Personalized Baptism Blanket

All babies have special blankets, gifted to them when they were born, but this one will hold even more meaning; it will represent the day they were accepted by God.


Lifetime Creations Personalized Baptism Blanket

Made from 100% microfleece, this baptism blanket can be personalized with their name and the date of baptism; there’s a choice of thread colors available so each blanket is truly unique.


Personalized Books First Bible

Every child is a blessing to its parents but children need to be shown everything they should be thankful for, which is where this book comes in.


Personalized Round Keepsake Box

This keepsake box could be used to store a number of things but what’s really important is what the box represents; the day they began their relationship with God.


Personalized Glass Box

This gorgeous vintage style box has a cross charm dangling from the side and it can be personalized with two lines of information; whether that’s their name or a message of love.


Bible Verse Baby Blanket

The Bible offers comfort to so many people, so there’s no better thing to wrap baby up in than a pure cotton blanket which is embroided with 9 Bible verses.


Andaz Press Personalized Religious Wall Art

Personalized baptism gifts show that the baby has been truly thought of, and this nursery poster contains their name and date of baptism in a range of colors.


Personalized Baptism Picture Frame

Taking photos of their baptism will remind the whole family of that very special day, and this photo frame is the perfect way to display those memories.


Personalized Baptism Gift Beveled Glass Box

As the child gets older, this beveled glass box can be used to hold some of their most precious items, as well as serve as a reminder that God loves them.


My Baptism Dove

Doves represent peace but it’s also a symbol of the Holy Spirit. Hang this personalized ornament in their room as a sign that they’re never alone with God.


Lifetime Creations Personalized Baptism Picture Frame

A baptism is a special day for religious families and they’ll want to remember every second of the day. This photo frame is absolutely perfect for displaying those unforgettable memories.


Personalized Baptism Keepsake Box

Just like a wedding day, a baptism will have loads of keepsakes that are worth saving. Keep them all together in this simple wooden box, customized with the child’s details.


Baptism Gift Memory Box

With this memory box, the child will be able to look back at little keepsakes while their parents tell them all about the day God accepted them into his family.


Personalized Baptism Wood Sign

Made from refurbished wood, this rustic sign is different to the usual baptism gifts families receive, and it’ll be hung in the child’s room for years to come.


Personalized Baptism Wood Block

This little wooden block is personalized with the child’s name, their initial, and the date of their baptism, and the small size means it’s perfect for displaying on a shelf.

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3 Thoughtful DIY Baptism Gift Ideas

Diy Baptism Pillow + How To Make Subway Art With Cricut

Why not have a go at making a baptism gift? This DIY pillow is easy to recreate and it’ll mean so much to the family, knowing it’s been handmade.

Diy Christening Present For A Very Special Boy

Create this DIY photo frame for a special child who’s being baptized; just customize it with your favorite meaningful Bible quote and any color of choice.

Diy Baby's First Rosary Tag Blanket

Tag blankets are a perfect sensory experience for babies but this one has a difference; it can be made with their baptism in mind as the taggies represent rosary beads.


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