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35 Gifts that Will Drive Bacon Lovers Oinky

Do you love bacon? Does someone you LOVE love bacon? There are plenty of bacon-related gifts available for every occasion. Your vegetarian friends might cringe, but bacon lovers will rejoice! When you need just the right gift, cured pork is always the answer. Because as you know… everything is better with bacon!

35 Gifts for People That LOVE Bacon. What don't they make bacon flavored?

Bacon Tooth Paste

Looking for that fresh, just-brushed feeling for your mouth? You will not find it here? This bacon tooth paste is so much better than traditional mint. Enjoy the taste of delicious bacon morning and night without any of those nasty nitrates!
Prices Vary

Bacon Bandages

Cover your injuries with your favorite cured pork product! Bacon bandages are ideal for people of all ages. These die-cut sterile strips add flair to your bumps and bruises. They are available in packs of 15 in a traditional metal bandage tin.

Bacon Floss

Love the taste of bacon so much you could “floss with it?” Now you can! Bacon Floss is great for preventing tartar build up on your gums and teeth. It is unlikely Bacon Floss will be recommended by your dentist, but if it gets you to clean those chopper twice a day, it’s worth it!
Prices Vary

Bacon Mints

Got a hot date this weekend? Worried smelly breath will do you in? Never fear, Uncle Oinker’s Bacon Mints are here! If you can’t get enough of the smoky, salty taste of bacon, these mints are for you. Each mint tin is filled with bite-sized bacon flavored mints that will have you saying “yum!”
Prices Vary

Bacon Lip Balm

Dry lips can be painful and unsightly, but who wants moisture from a sticky fruit-flavored gel? Instead, try Bacon Lip Balm, great tasting and healthy for your lips. Each tube is packed with the delicious taste of bacon. Keep the taste of bacon on your lips all day long!

Bacon Toothpicks

Wish you could pick the bacon out of your teeth with more bacon? Now you can! Bacon Toothpicks are just like regular toothpicks, but they taste like bacon. Nobody wants food stuck in their teeth all day, but regular toothpicks just don’t cut it anymore. If you love bacon, you are going to love bacon flavored toothpicks.
Prices Vary

Bacon Soap

What better way to start your morning than waking up to the smell of bacon? Now you can enjoy fresh bacon every morning… right in your shower! If you love bacon so much you want to bathe in it, all your dreams are about to come true. Bacon Soap smells like bacon and is just right for that soapy-fresh, bacony smell we all desire.
Prices Vary

Bacon Hot Sauce

Wish you could enjoy the taste of bacon on more foods with the cost or the calories? Bacon Hot Sauce is just what you are looking for. This hot sauce adds a smoky, salt flavor to any food. Whether you like it on sandwiches, eggs, potatoes, or anything else, Bacon Hot Sauce is not your average condiment.
Prices Vary

101 Things to Do with Bacon

Tired of wasting time on cook books that only offer one or two bacon recipes? 101 Things to Do with Bacon offers ONLY recipes about bacon. It is the ideal gift for the bacon-loving chef in everyone’s life. The recipes in this spiral-bound book focus on the world’s most important dishes… those made with bacon!
Prices Vary

Bacon Ai Freshener

Now your car can smell like bacon, long after the carryout and leftover containers are gone. The Bacon Air Fresheners looks and smells just like bacon and is the perfect addition to anyone’s car.
Prices Vary

Bacon Salt Sampler

The Bacon Salt Sampler combines bacon with some of the world’s most loved flavors. It is perfect for those who love bacon, but prefer to avoid the fat and calories that come with eating traditional bacon. Even vegetarians will love bacon salt. Sprinkle it on potatoes or omelets for an extra kick. The Bacon Salt Sampler is available in a package with four different flavors.
Prices Vary

Original Bacon Spread

Wish there were a convenient way to put bacon on even more foods? The Original Bacon Spread makes it possible to add bacon to all your favorite foods, even if you are dining on the go. It is perfect on crackers or bread, and can even be used as a vegetable dip.

Bacon Cologne

Look for the perfect gift for the refined bacon lover in your life? Bacon Cologne is ideal for anyone who loves salt-cured meat so much they could wear it! Bacon Cologne is available in Bacon Gold and Bacon Classic.

Zingerman’s Bacon of the Month Club

In search of the perfect gift for a friend or relative who loves bacon? Enroll them in Zingerman’s Bacon of the Month Club. Each month a fresh shipment of a different type of bacon will arrive at their front door. Memberships are available in three and six month installments.
Prices vary

Microwave Bacon Tray

In the mood for bacon, but not in the mood for the mess? Pressed for time, but still craving bacon’s salty goodness? The Microwave Bacon Tray makes it possible to cook your bacon in a flash, right in the microwave. Best of all bacon cooks up crisp and delicious when you use the tray.
Prices Vary

Bacon Wallet

Need a special place to hold your “bacon”? The Bacon Wallet is perfect for anyone who loves bacon and wants to keep their money organized. It is stylish and fun, and is sure to please any of the bacon lovers in your life. It is as if you folded strips of bacon in half and inserted your credit cards and cash!
Prices Vary

Bacon Playing Cards

Looking for the right gift for the bacon lover in your life? If they enjoy games such as poker or blackjack or rummy, Bacon Playing Cards are a great idea. This traditional deck of 52 cards is exactly like regular cards, but feature pictures of bacon. Play all night, but don’t get upset if you find yourself craving breakfast in the middle of your next poker game.
Prices Vary

Bacon Gift Wrap

Wish you could wrap your bacon in bacon? Now you can. Bacon gift wrap is ideal for any occasion. Realistic images of bacon strips don these wrapping paper sheets. Whether you love bacon or you are giving a gift to a bacon lover, this gift wrap is sure to be a hit.
Prices Vary

Mr. Bacon Action Figure

Wish there were an honest man left in the world? Mr. Bacon won’t let you down. The Mr. Bacon Action Figure comes complete with his own frying pan. He’s bendable and capable of mimicking crispy or undercooked bacon.
Prices Vary

Sir Francis Bacon Peanut Brittle

Love bacon in your sweets? Sir Francis Bacon Peanut Brittle is the ideal treat for you. The mix of salty peanuts, sweet brittle, and bacon makes a great snack any time night or day.

Bacon Candle

Wish your home could smell like bacon all the time, even when your frying pan is not in action? The Bacon Candle is the ideal solution. The bacon candle is in a stylish tin with an image of bacon and offers several hours of bacon scented fun.
Prices Vary

Periodic Bacon T-Shirt

Does your favorite nerd love bacon? Is your favorite bacon over a nerd? The Periodic Bacon T-shirt makes the perfect gift for any science-minded bacon lover in your life. It features the periodic signs for barium, cobalt, and nitrogen, arranged on the shirt to spell out ‘BaCoN.”
Prices Vary

Bacon Tea Towel

Want a bacon theme in your kitchen? Nothing puts you in the mood for breakfast like a bacon tea towel. Whether you are doing the dishes or really cooking bacon, this stylish tea towel looks exactly like a strip of bacon and makes the perfect kitchen accessory.


Love popcorn and love bacon? Wish your popcorn could TASTE like bacon? Now it can with BaconPOP. Each package contains three bags of kosher, vegetarian and vegan popcorn, flavored with the sweet, smoky taste of bacon.
Prices Vary

Jones Bacon Soda

Bacon soda might sound like a crazy idea, but it’s the type of thing we’ve come to expect from the Jones soda company. Jones Bacon Soda is a great mix of salty, sweet goodness that is like drinking a delicious bottle of bacon. This is one of the rarest Jones sodas and it comes in a 12 ounce glass bottle.
Prices Vary

Marini’s Chocolate Covered Bacon

Think the flavors of bacon and chocolate won’t mix? Just ask any state fair enthusiasts, it is one of the best combinations on the midway. Now you can have it any time you like. Marini’s Chocolate Covered Bacon is available in half and one pound packages.

Bacon: A Love Story

How do I love bacon? Let me count the ways… in this book all about bacon. Bacon: A Love Story is all about the author’s love of bacon. Join her in her honoring of one of America’s favorite foods.
Prices Vary

Tac Bac Canned Bacon

Worried you will be without bacon when the apocalypse strikes? Don’t be. The Tac Bac Canned Bacon provides an emergency bacon supply with a 10 year shelf life. The can is filled with nine ounces of fully cooked bacon. Stock up now, in case the Mayans were right.
Prices Vary

Nom Nom Scarves

Stay warm all winter in these delicious-looking scarves. These hand-knitted pieces are perfect for the whimsical fashionista in your life who loves bacon. They are 100% acrylic, machine washable, and measure about 69 inches in length. Scarves feature bacon served with a side of sunny side up eggs.

Nueske’s Bacon Sampler

Looking for a gift for the discerning bacon lover in your life? Nueske’s Bacon Sampler offers great bacon taste in a variety of flavors. It is one of the highest quality bacons available, so you do not have to worry about disappointing a true bacon aficionado. Three pounds of lean bacon, one pound per flavor, is boxed up and shipped straight to your front door.
Prices Vary

Bacon Explosion

What could be better than an explosion of bacon? The Bacon Explosion is a bacon-stuffed, bacon-wrapped Italian sausage. It is available in three flavors: original, jalapeno, and that delicious second-cousin of bacon, cheese. Ideal for holidays, barbecues, tail-gate parties, and when your heart is feeling just a little too vibrant.

Torani Bacon Syrup

When was the last time you cooked your eggs and pancakes, only to realize you were out of bacon? You never have to worry again if you have Torani Bacon Syrup on hand. Best of all, this syrup is also great for adding to beverages. It can flavor coffee and soda, for a truly unusual bacon flavored treat.
Prices Vary

Bakon Vodka

Ever gorged on so much bacon you felt drunk after? Now you really can be drunk from bacon with Bacon Vodka! So many delicious cocktail combinations are available with Bacon Vodka. Spice up your whiskey, create a bacon martini, or whip up a Elvis Presley with Bacon Vodka, cream, and The King’s beloved ‘nanas.
Prices Vary


Tired of having to cook your bacon AND smear your mayonaise on your BLTs? Now you can cut your effort in half with Baconnaise, the bacon flavored mayo. The spread is vegetarian and kosher, so you can share the delicious flavor of bacon with the non-pork eaters in your life.
Prices Vary

The Bacon Cookbook

Bacon is the perfect food and now you can cook with it any time you want. The Bacon Cookbook features more than 150 bacon recipes. Whether you love it for breakfast, fry it up for a sandwich, or sprinkle the crispy pieces on salads, this cookbook will give you tons of ideas for adding bacon to a variety of dishes.
Prices Vary

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