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39 Cute Baby Shower Ideas for Boys – The Best Gifts and Decorations

So, your friend or family member is expecting a bouncing baby boy soon and has invited you to her shower? Now you just need to scour the stores for a cute baby shower gift. From adorable booties to plush toys and even some decorations, this collection of baby shower ideas for boys is sure to provide you with that perfect gift.

The best baby shower ideas for boys.

It's A Boy Superhero Centerpieces

Perfect for superhero themed baby showers, these adorable centerpieces will finish off any table setting and will inform everyone of the gender; if they didn’t already know.


Gerber Essentials Gift Set

Babies don’t need to be expensive. As long as you have the essentials, you’ll be set for those early days. This 19 piece set contains everything a new mom needs.

Prices Vary

Jurassic Dino Mobile

Here is a mobile with a difference. Forget the cutesy bunnies, hearts and stars, this Jurassic themed one will be perfect for your rawr-some bundle of joy.

Prices vary

Letters to My Baby

They say that the days are long but the years are short. Give a new mother the gift of being able to remember those newborn days with this cute letter set.


Pee Pee Teepees

Boy moms don’t tell you that baby boys tend to pee as soon as their nappy is taken off. Use these teepees to contain the pee pee.


Stick'Nsnap Baby Monthly Necktie Onesie Stickers

One day, you’ll look back on those adorable newborn photo and get all the feels. These adorable photo props will help you remember how old your baby was.


My Life Story Begins

If we could, we’d record every second of our children’s lives. That’s obviously not possible but this keepsake book is a great way to capture those important memories.

Prices vary

Gogoshel Baby Shower Decorations for Boy

Creating a wonderful backdrop at a baby shower is important; it’ll create some amazing pictures. This set of baby shower decorations will be everything you need to set an atmosphere.

Prices Vary

Crystal Baby Smile Portable Changing Pad

Have you ever gone to change a diaper and realized that you’d forgotten the wipes? With this portable changing kit, you’ll always have everything you need to hand.


Miso Cute Onesie

Novelty bodysuits are adorable, especially when they’ve got cute puns on. Perfect for fans of Miso, this baby vest will let everyone know how irresistible your baby is.


Superfood Teething Toy

When you hold a newborn, you forget about the challenges later in life. Provide some relief to sore gums when they’re teething with these adorable latex veggie toys.


Blank Canvas Bib

Turn those messy mealtimes into an opportunity for baby to express their creativity. Take this blank canvas bib and see what they can create with their food.


Personalized Baby Keepsake Library

Parents appreciate meaningful baby shower gifts, something they’re going to use for years to come. This personalized keepsake library will remind them of those newborn days, even when their baby is grown.


Vibrating Guitar Grasp Toy

Babies learn through their senses so tactile toys are ideal. This plush guitar toy isn’t just super soft, it also vibrates which will create a new sensation for your baby.


2019 Birth Year Box

In the Chinese birth calendar, each year comes under a different animal. 2019 is the Year of the Pig and this wooden box is a cute reminder of that.


Personalized Baby Blanket

Having a cozy personalized blanket makes a cute keepsake but it’s also a lovely way to reveal the name you’ve chosen for your baby to the world.


Wooden Name Sign

Whether you choose to hang this above their crib or attach it to their nursery door, this wooden sign will be something they can have in their room for years.


Rock On Guitar Mobile

Perfect for a family of musicians, this guitar mobile would be perfect hanging above your baby’s crib. You never know, it could encourage them to play it one day!

Prices vary

Triceratop Booties

Buying shoes for babies is impractical but these super soft Triceratops booties will be perfect for keeping your baby boy’s feet warm on crisp autumn evenings and cold winter mornings.


Hopscotch Milestone Swaddle Blanket

Inspired by the game of hopscotch, taking photos with this milestone blanket is a great way to keep family and friends up to date with how your baby is growing.


Imsmart Newborn I've Arrived Outfit

Babies look absolutely adorable in white, but this clothing set is next level. With a witty bodysuit and deer themed trousers and hat, your little man will look the part.

Prices Vary

Custom Boy Baby Shower Cookies

Practical baby shower gifts are great, but every pregnant mama-to-be will definitely appreciate these 12 custom cookies, perfect for celebrating the imminent arrival of an adorable baby.


Aveeno Baby Essential Daily Care Gift Set

Taking care of a newborn’s skin is a delicate business. With this Aveeno set, the baby can have soft skin while mom pampers herself; exactly what she needs after giving birth.


Taco Dreams Mobile

Hang this mobile above baby’s crib and they’ll dream about the deliciousness that are tacos. Just because they can’t eat them yet, doesn’t mean they have to miss out.


Animal Alphabet Blanket

It’s never too early to teach a baby the alphabet. Use this super snuggly blanket to wrap your newborn in and it’ll be something they can keep for years.


Baby Aspen Four-Piece Gift Set

Don’t know what to gift a new baby? This set couldn’t be more perfect. With a hooded towel, bath mitt and adorable slippers, it provides everything a new mom needs.


Personalized Teether

Teething isn’t fun for mom or baby. Making sure baby isn’t in pain is the most important thing, and this personalized silicone teether will keep his sore gums comfortable.


Pacific Northwest Wool Booties

If you live in a colder climate or your baby is due in the winter months, these adorable booties will keep those cute baby toes cozy while you’re running errands.


It's A Boy Decorations

Having a baby changes your life forever. Celebrate this momentous occasion in your life with a baby shower; these boy themed decorations will finish off your party atmosphere.


Nursery Rhyme Blocks

Do you remember your favorite nursery rhyme from your childhood? This set of 28 handcrafted wooden blocks can be used to tell these rhymes to your own children.


Baby's First Year Memory Book

Scrapbooking is a wonderful way to remember special times in your life. This adorable first year book will provide you with inspiration to remember every moment of your baby’s first 12 months.


Organic Cotton Teethers Veggie Crate

Made from 100% organic Egyptian cotton, these vegetable teethers provide a great sensory experience for your baby. Not only are they super soft but they’re also easy to grip and washable.


Organic Baby Burp Cloths

Every new mom will tell you that having burp cloths to hand is an essential; you’ll need one permanently over your shoulder to catch all of that spit up.


Ocean Drop Designs Muslin Baby Swaddle Blanket

If you ever needed a reminder of how quickly your baby grows up, this swaddle will provide it. With an adorable quote printed on the front, it’ll quickly become your favorite blanket.


Baby Bandana Drool Bibs

Dribble bibs and pacifier clips make a great gift for new moms. This set comes with 4 bibs, 2 clips and even a pacifier case for you to keep them clean.


Sriracha Baby

Perfect for parents who like spice, this Sriracha baby vest will make great pictures. Complete with a matching hat, it’s ideal for babies who have a bit of a kick.


Soft Rock Grasp Toys

This set of three musical themed toys will be a great baby shower gift. Suitable for newborns, these easy to grip plush toys are also great for teething.


4 DIY baby Boy baby Shower Food Ideas

Perfect Punch For Baby Boy Shower

Providing themed food and drink at a baby shower really is the icing on the cake. This DIY blue punch isn’t only easy to make but it tastes delicious too.

Blue Velvet Cupcakes And Finding The Perfect Hue

Everyone has heard of Red Velvet cake, but how about a Blue Velvet? Use this recipe to create a gorgeous colored cake; perfect for a baby boy shower.

Little Peanut Cookie Babies

Simple yet effective, these Little Peanut Cookies would make a delicious treat to have at your baby shower. They’re so easy to make, you could even get your friends to help.

Easy Blue Baby Shower Punch

Blue punch? It sounds like something you’d find at a high school prom rather than a baby shower, but this DIY recipe is so easy to do and it tastes amazing.

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