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33 Useful Baby Gift Sets That All Parents Actually Need

If someone in your life has just given birth, you can rejoice in the fact that you do not have to struggle at all with getting them a gift. This here list contains all of the baby gift sets that you could ever want, so you have all of the choice, with less of the legwork!

Diy Bath Time Baby Shower Gift

Aveeno Baby Mommy & Me Gift Set

From Aveeno Baby comes this ultimate baby & mommy skincare set. Full of essential daily items, you can be confident that the recipient of this awesome gift set will be able to look after both her, and her child’s skin every single day. It even comes with a cool tote bag!


The First Years American Red Cross Baby Kit

Whether it is used on the move or right at home, this gift set from the American Red Cross contains some of the essential pieces of grooming and healthcare equipment that all parents need for their little ones. All 17 pieces of kit are nestled neatly in the convenient carry bag.


Burt’s Bees Baby Sweet Memories Gift Set

Containing only natural ingredients, and approved by doctors, this set by Burt’s Bees would make a great gift for new parent’s everywhere. With 4 delightful baby skincare and bath products included, you can also expect to find a stunning keepsake photo frame that you can lovingly display for years to come.


Bébé Soul Unisex New Baby Gift Set

This new baby gift set from Bebe Soul is the perfect present for the person in your life that has just given birth to a brand new child. With so many exciting and luxury gifts included in the beautiful box, you can be confident in the fact they will adore and cherish it; check it out right here.

Prices Vary

Mustela Newborn Arrival Gift Set

The Mustela Newborn Arrival Gift Set contains everything that a new mom or dad could need to nourish their baby’s skin. From bath products to everyday cleansers, you will find a series of high quality, award winning items that any parent would be lucky to have. A truly great gift idea.


Bubble Bath Time Gift Basket

Bath time is fun throughout life, but it is especially fun when you have a newborn baby to bathe! Every single bath is a new and exciting experience for them; make it especially fun and productive with this gift set that contains anything and everything you could ever want for your baby’s bubble time.

Prices Vary

Baby Milestone First Year Necktie Stickers Sit

Are you on the lookout for that perfect baby shower gift that the new mom in your life would absolutely adore? Look no further than this set of 38 baby milestone stickers. In the shape of neck ties, parents can attach the sticker to their little one’s onesie and commemorate them achieving each milestone in style.

Prices Vary

Baby Aspen Little Monkeys Gift Set

With an adorable plush monkey, a banana shaped rattle, and a ton of other monkey inspired baby items, this beautiful gift basket is perfect for all those parents with new born babies. With all of the presents nestled comfortably in a wicker basket, you really cannot go wrong!

Prices Vary

Safari Bamboo Dinner Set

This dinner set is perfect for all those little ones that don’t like meal times. Thanks to their sturdy and trustworthy bamboo design, children will be able to use the set for a long long time; the best part is, each piece of the dinner set contains a different safari animal that kids will love to look at.


Baby Essentials NFL Newborn Infant Baby Gift Box Set

Have your friends just given birth to a newborn baby? How cute! If they are big fans of the NFL, you can find their team right here and send them a big box of NFL licensed baby essentials that will help kickstart an obsession in their child before its first birthday. They will truly appreciate it.

Prices Vary

Magic Bullet Baby Bullet Baby Care System

Straight from Magic Bullet comes the Baby Bullet. This ingenious baby care system supplies you with everything you could ever need to make delicious and nutritious baby food in no time at all. A great gift idea for parents, it can save money, time and even comes with a recipe book and other awesome accessories.

Prices Vary

Baby Bandana Drool Bibs Set by Dodo Babies

Are you on the hunt for the ultimate gift set that will fill any new mom or dad with joy? If you are, you should definitely take this baby bundle into consideration. With stylish looking drool bibs included, you will also find pacifier clips and even a pacifier case that arrives in a gift bag.


The Brushies Gift Set

The Brushies gift set is the perfect way to look after the baby in your life’s little teeth. As babies grow, so will their teeth; they will be chewing on everything in sight, so they need to be kept clean. This set contains everything needed to help their teething, and begin brushing and cleaning their teeth.


Aquaphor Welcome Baby Gift Set

Aquaphor have been a trusted brand name in baby care for a long time now, and it is easy to see why! If someone that you know has recently given birth, you should think about sending them this gift set that consists of skincare creams, bath products and even a reusable bag. Check it out.

Prices Vary

Philips Avent Natural Baby Bottle Essentials Gift Set

Bottle feeding can be a world of unknown to new parents. With this complete set from Philips Avent, you can give them everything that they need to not only feed their child, but also sterilize, clean and care for the bottles. Take a look in full here and see what you think.

Prices Vary

Mommy’s Helper Nursery Essentials

The Mommy’s Helper nursery essentials kit really is just that; everything that you could need to keep your baby safe and well. Included in the storage case you will find a nasal aspirator, infant gum massager, digital thermometer, medicine spoon, medicine dropper and more! What more could you want?


Babyganics Essentials Gift Set

Parents only ever want what’s best for their kids, right? So if your friend or family member has just given birth, you can start them on the right track by getting them one of these essentials gift sets from Babyganics. The skincare products you find inside are perfect for baby’s delicate skin.


Gentle Care Baby Shower Bath Gift Set

Bath time with your baby is precious, it’s a great time to bond and feel close with your little one. Thankfully, you can get all of the bath products you need in one convenient gift package! Follow the link to check out this set that is all natural and designed specifically for the youngest of bathers.

Prices Vary

Gerber Baby Essentials Gift Set

Babies need a lot of stuff; clothes, bibs, food, diapers; they just need everything! Help the new parents in your life out and grab them one of these Gerber essentials baby gift sets. Containing 19 items you will find: onesies, bibs, caps and even blankets. Definitely worth taking a look.

Prices Vary

Peter Rabbit Naturally Better Classic Gift Set

Childhood is just not the same without the Peter Rabbit books; these delightful works of art have been a firm favorite of children for many many years now. If you know of someone that has a precious little baby, get them this collection of 4 of the best children’s tales by Beatrix Potter.

Prices Vary

Johnson’s First Touch Gift Set

Parents all over the Unites States (and beyond) will have used Johnson’s baby care products in one way or another, they are just so darn good! This gift set contains the essential products that will keep your baby clean and healthy, a terrific gift idea for the new mom or dad in your life.


Burt’s Bees Baby Better Bathtime Basket

The Burt’s Bees Baby Better Bathtime Basket (try saying that with a mouthful) is the perfect way to show the new parent that you know and love how much you care. The included shampoo and lotion is accompanied by organic cotton baby clothing and other awesome accessories, they can even reuse the basket!

Prices Vary

Summer Infant Complete Nursery Care Kit

Kids are no easy investment, they require a lot of care, time, and even equipment! With this complete nursery care kit, you can give one parent all that they could wish for in terms of simple and essential baby care. From a medicine dropper to nail clippers, this kit has it all.

Prices Vary

Aveeno Baby Daily Bath Time Solutions Gift Set

Grab this stunning wicker gift basket and ensure that it, and its contents, make their way into the lives of the new parents in your life. Inside the basket you will find not 1, but 4 baby bath essentials that will keep their little one’s skin clean and healthy!


Cetaphil Baby Sensitive Skin Bath Time Essentials Gift Set

Look after your baby’s delicate and sensitive skin with this baby bath gift set. From Cetaphil’s baby range, this cool set comes complete with wash and shampoo, daily lotion, diaper cream and even an adorable elephant hoodie towel that you just know babies and children will love.

Prices Vary

Baby Dove Complete Care Baby Essentials Gift Set

Dove is a brand we can all trust thanks to the fact they consistently bring out great products that the entire family can benefit from. This particular gift set focuses on brand new skin and has been designed for babies; check it out here if you are looking for a baby shower gift or something similar.


HaloVa Hair Accessories Gift Set

Have you been invited to a friend’s baby shower? Or is there an important christening coming up? Regardless of the reason, this is the gift you will want to take. Perfect for baby girls, this beautiful gift set contains a ton of hair accessories for kids, all tied together nicely in a stunning display box.

Prices Vary

Rattle Teether Set Baby Toys

This brilliant gift set has so many uses, it’s a no brainer. Inside the giant baby bottle you will discover a whole host of brilliant rattle toys that are filled with sensory parts to keep kids engaged and learning. You can even use the rattles as teethers to help them get through that stage of development comfortably.


Baby Healthcare and Grooming Kit

Take a look at this baby hygiene kit if you are looking for a good gift for parents. Nestled comfortably in a cool carry case you will discover all of the baby grooming essentials that one could ever need, along with some other awesome accessories that that they can use to keep their kid healthy and happy.

Prices Vary

Organic Cotton Teethers Veggie Crate

Get them comfortable with eating their vegetables from a young age with these fantastic teethers! Made from organic cotton, these soft and squishy veggies are ready and waiting to be gummed within an inch of their life by your little treasure. Due to their high quality, they will never let you down.


Wooden Baby Hair Brush and Comb Set

Cradle cap can be torturous for little scalps. Using this gift set, you will have everything that you could possibly need to keep it at bay and nurture your baby’s head. With 2 wooden brushes and a wooden comb included, your child’s head will be healthier than ever; take a look right here.

Prices Vary

Johnson & Johnson Baby Travel Kit

Baby gift sets are great, and if you are searching high and low for one, you should consider taking home one of these travel kits from Johnson’s. With all of the classic essential baby care products included, along with toys and other accessories, you will be able to make one parent very very happy.


Ice Cream Rattles

With an adorable ice cream rattle in their hand, your baby will never have looked sweeter. Handmade from organic bamboo yarn, these crocheted cones are a safe and unique way for your child to play; full of bright colors you just know that your baby will never want to put them down.


3 Cute Diy Baby Shower Gifts

Diy Sushi Baby Shower Gift

Find a more fun and exciting way to give the new mom or dad in your life a gift when you head over to the following page. With all the instructions included, you will discover how to create this brilliant DIY sushi baby shower gift that will make them laugh as they appreciate the effort.

Diy Hospital Gift for a New Mom

If a friend of yours has just given birth and is waiting patiently in hospital to take their precious little one home, don’t spend a ton of money, simply spend your time and effort making this awesome hospital gift for a new mom! Find out how right here.

Diy Bath Time Baby Shower Gift

Baby bath times are fun. If you know somebody that has recently entered the world of parenthood you should definitely have a read of the following article. In it, you will discover just how to make a great bundle of bath time gifts that they will love and appreciate. Check it out.

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