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19 Most Epic Artificial Christmas Trees of All-Time (These are Expensive!)

Lights? Check, baubles? Check, tree?… If you are on the lookout for a new, luxury tree for your living room, this is the place to find it. On the following page you will discover a wide selection of truly epic and exciting trees that will make your home look like a winter wonderland this Christmas.

Natural is not always better, as is demonstrated by this list of epic artificial Christmas trees.

SilksAreForever Windswept Pine LED-Lighted Artificial Tree

Are you looking to make a statement with your Christmas tree this year? If you prefer the world of artificial trees to those that grow in the ground, check this out. Realistic in design, it stands at 10 feet tall and boasts 1,750 clear LED lights! Reusable and perfect for any room.

Prices Vary

SilksAreForever Frosted Snow Coral Mini LED Tree

Christmas trees that grow in snowy places might be green, but they appear white. This holiday season, invest in a tree that will last you for years and pick up one of these frosted snow ones. Extremely easy to care for, it comes with a stand and has been covered in stunning lights.


Prugist StNick Flocked Alaskan Unlit Pine Christmas Tree

This 10 foot tall tree comes with no pre-attached lights, allowing you to decorate it in any way that you want to. Seriously beautiful to look at, it boasts 2883 tips, and has been frosted to resemble an Alaskan pine. The stand itself is included, and the entire thing can be reused over and over again.

Prices Vary

Vickerman Teton Artificial Christmas Tree with LED Lights

If you have been searching everywhere for the perfect tree in time for Christmas, you are not alone, and if by perfect you mean that you only want the very best, this could be it. With almost 5000 PVC tips and 2700 energy efficient LED lights, you can thank Vickerman for the smiles this winter.

Prices Vary

Snowy Dunhill Full Pre-lit Christmas Tree

Stunning is an understatement when it comes to describing this tree. Amazing to look at, you will be shocked to hear it is not real! Standing at 9 feet tall, it’s pre-lit and comes with a humungous amount of branch tips that allow for ornament hanging. Fluffy and full, it even boasts a light frosting.

Prices Vary

SilksAreForever Asheville Spruce LED Artificial Christmas Tree

With the stand included, this green Christmas tree looks so awesome, that everyone will think it has been freshly cut. Save time when decorating thanks to the fact that the tree has been pre lit with over 1,000 clear LED lights; it looks real, feels real, and will make your Christmas wonderful.

Prices Vary

Michealboy Eco-Friendly Decorated Pine Christmas Tree

Pine cones and red berries are the type of thing that can be seen growing on Christmas trees in the wild, so it makes perfect sense to decorate your tree with them. Luckily for you, this exciting artificial tree has already been covered in both, and only needs lights and ornaments to be ready for Santa.

Prices Vary

Flocked Alaskan White Artificial Christmas Tree

Snow covered trees are just one of the many things that we associate with the holidays; with that in mind, bring a touch of frost into your living room with this gorgeous tree. Developed by a leading artificial tree manufacturer, you will be getting 10 feet of pre-lit quality!

Prices Vary

Vickerman Slim Colorado LED Christmas Tree

Are you searching for a tall tree to take center stage in your holiday festivities? Great. 14 feet in height, this incredible yet slim tree will grace any home with a warming glow thanks to the 2700 lights that come attached. Simple yet stylish, it will look awesome when you decorate it.


SilksAreForever Flocked Artic Pine

Can’t make up your mind on what color you want your Christmas tree to glow this year? Why not choose them all? That’s right, this 12’ white Arctic pine tree features 750 lights, all of which can change color. Use the different settings to find out your preferred color and mode and enjoy your winter.


Vickerman Flocked Alaskan Lighted Artificial Christmas Tree

Snow covered trees, what could be better to look at during the winter months? As long as there is a fire crackling away in the corner, looking at this tree will make you feel cozier than ever. At 9 feet tall, this delightful tree by Vickerman is supplied pre-lit and ready to decorate.

Prices Vary

Balsam Hill Vermont White Spruce Premium Prelit Tree

Produced with fullness and realism in mind, it is hard to tell that this 9’ tall tree was not growing in the ground only yesterday. With almost 4,000 branch tips and bright, clear lights included, this tree has been designed to such a high quality that it will be with you for the next few Christmases at least.

Prices Vary

SilksAreForever Deluxe Virginia Pine LED-Lighted Tree

Do you want to make sure that your Christmas tree this year is full of fullness? What about every year for the rest of your life? This brilliant tree looks incredibly real; however, it can be folded away and stored until next year. 10’ tall and pre lit with incredible LED lights.

Prices Vary

SilksAreForever Mariana Fir Lighted Artificial Christmas Tree

Straight from SilksAreForever, this tree requires absolutely no maintenance whatsoever! With a freshly cut appearance, it will sparkle and glow from the offset thanks to the 1,450 included lights. Hang ornaments from any of the 4,128 tips and watch as your tree comes to life each and every year.


King of Christmas Cypress Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree

Standing at 12 feet tall, this artificial tree is epic to say the least. Boasting volume as well as height, this tree looks as traditional as they come and really does look like the real deal. Sturdy, strong and fire retardant, it is just waiting to be erected in your home and decorated with love.

Prices Vary

Balsam Hill Classic Blue Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree

Brought to us by the people at Balsam Hill, this tree is ready to make your festive period more magical than ever before. With the stand included it reaches a whopping 9 feet tall, has been pre lit with tons of lights and offers a LOT of branches for further decoration! Merry Christmas.

Prices Vary

Balsam Hill Stratford Spruce Prelit Artificial Christmas Tree

Do you have a narrow, tall space that is just calling out to become the home of your Christmas tree this year? If so, you may be struggling to find the perfect tree to fit the space. Check out this delightful 7.5ft tree that looks extremely realistic and even comes with accessories.

Prices Vary

SilksAreForever Sparkling Champagne Tinsel Crab LED Tree

Pre-lit and covered in a beautiful champagne tinsel, this sparkling and bright tree is ready to bring you all of the festive fun that you need this winter. Boasting over 2,000 tips, it can hold all of your family’s favorite ornaments comfortably; a truly great buy.


Vickerman Camdon Fir Slim Artificial Christmas Tree with Lights

Towering over other trees on the market, this particular one from Vickerman is over 9 feet tall! With an extensive warranty included in the purchase, this tree will serve your family well for many Christmases to come. It even comes with clear lights already installed.


How to Flock Christmas Trees (3 Diy Tutorials!)

Diy Flocked Christmas Tree

Flocked Christmas trees look great, period. Instead of buying a pre-flocked tree from your local store, why not give last year’s artificial tree a makeover in time for advent? If you do not know where to begin, simply follow the link and read through the instructions.

How to Flock a Christmas Tree

Snow is one of the coolest parts about Christmas. If you would love to bring the snow indoors, you need to flock your tree! That’s right, it really is not as hard as one might imagine; simply grab your artificial tree, a few materials, and use the information you find here to flock away.

How to Add Snow to an Artificial Christmas Tree

Would you love to know how to add snow to an artificial Christmas tree? Who wouldn’t? This fun project is a lot simpler than you might think and is truly awesome. Behind this link you will discover a world of information that will allow you to cleverly add a white blanket to your tree.

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