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20 Thoughtful and Reflective 70th Birthday Gifts

Getting older is such a privilege, and it should be celebrated as such, not just by the birthday girl or boy, but by their nearest and dearest, too. Choose a 70th birthday gift that they would never buy for themselves (so not socks, flowers, chocolates…you get the idea), and get something meaningful that they can look at again and again, long after the candles have been blown out.


1949 British Coin Keychain

This keyring features a genuine 1949 half penny with sailing ship on one side and King George VI on the other, along with a hand-stamped number ‘70’ on a leather charm.


Pop Up 70th Birthday Card

This year, choose a card that’s full of life. Folding flat for postage, once removed from the envelope, ‘Happy 70th Birthday’ springs into place from the center of the card.


70th Birthday Signature Framed Gift

Mark 7 decades with a personalized print which comes, via digital download, with your choice of text on 2 lines, and space for handwritten birthday wishes from family and friends.


70th Birthday Photo Collage Gift

Choose between 15 and 80 special photographs, upload, and receive a digital print of the number 70 made up of all those images, with a couple of lines of text.


1949 Flickback Trivia Playing Cards

With 2 games in one, this deck of cards comes with 52 regular playing cards on one side, and 52 illustrated 1949-related trivia questions on the other – twice the fun!


Pavilion Gift Company Elements Angel

This angel will watch over the birthday girl when she takes pride of place in her home. With birchwood and pewter detailing, this resin figurine displays a special sentimental message.

Prices Vary

70th Birthday Photo Collage

With several delivery options available (digital delivery or pre-printed), this collage uses photos of your choosing to make up the number 70, and is personalized with details of family members underneath.


Hand-Painted Artisan Wine Glass

This wine glass is beautiful and functional, as it holds 15oz. of their favorite tipple, and is hand-decorated with a birthday greeting, glitter, fancy embellishments, and even a cocktail recipe underneath.


Seven Gold Rings Bangle

Simple and elegant, this sterling silver bangle makes a beautiful 70th birthday gift, as it comes with seven 14kt hammered goldfill rings to represent her decades on this earth.


Katie Doodle Back-in-1949 Sign

A lot has changed since 1949, and this poster, printed on cardstock ready to be framed, comes with reminders of music, movies, cost of living and more from 70 years ago.


1949 Birthday Gifts Pack

This birthday pack includes a DVD with news and events from 1949, a CD with 20 chart blockbusters from the same year, and a themed birthday card to complete the set.

Prices Vary

1949 70th Birthday Whiskey Glass

A classy reminder at the end of a long day, this whiskey tumbler shows that older is better with ‘Aged to Perfection’ imprinted on the side, along with ‘1949’.

Prices Vary

70th Birthday Newspaper

Choose from digital download or already-printed, and give the gift of nostalgia to the septuagenarian with this ‘newspaper’ poster that can be personalized with photo and details for a unique keepsake.


Russian Ring Necklace, 7 Rings for 7 Decades

Made up of 7 interlocking rings, this necklace is a delicate tribute to the past 70 years, as each one represents one decade and hangs on a sterling silver chain.


Personalised 70th Birthday Card

You can’t have a birthday without a card, and this one is awesome. With ‘70’ cut out, along with the recipient’s name and lots of stars, it’s understated but definitely eye-catching.


70 Things to Do When You Turn 70

Help someone live their very best life with a book which is chock full of things – in fact 70 of them – to do when they leave their 60s behind.


1949 What a Year It Was! Coffee Table Book

Make a present of the past with a book that is crammed with news, views, music and movies from the golden year of 1949 – it’s the stuff memories are made of.

Prices Vary

Personalised 70th Birthday Necklace

A touching symbol of love, this love knot comprises 7 intertwined and never-ending silver rings, symbolizing not only 7 decades, but also the eternal love a woman has for her family.


70th Birthday Wooden Photo Book

Unusual and rustic-looking, this photo book comes with a choice of black or white pages, and features a truly beautiful wooden cover with ‘70’ and ‘Happy Birthday’ raised on the front.


Happy 70th Birthday Cake 3D Pop-up Card

Looking almost good enough to eat, this fun birthday card opens up to reveal a pop-up slice of cake, decorated with ‘candles’ and that all important number 70.


3 Diy Birthday Gifts

Diy Quick Bread in a Bottle

Delicious and simple, what more could anyone ask? This DIY birthday gift is made up of layers of ingredients for choc chip oatmeal quick bread, presented in a jar with instructions.

Diy Washer Hand Stamped Jewelry

This lovely little project consists of using different sized washers, and hand-stamping them with a special year and significant word to make a personalized necklace that’s truly unique.

Diy Birthday Cake Box

Not only do these little cake slices look sweet, but they can be filled with small gifts or favorite candies to be enjoyed by the lucky birthday girl or guy.

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