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21 Epic 50th Anniversary Gag Gifts Worth Every Penny

If you’re wondering what you can get for someone special to celebrate that big anniversary, but want something a little light-hearted, take a look through this list. We’ve collated some of the finest 50th anniversary gag gifts we could find, all designed to make the recipients smile and enjoy their day a little bit more.

Diy Anniversary Gift

Custom Happy 50th Golden Anniversary Toilet Paper

Golden oldies are often the ‘butt’ of people’s jokes, and now you can take it one step further by giving your favorite old timers a specially embroidered toilet roll. Available in a choice of fonts and colors, you can add the finishing touch to this 50th anniversary gag gift with cellophane and a colored ribbon.


Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right Coffee Mug Set

Whether you are looking for a gift for newlyweds or those who are celebrating their 50th anniversary (or somewhere in between), this set of novelty mugs will raise a few smiles. The his and hers duo feature the names “Mr. Right” and “Mrs. Always Right”, because let’s face it, that’s the way it is.

Prices Vary

Cheers To 50 Years Engraved Beer Pint Glass

Do you have a friend who’s reaching that milestone anniversary, and want to mark the occasion with a keepsake? How about this 16oz glass that comes with the words “Cheers to 50 Years”, so you can raise a toast to the date, and he can drink to it whenever he has a quick pint at home.

Prices Vary

50 Years in and I Haven’t Killed Him Yet T-Shirt

Show someone how much you admire her patience and fortitude as she reaches her 50th anniversary with a gift she can wear. This t-shirt proudly declares “50 years and I haven’t killed him yet” and is available in five different colors and several sizes and fits. We’re slightly concerned about the “yet” though…!

Prices Vary

18, 262 Days Together But Whose Counting Mug

They say maths is good for keeping the brain sharp, and when you’ve been married for 50 years that’s a lot of counting! This minimalistic mug has done the hard work for you and worked out that, on a 50th anniversary, you’ll have been married for 18,262 days – but who’s counting? Available in 11oz and 15oz.


Happy Anniversary Toilet Paper

When you’ve been married for 50 years, there’s nothing else you could possibly need except each other. Celebrate this huge milestone in your married life with a roll of toilet paper that says Happy Anniversary with every wipe! And if you’ve forgotten it’s your special day, you’re going to need every last printed sheet!


1968 Trivia Playing Cards 50th Birthday Anniversary Gift

Test each other’s knowledge about all things 1968 with this fun trivia playing cards set. Featuring questions about music, politics, entertainment, sport, and world affairs, if you’re celebrating your 50th wedding anniversary you might not know the answers as you would only have had eyes for each other back then!


After 50 Years She Still Puts Up With Me Cap

A perfect 50th anniversary gag gift for your husband, this adjustable cotton baseball cap proudly states that after 50 years you still put up with him. It even comes with a sweat band inside to keep him cool on hot days, or when he does, in fact, forget your anniversary!


Still Having a Hoot After 50 Years T-Shirt

Anniversary gifts are owl about the love, and this super cute t-shirt tells the world you’re still enjoying each other, even after half a century. Available in five different colors and a variety of sizes and fits, this tee shows two owls sitting in a tree, K.I.S.S.I.N.G. well, not quite, but you get the picture.

Prices Vary

50th Anniversary Mr Right & Mrs Always Right Mug Set

Show your visitors who wears the pants in your relationship with this pair of mugs. Printed both front and back, his reads “50 years of being Mr. Right” while hers reads “50 years of being Mrs. Always Right”, with the number in gold to reflect the anniversary. Makes a special gift for a special couple.


Love Is Sharing A Roll Toilet Paper

After five decades most couples share pretty much everything, but…toilet roll? This hilarious roll features printed sheets with a ‘his and hers side’ and a dotted line down the middle; after all, love is sharing, right? Makes a great 50th anniversary gag gift for the couple with a sense of humor.

Prices Vary

Just Married 50 Years Ago T-Shirt

If you know a couple who, even after 50 years, act like newlyweds, then you couldn’t find a more perfect anniversary gift for them. In his and hers sizes and a variety of colors, each tee bears the legend “Just Married, 50 Years Ago”. These tees make for a great photo opportunity for any seasoned couple.

Prices Vary

50th Anniversary Couples Coffee Mug Set

Declaring the truth for all to see, this pair of 50th anniversary mugs says what most couples think – that he wears the pants, and that she lets him think he does. Holding 11oz each, these mugs make a great 50th anniversary gag gift for couples who know their place in the family hierarchy.


50 Year Anniversary Funny T-Shirt

If 50 years doesn’t sound too long, how about breaking it down into months, weeks, days, hours, and seconds, instead? These fun t-shirts make great anniversary gifts and are available in both men’s and women’s sizes, and five different colorways, and would make great attire for an informal 50th anniversary party or bbq.

Prices Vary

I’ve Survived 50 Years of Marriage, What’s Your Superpower?

Are you in awe of someone who is about to hit the half century of wedded bliss, and want to get them a gift to commemorate? These t-shirts are suitable for both men and women, and proudly tell the world that their superpower is surviving 50 years of marriage. Perfect for relationship superheroes.

Prices Vary

50th Years of Sharing Coffee Mug Set

For a tongue in cheek 50th anniversary gag gift, these mugs will surely raise a few laughs (and a few eyebrows). His states “50 years of sharing my name” while hers declares “50 years of sharing his wallet”. A little light-hearted fun for couples who have figured out this whole marriage game.


50th Anniversary Greatest Catch T-Shirt

What’s the secret to a long, happy marriage? Separate hobbies, perhaps? If you know an avid fisherman and are looking for a great gift to celebrate his 50th anniversary, then net yourself this tee. Featuring a cute couple on the front holding fishing rods, it tells the world that his wife is his greatest catch.

Prices Vary

50th Anniversary Gift Basket

Look back over the year you got married with this themed gift basket which holds seven items from 1968, making it perfect for a 50th anniversary. Containing a DVD of events, 1960s candies, music CD, postage-stamp coasters and more, for a nostalgic trip down memory lane. Makes an ideal gift for yourselves or for others.

Prices Vary

After 50 Years She Still Puts Up With Me T-Shirt

Show the world, or at least your better half, that you appreciate still being together with this fun t-shirt, stating that after 50 years she still puts up with you. Pull on the tee and bring her breakfast in bed on the morning of your anniversary to show her you remembered, and make her smile.

Prices Vary

Sex After Your 50th Anniversary Book

Raise a few laughs, if nothing else, with this fantastic 50th anniversary gag gift. With a very serious looking front cover, the “SEX After Your 50th Anniversary” book contains totally blank pages, nothing, nada, indicating the state of one’s sex life after that big milestone. It’s a great gag gift and something a little different.


5 Diy 50th Anniversary Gag Gifts

Diy Lots of Kisses 50th Anniversary Gift

Everybody appreciates the time and effort that goes into a homemade gift, which is what makes this 50th anniversary DIY gift so special. By filling a pretty jar with Hershey Kisses, you have an instant gift that can be personalized with gold foil, a label, and gold ribbon for that final touch.

Spooning Since Diy Annniversary Gift

If, after 50 years of marriage, you are still spooning, that’s something to be celebrated! This unusual DIY project will make a gorgeous keepsake (using a couple of spoons, an old frame, and a bit of crafting), that your better half will love to display, and will make you both smile time and time again.

Diy Decorative Document Plush Pillows

If you’re a bit of a dab hand at Photoshop, you can create these superb highly personalized pillows to celebrate not only a 50th anniversary, but any occasion. Marriage license, airline tickets, photographs – all of these can be transferred onto fabric by following these easy steps and made into stunning gifts.

Spooning Pallet Sign

For a handmade rustic looking gift that will grace any home, check out this tutorial for making a Spooning Pallet Sign that celebrates the many years of marriage a couple has enjoyed. Perfect for any anniversary, all you need is an old pallet, wooden letters, a couple of spoons and a few craft supplies.

Diy Anniversary Gift

Follow the ideas in this blog post from The Country Chic Cottage to make a gorgeous anniversary gift, no matter how many years have gone by. Using paper mache numbers, paint, and vinyl lettering, you can even add a ribbon in the corresponding color to really set off this gorgeous gift.

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