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34 Timeless 30th Anniversary Gifts for Your Most Special Someone

Are you approaching a time in which someone in your life is reaching their 30th anniversary? Or are you creeping towards your own? Either way, this brilliantly comprehensive collection of gifts is the ultimate way to find the perfect present that can be given to couples, or as a gift for your other half.

30 years of wedded bliss is something worth celebrating. Mark the occasion with this collection of beautiful anniversary gifts.

Freshwater Cultured Pearl Necklace Set

Every woman needs a pearl necklace, they are simply timeless. This pearl jewelry set is the perfect way to make the lady in your life feel and look special thanks to the necklace, bracelet and stunning pearl earrings that she will find inside the Viki Lynn gift box.


Pearl Wedding Porcelain Bowls

The 30th wedding anniversary has been dubbed the pearl anniversary. If you are searching for an anniversary gift for the couple in your life that have enjoyed 30 years of marriage, you should definitely consider getting them these beautiful ceramic bowls with a pearl glaze inside.

Prices vary

Hand Made Unique Pearl Wedding Shell Art

Personalized gifts are great. If you’re looking far and wide for the perfect celebration present, this pearl shell art frame is the way to go. Handmade, the shell itself showcases a beautifully bright pearl sitting neatly above the text of your choosing. The happy couple will love it.

Prices vary

Tree-of-Life Charm Alexandrite Freshwater Pearl Necklace

Have you and your wife achieved a long and happy 30 years together? Congratulations. However, now comes the hard part…buying her a gift. If you are struggling, you really can’t go wrong with this tree of life necklace that has been decorated with moonstone and freshwater pearl.


30th Pearl Wedding Anniversary Gift Set

Is there a couple in your life that are approaching their anniversary? If they have been together for 3 decades, it’s time to shop for pearl related gifts. This set of mugs are ceramic in construction, and feature the words ‘Pearl Anniversary’ and ’30 wonderful years’.


Spreadshirt 30th Anniversary Matching Couples Mugs

Does your man like to fish? If so, this hilarious gift could be the best thing for him. This 100% ceramic mug showcases the words ’30 years and she’s still my greatest catch’ alongside a fun cartoon image of a couple in fishing gear. Simple, yet something he will truly appreciate and treasure.


Personalized Anniversary Pushpin World Map

If there is a couple in your life that have been married for 30 awesome years and loves to travel, this is the gift for them. This stunning pushpin map of the world can be personalized with their names and the date of their marriage, and allows them to mark everywhere they have visited.


Personalized Cursive Wedding Vase

A vase is never a bad gift, especially when you plan on buying the recipient flowers at the same time. If anniversary gifts are what you are shopping for, you should check this out. Handmade, this beautiful vase features the couple’s names and wedding date in hand written script – beautiful.


30th Anniversary Laser Engraved Libbey Wine Glass

Laser engraved with ’30 Years – Happy Anniversary’, this high quality wine glass is ready to be gifted to the lucky couple. No matter the type of wine they enjoy, this glass will be the perfect place for them to sip and taste the flavor notes of their favorite bottle whenever they want.


Then and Now Pearl Anniversary Frame By Haysom Interiors

After so many years of marriage, it is fun to look at old photos and new to see how you have both changed individually, and as a couple. If you are looking for a special present, this double picture frame boasts diamante encrusted rings, silver text, and the space for a ‘now’ picture and a ‘then’ picture.


14K Gold White Freshwater Cultured Pearl Jewelry Set

If you are about to reach 30 years of matrimony, you will already know that you need to be on the lookout for pearls. Get your loving wife this jewelry set and she will have all of the pearls she could want with a freshwater pearl necklace, bracelet and even earrings.

Prices Vary

Broad Bay Personalized 30th Anniversary Wood Plaque

This awesome keepsake is ideal for the happy couple. If they have been together for 3 decades, it is time for a really thoughtful gift on their special day. This personalized solid wood artwork can be filled with the couple’s names, along with the exact amount of time that they have been married. How cool!


Personalized Tree Throw

If you would like to find a gift for a couple that is a little bit different, this could be it. Delightful and comfortable, this throw showcases a tree trunk and can be personalized with their initials carved into a heart. A simple yet effective way to show their love for each other.


Just Married 30 Years Ago Shirt

If you and your life partner share a similar sense of humor, traditional gifts just would not be fitting on your anniversary. This hilarious t shirt reads ‘Just Married (30 Years Ago)’ and is a fun and lighthearted way to celebrate this brilliant occasion! Available in a range of colors.

Prices vary

Unique 30th Wedding Anniversary Memory Book

Collecting memories together is one of the best parts of being married for a long time. If your third decade together is almost complete, take a look at this cool memory book. Brought to us by Unconditional Rosie, this brilliant book is the place to store all of your memories together, and even comes with stickers.


Two Tone Silverplated Wedding Anniversary Photo Frame

Looking at the difference between pictures of a couple on their wedding day and them now is so much fun. If you know a couple that are reaching their anniversary, pick them up one of these silver plated frames that has the space for a photograph from the day they got married, and today.


30 Years and Counting with a 1988 Quarter and Nickel Keychain

With a 1988 quarter and nickel, this keyring also features an aluminum coin with the words ’30 years and counting’ hand stamped onto it. The quarter and the nickel have also been stamped with cute hearts next to the dates. Absolutely ideal as a 30th anniversary present.


Taking You Back in Time 30th Anniversary Mug

Mugs make great gifts, nobody can deny that! If someone in your life is approaching their 30th year of marriage, this mug takes the recipient on a history lesson and contains a ton of awesome information and trivia from the year 1988. A cool and different anniversary present.


Personalised Pearl Anniversary Plate

This plate truly is stunning. Handmade in Cornwall, England, this plate is made from porcelain and has been finished with a remarkable and unforgettable pearl glaze. The best part is, you can have the center personalized; perfect as a gift for the happily married couple that you know and love.

Prices vary

The Metal Foundry 30th Pearl Wedding Anniversary Sundial

Sundials are beautiful. Their use makes them perfect gifts for wedding anniversaries as they symbolize the time that you two have, and will, spend together. This particular design is perfect for your anniversary and can be hung outside or inside for many many years to come.

Prices Vary

JANECKA Sterling Silver Earrings

These sterling silver earrings should be at the top of your list if you are trying to find your wife the perfect present. The silver disk on each earring has been accompanied by a beautiful freshwater pearl to commemorate the 30 years of marriage you two have shared together.

Prices Vary

30th Anniversary Wood Frame

If you believe that every love story is beautiful, but yours is your favorite, then this wooden and hand crafted picture frame is the ideal gift to buy your other half on your special day. 3 decades together is no small feat, and this frame commemorates it with text and a space for 2 photographs.


Dreamair 30th Anniversary Wine Glasses and Frame Gift Set

This brilliant gift set should definitely be considered if you are trying to find the ultimate present for the happy couple in your life. This truly beautiful clear glass photo frame is presented alongside 2 tall wine glasses, all of which have been hand painted with the words ‘Happy Anniversary’ and the number ‘30’.


30th Anniversary Christmas Ornament 2018

Keepsakes are awesome. If you would like to find the ultimate keepsake in time for your special day, fear not as this porcelain Christmas ornament is ready to go and reads ‘Our 30th Anniversary 2018’. Perfectly glazed to a stunning finish, the recipient will never want to let it go.


30th Wedding Anniversary Cherry Wood Cross

Ideal for hanging on the wall, this cherry wood cross should definitely be in your considerations when trying to find gifts for your special day. With a beautifully worded verse laser engraved onto the cross, along with the occasion, it is ready to surprise and delight the lucky recipient.


LifeSong Milestones 30th Anniversary Wall Plaque

Take a look at this walnut veneer wall plaque if you are on the hunt for gifts to commemorate your many years of marriage. With a loving verse written onto the plaque celebrating your love, this gift is not only meaningful, but also durable thanks to its veneer construction.


Custom Wedding Bowl

Handmade gifts can mean a lot more to the recipient, especially when they can be personalized. Glazed and finished to an extremely high quality, these awesome bowls feature 2 lovebirds holding a scroll with the couple’s names alongside the date that they were married! The kind of gift that will be kept forever.


I Survived 30 Years of Marriage T-Shirt

It is well known that marriage takes a lot of work; instead of buying your other half a traditional gift for the both of you, commemorate your marriage with this brilliantly funny t-shirt just for them. Featuring the words ‘I Survived the 30th Year of Marriage. What’s Your Superpower?’, it ‘s bound to raise a smile.

Prices Vary

30th Anniversary Personalized Decanter

Decanters are extremely useful. This particular decanter holds up to 23.75oz of whiskey and looks truly amazing. When looking for presents for anniversaries, this decanter comes with a cool and stylish etching that can be personalized with the years that the recipient has been married.


Ivory 30th Anniversary Mr Right & Mrs Always Right Mug Gift Set

Simple yet funny, this pair of mugs will make the married couple in your life laugh and smile when it comes to their 30th year together. His mug reads ’30 years of being Mr. Right’ and hers reads ’30 years of being Mrs. Right’. You’ll never know which one actually is right (hint: it’s her!)


30 Years Married Together Garden Flag

Do you have a flag pole in your garden? If not, don’t fret as this awesome flag can be hung from just about anywhere. The white flag itself boasts golden text, and makes a truly unique and special way of celebrating this brilliant occasion with your loved ones.


30th Anniversary Personalized Wooden Sign

Anniversaries are not just about the gifts, they are also about the decorations! This personalized sign is a great way to commemorate this special date, especially if you are having a party. Wooden in construction, it can be customized with the names and date of your choice.


2018 Christmas Ornament 30th Wedding Anniversary

With Christmas around the corner, your anniversary can be celebrated with a brand new tree ornament. Stunning to look at and constructed from ceramic, this ornament reads ’30 years as Mr. & Mrs. 2018’, has a lovely floral design, and will be a regular visitor during the holiday season every year.


Personalized 30th Year Wedding Anniversary Picture Frame

Photo frames honestly make brilliant presents, they are a great way to keep memories forever. This black maple frame has a wonderfully sweet message that will commemorate your years together and can even be personalized to include the names of your choosing! A great way to commemorate a special day..


3 Cute Diy Anniversary Gift Video Tutorials

Diy Monogrammed Wooden Letter Anniversary Gift Video Tutorial

Are you a fan of all things DIY? Perfect, then your gift shopping is over already, as the following video will show you how you can create a lovely monogrammed wooden letter right at home. Simple to make and extremely easy on the bank balance, it would make an awesome present.

Diy Handmade Canvas with Anniversary Date Video Tutorial

YouTube is full to the brim with brilliant DIY tutorials that make gift giving a whole lot easier. If you are interested in creating an anniversary present as opposed to buying one, this video will teach you how to make a handmade canvas that will celebrate marriage in a great way.

Diy Anniversary Explosion Box Video Tutorial

Wow! Extremely inventive, this surprise box really will make a gift that will never ever be forgotten. A brilliant craft project that is both fun to make and fun to receive, you can fill the box with pictures and text to celebrate the happy couple. Follow the link to check out the video tutorial.

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