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100 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him of 2014

Finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for him doesn’t have to be rocket science. Here are 100 of the best gifts you can choose that are sure to light up his face, bring you two closer, or heat things up, and make it a Valentine’s day you won’t soon forget.

The ultimate resource for unique valentine’s day gift ideas for him.

“I Pick You” Guitar Pick Key Chain

For the guitar lover in your life there is no better Valentine’s gift than this guitar pick with the clever saying “I pick you” on it. It’s on a keychain so he can bring it with him wherever he goes, and think of you throughout the day.

Prices Vary

Ultimate Remote

Call a truce to any remote control battles that are going on by getting him this ultimate remote control that lets him take command of everything from one device. It even comes with a smartphone app so that he can use his phone to control multiple devices.


Shark Boat

This boat is the closest he can come too riding a shark. It is designed to skim across the water making him look like something that you’d typically find on Shark Week. It’s a great gift for the guy that loves being in the water and loves to have the latest and greatest items.


Matching Titanium Necklaces

This set of matching titanium necklaces goes together when you are together, and keeps you on each other’s mind when you are apart. Even though these don’t cost very much, they look and feel like high quality jewelry so you can feel good about wearing and giving them.


Pizza Cone Maker

This kit allows him to make pizza cones, a new treat that takes the deliciousness of pizza and puts it in cone form. You get all of the flavor of a pizza, rolled up into a cone so that it is easier to eat with less mess, and a lot more novelty.

Prices Vary

Star Wars Lightsaber Candlestick

If you have been wanting a romantic dinner with your man, this is one way to be sure that you will be keen for one. It takes a lightsaber from Star Wars and turns into a candlestick so your romantic dinner will be lit the way you want it, and he’ll still have fun at the same time.


LoveSac BigOne

This is one of the most comfortable bean bag chairs on the planet, because it is not made using beans, but rather shredded memory foam that makes it contour to your body and always stay fluffy and ready to be sat on. It is oversized so he can jump into it and be totally supported, like being on a cloud.


All Edges Brownie Pan

The reason this makes such a great gift is because it holds the promise of brownies to come. If his favorite brownie is the corner pieces, make sure that he always gets the brownie he likes with this brownie pan that makes brownies that all have crispy edges.

Prices Vary

Hot & Spicy Beef Jerky Gift Cooler

Heat things up for him with this spicy beef jerky package that includes several types of beef jerky in different spicy flavors. This is a great gift for any beef jerky fan, or anyone that likes spicy foods. It comes in a cooler so once the beef jerky is gone he can get some use from the cooler.

Prices Vary

Silver Plated Ballscratcher

Help your man stay sophisticated with this silver plated ball scratcher. This makes a great gag gift for Valentine’s, but it is also practical and he may actually end up using it. It comes in a gift box so it really looks fancy for presenting him with his gift, which adds to the silliness.

Prices Vary

Couple Pillowcases

These pillowcases are extra cute, and they will make a great addition to any bedroom decor. It shows a playful couple talking on a string phone with two cans, just like kids used to play with. It adds nostalgic playfulness to the bedroom.


Flying Hovercraft

Get him this flying hovercraft and you’ll surely go down as the best Valentine’s gift giver in history. That’s because this not only hovers across the surface but can reach heights of 50 feet in the air. This makes it one of the funniest vehicles to drive on the planet, and he’s into adventure sports and adrenaline rushes you can go wrong with this.


Windshield Projected GPS

Help keep his eyes on the road with this GPS device that projects the driving directions right on to the windshield. It makes it so he never has to take his eyes off the road and it doesn’t obstruct his view of what’s going on in front of him. It’s made by Garmin, one of the most trusted names in GPS technology.

Prices Vary

Superman Apron

This Superman apron gives him the appearance of being the Man of Steel and is also quite practical for the man that likes to cook in the kitchen or barbecue during the summer months. If he is your Superman this is a really thoughtful gift that will let him know how you feel about him.

Prices Vary


Here is the adult version of Monopoly that will get the two of you playing games of a different nature. It maintains the same basic premise of Monopoly but with a sexy twist with special cards that have you doing favors for each other, and expressing some of your deepest desires for each other.

Prices Vary

Bed Fan

If he is the kind of guy that gets overheated during the night, get him this bed fan so that he can have better circulation throughout the night and stay cool for sound sleep. It recirculates the hot air that collects under the covers, and dissipates it while introducing fresh air at the same time.

Prices Vary

Smartphone Laser Tag

This smartphone attachment allows you to play laser tag and keep things fun between the two of you. It’s a great way to release some stress and have some indoor fun without anyone getting hurt. It’s just the sort of thing that will help get you through the last few months of winter.

Prices Vary

QuietComfort Noise Cancelling Headphones

Help him get into the zone with these noise cancelling headphones. They are consistently rated some of the best noise cancelling headphones you can buy. They will help him focus on his work, or enjoy his favorite music without outside distractions, adding a level of privacy during his “me time”.


Gameboy Dress

Remind him that he knows how to push all the right buttons with this Game Boy dress. It is modeled to look just like the old school Game Boys that he played with as a kid, but now it has a sexy twist because it fits right onto your curves.


A Million I Love Yous

This book is pretty simple because it literally just has 1,000,000 I love you’s printed over and over again. While it may be a basic concept, you can easily personalize it by writing things inside of it that are special between the two of you. For example you can doctor up certain pages that coincide with important numbers in your relationship.

Prices Vary

Atari Flashback 2

This is a plug and play Atari system that comes preloaded with a bunch of old school Atari games. If he grew up at the time that Atari was super popular he’ll enjoy a chance to reconnect with his youth. Since it already comes games on it he can get hours of entertainment right out of the box.

Prices Vary

KamaSutra Getaway Kit

The premise of this gift is that you two will have to get away for an erotic weekend, so it really is the gift that keeps on giving. Not only will he enjoy opening it in the moment, but it will put his thoughts on the future rendezvous that is in the works.


Fifty Shades of Bacon

This book is a play on the popular 50 Shades of Grey book, but is actually a bacon cookbook that features recipes for how to make bacon 50 different ways. It should combine two of his favorite loves bye putting a sexy spin on one of his favorite foods.


Suit Pajamas

These suit pajamas are ripped right from the scenes from How I Met Your Mother, so he can harness his enter Barney and dress to impress even when he’s sleeping. If the two of you enjoy watching the show, this is a gift he’ll really appreciate and the two of you can share a laugh over.

Prices Vary

Giant Gummy Bear

It might take him a few weeks to get through this gift, because it is a giant gummy there, the likes of which he probably has never seen. If he has a sweet tooth then he will surely love trying to make his way through this. And if you also have a sweet tooth he surely won’t mind sharing.


Couple’s Umbrella

Here’s an umbrella built for two that will keep you both dry in the rain. It is made so that you can both fit comfortably under it and no one gets exposed to the elements. If you’ve ever tried to share an umbrella you’ll realize that it has some major design flaws which this model tries to rectify.


Tie Society Membership

Buying a guy a tie may be a bit passe, but this membership will make sure that they get a new, fashionable tie each month so they are always looking stylish. Rather than just give them a run-of-the-mill tie that you find at a department store, you are giving them a tie that has been selected by fashion experts to represent what is currently in fashion.


Mr. Beer Brewing Kit

If your guy likes beer, he will definitely enjoy brewing his own batch from the comfort of home. Mr. Beer brewing kits are some of the most popular out there, and for good reason. The consistency you get with a Mr. Beer brewing kit is pretty much untouchable as far as getting started brewing your own beer.


Meatball Grilling Basket

This meatball grilling basket lets you bring the delicious flavor of grilled foods to meatballs. Normally meatballs would not be something you could enjoy off the grill, because their small size means they are susceptible to falling through the grill rack. But this basket makes sure they stay nice and secure while getting browned up and cooked throughout.

Prices Vary

The Simpsons LEGO House

The Simpsons LEGO house is sure to become one of the most popular LEGO sets ever released. It features a painstaking recreation of The Simpsons house as well as the main Simpsons characters. It even comes with their famous car, as well as accessories for each character.


Beer Can Track Lighting

This track lighting set is made up of beer cans, making it the best lighting system for a man cave. It is a way of upcycling old beer cans, and you can pick out your man’s favorite beer so he is sure to love it.


Inflatable Floating Island

This floating island lets you relax in comfort with a group of your favorite friends as you float down the river or chill in the ocean. It is designed to hold up to 8 people, giving each person their own personal space complete with drink holders.


Tripod Flashlight

He’ll be able to light up his workspace wherever that might be with this tripod flashlight that shines the light right where he needs it. It features bendable legs that helps it grab onto just about anything so he can put it right where he needs it for various projects around the home.

Prices Vary

AT-AT Bookends

These bookends will conjure up images of Star Wars every time he looks at them. It features the iconic AT-AT walker from Star Wars and can expand to fit even a large book collection. This is a no brainer for any Star Wars fan, especially if he enjoys reading and has plenty of books to hold up.

Prices Vary

Realistic Action Figures

These action figures are made in the likeness of famous sports and movie action heroes and they are made with a realism that hasn’t been seen in action figures before. This means that if you get him his favorite superstar it is going to look just like the real thing and bring out the kid in him.


Zelda Love Card

Tap into his nostalgic side with this Legend of Zelda love card to go along with any other Valentine’s gift or as a stand-alone way to express your love. It features a cute play on words that all Zelda fans are sure to understand and resonate with.


Snow Cycle

If he likes to take part in snow sports he will love going down a snow covered mountain on this snow cycle. It is built to withstand the snowiest of terrain and is made in a way that lets you bike and ski at the same time.


Glow-in-the-Dark Lingerie

Light up the night with this set of glow in the dark lingerie and he’ll never see it coming. You can choose between different pieces, getting just the bottom, just the bra, or both for the complete set. Glow-in-the-dark items have never been this fun before.


White Castle Candle

Here’s a healthier way to let him and indulge in the flavor of a White Castle slider without getting a Crave Case. It is a scented candle that smells like a slider and looks like the box that a White Castle slider comes in.

Prices Vary

Caffeinated Maple Syrup

This syrup is infused with caffeine so there’s no need to have coffee with his pancakes to get the same sort of buzz he needs to get going in the morning. A thoughtful gift for any guy that loves a good pancake breakfast and usually has a cup of coffee to go along with it.

Prices Vary

Pac-Man Stress Toys

These toys are meant to bust stress and look like the characters from the classic Pac-Man video game. The options include Pac-Man himself as well as the ghosts that typically chase him, allowing you to recreate the video game and have them chase him or turn the tables and have him chase them.


Elliptical Bike

This elliptical bike combines an elliptical machine you’ll find at the gym with the thrill of riding a bike. Benefits include the no impact design as well as the ability to be an upright position rather than having to sit for long periods of time on longer bike rides. If he is into running this is a way to cross train without adding impact.


Watermelon Tap

Summer is around the corner and one great way to enjoy it is with this watermelon tap. It takes an ordinary watermelon and turns it into a drink dispensing device. Of course it will add delicious watermelon flavor to whatever drink you pour into it, making it great for serving up for fruity and cold beverages all summer long.


Laser Guided Pizza Cutter

Bring precision to your pizza with this laser guided pizza cutter. It features a laser right on the handle so you can cut right where you want to go and make sure that all of the pieces come out in equal sizes. Say goodbye to the big piece and little piece of pizza on each pizza pie. Pizza equality for all!


The Gentleman’s Guide to Cocktails

If he loves a good cocktail make sure that he knows all he needs to know in order to appreciate it to the fullest. This book is a man’s guide to everything he needs to know about cocktails. This includes making them, as well as enjoying them.


Sushi Rice Cube

Does he love eating sushi? These rice cube makers will turn ordinary rice into attractive cubes that can be made with all different types of ingredients. It’s a fun way to play sushi chef at home and can make for some interesting plate presentations.

Prices Vary

Ron Burgundy LEGO Man

Ron Burgundy is currently getting good reviews in his second film, and now you can get him in the form of a LEGO man. It includes his classic suit, mustache, and hairdo, as well as a classic Burgundy facial expression which makes him so popular.


Personalized Branding Iron

Let everyone know whose steaks and burgers are whose with this personalized branding iron. You can make it say whatever you want it to say, and change it up as much as you want to. This makes it great for special occasions, as well as different events that happen throughout the year.

Prices Vary

Fighter Pilot for a Day

Give him the thrill of being a fighter pilot, even if it is just for a day. This fighter pilot for a day pass gets him up in the air in a real fighter plane, with a real fighter pilot that will take him through a mock combat session. He’ll even be able to take control of the plane and feel what it’s really like to be in a dogfight.


Peep Hole Panties

These panties have a special surprise in the back, a peep hole that lets him see just a little bit more. It is a way to entice his imagination and makes a great Valentine’s Day gift because it’s red and cute and probably not something he’s seen before.


Cooling/Heating Mattress Pad

This mattress pad keeps both of you at the temperature you like. He can keep his side cooler, while you enjoy the warmth on your side. It’s a common problem to have one or more parties unhappy with the temperature under the covers. Fix that problem for good with this dual heater and cooler for your mattress.

Prices Vary

All-In-One Dart Center

This all in one dart center makes a great addition to any game room or man cave and includes everything he’ll need in order to play a round of darts. Guys love playing darts because its a great game to play while having a beer, as it doesn’t require a lot of physical exertion.


Kinetic Sand

Holding this kinetic sand in your hands is a sure way to get addicted to it. It only sticks to itself, and starts moving as soon as you start touching it. If your guy likes sunny beaches but has been corralled all winter long, help him get back in touch with his sandy side with this soothing kinetic sand.



This pizza oven is like a grill that is specially shaped to bake up a pizza. It’s great for outside events, picnics, and any other time you want the taste of a freshly baked pizza without having to turn on the oven. It works great with homemade pizzas as well as frozen pizzas.


M&Ms with Your Picture on Them

You can’t get much more personalized than putting your picture on an M&M. They have it set up so you can purchase colors that are representative of Valentine’s Day, and they’ll have the distinctive taste of M&M’s, which are sure to appeal to any chocolate loving-guy.


Pleasures Cologne

This is one of the most highly rated colognes out there, and it’s great for the guy that doesn’t usually wear cologne, but you think it would be great if he did. The smell is not overpowering like some colognes can be, making it a great choice for anyone that is just venturing into the world of cologne.


Around The World Beer Bucket

Send him on a trip around the world without having to leave the country with this around the world beer bucket. It features beers from different countries as well as accompanying snacks to go with them. If he loves beer, this is sure to be well-received.


Working Man’s Hygiene Kit

It can be tricky getting a guy hygiene products because you don’t want to send a message that he doesn’t know how to take care of himself. But with this kit you are playing it safe because it is paying tribute to the fact that he works hard for his money, and deserves to be pampered.


Ballpark Blueprint

Here’s a gift for the baseball fan in your life, a blueprint of their favorite ballpark. It is a unique way to display the stadium and show that he is a fan of the team. They have a few of the more popular ballparks so it’s likely they will have his favorite team’s home.


Where We Met Puzzle

This puzzle is a map of the place where you first met and includes a heart at the exact location, as well as spelling out “I love you” in puzzle pieces. It’s actually a pretty complicated puzzle because the map looks the same in most areas, so you’ll have fun putting it together together


Monkey Love Popcorn Tins

These cute popcorn tins feature an enamored monkey, so they are a great gift for anyone that is a fan of primates. They also include three types of popcorn so it’s yummy to cuddle up to a movie with, and would be best when paired with his favorite film on DVD.


Final Four Tickets

If he gets into March Madness then there’s no better gift than tickets to the Final Four. If the Final Four is not located near you, you can send him to a qualifying round in a city that is closest to you. This year they will be playing rounds in California, Tennessee, Indiana, and New York, with the championship taking place in Texas.



Help him keep all of his various hairs trimmed with the ManGroomer. This is a gift that will benefit the both of you, as he’ll be properly trimmed and you won’t have to look at errant nose hairs anymore. It can be hard for a guy to keep up with all of that growth, so throw him a bone with this trimmer.


Our Story Love Book

Tell your story the way you want to with this Our Story love book that captures the essence of your relationship and puts it into storybook form. The entire book is completely customizable and includes illustrations to accompany the text that you decide on.


Picnic Backpack

This picnic backpack means you’re always be ready to have a picnic no matter where you go. It includes everything you need to stop under a shady tree and have a picnic just like in olden days. They’ve really thought of everything with his backpack, so you’ll be well-equipped for an unforgettable lunch.


Custom Sexy Coupons

This takes the concept of getting coupons as a gift and makes it look very professionally done. It also allows you to get sexy with the coupons and customize them to your partner’s favorite things. It is definitely a gift that shows you put a lot of thought into it, and also wanted to make it look nice.


Create Your Own Instagram Pillow

This pillow allows you to take the best shots of the year and display them in a comfy way. Round up your favorite Instagram shots from the past year and put them on this pillow that he can have on his couch from now on. It’s a way to keep you in his thoughts when he’s at home by himself, and also fun to snuggle with together.


Little Black Book of Kama Sutra

Perfect the art of lovemaking with this kamasutra book that can go anywhere. It includes many of the positions that you’ll find in the full version of the Kama Sutra but it is in a condensed size so that it doesn’t take up a lot of room. This book should help increase the intimacy between you, which is always fun on Valentine’s Day.


Deluxe Stainless-Steel Grill Set

This grill set is something he’s sure to love if he is the master of the grill in the summer. It shows that you’re looking forward to more of his delicious grilled foods, and will get a lot of use when the weather gets better. It includes plenty of high-quality utensils that are commonly needed when grilling food.

Prices Vary

Energetic Face Protector

Guys need to keep their face looking good and feeling great, and this energetic face protector can help with both of those needs. It includes ingredients that will help provide an energetic feeling after he uses it, and help protect his face against the damaging elements that present themselves throughout the day.


Beer Tasting Set

Did you know that different beers should be served in different classes? This beer tasting set includes an assortment of different beer glasses so that he’ll always have the proper glass to serve up whichever beer he is drinking that day. This is a great gift for any guy that likes to entertain and have a beer with his buddies.


Send Him a Pantygram

Here’s one of the sexier gifts you can get your guy this Valentine’s Day: a pantygram. It involves a pair of panties being sent to your man, along with a sexy note so that he’ll know who they’re from. This is sure to drive him wild so that next time he sees you he will be super excited.


Fogless Shower Mirror

Ask any guy that has tried it and he’ll tell you that shaving in the shower provides the closest shave without irritation because the steam from the shower keeps the skin just right for shaving. The only problem is it’s hard to see what you’re doing because the steam will fog up most mirrors. This fogless shower mirror makes it so he will be able to see everything he is doing.


Manly Man Soap

One way to make sure a guy will appreciate the gift of soap is to get him a soap called Manly Man soap. This is going to help his skin be nice and smooth and clean, with a refreshing scent that you will both enjoy. It can be included with other health and body items as part of a package deal.


Craft Beer and Snacks Basket

These beers will appeal to a guy that is more likely to drink a beer from a smaller-sized brewery rather than one of the largest beer manufactures on the planet. It includes snacks that go along with the beer so that he has something to munch on while he is enjoying his drink.


Charging Phone Case

This phone case doubles as a charger so he won’t have to worry about carrying around a seperate charger in addition to his phone. It of course protects the phone when it is not being charged, and the two prongs come out so that it can be plugged directly into the socket. Genius!


High Performance Snow Sled

If you think your man is too grown up to enjoy sliding down a snowy hill, he just hasn’t had the opportunity to go down a hill in a high-performance snow sled like this one. It may be a bit pricey but when you consider that it is made from high-quality materials and designed for maximum speed, you’ll see that there really is no better sled out there.


Crazy Cart

The Crazy Cart is something that he is is sure to enjoy if he likes the idea of racing go karts since it is a self-powered cart that can drift and do spins and other tricks. It isn’t meant for competitive racing, just for massive amounts of fun which he will surely thank you for.

Prices Vary

Manicure Set In Wooden Valet Box

A well-manicured man is something to behold, and this manicure set is one that he can keep for years and years so that he’ll always have the tools needed to keep his fingernails looking immaculate. Most manicure sets come in a chintzy pouch, so this really raises the bar with its level of elegance.

Prices Vary

Gyro Screwdriver

This screwdriver makes it very easy to perform a task requiring some power, and makes it easy for a guy to get projects done around the house that maybe he’s been putting off. Its small size makes it easier to use than a drill, and in many instances when you need a screwdriver a drill is just overkill.


Infrared Golf Simulator

Help get him through the winter by letting him enjoy his favorite sport without having to go outside. This infrared golf simulator tracks his stroke and predicts what the ball would have done had he actually hit one. It includes the visuals of different golf courses so he can feel like he’s out on the links.

Prices Vary

Roku 3

The Roku 3 is arguably the best way to organize all of your different media on one device so you can stream Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video and Pandora all on your TV quickly and easily. It puts all of these accounts and many more under one remote that can even be controlled by his smartphone.


Whiskey Stones

These keep his liquor chilled without watering it down, and can be used with any beverage he typically drinks on the rocks. It adds not only a level of coolness to his drink, but is also practical, since one problem of drinks on ice is that ice dilutes it and takes away from the experience.

Prices Vary

Personalized Pub Glasses

These glasses can be personalized to create a fictional pub based on his information. This includes the name of the pub, where it’s located, and the year it was established. It makes the perfect gift for any guy that has dreams of owning his own bar, or that takes pride in his bar at home.


Ticket Stub Holder

The great feature of this ticket stub diary is that you can make memories together by filling it up with tickets for events that you attend together. This includes concerts, sporting events, movies, and more, all documented as you go along throughout the year. You can also retroactively add any past events you still have the stubs to.


Crystal Photo

This crystal photo is made from a photo that you upload, so you can choose one that has the two of you in it and it will be displayed in a way that is new and interesting. The photo gets laser etched onto crystal so it is highly detailed and looks great with any decor.


Thinnest Wallet

If you are going to get your man a wallet why not make it the thinnest wallet around? One problem with holding a traditional wallet in your back pocket is that if it is really fat it can cause hip displacement and just be a nuisance. By getting him this thin wallet he’ll be more comfortable.


Sex Panther Cologne

This cologne is pulled right from the movie Anchorman and can be used as a gag gift for your man if you both enjoy the movie. You never know, he might actually end up wearing it and you might actually end up liking it, even though in the movie the scent was far too powerful to be taken seriously.

Prices Vary

Man Crate

A Man Crate is specifically designed to appeal to the senses of a guy. It doesn’t include any frills or fancy packaging, and includes items that guys are sure to love. It’s like sending your guy a gift box or a gift basket, but one that he would design himself if he was so inclined, and not something that he’ll be offended by.



The Skatecycle combines skateboarding with a bicycle and is something that he will surely enjoy if you enjoy if he likes skateboarding but has outgrown it. It allows you to do tricks the same way that you can with a skateboard, but because of its unique design it creates a different feel than a skateboard does.

Prices Vary

Beer Scented Candle

Here’s a candle you both can agree on because it smells like beer so he’s sure to like it, and it provides the candlelight glow that you are looking for. This is something that you’ll want to get for a guy that is a bona fide beer lover, and it can be used to add the right mood lighting too his bar area.

Prices Vary

Classic Flask

You can’t get much more classic then this classic flask by Stanley. It looks like it is has been pulled from an old time movie where the main character would take swigs from a flask. It is well-built just like things used to be back in the day, and is great gift for a guy that likes to keep his favorite liquor handy.

Prices Vary

Fitted Baseball Cap

When it comes to baseball caps nothing compares to having your own fitted cap from your favorite team. It is sized just right to fit your head and you don’t have to worry about your hair sticking through the little hole in the back.


Dollar Shave Club

This is the real deal when it comes to getting great razors at an even better price. If you’ve ever heard your guy complain about the high cost of disposable razors, this is the solution. He’s probably heard about it but hasn’t tried it, so surprise him with a subscription and enjoy his smooth face.


Sexy Truth or Dare

Take truth or dare in a sexy new direction with this game. It involves drawing sticks so that there is an element of randomness to it, and anyone could get stuck with a sexy truth, or even sexier dare. A fun way to liven up any night, and way better than watching reruns on TV.


Twist Candlestick

Most guys won’t really love getting a candlestick for Valentine’s Day, which is why you’ll want to complete the package by cooking his favorite meal to be eaten by candlelight under them. You can present these with the meal, or include a note letting him know what is on the way.


Men’s Health Subscription

Keep your man healthy and fit by getting him a subscription to Men’s Health. Not only does it show him the latest foods and workouts that will help him get or stay lean and in shape, but they include pointers on how to satisfy a woman, so it’s a gift that pays dividends month after month for you both.


24K S’mores Hearts

Each of these S’more hearts is outfitted with a piece of gold, making them one of the most delectable gifts out there. They’re also delicious, combining all of the elements of S’mores in one chocolate-covered package that you can enjoy together along with a glass of champagne this Valentine’s Day.



A Mantry subscription makes sure that your man is eating right throughout the month by stocking him up with high-quality foods that guys will appreciate. If you know he is somewhat challenged by the task of keeping his cupboards stocked with good food, this is the gift to give.


Back Hair Shaver

Consistently rated one of the best back hair shavers you can buy, this will help your guy reach those hard to reach places on his back and shoulder so that he can be smooth all over. If you’re tired of helping him shave his back, give him some autonomy and still enjoy that same smoothness.


12 DIY Valentine Gifts for Him

Date Night Jar

Never run out of date night ideas again when you give him this jar full of them. He’ll love that you’ve taken the time to think of some great things for you guys to do, and it will load you up for months of fun times together.

Photo Strip Valentine

Present this photo strip valentine to your sweetie and he’ll really appreciate that you took the time to make something really special. They also show you how to make a cute heart box for it to go in to give to him.

Embroidered Geometric Heart

This is a neat looking geometric heart that tests out your embroidery skills. When it’s all finished it is something he’ll be able to keep in his office. Perfect for left-brainers like accountants, engineers, and architects.

Sharpie Plate Love

Show your love with this plate that’s decorated with a Sharpie pen. It reads Love actually is all around, and is a reminder that when you’re with the man of your dreams you find love everywhere you look.

DIY Love Art

This is a nice piece of art that he can hang on his wall at work, or that you can keep in the bedroom to remind each other of the love you share each day of the year, not just on Valentine’s Day.

Heart Bow Tie

This bow tie will make him look extra sharp when you go out for a Valentine’s dinner. It is simple enough to make, and with its pink color and white hearts it’s a subtle nod to one of the romantic days of the year.

Venn Diagram Love

This is a great symbol of love for the brainy guys out there. They’ll be able to recognize it’s a Venn diagram, and that where the two circles intersect that represents you two together, and that means it’s love.

Nerdy Love Candy

Get nerdy with this Nerd candy Valentine and your man will think it’s cute. You take Nerds and put them in the tubes, and then affix the printable Nerdy Luv sign on the top which is spelled out of elements from the Periodic Table.

Faux Wood Candles

These candles aren’t actually made of wood, but they look like they are. They are just the ticket for some mood lighting on Valentine’s Day night, and you can reuse them again and again throughout the year as well.

Valentine Garland

Decorate his workspace with this Valentine garland that features different tones of hearts all in a row. The trick is that you get paint chips from the local paint store, which is how they created the gradient effect on this.

Crochet Heart Pillow

Crochet him a heart pillow and he’ll have something to snuggle with on nights when you can’t be together. This is a cute pillow that can be made into any color you want simply by choosing your favorite color of yarn.

Mini Instagram Photo Book

Take all of the pictures you’ve taken together this year and make a mini photo book out of them. It’s the perfect size for using all the pics in your Instagram account, so you’ll have no trouble making it look perfect.


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