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44 Coolest Tech Gadgets of 2014

As technology improves, the gadgets get better and better. The theme this year seems to be getting the most out of the pre-existing WiFi in your home, and integrating with your smartphone in creative and ingenious ways. Check out some of the clever things they’ve come up with for 2014.

44 Coolest Tech Gadgets of 2014


The Brewbot blends technology with craft beers, allowing you to keep track of the condition of your beer using a smartphone or tablet. From the recipe to the brewing process you’ll be able to control every step by tapping buttons on your phone. Now that’s a piece of technology we’re happy to toast to. Cheers!


Aura Breathalyzer

Bring this piece of tech gear with you when you’re out on the town. You can have a good time and still stay within the legal limits, and this little device can be a life saver. Literally. It’s a handheld device that can give you an accurate reading in just a few seconds so you can do a quick check and get on with your night.


August Smart Lock

This is the lock of the future, available today. It lets you lock and unlock your door using your smartphone, no keys needed. It can also be set to automatically lock if the door has been shut but not locked. You can let the people you want in, just by using your phone.


Sigmo Voice Translation Device

Bring this gadget with you the next time you’re in a situation that would have typically left you lost in translation, and it does the job of translating for you. It works both ways, both listening to a language you don’t understand and interpreting it for you, as well as changing what you’re saying into the language you need.


Fitbit Force

You wear the Fitbit Force on your wrist just like a bracelet, and it does the rest. It will track all of your activities throughout the day, and then establish the quality of sleep you’re getting at night. All of this data is presented on your phone or computer so you can analyze what makes a good day and a good night’s sleep.

Prices Vary

Nanoleaf LED Light Bulb

This may be the most energy efficient light bulb on the planet, and it’s designed to give off the same amount of light as a 100 watt bulb, but with far less energy consumption. It might not be the prettiest thing to look at when it’s off, but when it’s doing its job it flat out works.


Dark Energy Reservoir

Finally, an answer to all of your charging needs while on the go. Today’s smartphones can do just about anything, but not if they don’t have a charge left. This is a way to have a backup supply of juice so you can get the things done that you need done while out and about, and without needing to be tethered to a power outlet.


Oree Board Keyboard

High tech meets wood slab with these portable keyboards by Oree. It’s made out of one piece of wood, and can be customized so that the letters are placed where you need them, and you can even change the type of wood used. It connects wirelessly using Bluetooth so you’re good to go in just a few seconds.


Nest Protect

Nest got it’s start making smart thermostats, and now they’ve revolutionized smoke detectors. With features like being able to wave off an alarm, and having it give you a signal when the batteries are low instead of a chirp, there’s really no equal in this domain. It also monitors for carbon monoxide so you’ll always have peace of mind.


Helios Bike Bars

Helios bars automatically give your bike a serious upgrade into the 21st century. You’ll finally have GPS on your bike without having to figure out a way to strap your smartphone to your handlebars. It comes with a headlight built right in, and you can even track your bike in the event it gets stolen.


Jet Surf

Jet ski meets surf board with Jet Surf. This allows you to take your surfing to the next level. You won’t need to spend time paddling yourself out to the waves. With this you can go meet the waves wherever they are. Once you do catch a wave you can blast right through it or over the top of it with the built-in motor.


Nymi Heartbeat Wristband

Wearing the Nymi wristband uniquely identifies you to all of your devices around your home. They’re mission is to make it easy to access all of your things, and harder for others to access them because it identifies you by your unique heartbeat. No more passwords and log-ins is just the start.


Brunton Hydrogen Reactor

You won’t need a power outlet to charge up this unit, as it serves as its own hydrogen reactor, using hydrogen fuel cells. This can allow you to keep things charged for several days, making it great for emergency kits, camping trips, and survival situations.


Bose SoundTouch

Now you can have the sound of Bose all linked throughout your house via your WiFi signal. You can set it up so that all of the speakers are playing the same thing, or each room has its own tunes. Best of all it’s handled through an included free app on your tablet, smartphone, or computer.


Libratone Loop Speaker

Put these speakers wherever you want. They’re circular, flat, and hangable. They also include a stand so you can put them on any desk, shelf, or other open space. Put them wherever you want the sound to come from. They come in plenty of different colors to coordinate with your existing decor or to stand out.


HP Chromebook 11

The Chromebook only runs Chrome, no Windows required, but you won’t miss it because you can get a ton done using just Chrome and the Google suite of services. All of your files and documents are stored in the cloud, and this computer boots up in just seconds, and wakes up from sleep instantly. It’s slim and light and has a full keyboard so you can use it every day.


Stir Kinetic Desk

Here’s a desk that actually helps you be more productive and enjoy your work time more. It’s infused with plenty of features that ordinary desks just don’t have, including the ability to raise and lower itself so you can break up long periods of sitting with standing work sessions. The desk is actually learning from you, seeing your patterns and making recommendations.


SenseFly eBee Drone

Here’s a way to get super technical while in some of the most challenging terrain out there. These drones will soar above whatever you want and bring back detailed aerial photos so you can see what lies ahead. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to be able to make your own 3D models and maps, or fly a drone, this is for you.


Marshall Stanmore Speaker

This is the classic Marshall speaker you’ve probably seen at concerts or on TV being used by bands. It’s been modernized with new technology, but given that retro look so that it looks great in your home, and sounds great to your ears. It connects wirelessly with Bluetooth, and is also set up to accept multiple audio sources.


OSKAR Humidifier

Here’s one of the most stylish humidifiers out there, and one of the more technologically advanced as well. It has two different output levels and is able to emit fragrances into the air as well as humidify the room. Keep in mind that this is an evaporative humidifier.


Greyp Bikes

This bike bills itself as being like a motorcycle for times when you need that power and function, and like a bike when you just want to pedal. This is loaded with tech, like being able to start it with your fingerprint, and having an LED screen that gives you all of the information you could possibly want about the bike and your ride.


Kapture Audio Recording Wristband

Talk into your wrist just like in futuristic movies of old. This recording wristband makes it easy to give yourself a memo, just tap and start talking, and it will do the rest. You can access the saved files on your smartphone, making it easy to keep them organized and play them back.


Jawbone Mini Jambox

This wireless speaker is portable enough to go with you wherever you go, and powerful enough to sound great. Give your mobile devices a big boost and hear better quality sound from Pandora or Spotify, even when you’re not at home. It connects wirelessly to your phone so you don’t have to worry about setting up cords or wires.


Oree Touch Slab

Here’s a trackpad made from wood that lets you get rid of the mouse. You just slide your finger along the trackpad like you would any other. The only difference is that it is made with wood rather than plastic, so it looks great and should last over time.


Pure Fix Glow Bikes

Be seen during night rides with these glowing bike parts. You can have it so the wheels glow, or the frame glows, or both. No matter which way you go with, you’re sure to be seen when you’re out after dark. More effective than putting a light on your bike.


Google Glass

Google Glass represents a new way to see the world, by putting the convenience of Google right in your field of vision. It gives you the answers you need right when and where you need them, allows you to take pictures and video of what you’re seeing, from your point of view, and lets you hang out with people in your circles all hands free.


Ring Clock

Want a watch but don’t want to use up the wrist space? Here’s a way to get the time presented to you in circular format on a ring. The time only gets displayed when you rotate the ring, so it doesn’t stay on the whole time. When it is activated you simply look down and see the time just like with a watch.


theQ Camera

This camera is designed to bridge the gap between taking photos on your camera and having to transfer them to social sites. It automatically uploads your photos as you take them, so you won’t have any lag time. It also helps you take better pictures by accounting for different lighting. You can store your images in the cloud as well.



The SkyBell is a doorbell that uses the WiFi in your home to make it one pretty smart doorbell. It can see in the dark, doesn’t use any batteries, gives you pictures and video of who’s outside, and is built to withstand the elements. It’s all kept secure so only you have access to what your screen shows.


Garmin VIRB Elite Camera

Take shots in HD no matter where you go and no matter how extreme the sport is with this camera. It’s GPS enabled of course, and comes from one of the most trusted GPS companies around. It’s equipped with a long-life battery so you won’t have to worry about running out of juice in the middle of doing something cool.


Intuos Creative Stylus

Interact with your iPad like never before with this stylus that lets you draw as if you’re using a real pen or marker. It connects via Bluetooth right to the tablet, and gives you a feeling like no other stylus you’ve tried. You can get creative like never before, then refine things on your computer if needed.


Impossible Instant Lab

This is using a technology that’s been around since the days of Polaroid cameras, and applying it to today’s smartphones. You connect it to your phone, pull up a picture that you want a hard copy of, and it spits out a photo that develops while you wait. Fun for printing off your favorites without having to leave the house.


Range Smart Thermometer

Having a reliable thermometer in your kitchen will make you a better cook, and this high-tech version means you’ll be on the cutting edge of culinary awesomeness. It not only gives you very accurate and easy-to-read temps, it stores the readings so you can replicate your best efforts again and again.


Beddit Sleep Tracking Device

Find out how well you’re sleeping so that you can fine tune the process. Fall asleep faster, stay asleep through the night, and feel more refreshed in the morning by following the advice it will give you once it monitors your sleep patterns over time. You don’t have to wear anything while you sleep, it attaches under the sheets.


Trace Action Sport Monitor

By taking this device with you during your sporting excursions you’ll be able to track yourself accurately and see meaningful data you can use to improve your performance. The unit itself is waterproof, shockproof and made to take a beating so you can free your mind and focus on what you’re doing.


WeMo Light Switch

This smart light switch is connected to the WiFi in your home which enables it to be controlled using your smartphone. This means you can turn your lights on and off just about anywhere you get service, and it makes the light highly programmable so that you can have it turn on and off at certain times of the day or night.


Canary Home Security Device

The Canary is meant to act as a house sitter and let you know if there’s anything happening that you should be aware of. It lets you know if it detects motion inside your house, and can even alert you if there’s a sudden temperature change. It even lets you check in on your home by giving you a live visual.


Reebok Checklight

With all of the attention being paid to athletes and concussions, the Reebok Checklight system is designed to monitor and analyze the amount of impact being experienced by a an athlete as they’re performing. This can help prevent serious injury and make the athlete safer.


Waterpik Showerpik

This could be a real timesaver, and there’s really no better place to use a Waterpik than the shower, as it can get a bit messy when used at the sink. It has the features you’d expect from the leader in water flossing technology, but in a waterproof casing so you can floss your teeth while showering.

Prices Vary

Garmin Head-Up Display

Finally, a way to see which way you’re heading without taking your eyes off the road. They pull it off by projecting the screen up into your field of vision so you can see which turns you need to make, and how many miles or feet there are until your next turn.


Tile Tracking Tags

Tile tags are sure to be the Next Big Thing, even though they’re pretty small. You stick them to whatever you don’t want to lose, and it provides trackability to whatever you can dream up. Popular items would be backpacks, laptop cases, purses, and luggage. It lets you find it using GPS and even tells you when you’re getting warmer.


Ziphius Aquatic Drone

The pool will never be the same once Ziphius takes a dive into it. It is a drone that you can control underwater. It can play games and can really zip through the water. There are apps included to make sure that you have fun with this. It’s sure to be a hit this summer.



Here’s one of the most high-tech power tools on the planet. You can operate it using a smartphone, and it is designed to be professional grade. It can cut lines, cut holes, and will come with apps that have instructions for projects you can complete using it. It should make things more safer, and allow you to finish projects more accurately.



The Scrooser is gearing at giving the Segway a run for its money. It is designed like the an oversized scooter, but this one has wide wheels and is motorized, making it easy to get around without a lot of effort. They say you can navigate down sidewalks, or use the bike lane and cruise up to 15mph.


10 DIY Gifts for Different Gadgets

Foxy iPad Sleeve

Keep your iPad safe and look foxy at the same time. Literally. This foxy iPad sleeve is too cute, and although you might not want to take it out in public, it makes a great holder for your iPad when you’re at home.

Turtle Screen Cleaner

Keep the screen on your smartphone or tablet nice and clean with this turtle screen cleaner. It will help your tech gear stay nice and smudge free so that you can see the screen more clearly and have a better experience with it.

DIY iPad Stand

Prop up your iPad and other tablets in just the right angle with this DIY iPad stand. It’s great when you’re in the kitchen and want to keep an eye on the recipe in just the right location, or when you’re reading and don’t want to hold it.

How to Make a Tablet Cover

Here’s a great designer tablet cover that will protect your Kindle, iPad, Nexus, or other tablet from harm. It not only looks great, but you can custom fit it to your specific gadget so that it will fit nice and snug in there.

Crochet iPhone Case

Knit this iPhone case and you’ll have a cute little pouch to hold your phone and keep it from getting scratched up in your purse or pocket. Because you’re knitting it from scratch it doesn’t matter which model you have, you can knit it to size.

Eiffel Tower Smartphone Cover

This smartphone cover is for those that wish they were Parisians, as it features the Eiffel tower and a heart, expressing a deep love for Paris. It keeps your smartphone safe from harm and shows everyone you’re a Paris fan.

Prop Up Tablet Case

You can keep your tablet encased and at the same time prop it up with this two in one tablet case that also acts as a stand. Great for watching movies in bed without having to hold the tablet the whole time.

DIY Smartphone Extender

Take better pictures with your smartphone when you go to do a selfie. This smartphone extender is the next best thing to asking someone to take a picture of you. No more outstretched arm and big faces in your photos.

Leaf Phone Case

This phone case has an all-natural or eco-friendly look to it because it has a leaf on the side of it. Great for all types of tech gear, including a wide assortment of smartphones and phablets. Perfect for the nature lovers out there.

Wearable iPhone Case

Take your iPhone with you wherever you go because you’ll be able to wear it on your person. It’s better than having a case that you have to try to fit in your pocket, and always keeps your phone right where you need it.


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