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39 Unique 10 Year Anniversary Gifts – One-of-a-Kind Gifts for Him and Her

This list has some incredible suggestions for 10 year anniversary gifts that feature many personalized, thoughtful, artistic options that are sure to become family heirlooms. From custom wall art and hand-thrown pottery to traditional wood carving and time-honored hand stamping, there is a special gift here for every happy couple.

10 Year Anniversary Gifts

Personalized Wine Barrel

If you are looking for some unique 10 year anniversary gifts, and happen to know a couple who enjoys wine, delight them with this handcrafted, personalized wine barrel. The beautiful, white oak cask looks great on display and the custom name, date, and message will make it a gift they will treasure forever.

Price varies

Stars Align Personalized Wind Sculpture

When the stars align, great unions are formed. Celebrate that special anniversary with this beautiful handcrafted wind sculpture than can be personalized with the couple’s name and anniversary or wedding date. Perfect for hanging on a porch or patio, the starry eyed lovers will cherish their private kinetic universe.


Leaf Carving Custom Wedding Bowl

Give an anniversary gift they will cherish a lifetime with this elegantly extravagant wedding bowl. Each unique item is a hand-thrown, custom bowl beautifully detailed with leafy imagery and hand-drawn personalized text of names and dates. This heirloom piece will stand the test of time, just like the love they share.


Personalized Porcelain Faux Bois Mug Set

Let the happy couple curl up together with a hot cup of coffee using these special handmade mugs designed to look like wood, and decorated to represent the time-honored tradition of tree-carved initials. Each mug features a “carved” heart and arrow with the recipients’ initials, and the wedding or anniversary date.


Personalized Horseshoe Heart Trivet

Hand-forged with the strength of an epic love affair, this beautiful, horseshoe, heart-shaped trivet is personalized with the couple’s initials and date. Using real horseshoes for good luck, these heirlooms-in-the-making are lovingly created in the old world tradition by a professional blacksmith. The happy couple will treasure this gift for years to come.

Price varies

Personalized Anniversary Pushpin World Map

Oh, the places we will go together… give this beautiful, push pin, world map to a couple whose love for each other is only matched by their love of travel. From their honeymoon, to anniversary trips, and those family vacations in between, they can use the 100 included push pins to map their eternal love.


Anniversary Serving Tray

This anniversary serving tray is the perfect gift to celebrate old-fashioned “true love.” Designed to represent a forest, lovers can express themselves in the time-honored tradition of “carving” their initials on a tree. The two lovebirds resting on one of the branches will remind them why they fell in love in the first place.


The Personalized Anniversary Journal

As time goes by, the anniversary couple will appreciate having this personalized journal with pages to record up to 60 years together – after that, they might need to get a second journal! It comes with photo pages, writing prompts, and a memorabilia pocket to store tiny items like a pressed flower or theater ticket.

Price varies

Personalized Wedding Bowl

Give a one-of-a-kind gift that they will treasure forever with this handmade wedding bowl. With two pattern choices – fern or wave – 8 color choices, and up to 60 characters for names and dates, this bowl will become an instant family heirloom, handed down for generations. Be a part of their history with this special gift.


Wishing Wall

This unique “wishing wall” is a gift that keeps on giving. Set it out at an anniversary reception so guests can write wishes on the colorful slips paper, then roll and tuck them in the holes. It can also be used again for other celebrations and makes a colorful piece of art all the time.


LifeSong Milestones 10th Wedding Anniversary Wall Plaque

This beautiful sentiment is a wonderful choice when selecting 10 year anniversary gifts. Did you know that 10 years of marriage is also 120 months of hugs, or 521 weeks of laughter, or 3,652 days of patience or 87,650 hours of love? Now they can be reminded every day of the gift of their love.

Prices Vary

Latitude Longitude Bracelet

Give a gift she will treasure with this hand-forged silver bracelet custom stamped with the latitude and longitude coordinates of a favorite place. Perhaps the location of the wedding, or honeymoon, or favorite place visited together. And if you don’t know the coordinates, just supply the location and they’ll take care of it for you.


Voice Art Song Sound Wave Art

Give a totally unique gift that the happy couple will cherish – a personalized sound recording of their voice, favorite song, or other meaningful sound – like ocean waves – printed onto a brushed aluminum panel. This beautiful piece of art is a wonderful conversation piece and will be treasured forever.

Price varies

T-HAOHUA Anniversary Photo Album Scrapbook

This vintage-inspired scrapbook is emblazoned on the cover “Our Adventure Book” making it ideal to hold photos and other mementoes from a couple’s travels together. Perhaps they will use it for a honeymoon or anniversary trip. This book has 40 double-sided pages and can hold up to 160 photos.


10th Anniversary You Are My Rock Gift

Looking for something totally unique for an anniversary gift? How about a solid metal, polished rock engraved with the words, “You are my rock” and the number of the anniversary? This is a lovely item to be cherished by the recipient as a conversation-starter, art piece, or even paperweight.


Willow Tree Anniversary

This Willow Tree anniversary sculpture is a hand-painted resin cast of the artist’s original carving, and will instantly become a treasured family heirloom. On the back of this classic figurine are engraved the words, “I love thee,” along with two kissing doves. You are sure to delight the anniversary couple with this gift.


Personalized Ten Year Anniversary Frame

This beautiful maple, ivory frame is engraved with a sweet sentiment about the love shared over ten years of marriage and can be engraved with the couple’s names. It holds one 4X6 inch photograph and is designed for either hanging or tabletop display. This makes a lovely and thoughtful keepsake for the happy couple.


Ten Years Down Burlap Print

Select this unique burlap print for a lucky couple’s 10 year anniversary with the sweet message, “10 Years Down, Forever to Go” which you can customize with the couple’s names and anniversary date. You can also choose from three different colors on the heart. You can feel confident that your gift will be cherished forever.

Price varies

Love Is Art Kit

Make art not war with this artistic, abstract “love project.” This kit comes with a 4.5’ X 3.5’ cotton canvas and non-toxic black ink to body paint a custom, intimate art project that only the two lovers can truly appreciate. It also comes with plastic sheeting, disposable slippers, and a body scrubber for helpful clean-up.

Price varies

Intersection Of Love Photo Print

Commemorate the moment your paths first crossed with this “Intersection of Love” print personalized with street signs reflecting the names and important dates of the couple. You can also decide whether you want a cheerful blue sky background or prefer a classic black and white photo, and there are a variety of framing options available.

Price varies

Willow Tree Promise

This Willow Tree sculpture is a hand-painted resin cast of the artist’s original carving and will instantly become a treasured family heirloom. Featuring a young couple engaged in an intimate embrace, you are sure to delight the anniversary couple with this gift. The enclosure card reads, “Hold dear the promise of love.”


Anniversary Wine Box

You will instantly become the anniversery couple’s favorite person when you give them this beautiful, handmade and hand carved birch wood wine storage box that holds three bottles of wine. With a tree trunk background and carved initials, each panel can be customized to present a bottle of wine for future anniversaries.

Price varies

10 Down and Forever To Go Silver Dime Key Chain Gift

This special keychain features a real dime hand-stamped with the words “10 Down” and both your initials encircled in a heart. On the back of the piece are the words “Forever to Go.” Both practical and pretty, this keychain is the perfect spouse-to-spouse 10 year anniversary gift and will remind the recipient of your special day.


Personalized Family Print

Choose this vibrant artwork customized to represent the whole family with up to 12 characters. You can choose hair color and skin tone to create an image of your one-of-a-kind brood and you can even include the fur-babies with dog and cat art. This piece will be loved by the whole clan.

Price varies

MuralMax Personalized Couple Family Tree

This stretched canvas wall art features a graceful tree with up to 12 birds perched on the limbs to represent the number of people in the family. Then add a last name, “Established” date, and select from more than a dozen designer color combinations to give a unique gift that the whole family will love.


Our 10th Wedding Anniversary Picture Frame

This natural wood, custom engraved, picture frame comes with some sweet sentiments about 10 years of marriage and is sure to delight the lucky couple who receives it. It holds a 5 X 7 photo and is suitable for hanging or table top display. This is a gift they will treasure every time they look at it.


10th Year Anniversary Heart Necklace

This beautiful 10th anniversary heart necklace is made of 100% tin, the traditional gift for this anniversary. Subtly marked with the number 10, this rustic, hammered-tin effect is a special way to let your wife know you appreciate her. It comes with information on why tin is the traditional gift.


New York Times Custom Anniversary Book

Give a unique gift cherished by couples who want to celebrate their history together in an interesting way. This New York Times Custom Anniversary book contains the front pages of every year of the marriage to the current date. Keep in mind, the bigger the anniversary, the bigger the book. Couples will love exploring their personal past and shared history of the world.


Couples Hooked On You

This is a great anniversary gift for a spouse who likes to fish. This 10 year anniversary keychain can be customized with initials and dates, and sports the phrase “still hooked.” The centerpiece is a real dime, celebrating ten years of wedded bliss and reminding him that you aren’t the fish who got away.


Personalized Hearts Four Across Game

This is the perfect gift for a couple who loves games. A personalized four-across game, hand carved from maple wood, has cut-outs featuring the names of the couple, a significant date, and hearts. The couple that plays together stays together and this gift will remind them of you every time they play.


Personalized Unique Real Star Map Illustration

This creative 10 year anniversary gift features a beautiful, custom star map from the actual special date and location indicated. You have lots of customizable options from the shape of the star maps, to the number of dates, and personalized text. This is a unique gift that the couple will cherish.

Price varies

Anniversary Photo Engraved Wallet

What a wonderful anniversary gift for the man who has everything. This leather wallet can be photo-engraved with a special picture, names, initials, monograms, and short messages. There are lots of customizable options for font styles, engraving locations, and more. He will think of you every time he opens his wallet.

Price varies

Personalized Song Lyrics

This personalized song lyrics artwork makes a beautiful anniversary gift for the loving couple. Printed inside a heart shape, you can have the lyrics of their favorite song or the first song they danced to at their wedding. There are so many options to customize this unique gift that they will treasure forever.


Personalized Tree Trunk Glassware Duo

These stone-wheel engraved glasses are the perfect way to toast the love of your favorite couple. You can choose two wine glasses, two pilsner glasses, or one of each. On the engraved pattern of tree bark, sits the “carved” heart, initials, and special date as an homage to the time honored.


Personalized Cutting Board

Well now, this is adorable! For the couple that cooks together, give them this clever cutting board with their names carved along the side. When not in use, it makes a charming decoration. Whether they are chopping vegetables or displaying a cheese board, they will love this gift.

Price varies

Hand Stamped Personalized Spinner Ring

Wrap your love around your finger with this elegant sterling silver “spinner” ring. Each silver band can be hand carved with up to 10 letters to represent the couple or entire family. Customize the number of bands if you want to add the kids’ names too. This is the perfect way to celebrate your clan.

Price varies

Family Tree Tin Anniversary Gift

This beautiful tin artwork features a family tree with the couple’s initials “carved” into the trunk and little hearts hanging from a branch featuring each child’s name. This funky conversation piece is actually made from recycled aluminum cans and is a perfect anniversary gift for a couple who would like something a little different.


Date Night Bucket List

This cute little “date night” kit is just what the doctor ordered as an antidote against boring old activities. With the cute collection of birch wood sticks featuring creative prompts, it helps get the old thinking cap on and creates a fun tradition of venturing out and trying something new.


10th Anniversary Personalized Wood Coasters

These beautiful, hand-made wooden coasters are made from solid mahogany and are carved to resemble an old-world wine label. You can customize this set of four coasters with a name and date to make the perfect anniversary gift. And they come in a beautiful custom-labeled tin that makes an elegant presentation.

Price varies

3 Cute Diy Anniversary Gifts

Diy A Year of Dates (in a box)

Check out this inspired tutorial for creating a year’s worth of date nights (one per month) for a special couple. You will find suggestions for inexpensive and creative “dates” and ideas for providing this material in a box and binder, but it is really a jumping off point for your imagination. Make it your own!

Diy Happy Jar

This adorable suggestion for creating a “Happy Jar” will have you wanting to make your own. It’s simple. You need a container to decorate and paper to make cards containing things that make your spouse happy. Love notes, knock-knock jokes, inspirational quotes, a funny memory, the sky is the limit.

Diy Tiny Message/Photo in a Bottle

This clever photo-in-a-bottle craft idea makes a lovely and thoughtful gift for many occasions. The hardest part is getting your picture tiny enough for your bottle. There are so many ways to customize this to make it your own, you will want to make them for everyone you know.

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