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50 Hilariously Wacky White Elephant Gifts

Wondering what white elephant gifts you should bring to the upcoming gift exchange at this year’s holiday party? We’ve got a wide assortment of white elephant gifts so you can be Johnny on the spot with the perfect gift for this occasion. Be the hero of the gift exchange by bringing anything from this list.

50 Hilariously Wacky White Elephant Gifts- this is the holy grail for funny white elephant and secret santa gift ideas.

Big Head Squirrel Feeder

This squirrel feeder gives the impression that the squirrel has a big head when he’s eating from it. They bill it as the nuttiest squirrel feeder ever, and we have to agree. You just hang it from a tree or any other object in a well populated squirrel area.


Prescription Coffee Mug

This coffee mug resembles a prescription bottle, and is great for anyone who can’t function before they have their morning cup of coffee. It includes humorous rhetoric about dosage instructions, refills, and when it expires, so they’re sure to get a chuckle each morning as they take their medicine. Doctor’s orders!


Inflatable Unicorn Horn

This inflatable unicorn horn is great for anyone that ever wanted to pretend to be a unicorn. It is an entire 11 inches once you get inflated, and it’s sure to make for some hilarious photo opportunities during the white elephant festivities. Goes great with an ugly Christmas sweater too!


Grill Sergeant BBQ Apron

This apron is great for the self-described grill sergeant, and includes everything they need to master the grill. It has pockets for different condiments, and even includes a strap to hold ammunition in the form of beer cans. There’s a spot for spatulas, and a pocket for a water bottle sprayer, too.


Mini Curbside Trash & Recycle Can Set

This desktop set of pencil holders resembles the trash can and recycle bin that you take out weekly. It makes for a very cute office decoration, and it’s really a gift that will get talked about when it is revealed. Someone will definitely want it, while others might not want it at all.


Fanny Bank Farting Coin Drop Bank

This coin bank features a butt that you put the coin into, and when you do a farting sound emanates from it. This will definitely cause a burst of laughter from the participants in the gift exchange, and it might become that one gift that no one wants to get stuck with at the end.


Yodeling Pickle

This yodeling pickle has the purpose of, well, it doesn’t actually serve a purpose at all, it’s a yodeling pickle. This is the sort of gift that will leave them scratching their heads, and once you press the button and it starts yodeling, the party can finally start.


World’s Largest Word Search Puzzle Shower Curtain

This word search puzzle claims to be the world’s largest, and it’s so big they’ve made it into a shower curtain so it stretches about 6 feet long. This is a Hollywood addition, so the puzzle is all about movies and celebrities. They’ve also given it a provocative cover, so it’s sure to cause a reaction from the crowd.


Cliff the Climber Tea Infuser

Here’s a tea infuser that looks like a metallic man repelling down a mountain. Only the mountain is your cup of hot water, and he’s filled with tea leaves. This is a great gift for anyone that loves tea, and a horrible gift for anyone that doesn’t, making it a great white elephant gift candidate.


Dashboard Jesus

For the holy rollers out there, this dashboard Jesus will be a gift they’ll want to keep. He stands four and a half inches, and has a base so you can stick him right to the dashboard. He’s on a spring so each bump or movement of the car will cause him to wiggle, reminding you of the question What Would Jesus Do?


Jaws Shower Curtain

This shower curtain features a shark, as well as ocean waves, and he looks like he’s ready to attack. This might make for a scary shower time, but it will be a gift appreciated by those who enjoy movies like Jaws, or who simply like to tune in during Shark Week on Discovery Channel.


Ultimate Wine Bottle Glass

This wine bottle glass is actually the size of a bottle. Its for those who make no qualms about being able to drink an entire bottle of wine in one sitting. Basically, filling this class involves transferring the contents of the bottle into the glass. Just hope they don’t ask for a refill.


Bacon Toothpaste

For the bacon lovers out there, there’s no better way to get your teeth cleaned than with this bacon flavored toothpaste. This gift will either go over big because the person loves bacon, or it will be somewhere repulsive for someone that’s a vegetarian or vegan. You can guarantee someone will seek this gift out and trade for it.


Red Cup Shots

These red shot cups resemble the red Solo cups common at keg parties and get togethers. They are made into miniature size so you can fill them with liquor instead of beer, and they’ll coordinate well with the full size 16 ounce red plastic cups. They can also be used for mini games of beer pong.


Naughty Pigs Salt and pepper Shaker Set

These naughty pigs just don’t know how to behave on the dinner table. They are doing what pigs do behind closed doors, but they are doing it for everyone to see. This gift is sure to raise a few eyebrows and cause quite a stir at your gift exchange, and nobody will want to get stuck with it.


Emergency Inflatable Brain

This is for the person who is constantly singing the Scarecrow song from Wizard of Oz. Now they can have their very own brain, and this can serve as an emergency replacement for the one they had, or it can be the first one they’ve ever been able to use.


Turkey Pop Up Timer

The legs on this turkey pop up when the turkey is done, so you don’t have to worry if the internal temperature has reached the right spot. Rather than a turkey timer with a little red button that pops up, this one actually resembles a cooked bird so it’s very apropos.


Medical Marijuana Cigar Box

No prescription necessary for this medical marijuana cigar box. This is a great storage box for your supply, and it will keep it separated from all of your other items in the home. It’s sure to appeal to at least one person participating in the white elephant fun.


Emergency Underpants

These underpants come in handy when you have to ditch your old pair due to a stray turd or late night activities. When you need a clean pair of underwear to hold you over until you can get into a real pair, these come in handy. They’re not made for regular use, but they get the job done.


$100 Bill Toilet Paper

This toilet paper is in the likeness of $100 bills, so you can feel like Bill Gates or Warren Buffett and take care of business with money instead of toilet paper. It’s a way to get a taste of the good life without having to manage a multi-billion dollar corporation.


Putter Cup Golf Mug

Here’s a golf mug that features a miniature club and ball so you can get your putt practice in whenever you have a spare moment or two. The bottom of the mug features a half circle hole so you can test your skill to see how many times you can make it, and from which distances.


Rockin Wooden Spoons

These rockin’ wooden spoons will have you jamming in the kitchen, playing spoon guitar instead of air guitar. They’re shaped like an electric and acoustic guitar so depending on which song is playing, you can pick the right instrument to play along. Just be sure you stop rockin’ long enough to finish making the meal.


Sarcastic Ball

An ordinary Magic 8 ball is pretty polite when you think about it. This sarcastic ball will give you your answer and a snide remark, so you not only get the answer to your question but you get a laugh at the same time. Just remember not to get too upset, it is just an inanimate ball.


6 Pack Beer Holster

This six pack of beer holster keeps everything you need at arm’s length. It equips you with the entire six pack of beer so you won’t have to go to the fridge every time you need a re-up. It looks like a Batman utility belt if Bruce Wayne were an alcoholic.


Extendable Spoon

The Extendable Spoon lets you covertly take food off of someone else’s plate. It features an extendable handle so you can stay put while the spoon does the dirty work. You can use this to try to play tricks on your coworkers or family members, and see which ones you’re able to get away with it.


Butt Face Soap

This soap set includes a bar of soap for your face, as well as one for your butt. This is very helpful because you wouldn’t want to wash your face with the same soap you just washed your butt with. No matter which way you take your shower, or which part you wash first, it’s still good to keep things separated.


Glow in the Dark Flesh Eating Zombies Play Set

Want a zombie play set that glows in the dark and features a number of different zombies ranging in gender and age? Probably not, but you can use this to set up mock zombie apocalypse, or just have fun with it and do whatever you want. Zombie fans will make a play for this gift once it gets opened, while others will back away slowly.


Mustache Bag Clips

These mustache bag clips let you get in on the mustache craze where people are putting mustaches on just about anything. Now your leftover potato chips can look very stylish because you can choose between different mustache styles and decide which one best represents what Ruffles or Doritos stands for.


Fifty Shades of Brown Lavatory Mist

This bathroom accessory plays on the 50 Shades of Gray craze and reminds everyone that even the sexiest people out there still need to use the bathroom and do their business.They recommend two quick spritz before you leave the bathroom so you don’t leave a scent behind and ruin the mood.


Luchador Bottle Opener

This bottle opener resembles a luchador, and he is putting a head lock on your bottle cap in order to pry it off. This makes a quirky gift for anyone in need of a bottle opener, and it comes in different styles for you to choose which wrestler looks the best.


Donkey Cigarette Dispenser

Trade in your usual way of taking out a smoke with this new donkey cigarette dispenser. The cigarettes are placed into the top of the donkey all at once, and then come out of his butt one at a time. This gift will only appeal to smokers, and further, the subcategory of smokers that want their cigarettes to come out of a donkey butt.


Dog Butt Magnet Set

This magnet set features an assortment of dog butts, including a fire hydrant so you complete the theme. This would be a funny gift for dog lovers, because you have to take the good with the bad when you love something. Whoever gets stuck with this might say they got the tail end of the deal.


Solar Queen

Solar power keeps the Queen doing her famous wave, and as long as there’s light out she’ll be waving. She measures over six inches tall, and actually bears a pretty good likeness of Queen Elizabeth, for being a cheap plastic doll. Great gift for the Anglophile in the room, but headed for the trash bin for someone that’s not.


3-D Cat Playing Cards

These cats come to life as you play, and appear to jump off the cards. The cards themselves are regulation size, so you can really get some use out of these. The two jokers feature dogs, making this a cat lover’s delight, since cats get to be royalty amused by the dog jester.


Handerpants Underwear Gloves

These gloves are made to resemble underpants, and more specifically tighty whiteys, so they keep your hands warm and whisk away moisture from your palms. The only question is which person at your gift exchange would wear these in public, as they are pretty identifiable as being underpants on your hands.


Burger Coasters

This set of coasters resembles a hamburger when they are not in use, and when you use them each layer of the burger becomes its own coaster. Someone might be using a tomato for a coaster, while someone else will use the bun, or a piece of lettuce. It’s a fun set for summertime grilling.


Dead Fred Pen Holder

Poor Fred has been impaled by your pen for this penholder. In order to put your pen back you have to stab Fred, and his dead body will keep it where you last left it until you need it again. There is also some miniature crime scene tape sold separately that would really complete the picture here.


Nessie Push Pins

These push pins are meant to resemble the Loch Ness monster when they are used next to each other. One of the push pins is the head, while the others make up the body, and finally the last pin is the tail. Nessie might not be real, but these push pins really work to hold up important memos.


Comic Stop Doorstop

This door stop resembles the action font used by comic books, as well as TV shows like the old Batman live action show. It’s a way to tell your door who’s boss, and remind everyone what purpose it is serving. Comic book fans will love this one, and likely go after it.


Weener Kleener Soap

This soap ring is meant to clean just one thing. They say that one size fits most men, and surely most men would care to disagree. This gift will definitely get passed around and cause quite a conversation at the white elephant exchange, and it will be interesting to see who is bold enough to take it home.


Eyeball Lunch Bag

Keep an eye on your lunch with this eyeball lunch bag that looks like a big bloodshot eye, but is made to function like a real lunch bag, so you could actually take your lunch to work with it. It comes with zipper tags that have an eye chart, so it’s just a lot of fun to creep people out and also to give impromptu eye exams.


Ranch Floss

Love the taste of ranch but want to maintain good oral hygiene? This floss is flavored to taste like your favorite creamy salad dressing, while also helping you to clean between your teeth. Rather than a minty aftertaste, you’ll feel like you just had some ranch dip. 9 out of 10 dentists agree this is a goofy gift.


Instant Audience

If you are in need of fan support, this instant audience hand controller will give you access to laughter, applause, and even boos. You’ll be able to have control over the sort of response you get so that you can finally get the credit you deserve, or get a crowd to help you boo things you don’t like.


Canned Unicorn Meat

This poor unicorn has been turned into a can of Spam, and simply reading the label will cause many people to have a reaction. Just wait till they open it up and see the dismembered unicorn inside, it’s sure to cause quite a stir, and is the gag gift no one will want to leave with.


Narwhal Finger Puppets

These narwhal finger puppets will turn your fingernails into finger narwhals. You can put one on each of your index fingers to have a narwhal conversation, or you can load up all of your fingers with them to form a family of narwhals. Take part in the narwhal trend and adorn your fingers today!


Bigfoot Welcome Mat

This welcome mat is made into the form of a Sasquatch footprint, so you make it look like Bigfoot is welcome, or that they’ve already been there. Either way it is an off the wall gift that Bigfoot enthusiast will jump at, while others will try to get rid of.


“Maybe You Touched Your Genitals” Hand Soap

This hand soap tells it like it is, and reminds us why washing our hands is important. Keep your hands clean for potential handshakes, and don’t worry that you’ve been to the bathroom recently. Just hope that everyone else is washing their hands when they go as well.


Happy Man Bottle Stopper

Nobody is happier than this guy, and it’s because he spends a lot of time corking up a bottle of wine and keeping things fresh. When he is not in use he still remains pretty happy, and ready for use at a moment’s notice. You’d be hard pressed to find a sillier bottle topper.


Mummy Mike Elastic Band Holder

Hold all of your elastic bands on this mummy figure, and wrap him up like they are bandages. He will keep them handy until the next time you need them, and will keep your desk free of rubber band clutter in the meantime. A creepy fun desk item any time of year.


Handy Notes

Take a note on one of these Handy Notes and you can start to get really clever with what you do with it after that. You can bend three fingers down to make it point, or a couple fingers and a thumb to give the peace sign, or three fingers and the thumb to give the one finger salute.


10 DIY Gifts for White Elephant Exchanges

Alphabet Pasta Stud Earrings

These stud earrings are made out of actual alphabet pasta. It’s the sort of gift where you just don’t know what people are gonna make of it at a white elephant. It may be in high demand or it may get avoided.

Knotted Chainmail Necklace

This necklace has a lot going on, and it’s the sort of gift that someone out there will probably really want, and other aren’t going to want at all. That’s the fun of a gift exchange, bringing something that will appeal to just one person maybe.

Valentine Candy Rings

These candy rings are made out of those chalky Valentine hearts. They look cool, but they are a gift that doesn’t really serve a purpose, and probably not something you’d wear every day all year long as part of your wardrobe.

Modern Tray from Auto Parts

This tray looks modern enough, but when you start to take a closer look at the pieces you realize that it was made out of auto parts. That makes it an item that will be in demand for car enthusiasts, but likely to get traded by anyone else.

A Giving Bunny

These giving bunnies are just too cute. They come with a special message that lets you know you’ve just adopted them into your family. The message lists their name and it’s all part of a larger Giving Bunny Project.

Car Jars

These car jars look cool or weird depending on who you ask. It’s just the thing for a white elephant because some people are going to trade something in order to get it, and others are going to be glad that they did.

Fur-Covered Pumpkin

Pumpkins just shouldn’t have fur on them, it’s just not right. That’s why no one will know what to make of this fur-covered pumpkin. It’s just the sort of gift that will leave them scratching their heads and wondering who brought it.

Groovy Welcome Mat

Here’s a groovy welcome mat that will resonate with all the free spirits out there. It requests that all who enter be groovy, and if they can’t then just leave. It’s a fun gift that will shake up some of the monotony from any white elephant.

Watermelon Earrings

These watermelon earrings are super cute, but they may not be the sort of thing that everyone is vying for when it comes to getting a good gift from a white elephant exchange. They’re easy to make if you need something in a hurry.

Handmade Russian Dolls

These handmade russian dolls look like they’re vintage, and that they’ve been in your family for generations. They may be just the sort of quirky white elephant gift that causes a stir and gets people trading for them again and again.


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