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Unique Valentines Gift Ideas

Whether you think it’s a Hallmark holiday or not, Valentine’s Day is one that should not be missed. Show up in style with a hand-picked gift that’s been pre-screened by our gift selection team for maximum approval ratings and make it a Valentine’s they’ll never forget.

107 Most Unique Valentine’s Gifts for Him of 2015

Here are some fantastic choices for what to get him for Valentine’s Day. These gifts aren’t the ordinary things you’ll see being advertised as a great gift. They’re ones that are more unique that he’ll remember long after her opens them. Each year brings with it new arrivals and new versions of old classics that made our list. Choose a gift from the list that resonates with what you know about him and you’ve got a winner.

52 Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

If you want to stand out this Valentine’s Day get him something unique, something that he won’t see coming, or that everyone else is getting their man. Here are 52 different gifts that will wow him and make him sheepish to give you whatever he got you. Not that it’s a contest of who can give the best gift, but if it were you’d win with these. The trick is to scan this list for items that line up with who he is.

108 Most Unique Valentine Gifts for Her of 2015

108 Most Unique Valentine Gifts for Her of 2015
We’ve cracked the code on what women want for Valentine’s day. Choose from our mix of romantic, useful, and thoughtful gifts that will make her fall in love with you all over again. It’s true, shopping for that perfect Valentine gift for a woman can be a stress inducing experience, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are gifts that she won’t expect, as well as some time-tested classics done right so you’re sure to come out a star.

100 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her of 2014

Many of these Valentine’s day gifts are timeless, so you can be sure that it will be something she’ll appreciate on a deep level. Most guys know that if you get the Valentine’s gift right you’re going to be the talk amongst her and her girlfriends for awhile. It’s this kind of cred that can take weeks and months to build up day to day. So take a giant leap forward with the gift that gets it just right.

100 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him of 2014

Give him one of these gifts for Valentine’s Day and he’ll be thankful that you thought of him and went out of your way to get him something he really loves. Valentine’s is a great time to get him that one thing that he really wanted for Christmas but didn’t get. For guys it doesn’t have to be a lovey dovey gift of chocolate and red hearts. Get him something he needs or will use regularly and he’ll be in heaven.

50 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Boyfriends

You can’t miss with these Valentine selections especially picked out for boyfriends. If he hasn’t put a ring on it yet this could be the gift that finally gives him the nudge to pop the question. Or you could be looking for the gift that shows you love him, but don’t love him so much that it’s getting too serious. We’ve got that eclectic mix here, so choose from a range of gifts that will make him know you’re quite the catch.

22 Funny Valentine’s Day Gifts for Friends, Crushes & Lovers

If you’ve been waiting for Valentine’s day to come around so that you can finally make a move on a crush, or take a friendship to the next level, we’ve got you covered. Choose one of these gifts that toes the line while keeping things light and fun and not getting too overly sentimental. These are the sort of Valentine gifts that don’t show up on traditional lists, because yours is not a traditional love.

28 Cool Valentine’s Gifts for Him

If you want to come out looking cool this Valentine’s day with the perfect gift, pick one of these. They’re gifts that he’ll think are cool, and this feeling transfers over to you as well. You don’t want to look corny if that’s not part of your relationship dynamic. Make sure that he loves your gift and that it hits the right mark by choosing what you think is best from this list.

31 Homemade Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

Homemade gifts come from the heart and believe it or not they usually trump a store bought gift if done properly. There’s something about taking the time to learn how to make something from scratch that speaks to a woman’s soul. Anything that gets you out of your comfort zone and shows that you went the extra mile is sure to be the best gift you can give. So roll up your sleeves and craft her the perfect gift.

25 Homemade Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men

Guys are hard to shop for, that’s been proven many times over, so maybe it’s better to make his gift rather than shop for it. If you think that guys don’t want homemade gifts, think again. Guys love it when you make something using your crafting skills, especially when they’re the guy that goes out and buys whatever he wants right when he wants it. There’s really nothing store bought that you’re going to wow him with, so get crafting!

16 DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids

Remember Valentine’s Day as a kid? It was a blast and also a bit traumatic wondering if you were going to get any cards, and then feeling relieved when you did get some. Make it a really special day for the kids in your life by surprising them with any one of these Valentine gifts for kids. They’re specifically designed for little ones and are sure to light up their face and make them feel loved.

24 DIY Valentine’s Gifts that are Romantic & From the Heart

Gifts are supposed to be meaningful and heartfelt, and with this list you’re getting two dozen gifts that are sure to let them know just how much they mean to you. Some may write off Valentine’s as a commercialized holiday, but that’s only if you don’t do it right. When you give it meaning and use it as a special day to profess your love through gifts, words, and kind deeds, you’re owning it.

2015 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide- love this!!! A must read before you do any Valentines Day shopping. Thousands of unique gift ideas.